Why 911?

Here are some motivations why the New World Order [NWO] gang carried out 9/11...

  1. Patriot act
  2. Patriot act 2
  3. Eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  4. Bring forth the NWO and North American Union
  5. Bankrupt the USA to bring forth a NWO
  6. Scare Americans to give up there right in exchange for "security" when you will just get tyranny and a police state.
  7. Justify an Iraq and Afghanistan Invasion.  Oil prices are at all-time record highs, Iraq's oil is being stolen and the money being stashed in a Federal Reserve Bank in New York.
  8. Bring forth a Real ID Act, which was passed on 5-11-05, and then the "mark of the beast" declared 5-11-08 and postponed til 12-31-09.
  9. To Pretty Much Allow Bush to do anything He wants. Look at this:
  10. To allow the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to Pass, Which Took out 7 Sections of the Bill of Rights. Bringing America Down, Helps Bring in World Government.
  11. To launch a fraudulent war on terror, so they can call who they want terrorists, such as christian, anti-nwo groups, people who believe in a New World Order takeover, 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, people who make references to freedoms, etc...

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