Am I Too Conspiratorial?

by David J. Stewart

       I once received an e-mail from one of my website guests which said I was too conspiratorial. As always, I am thankful to my web visitors for their opinions and I am open-minded to any constructive criticism. I am not going to be critical of my guest, not at all. I simply would like to address this issue of being "too conspiratorial" because I believe others may be feeling the same. I have so much to say to you in this dark hour. Please hear me out. Here goes...

I do a lot of reading. When I was younger, I was your typical person who didn't take serious notice of the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. I couldn't have told you what my rights were if my life had depended upon it. I thought the government was good, judges were all honest and authority was never to be questioned. I had been taught that Republicans were good, and Democrats were bad. As I grew older, I was still your typical person who really didn't care to concern myself with other people's problems. The scandals and government corruption I was hearing about really didn't phase me. I just didn't care one way or the other. 

By the way, I was a saved Christian the whole time. I was saved at the age of thirteen. I did care about the things of God, but I felt that anything dealing with the world's problems was their own dilemma, not mine. I would continually vote "Republican" simply because they claimed to be against abortion (what a bunch of liars). In my mind, Republicans were decent conservative people and Democrats were all left-wing liberals. In part, this was because of whitewashing schemes (such as the all-American image painted over Ronald Reagan's presidency to hide his war crimes and betrayal of the American people). I was an idiot, just like many people still are today. Thank God, I woke up!

Before I go any further, I have to make this statement because it is so good. It is a statement by Thomas Jefferson.

"The man who reads nothing is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."

That is so true! If all you ever do is read the newspaper and listen to the TV, you're going to be a brainwashed fool. Sadly, most people form their opinions based upon information they heard from the TV. I said earlier that I read a lot. I have spent countless thousands-of-dollars for books in my lifetime. I have read many books, searched many websites, watched many videos, and listened to many sermons. I am shocked (to say the least) about the things I have learned. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. I can honestly say that the average person today is woefully ignorant of the truth about so many things. Even worse, they don't care! They are like I was years ago. God help us! 

As I mentioned, I had always voted Republican because I thought they were against abortion. They lied to the public. Then one day I realized that abortion has remained legal ever since it was federally legalized in the early 1970's. Whether a Democrat or Republican has been in The White House hasn't made a difference, abortion has continued. The Republicans haven't even made a small ripple in the abortion industry. Yes, I say industry. Did you know that the abortion industry SELLS the babies' body parts for money? For $800.00 you can buy an aborted baby's brain. This is no conspiracy theory, it is a documental fact.

Am I too conspiratorial? Let's take a look at the dictionary meaning of a "conspiracy."

A "Conspiracy" is...

1.  A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act

2.  A plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)

3.  A group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

Based upon these definitions, we are living in a cesspool of conspiracies. Now let me ask you a question, especially if you claim to be a Christian. How are we supposed to respond to these "conspiracies?" Though most people would like to dismiss them as "conspiracy theories," that is not what God wants us to do about them. We need to look into these matters. Do you know what the smallest Bible in the world is? It is the Bible that most believers live. It is the few pet verses that many believers center their life around, but they never see the other Scriptures in the Bible. You can't just live your life friend on the portions of God's Word that you feel comfortable with. You must obey all of God's Word. There is a verse in the Old Testament which reads...

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" ―Psalm 94:16

I've based much of my website ministry upon this verse. You see friend, part of being a Christian is standing up for what is right. Ephesians 5:11 commands believers to refute (Greek, elencho, meaning, "to expose") all works of darkness. Our duty as Christians is to speak out against evil and the workers of iniquity, and to expose Satan's works of darkness. If the truth offends them, so be it! I value your soul more than I do your friendship. 

I admire Pastor Roy Thompson who used to pastor the Cleveland Baptist Church in Ohio for decades. He had a big sign out in front of his church that said, "Abortion is Murder!" Would to God more believers had that type of zeal for truth and righteousness. To our shame (as believers), there are unsaved people doing more to protect our freedoms than we are. Freedom isn't free. Liberty doesn't just happen. The problem is simple... people WON'T CARE until they lose their liberty and freedom, or their children. Oh, then they'll care! What will it take to wake you up?

How about having TSA stick their hands down your pants and grab your genitals?

Americans Are Oppressed Too (by Paul Craig Roberts; Police brutality epidemic in America)

What Woke Me Up

I'm going to share with you the circumstance that woke me up. In short, DCFS came after me and my wife in 2002 for not giving our daughter a drug which we felt was going to do her more harm than good. Our daughter had a petite mal seizure condition. We didn't want to subject our daughter to any drugs if she DIDN'T NEED them. DCFS felt different and charged us with neglecting a child (for not allowing them to make a guinea pig out of our daughter). DCFS forced our daughter to take Depakote. Do a web search on "The dangers of Depakote" and you'll see why we refused to let them drug our little girl. They threatened to take away our little girl if we didn't drug her. We did it and her hair started falling out. We cried and were desperate. We had no choice but to hire a lawyer to protect our daughter. Our legal bills skyrocketed to over $20,000. Yeah, I got real mad. And I'll die real mad at the system. They've got a lifelong enemy. I hate DCFS and everything about the system. The case was buried in Illinois' court system in late 2003. You can read about our entire situation by doing a web search under "DCFS Monsters!" 

This nightmare prompted me to start reading and to reconsider a lot of things which I had always believed. As a result, I am very aware of my rights nowadays. I know my Bill of Rights. The First Amendment gives me every legal right to express my views and to protest against any government injustices. I still can't believe how little I actually knew about what was going on in the world. I have just scratched the surface.

I have also learned that the entire Pharmaceutical industry is a big scam. Thousands of useless and harmful drugs are legally prescribed by doctors to their victims (I mean "patients") every day. Read up on the latest multibillion dollar scam with Pfizer's "Neurontin." I was prescribed Neurontin (Gabapentin) for a few years to combat tingling and numbness in my limbs die to a damaged spinal cord in my neck. The drug is worthless. It only made me tired all the time, robbing my energy. Pfizer was fined 430 million, but made off with nearly 10 billion, and the drug is still being sold.

You can sit content and criticize people like me who seem "too conspiratorial," until your child ends up losing her hair and you are forced into debt for years to come. Oh, believe me, then you'll be right by my side. I say this kindly. I don't get upset with Christian people for not caring, I used to be the same way. I understand why they don't care...simply because it isn't hurting them or their loved ones (yet). You see friend, this is personal now for me. I and my family know what it's like to lose our rights!!! Our little girl was injured. We were forced into debt. We were both physically sick because of DCFS. 

America is supposed to be the land of the FREE!!! What if I and my wife hadn't had good credit? We wouldn't have been able to hire a lawyer. We would have been at the mercy of the DCFS system. It takes a MINIMUM of five years to get out of the system. Our little girl would have been taken away from us. That's Communism folks!!! What right does the government have to force our children to take dangerous drugs? I am all for modern medicine, but only if the benefits are truly going to outweigh the consequences. People need to be warned that we are losing our rights. I'm going to tell the world how fascist and rotten this government is becoming! America is going to hell! 

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" ―Psalm 94:16

Do a web search on "The Dangers of Tylenol." Did you know that Tylenol ruins your liver? It surely does. So why do they keep selling it? Even aspirin is dangerous and hurts the kidneys. 

Did you know that autopsies on patients who died with Alzheimer's disease all showed abnormally high levels of ALUMINUM in the brain? Where do you think the aluminum came from? Did you know that there's aluminum in nearly all baking products? There's aluminum in your antiperspirants and shampoo. I was eating a Totinos Pizza. I used to love those things. Then one day while enjoying my pizza, I looked at the ingredients on the box. I don't know why, I've just always enjoyed reading the wrapper of whatever I am eating. I've sadly noticed over the years that there's usually more cheese on the box photo than there is on the actual pizza. Life's not fair. I read the pizza ingredients and noticed "Sodium Aluminum Phosphate." That particular ingredient sounded scary, so I did some research. I was saddened when I read about the poisons deliberately being placed into our foods. No more Totinos.

If I am "too conspiratorial" for warning you about the dangerous products on the market, then so be it...but I am being your friend. I make no money off of this website. I want to help people.

Aspartame is some horribly dangerous stuff, used in literally thousands of products today. Run away from anything that only contains 5 calories, because it ain't food! Aspartame is Bad News! It's used to sweeten MANY of the foods sold in our stores.

I tried to use the natural deodorant from the health store, because most deodorants contain aluminum; but natural deodorants don't work as well for me. I'm still looking. I want to reduce the amount of aluminum in products that I use. If you take a look at all the baking products that use aluminum and all the shampoos and deodorants, it's no wonder why Americans are getting Alzheimer's disease.

I also use natural toothpaste without fluoride. Read up on the dangers of fluoridation. Did you know that the union representing the management of the EPA has stated in writing to the U.S. government that it is dangerous to fluoridate our water and that the EPA employees won't be held responsible? In other words, when the truth comes out and there's massive lawsuits, the government will be fully responsible. Do you think anyone in Washington D.C. will lose sleep tonight over this? You and me both know the answer to that. 

I've been talking about toothpaste and deodorant, but let's get really scary here. What about 911? You've heard that some Arab terrorists hijacked some planes and flew them into things. Are you really dumb enough to believe that? How do 2 planes bring down 3 buildings? No plane ever struck World Trade Center building number 7.

Think about the intense planning and coordination involved to pull off something like that. The most unbelievable conspiracy theory I've heard yet is the government's explanation of 911. No legitimate investigation has ever been done. It's been 10-years now and we're still waiting. Something tells me that we'll be waiting until Judgment Day when God sends them all to Hell in their sins.

I don't have time in this article to give you all I know, but let me say plane ever crashed into World Trade Center Building Seven. This building was a block away from the Twin Towers, yet it crumbled completely to the ground hours later. Most people don't know about this third building. How did it fall? What made it crumble? I'll tell you. The building was intentionally imploded to the ground with high-powered explosives, that's the truth! 

To no surprise, thousands of sensitive government records had been conveniently stored in the building (which were all destroyed with it). Buildings don't just fall down folks! The building came down in just 6.5 seconds! This is NO conspiracy theory. Architects from around the world have stated that the New York Trade Towers could not have crumbled the way they did from a plane hitting them. Books have already been written on this topic. Surviving firemen from 911 stated that they heard explosives going off in the building. Seismic recordings indicate multiple explosions at the time the building was collapsing. The government shipped all the Trade Tower remains (scrap metal) to India and China. 

No investigation was ever allowed. Metallurgic testing would have revealed that explosives were used to bring down those three buildings. Firefighters were even radioing each other in the building to report that they were starting to control the fires. Suddenly the entire building collapsed. Those buildings were blown up! Think about it! Three building perfectly collapsing to the ground within a matter of seconds! It is impossible from planes crashing into the side of a building at any floor to cause the entire structure to collapse. It is unprecedented i skyscraper history. Again, what made the third building fall down? Go to for more information. There's a 911 archive section at, you can also read about 911 at or

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" ―Psalm 94:16

From the wilderness is a website operated by a former LAPD narcotics police officer, Mike Ruppert. Mike Ruppert has an excellent video about 911 that you (and everyone you know) should see. 

The Truth and Lies of 9-11 (an eye-opening 2:17 hour documentary by Mike Ruppert)

911—The Road to Tyranny

Alex Jones also has an excellent video exposing what really happened on 911 at This video is two hours long. Watch for FREE Now!

If I am "too conspiratorial" because I want you to know the truth, then so be it. Maybe you'd rather just believe that there's a bunch of nuts in the world and that your normal. Perhaps you should look a lot closer at what people are trying to share with you. Unlike most people, I am not going to sit idle with the attitude that I can't do anything about the problems in the world today. I surely can do something...and so can you! Voting is useless, you're choosing between two evils. It's gangster A or gangsters B. Americans need to educate themselves and start proclaiming the truth. No, I'm not going to shut up!

Pacifism is the predecessor to slavery. If we don't fight for what is rightfully ours, then someone else will wrongfully seize it from us. Those who refuse to be controlled by God will be ruled by tyrants. We no longer have a government in Washington D.C.; but rather, our nation is being controlled by offshore interests. U.S. presidents today are mere puppets to the fascist dictatorship which has taken over our government. There has been a coup, which President John F. Kennedy warned us about 10-days before his assassination. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has warned the American people that a criminal syndicate has hijacked out government. They are stealing trillions of taxpayer dollars.

I believe with all my heart as much as I know my name is written in Heaven that George W. Bush KNEW what was going to take place on 911. That's why he just sat there when told about the attacks. I believe they orchestrated it, the perfect plan to rob Americans of more of their freedoms, and to serve as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush wasn't smart enough to mastermind 911, but they all helped carry it out. Bush's young brother, Marvin Bush, served on the board of directors of the electronics security company that oversaw the trade Towers in the 2-years leading up to 911. Truth is stranger than fiction. How much more blatant could these criminals be?

Do you think the the Patriot Acts I and II are harmless? Ask this poor mother who lost her children under the Patriot Act. These unconstitutional laws are detrimental to our rights. Read up on the Gulags of Russia from the 1920 to the 1950's. There is a book called Archipelago Gulag written by a man who spent many years in a Russian concentration camp. Innocent people were arrested for anything and everything. Anyone who was seen as a threat to the revolution was incarcerated into a death camp. At least 3,500,000,000 known people died in those horrible camps. 

Tens-of-millions died under Stalin's Communist reign. Many froze to death mining coal in the frigid Siberian wastelands. Military police would show up in the middle of the night to avoid public attention and take people away. A father would leave for work, never to return again. A mother would be sent into a camp, her child left behind for relatives to raise. Women were forced into prostitution with the soldiers running the camps, in the hopes of returning to their families sooner. A businessman would get into a taxi and never be seen again. The victims in the death camps died of malnutrition, living on horse broth and bread. No communication was allowed between prisoners. Today, the Russian government has yet to acknowledge these atrocities that cannot be denied. However, when the Berlin wall came down, historians rushed into east Germany and the horrifying truth was confirmed. 

Did you know that only 15% of the Russian population went into captivity in the Gulags? While children were playing in the streets and people were going about their daily lives as normal, only a small percentage were sent into the Gulags. You know, the trouble-makers, the "terrorists." All political dissidents were sent to the Gulags. Isn't it something...when the government uses force they're called "Freedom Fighters," but when anyone else uses force they're called "Terrorists." The Patriot Act allows the government to take "terrorists" to undisclosed locations for indefinite lengths of time. The government's definition of a "terrorist" is something we should all be very concerned about. 

Under the fascist patriot Act, every misdemeanor crime can now be considered an act of terrorism. It is so broad a definition that it can fit many people who are no terrorists at all (like Christians and Patriots who protest against the government). Will anti-abortion protesters be considered "terrorists" next? You know it! Christians who preach against homosexuality will soon be prosecuted under new anti-hate-speech laws being enacted nationwide.

Sinful Times Ahead for America (silencing the Christians)

According to the Patriot Act, the government can basically make ANYONE disappear off the face of the earth without telling a soul about it. And it's all legal now thanks to the Patriot Acts. What am I trying to say? I am saying that when push comes to shove in this increasingly evil government, Christians and Patriots WILL go into internment camps

This is what Operation Garden Plot is all about. Never heard of Operation Garden Plot? Boy have you got a lot of reading, learning, and catching up to do. The rabbit hole runs deep folks. Operation Garden Plot was developed in the 1960's and escalated during the Reagan administration as a means of imprisoning Americans if ever anarchy broke out. Can you imagine our government even planning for something like that? What would make the government anticipate the possibility that masses of Americans would revolt against them? It's because our economy and way of life is going to implode in America.

The banking cartel are causing it to happen, massively looting our economy, and deliberately bankrupting our nation. They create the crisis and then offer their New World order solution. By getting rid of all our jobs, relocating them to foreign soil, Americans are forced to depend upon the government to take care of our needs. The elite criminal globalists behind the overthrow of the United States want to break us, forcing us into economic slavery, so that we will be totally dependent on government. In so doing it gives the government absolute control over every facet of people's daily lives. From all the reading I've done, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. Where did our trillions of Social Security dollars disappear to? It's criminal! 

There is a plan to destroy America folks. The Council on Foreign Relations is playing the cards. Clinton, Bush, and Obama are just pawns in a much bigger game. They're all puppets. A Police State is being implemented. It is happening. Why do you think all the manufacturing jobs are leaving the United States and workers are having a harder time making a decent living? American sovereignty is dead in our government. Our national parks are now under the control of the United Nations. Thanks to the Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserve), this nation is now in debt for about $73,000,000,000,000. No Joke! This includes personal, city, state and federal debts owed. 

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" ―Psalm 94:16

We are a nation headed for disaster. Ask Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas. In fact, he has written over a hundred articles about how messed up this country is and the dark days ahead. Ask Congresswoman Maxine Water from California, or former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about the CIA deliberately trafficking illegal drugs into our nation, to be sold on the streets to our kids. Ask Congressman Ron Paul about the illegal drug trafficking of the CIA. Ask former LAPD police officer Mike Ruppert what's really going on in this nation. Ask radio host Alex Jones down in Austin Texas what's really happening. Are these people make believe characters in a "conspiracy theory." These are all real people exposing real evil with real documental facts!!! 

British Journalist Greg Palast wrote an entire book exposing the evils of the Bush crime family entitled, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." It contains documented information showing that the 2000 Presidential election was STOLEN. 58,000 black people were denied the right to vote in Florida on the alleged basis that they were "felons." This was found to be a big lie, but by then the damage was done. The New York Times waiting seven months before they ran the story exposing what had been done. 

So basically, the state of Florida paid $4,000,000 to a company named Choice Point to rig the election. Read Greg's book if you want to know the FACTS. But who gives a #%@$, right? Well, I care and so should you. As believers, we're not just supposed to fight religious evil, but ALL evil. I am against all evil, all types of cruelty, all types of lies, all types of corruption, et cetera. Caring is the hallmark character trait of being a Christian.

Our government is the headquarters of the illegal drug industry. We conquered Afghanistan to protect our heroin investments there (opium) and drug trade routes. Ever heard about a CIA agent named Barry Seal?  He was one of this nation's biggest drug dealers. He used to fly over Louisiana on the way back from Colombia and drop duffle bags loaded with cocaine onto his farm properties. Photographers took pictures of George Bush (while still governor of Texas) with Barry Seal by Barry's plane in Florida. Of course, the CIA had Seal assassinated later on when he started blabbing too much to a judge. 

Bill Clinton was very much involved with the drugs as well. When Clinton was governor of Arkansas, Mena air force base was a known route for C130's bringing drugs in from Columbia and other places. Do you really think that all these drugs are being smuggled into the country inside truck tires and secret oil pan compartments? Think about it! We can put a robot on Mars, but we can't keep the hundreds of billions-of-dollars in illegal drugs out of this country? Wake up folks! The labs that process the opium from Afghanistan are located right here within the United States! Russia complained to NATO in 2010 about the opium (heroine) in Afghanistan. Russia requested that the opium be destroyed, but NATO refused, and the deaths continue. Every year 70,000 Russians die because of heroine. Truly the love of money is the root of all evil.

U.S. Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot

The little guy goes to prison when he gets caught, but the big guy gets a presidential pardon when he gets caught. Freeway Ricky was America's most infamous street drug-dealer in Los Angeles, often making over one million dollars a day distributing the CIA's cocaine throughout the area and beyond. Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News brought to light a connection between one of Ross's cocaine sources, Danilo Blandon, and the CIA as part of the Iran-Contra scandal.

In 1996, Freeway Ricky Ross was convicted in a court of law to life in prison, but only spent 15-years behind bars. Tens-of-thousands of lives were destroyed because of the illegal drugs that freeway Ricky dealt on the streets of Los Angeles and nationwide. Ross ran what was known as the Wal-Mart of crack. How could this be happening without the government knowing about it?

Oftentimes, evil doers get promoted like John Poindexter. His felony convictions were tossed out the door and he was placed in charge of the new Office of Information Awareness (now conveniently renamed the "Office of Homeland Security." This stuff is just getting started folks...microchips, national ID cards, GPS trackers, RFID chips, a cashless society. It's all soon on the way. The Devil is gearing up for his Showtime.

These are not conspiracy theories, these ARE conspiracies. Evil plots by criminal minds to gain power and control over U.S. citizens. I have an article in front of me about a mother who got life in prison for a drug possession charge ($40 of cocaine). Yet, Enron executives rip off hundreds of millions of dollars and no one goes to prison. They lined the Bush families pockets with pre-election cash, now it's payoff time. I could go on and on...this stuff makes me sick as a God-fearing American. 

George Bush is no Christian. His entire family has the stench of sin and wickedness to high heaven. Bush is a lifelong member of the Skull and Bones cult. Bush is also a member of the Bohemian Grove cult in California. Daddy Bush has been with the CIA for TOO LONG. At Bohemian Grove, they sacrifice a human being in effigy every year to a forty-foot high statue of an owl. There's videos on this stuff folks. You can watch this for yourself! This is all recorded. There's a lot more going on at these meetings than the discussion of politics.

I heard President Bush himself saying that there are many religions which lead to God. He read out of the Qur'an on national TV after 911. George Bush a Christian? I think NOT! Bush may have said Jesus was his favorite "Philosopher," but he didn't say anything about Christ being his Saviour.  As far as the claims that Bush became a Christian while speaking with Billy Graham, I don't believe it. 

There's a lot of phonies in this world who profess to be "Christians." Most are not. The Bible tells us that a man is known by his "fruits." I see the fruits of darkness at work in our government. In case you haven't noticed, no president has been elected in decades who wasn't a member of The Council on Foreign Relations or some other New World Order organization or cult. Both Bush and Kerry are Skull and Bone members. When a woman recently claimed that she had been raped by George W. Bush years before, she ended up dead within weeks with a bullet to the back of her head.  Hundreds of people died untimely deaths who either knew or worked with the Clintons...including the murder of Vince Foster. 

Bush, Clinton, Kerry...they're all cut from the same cloth. I'll never vote Democrat or Republican again. Every four years we are given a choice of voting between a one-world republican or a one-world Democrat. Even when a party wins fairly, the higher powers that be step in and rig the election.  Of course, the Supreme (Puppet) Court had to step in to finalize the election. Do you really think those nine people on the Supreme Court have that kind of power? No friend, they are told exactly how to vote. They are nothing more than grand puppets. Every time the Roe verses Wade bill comes up, they conveniently vote 5 to 4 in favor of keeping abortion legal (like the babies ever really had a chance). You people make God vomit! 

If it makes me “conspiratorial,” to speak out against these evils, then bless God, I'm conspiratorial!!!

Am I “too conspiratorial?” I hope so! The truth must be known. You need to know THE TRUTH. The truth can be dealt with, but a lie cannot! I haven't even touched on Vitamin B17, the FDA's deliberate attempt to keep you are the dark concerning your health, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Federal Reserve scam, Kennedy's murder, Pearl Harbor, et cetera. Trying to find the truth is like a big puzzle, where some pieces fit and other don't. When you find a piece that fits, you are a step closer to seeing the total picture. There are many people today who are trying to figure out the puzzle without acknowledging God's Word. To do so is to reject the most important piece of truth of all.

Satan is the god of this world according to 2nd Corinthians 4:4. That is a key piece of information in understanding what is going on in the world today. Satan is behind the New World Order. God does not tempt men with the evils of bearing false witness, killing the innocent, and stealing their oil. Everything happening is within God's permissive will, but He has given to mankind a freewill to choose for ourselves. This is why the world is so messed up, because of man's greed and love for sin. Ecclesiastes 7:29, “God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.”

I am your friend! I am telling you about things that I think you need to know about. I don't want you to believe me, I want you to do your own research and look at all the evidence. I want you to become a TRUTH-SEEKER! You draw your own conclusions and decide what you can do to make a difference. Many of the Christian people I have known over the years simply didn't care about THE TRUTH. If we don't take a stand, then who will? 

I'm disappointed that pastors are afraid to warn their people about things other than spiritual dangers. What about the dangers of "Frankenfoods" which are creeping into our food markets? You don't know what Frankenfoods are? They are foods created in a laboratory like Frankenstein was. Scientists have now developed potatoes and corn that actually produce their OWN pesticides to kill off certain types of insects that feed on them. Yummy! How about the buckets of puss produced by milk cows because of Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone that causes the cow to produce ten times the normal amount of milk (and PUSS). To counter the puss production, workers inject massive amounts of antibiotics into the cows to keep them alive. Yummy! Emmmmm! They don't tell you this when you buy the milk do they? 

I'm not into conspiracies, I'm into TRUTH. The truth will often take you to places you never imagined. I'm still in shock over all the things I've shared with you. Folks, I could go on for over my web page on The End of the World for a lot more. There's a lot to learn. I do not search these things because I like stuff like this, I search all these topics because they can have a very negative affect on me and my loved ones. I want to know THE TRUTH

Let's warn people about everything! Of course, nothing else matters if you know not the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. The greatest conspiracy of all history was when the Pharisees conspired to have Jesus crucified. Those evil religious leaders filled with envy were looking for any way possible to make Jesus go away. Judas betrayed Jesus and delivered Him unto the Scribes and Pharisees for thirty pieces of silver. Jesus was the victim of an evil conspiracy. 

Should it be surprising to us today that the world is filled with conspiracies of every sort, when our Lord Himself was the victim of a conspiracy? Not at all. Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified, so He could shed His blood to pay for the sins of the world. Hebrews 12:2, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

I accepted Jesus Christ when I was just a thirteen year old boy. I have never regretted it one time. I've been through some severely rough times in my life, times worse than death, but God always made a way. I have lost everything near and dear to me over the years. I know what it means to be deathly lonely, overwhelmed with extreme mental anguish and grief, waking during the night to the horrifying reality of my life, and abandoned by all to suffer physically and emotionally. I know what it's like to have 2 major surgeries without a single family member, loved one, nor friend in the world. One man (one of my faithful web visitors) called me while in Los Angeles for my first surgery, and I'm indebted to him dearly. I know the horror of soul that Abraham felt in Genesis 15:12, “And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him.” I know that feeling all too well.

If you know you are a sinner, then believe on the Lord Jesus for salvation. Jesus died upon the cross to pay for our sins.

Ye Must Be Born Again! | You Need HIS Righteousness!