Truth is Hate to Those Who Hate the Truth!

by David J. Stewart | July 2011

John 7:7, “The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.”

The truth is considered hatred by those who hate the truth. Most people despise and hate the truth. Jesus Christ brought truth into the world and they crucified Him. The Bible is truth (John 17:17). Jesus is the truth (John 14:6). The Holy Spirit is truth (John 15:29). Jesus taught in John 4:24 that God the Father can only be worshipped in spirit and truth. The truth is very important, and the very reason for which Christ came into the world. John 18:37, “...To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” The truth is that Jesus is the Son of God, the Christ, and only by faith is His name can anyone have their sins forgiven and obtain eternal life (John 20:31).

I love people and do not intend to hurt nor offend anyone with my ministry. I love Jesus Christ most of all, and it is God's love shed abroad in my heart that causes me to unconditionally love people. My ministry is to speak the truth, no matter how unpopular it may be. God knows my heart. If you are a murderer, homosexual, drunkard, adulterer, gambler, thief, abortionist, witch, or the worst sinner on the planet—I love you in the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not hate you and never would because of the love of God He has put in my heart. If I met you on the street I would say hello and be kind to you, regardless of who you are (or what you are). I would not say anything mean to you, nor would I criticize you if you admitted to being a homosexual, murderer or a witch. It is not my place to judge anyone, for only Jesus has the nail-scared hands and feet. Romans 14:10-12, James 4:12 and 5:9 tells us that God is our only Judge.

I handed a Gospel of John to a woman this week, to which she replied, “I am a Catholic.” Catholics don't use the Bible. I smiled and said, “I understand.” I invited her to church and didn't criticize her. My website is a pulpit to preach against sin, but outside of my pulpit I am a big sinner just like anyone else. In fact, my website preaches to me all the time. I promised God years ago that I would never trim my sermons for anyone, and that includes myself. I try to live up to the standards of the Bible, but fail every day (just as you do and everyone else does too). Jesus said that He came not to heal them that are whole (self-righteous and full of sinful pride), but to heal the sick (Matthew 9:12). If I could obey everything in the Bible perfectly, then I would be perfect. If you think you are perfect, try walking on water. The Bible teaches that only one perfect man ever lived (and His name is Jesus... 1st Peter 2:22; 2nd Corinthians 5:21).

I am a rotten sinner just like anyone else. James 2:10 teaches that to commit even one sin makes a person guilty of all in God's sight, because even one sin will keep a person out of Heaven and send them to Hell forever. That's why we need Christ's righteousness, that is, because we have no righteousness of our own to offer God. Even our best efforts cannot erase the sins that we have committed. You need a Savior my friend, and His name is Jesus!

I carefully consider each article before I speak out against anyone or anything through my internet ministry. I regularly ask God to guide my mind and heart as I add or subtract from my website. Sometimes the Lord convicts me and I edit or remove something. As situations change, or people change, I try to be fair and change my articles as well. My goal is not to be mean to anyone. I just want to glorify God with my labors, and that means exposing false prophets, false Christs, false Bibles, false doctrines, and false religions.

When I first started my website in 2002, I actually taught that Christians should support President George W. Bush no matter how wrong he was because he was still the President; but then I learned about the 9/11 attacks (and became convinced that it was undeniably an inside job), and I started reading about massive government cover-ups, the blatant crimes being committed in Washington D.C., and I saw the truth. God seriously began to convict my heart, asking me why I would blindly support a criminal leader? Although Christians are commanded to give allegiance to their government and submit to all proper authority; there is nothing in the Bible which tells Christians to look the other way, remain silent, and go alone to get along with massive government crimes, tyranny and oppression of honest men and women. I am against anarchy and disrespecting the office of any government leader. I don't like when some people do that. Albeit, I believe that it is every believer's Christian duty to rise up in protest against the evildoers and refute every work of darkness, just as Psalm 94:16 and Ephesians 5:11 command. To remain silent is cowardly apostasy and a lack of patriotism.

I am learning as I go, having to take a long walk often because of the bizarre and insane things I read and hear about. Truly this world has become a giant insane asylum. I regularly share the things I learn in my Recent section. Also, check out my Disturbing Truths section. Here's a few bizarre articles that I added from July of 2011...

How's that for insane? Anything for money, huh? And you thought the U.S. economy was bad!

I fully realize that every article I write must be accounted for on Judgment Day when I stand before God. I do not take my ministry lightly. It is never a light thing to write an article exposing someone as an enemy of God, labeling someone as a wicked influence upon society, or steering people away from somebody; but it is every believer's duty to rise up against the evildoers and stand up against the workers of iniquity (Psalm 94:16). Those apostate churchgoers who claim that it is God's will to remain silent and love the wicked by embracing their wickedness are the enemies of Jesus Christ. Love is speaking the truth; not compromising and remaining silent. Unchristlike Christians hate conflict more than they hate evil.

As I type, the Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches have voted to allow gay and lesbian clergy into their churches. It is apostasy and wickedness in the sight of God. Someone needs to cry aloud against such wickedness!!! God makes no apologies for His Word. The Bible is the most offensive Book in the world, mashing on sinner's toes and testifying against the sins of men. John 3:20 tells us that those who do evil hate the Light, neither will they come to the Light to be saved. My ministry is to uplift the precious Lord Jesus Christ Who is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 8:12).

This world is a cruel, dark and evil place. I thank Jesus Christ, my God and Savior, for dying for my sins. Romans 8:34, “Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.” Isn't that a beautiful Scripture? Jesus paid it all! Do you believe on Jesus? Salvation is as simple as receiving Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. That's all God asks. John 1:12, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” Whatever changes need to be made in your life is God's department, and you can be assured that He will attend to that. Our part is simply to acknowledge our guilt of sin (Romans 3:19) and BELIEVE ON THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 16:30-31).

The truth is only hate to those who hate the truth. I am a very hated person and have been told so repeatedly, because I speak the truth, and that offends people. People get angry when I say that the Popes are burning in Hell, but it's true. I don't want Roman Catholics to follow the Popes into Hell. I make no apologies for speaking the truth. Abortion is murder! Homosexuality is a sin! Drunkenness is a sin! Feminism and divorce are sins! 9/11 was an inside job! The Federal Reserve Banksters are rotten, hideous, criminals! Evil criminals have hi-jacked the White House. The War On Terror is a fraud! The War in Iraq is evil. There is no War On Drugs. Americans are being deliberately dumbed down in a Communist public school system. The mainstream newsmedia are a bunch of overpaid professional liars.

The open borders are deliberate, forcing real wages into the gutter and bankrupting America's hospitals. Our jobs have been relocated to foreign soil, while parents are having their kids confiscated by CPS because they can't afford an apartment. Millions of Americans have had their homes stolen by the Banksters because they can't afford to pay their mortgages. And yet our leaders have allowed U.S. Corporations, who receive U.S. tax-breaks, to move their operations overseas to exploit foreign slave labor. Of course Americans cannot pay their bills anymore! We've been betrayed by treasonous acts by treasonous leaders in Washington D.C., who are in bed with Wall Street criminals. Watch The Obama Deception to learn just how much Wall Street has infiltrated the White House. Watch END GAME for the best all-around big picture of what's going on in the world today. We are living in the Last Days my friend, the End Times of humanity.

"...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." Very FEW people love the truth these days. Very FEW people are saved. The masses of society are like cattle being herded into cities, awaiting the slaughterhouse. Let us not be deceived by these LYING WONDERS in the Last Days. The Devil is alive and actively working to steal, kill and destroy. We must make sure that our own house is in order and watch for the Rapture. Surely, the Lord's return cannot be far away. Why the Antichrist Must Come Soon.

The mighty Bible teacher, Dr. M.R. DeHaan, states concerning the Antichrist...

"In considering the policy and claims of the personal Antichrist, we must remind you again of a key that will help much in understanding his methods. Remember that he is the Antichrist. As we trace his course through the Word, we find that, like the saints in Revelation, he follows 'the Lamb whithersoever He goeth.' His purpose is to make men believe that he is the true Christ and God, and therefore he imitates Christ, making the same claims and doing many of the same miracles. For this reason both Jew and Gentile will readily accept him as the great master mind and coming deliverer."

SOURCE: THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS, pg. 140; by M.R. DeHaan; 1944; ISBN: 0-8254-2483-6

The Antichrist will appear to the masses of the earth using many illusions and lying wonders, and the majority of the world will be deceived into following him. The truth is our primary weapon against Satan. The truth can be dealt with, no matter how unbelievable; but a lie cannot be dealt with, no matter how convincing. The best place to hide a LIE is between two TRUTHS. And so it is in the world today. The truth is always found amidst a plethora of lies and disinformation.

Those who desire to find the truth about God must first sort through all the false Bibles, false ministers, false churches, false religions, false doctrines, and false Christs; and hopefully they'll realize that only the King James Bible is the uncorruptible Word of God, and Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven, and no religion can get a person into Heaven, and any doctrine that disagrees with the Bible is a false doctrine.

If you want the truth, God will reveal it to you. You have to not want the truth to remain ignorant in today's world, because the truth is all around us. Every U.S. dollar shouts in our faces concerning the occult-driven New World Order; yet the same men who deny any conspiracies carry, view and spend U.S. dollars with conspiracy symbols all over it. What a striking paradox! Men who vehemently deny the government's involvement in orchestrating the 9/11 attacks fail to see the occult All-Seeing-Eye at the Ground Zero Memorial mocking them. In your face America!

The elite criminals who are destroying America, bankrupting our economy, and stealing our liberties put their mark right in our faces, in our wallets, in religions, in our cities, on television, on music albums, and everywhere we turn to mock our stupidity. They're so obvious and yet completely hidden from view. This is the nature of secret societies. They literally laugh at their elite parties and high-society gatherings at how obvious they make themselves in plain view, and yet people walk by and go about life as usual without giving them a second thought. You fools, wake up and look around you.

Wall Street I

Wall Street II

Wall Street III

I have learned that most people either desire the truth about everything, or the truth about nothing. Far too many Christians are stuck on religion, and have never grown in the Lord to realize that the truth is our goal as Christians. We must seek the truth, find it, preach it, love it, defend it, and be willing to die for it. Sadly, most preachers are afraid to delve into the truth, fearful of losing financial support, or afraid of being considered a conspiracy theorist; and this is why our churches are so apostate today, and most preachers run from government conspiracies like the Bubonic Plague. This is how Hitler was able to overtake Germany, because of the silence and apostasy of it's preachers. END

Dead churches!

 "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..."
—Psalm 97:10


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