Bill O'Reilly is Wrong On Terror
(The News Media Won't Touch the Truth!)

by David J. Stewart | May 2005

       First, let may say say I don't have anything against Bill O'Reilly personally.  I don't particularly care for Fox News or any of the mainstream media outlets, but I do like to listen to Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News.  I particularly like Bill O'Reilly's directness, candor, and sincerity. I don't believe that Mr. O'Reilly is deliberately trying to mislead anyone, but unfortunately he certainly is in my opinion.  Respectfully, I believe that Bill O'Reilly is either ignorant of the truth, or else he is deliberately avoiding it for his career's sake.

I was watching Fox News today and was saddened, frustrated and a bit angered as I listened to Bill O'Reilly comment on the "War on Terror."  O'Reilly was saying that the only language that Islamic terrorists understand is uncompromising military FORCE.  I wouldn't have a problem with what Mr. O'Reilly is saying if indeed there were Islamic "terrorists" that are a threat to America.  The only terrorists that I see is the U.S. itself.  Please don't leave me, I think I can sway your mind of you'll just listen for a bit.  As of today (May 19th, 2005), 1770 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in the Iraqi conflict.  For what?  There is so much that I want to say to you and ask that you'll please open your heart and simply reason with me for the remainder of this article.  I have written this article in an attempt to open people's eyes to the truth concerning the "War on Terror." 

There is NO war on terror!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is sadly true.  There never were any Islamic terrorists to begin with, only the terrorists who were trained, groomed, protected, commissioned, and empowered to carry out 911.  Who would do such a dastardly thing?  Look no further than the Bush administration.  Before you label me as a "Bushwhacker," please consider that the criminal evidence against President Bush is overwhelmingly against him.  In particular, he signed Presidential Directive W199i prior to 911 which successfully blocked FBI and Defense Department officials from further investigating the suspect terrorists.  As a matter of FACT, FBI deputy director John O'Neil resigned his career because he felt that the government was deliberately aiding and abetting the terrorists by blocking all investigations.  Evidently someone was afraid that John O'Neil knew too much because he was shortly thereafter murdered on 911

Recently, Newsweek published alleged reports that a U.S. soldier at Guantanamo Bay flushed a Quran down the toilet.  The Muslim world and the America liberal press went ballistic.  Shortly thereafter, Newsweek apologized, claiming that their source (a top U.S. official) had recanted his original allegation.  Do you really buy any of this garbage?  Doesn't someone think it mighty strange that the news media would totally ignore mountains of FACTUAL evidence against the Bush administration, while giving credence to a small undocumented tip from an unknown source within the government?  Folks, we're being hoodwinked!

What kind of factual evidence is being ignored? 

"In 1998, the state of Florida signed a $4 million contract with Database Technologies (DBT Online), which later merged into ChoicePoint, for the purposes of providing a central voter file listing those barred from voting. As of 2002, Florida is the only state which hires a private firm for these purposes. Prior to contracting with Database Technologies, Florida contracted with a smaller operator for $5,700 per year." -Read full article

Whoa!  The state of Florida used to pay a company $5,700 a year to prepare it's voter lists, but now they're paying ChoicePoint $4,000,000?  Something smells with the stench of hell in Florida!  How convenient that George W. Bush won the state of Florida (and the presidential election) with only 537 votes. 

The New York Times didn't publish this tragic mishap in American justice until EIGHT MONTHS later.  Ho hum!  Nobody cared because the news media didn't hype it up like they did the Quran being flushed down the toilet.  Most people truly deserve the title "Sheeple" because they are so dumb and ignorant.  There are mountains of FACTS, documented PROOF of conspiracies working within our government to hurt America.  Why doesn't Bill O'Reily speak about things things?  Fox News has made a really big deal about the open borders.  Do you think they are against George W. Bush?  Not at all, they are protecting him.  People need something to worry about to preoccupy their minds, so they are given the open borders to consume their thoughts. 

I guarantee you that Michael Jackson will be acquitted.  Anyone with money gets off the hook these days.  Washington's pedophile politicians got off the hookCatholic pedophile priests got off the hook (the Vatican covered it up for 40 years).  Michael Jackson will get off the hook too.  This is wicked injustice!  The whole ordeal has become a three-ring circus.  I believe this is deliberate.  The evil doers who are destroying our country have to keep our feeble minds preoccupied with silly and meaningless things, while they are robbing us blind and destroying our nation.  The smallest crimes in the news are catapulted to international status.  The news media has become investigator, judge, jury and executioner.  It's all a big game of live entertainment, horror movies come true. 

Bill O'Reilly is missing the mark on terrorism.  

There is NO war on terror!  Bill O'Reilly said today that President Bush is doing the right thing by aggressively going after the terrorists.  Then O'Reilly appealed to the sympathy of the viewers by admitting that President Bush has made some mistakes, but the liberal left hates Bush so much that they are looking for anything to discredit the president.  First of all Mr. O'Reilly, Iraq was NO mistake.  The Bush administration made the evil decision to invade a sovereign nation based upon LIES.  Had the president sought a declaration of war from congress (as the U.S. Constitution mandates!), Iraq certainly would NOT have been invaded without substantial proof or reason to do so.  In addition, why should the United States belong to the United Nations if we are not going to abide by our own agreements?  The U.S. invasion of Iraq was NOT sanctioned by the UN.  Personally, I don't think the U.S. should even be a member of the UN because it is anti-American and works to destroy America's sovereignty (what remains of it).

Tens-of-thousands of innocent Iraqi people (many of whom were women and children) have been ruthlessly MURDERED in Iraq!  While president George W. Bush bloviates (boasts at length) with that sinister smirk on his face all the time,1770 American young people (soldiers) are dead in Iraq.  I am in support of our troops, but I am also adamantly opposed to what they are doing.  They're being exploited as paid mercenaries to fight a rich man's battle.  The FACT that Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, received a NO BID contract to rebuild Iraq is treason enough.  It is sickening.  This whole war in Iraq is evil and has the blood of Americans all over it.  I agree with Texas congressman Ron Paul that there is nothing unpatriotic about opposing this evil invasion in Iraq.  All of Bill O'Reilly's reasoning is based upon his ASSUMPTION that Bush is telling the truth, that the Bush administration had no prior knowledge of 911, that there really are Islamic "terrorist" out to destroy Americans.  And why were over a hundred members of the Bin Laden family flown out of the U.S. in private jets on 911?  Why did Bush sign directive W199i to block the FBI from doing their job?  Why did Bush just sit there in his chair after hearing that the U.S. was being ATTACKED!?  I think we all know why.  The FACTS cannot be refuted.

Who's to Blame?

Newsweek is not the problem.  We are the problem, all Americans.  We hear all this crap about the liberal left verses the conservative right.  Folks, it's all a staged fight!  The Bible teaches that a "house divided" CANNOT stand.  You've got Michael Moore's on the left, Rush Limbaugh's on the right.  But do you know what...they're all part of the problem because they're attacking each other instead of working together.  The rich oppressors who are pulling the puppet strings of ALL recent U.S. presidents want us DIVIDED (and we certainly are).  Americans are divided on nearly everything.  So while were mad at each other (the sheep), the wolves are fencing us in unnoticed.  We are losing our freedoms quickly....National ID's, RFID chips, retina scans, forced drugging of children, forced deadly vaccinations, cameras everywhere, forced blood samples, DNA databases, government toll roads, protestors being labeled as "terrorists," quoting the Bible being labeled as "hate speech," preachers being arrested for disorderly conduct, euthanasia, GPS tracking, etc, etc, etc.

Why doesn't Bill O'Reilly cover any of the subjects I've mentioned?  Mr. O'Reilly says he deals in "facts," well these are FACTS!  The truth is that Bill O'Reilly only deals in certain facts, restricted facts, censored facts, but not the facts that will save America or open the eyes of the public about the evils prevalent within our government.  We have become so desensitized nowadays that government "corruption" is the norm (nothing to lose sleep over).  Well government corruption is destroying America!  The corruption doesn't just involve tax-payer money being stolen, it involves a deliberate attempt to dismantle America completely until we are enslaved like cattle.  The paradox of all this is that we are willfully allowing it to happen right in front of our faces, failing to realize what is going on.  The average American gets frustrated each time he or she loses a little more of their rights, but we're too busy fighting each other to effectively confront the government as a people.  Without realizing it, in time we will have lost most of our freedoms. 

Afraid to Speak the Truth

A man used to be able to go to work and comfortable support his family, while his wife stayed at home baking pies and talking care of the children.  Today, a husband and wife MUST both work or live near the poverty line.  Americans have FOOLISHLY allowed their banker-controlled politicians to sell the farm.  The Federal Reserve is the most diabolical institution ever created in America, far more frightening than the Church of Satan.  America WILL go bankrupt!!!  Why is the news media so quite about this?  Why are our churches so silent about these things?  Do you know why?  Because of money!  Pastors know they wouldn't have a church for long if they preached about these scary things.  Politicians know they wouldn't have an office position for long if they tried to fight the established powers, but they'll LIE to our faces 100% of the time when running for election, promising good things.  George W. Bush is the most evil president America has ever had, yet he deceitfully claims to be a Christian and the masses follow him like the antichrist.

I believe Bill O'Reilly ignorantly (but sincerely) defends Mr. Bush on the premise that there really are "terrorists" trying to destroy America.  I'd hate to think that O'Reilly is an evil man who would deliberately lie against his own conscience to the American people.  I think not, I believe he is sincere...but sincerely wrong!  How in the world did 911 ever end up involving Iraq?  Allegedly, Bin Laden fled to Afghanistan and was the perpetrator behind 911.  Why did the Bush administration wait months before going into Afghanistan?  How did the U.S. win a war in one month that Russia couldn't win in eleven years?  It's because the Taliban was paid in gold bricks to leave.  We killed innocent farmers and countrymen in Afghanistan, just like we've done in Iraq. 

What evidence did the Bush administration ever obtain to link Saddam Hussein with 911?  That's right...NONE!  What did anyone in Iraq have to do with 911?  Nothing!  Yet, the Bush administration conjured up these fully-baked LIES about WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction).  Donald Rumsfeld said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so did Bush, so did Ashcroft, so did Cheney.  Now the Bush administration recanted their claim, alleging that a German spy gave them faulty information.  Oops!  We made a mistake that's all.  So what if over 100,000 people are dead.  So what if we destroyed a sovereign nation?  So what if we blew little children's limbs off and dumped 315 tons of DU (Depleted Uranium) on an innocent nation.  FU*# Iraq!  Right Mr. Bush? 

The American People Have a Right to be Angry with President Bush

People like Bill O'Reilly keep alluding to people like me as the "liberal left."  I am a born-again Christian, about as conservative as you can be, but I don't call myself a "conservative."  I am a Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to let people know where I stand.  I am NOT a leftist communists pinko.  George W. Bush is a mass murderer!  Churches all across America (what O'Reilly would call "conservatives") are rallying behind President Bush like he's some kind of hero.  The reason why they do this is because they are TV Christians, going by what they hear from the news media.  Fox News makes Bush look like a hero (even in spite of their criticisms about the open borders), which he certainly is not.  I am NOT a TV Christian, I actually do a LOT of reading.  I look BEYOND the mainstream news media and think for myself.  Try it, you WILL be surprised.  Many Christians support Bush's war against Iraq based upon their prejudices against the Islamic religion.  This is wicked.  We have NO right to kill those who don't believe as we do.  Yes, Islam is a false religion according to the Bible, but that does NOT give us a right to kill them.  Iraq never was any threat to America!  They are over 10,000 miles away.  The open border is a MUCH bigger threat to our national security.

I used to be ignorant.  I voted Republican no matter what.  I was against abortion!  To my shock, one day I realized that all Republican presidents were as much pro-abortion in office as were the Democrats.  Mr. Bush may claim be Pro-life personally, but he gave $288,000,000 of tax-payer's money to Planned Murderhood in 2003.  Respectfully, If you vote Republican or Democrat, you're an idiot (like I once was).  I used to think that ALL protestors were left-wing communist-loving anti-American punks.  Like I said, I used to be an idiot.  I had developed this attitude from being in church my whole life.  Now I'm not bashing church people here, and I think everyone should go to church.  I am simply saying that the average Christian is woefully ignorant of the evils that are working to destroy his and her family, freedom, and country.  When the Apostle Paul advised us to be "ignorant concerning evil," he certainly did not mean for us to look the other way concerning things that WILL adversely affect us and our loved ones.  He simply meant that we should live holy.

I am in support of anyone who fights against evil, although I may not agree with them on other issues.  I am not a Democrat or a Republican (and you shouldn't be either).  America needs voices, people to cry aloud against the evils within our government.  Protesting is our Bill of Rights (specifically, the First Amendment), it is NOT anarchy.  Protesting is NOT wrong, it is our DUTY as Americans.  The average church would never even think of protesting, and so America continues it's downward spiral into hell.  Billy Sunday protested everything! (and he didn't just do it from within closed doors in some church).  America needs preachers to come out of the closet and start proclaiming the truth where more people can benefit from it. 

Bill O'Reilly is Wrong About President Bush and Terror

Bill O'Reilly is wrong on terror because he is wrong on Bush.  I am surprised at the ignorance of a man as intelligent as Bill O'Reilly (I say this respectfully).  Not one shred of evidence has ever been substantiated to link Iraq with terrorism or 911.  This is the bottom line.  O'Reilly says that America MUST fight the terrorists to PROTECT us.  Protect us from what?  Did Iraq's people or Saddam Hussein ever threaten the United States?  NO!  Did Iraq or Saddam Hussein ever attack America?  NO!  North Korea is a MUCH bigger threat to the world.  And now thanks to the Clinton administration Korea posses long-range missile capabilities so their nukes can reach the U.S. (anything for money, right Mr. Clinton?).  Clinton sold the top secret technology to our enemies in communist North Korea.  Why doesn't O'Reilly talk about these FACTS.

It's high time that the American people wake up!  I actually heard on Fox Lies (Fox News) last week that Hillary Clinton may actually be having second thoughts about abortion and was moving a bit further to the right.  I almost choked on my Pepsi.  You've got to be kidding me...Miss Jezebel, feminist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-parent, anti-family, moving to the right?  Nice try folks.  Sadly, it's low-life propaganda tactics like this which will cause millions of Christians to vote for her.  Guaranteed, Hillary Clinton WILL become the President of the United States.  And Bill Clinton is going to head up the UN.

If the news media is wrong about 911 and Bush's involvement in carrying out, concealing, and obstructing justice...then they are wrong about Iraq and everything concerning the war on terror.  Let me ask you a question...who owns the media?  That's right, rich men.  But not just rich men, members of the New World Order (many of whom are members of the Council on Foreign Relations).  The news media is the most powerful tool on the planet to sway public opinion, it is fierce.  Alex Jones is correct to establish the FACT that we are in an INFORMATION WAR!  The news media cannot be trusted.  The government surely cannot be trusted.  The TV cannot be trusted.  The radio cannot be trusted.  The internet and thousands of available excellent books are a God-send to those who are hungry to learn the truth.  Sadly, the government is working to change that too.  It's just a matter of time.

There is NO war on terror.  I have given you many FACTS, and there are tons more if you'll spend the time doing your homework.  You Need to Believe Some of the Things You Read.  Mr. O'Reilly is defending the actions of a sinister madman.  The Bible teaches that the devil is a great DECEIVER, and the antichrist will greatly DECEIVE the masses...just like George W. Bush is doing...

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." -2nd Thessalonians 2:10

"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world..." -Revelation 12:9

Let us be diligent to learn the truth and to do our part in saving our once great nation.  God is looking for some righteous people to stand up against the evils of our day.  Unfortunately, they are NOT in the news media or the government.

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On the Factor last night O'Reilly was in top form. He had on Pierce O'Donnell discussing how the Bush administration is handling the prosecution of prisoners at Gitmo. The entire mess is playing into the hands of the terrorists, who now use Guantanamo Bay as a recruiting tool. So what would Fox’s Bill O’Reilly do to fix the problem? Kill ‘em all:

O’REILLY: I don’t give them any protection. I don’t feel sorry for them. In fact, I probably would have ordered their execution if I had the power.