America Has Become An Oppressive Society

By David J. Stewart | June 2010

        The U.S. is quickly becoming a Nazi-style, fascist, Police State. This is all so sickening and disturbing. All we hear about is how good all this surveillance is for us, and how much the government is looking out for our safety and best interests. Bologna!

It's all a smokescreen for tyranny. It's all a foot-in-the-door to force oppression upon the entire American society. The goal of the New World Order gang is to dismantle the western civilizations. Police brutality has become epidemic in America.

It's bad enough that our nation's borders have been left wide open for illegals to flood into our society, take our jobs, bankrupt our hospitals, receive taxpayer funded food stamps and education; but now American citizens are being treated like criminals. You are now the terrorist! Evil has triumphed!

While illegals (criminals) are left alone; U.S. citizens (taxpayers) are harassed and mistreated in airports, public schools, random police checkpoints and even in their homes. It's getting really bad in America. Freedom isn't free. If American's don't resist tyranny, it will become the norm. A major Police State is quietly being put into place, while the average complacent American has their head buried in the sand. Most people laugh in your face when you try to wake them up and warn them. They're fools!

NDAA Treason!!!

America is becoming a surveillance society with video cameras being installed everywhere, even in public bathrooms. Every move is being monitored and recorded. The preponderance of cameras being installed in America's public parks, streets, schools, neighborhoods is disturbing! And now SOUND is also being recorded by many of these cameras. So what you say and do is being recorded. Chicago has already installed THOUSANDS of street cameras throughout the city.

"You mean the governments gonna stick their hands down my pants and put me in a microwave oven? You mean the TSA's setting up checkpoints on the highway?

You see you've got to really let it sink in and just wake up to how crazy it is. I'm not 'the crazy guy on the radio' as the corporate media calls me because I cover real news and get freaked-out over real issues (and don't cover fluff and mindless garbage). I'm a normal person who the mind-control doesn't work on. The only way it works on me is making me frustrated and angry, because once you're awake and once you've studied it, it's everywhere!"

THE ALEX JONES SHOW; Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Metal detectors and 360-degree cameras in shopping malls

USA TODAY — BALTIMORE — Full body-scanning machines that show images of people underneath their clothing are being installed in hundreds of the nation's busiest airports in one of the biggest public uses of security devices that reveal intimate body parts.

The images reveal a crisp outline, even showing the sweat on a person's back. The images may be recorded and stored. First it was 10 airports, then 19, now everywhere.

Everyone who travels by air will have to be scanned, revealed naked. You Christian ladies who are virtuous and show your body only to your husband... not any more! Now lustful evil men will see you completely naked. This is America today! I cannot show you any images, because they are completely nude and inappropriate. There is no terrorism. It's all a bogus scam. They're never going to stop... there's always going to be more and more security. Don't believe the images aren't being saved.

Train stations are also going to be installing these scanners. Full-body scanners were just installed at the airport in Austin, Texas in December of 2009.

You'll need to have a good reason to travel in the future. “No fly” lists are now being used by Homeland Security, prohibiting anyone on the list from flying. The list is getting longer and longer. Citizens are treated like scum! Passengers have to take off their shoes, often take everything out of their bags, deal with arrogant guards, et cetera. It's like a Nazi Germany assembly line. Many women have broken down in tears after being violated by some guard that places hands all over them.

The guards take away your shaving cream, toothpaste and nail-clippers at the security gate; but then you're handed a metal knife on the plane to mess with your head. It's not about security and never was; it's about conditioning the minds of the American public, striking fear and intimidation into people. This is all mind-conditioning, getting the public ready for what's ahead. We haven't seen anything yet in America!

Are you up for this? Are you ready to get naked for your country? This is no joke. The government needs to look under your clothes.

10 airports install body scanners

Full-body scanners coming to O'Hare airport

Street Body Scanners: Coming to a Street Corner Near You!

Police use DRONES to spy on AMERICANS

Biometric Scanners

It is actually based on an approach called cognitive biometrics where it uses fingerprints, face or facial recognition and others and linking it to an already existing computer database. So the computer database matches the fingerprints, hand, in some cases, even the eye for identification of the individual. So it does not take a genius for one to figure out why it is being used in passport and visa.

Aside from using Biometric Scanner in passport as well the visa, it is also used by companies. Companies are now changing their bundy system or their time clocks to something more complex and automated such as the fingerprinting method for identification and security, timekeeping and key to the offices. This is a very useful method as only employees hired by the company will be the only ones who will be able to gain access to company property. A couple of years from now, even security guards who screen every employee and visitor will no longer be needed by companies because of this technology.

If you will come to think of it, the biometrics scanner used now is still shallow if they will just base it on fingerprints or facial recognition. There will come a time when all the aspects of the human being both physiological as well as behavioral will be used by embassies for passport and visa and companies for recognition of employees as well as for security purposes. Samples of physiological biometrics are face, fingerprint, hand, iris and DNA.

While we can be identified via the use of behavioral biometrics with our keystroke, signature and voice. If this were to happen, the possibilities will be endless, not only for passport and visa processing and use but also for the other systems that we use daily such as grocery shopping. We no longer need to bring money but we can pay with our thumbprint and it will automatically debited to our account. Or we no longer need to bring our identification cards to work as we can use our voice to gain access to the work place. Big Sister is Turning U.S. into Massive Spy Society


Homeland Security Wants More Naked Scanners

Tom's Guide | December 29, 2009

Taking a flight? Prepare to be virtually strip-searched by Homeland Security.

Thanks to the Detroit-bound crotch bomber pretending to be a terrorist on Christmas Day, Homeland Security now wants to beef up security by installing more "naked scanners." It's either that, Homeland says, or getting a thorough "pat-down" before getting onto an airplane. Homeland, so it seems, would rather choose the former (and who can blame them—some people refuse to shower or use deodorant).

The problem with naked scanners, as the unofficial label obviously reveals, is that passengers are subject to digital strip searches of sorts, exposing areas best kept behind bedroom doors or within adult magazine covers. The Electronic Privacy Information Center is of course all over the possibility, literally stating that the whole-body imaging technology violates privacy rights. The group also claims that the devices "capture, record, and store detailed images of individuals undressed."

Currently the Transportation Security Administration has 40 full-body scanners installed in 19 airports nationwide: 6 use the machines for primary screenings, while the other 34 machines are used in 13 airports for follow-up searches. According to Wired, the TSA has forked over a $25 million contract to Rapiscan Security Systems this past October. The contract is for an additional 30 scanners.

The TSA is also ordering more backscatter x-ray scanners, devices that send out low-intensity beams. Apparently this type of device is excellent in imaging organic material. But despite what privacy advocates claim, the TSA naturally claims that there's no privacy issue. In fact, the agency said that the images could be pinned up in preschool classrooms. Thanks, but I'll just drive.

SOURCE: Homeland Security Wants More 'Naked Scanners' - Tom's Guide


Full body scans are nothing less than strip searches!

Obama orders $1B spent on airport body scanners

Owen J.J. Stone Exposes the Horror of TSA Reaching into His Pants (Your next!)


TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants

Government Issued Stun Bracelets for all Airline Passengers

—EMD safety bracelets—

You check in at the airline ticket counter. But instead of a boarding pass, you get shackled with an electronic bracelet which tracks your every move, contains all your personal information, and can shock you senseless. This is all the result of some guy who mysteriously bypassed security and got on the plane without a passport. Right! It's so obvious that this is a false flag terror event (i.e., a fake terror incident used to further Homeland Security's control over the American public). This guy supposedly has a firecracker in his underwear and now the government wants to install more scanners, more flying rules, more tyranny, et cetera. I don't even want to fly anymore unless I absolutely have to.


“Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen...
ZBIGNIEW BRZENZINSKI, United States National Security Advisor

Ecclesiastes 5:8, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

License Plate Scanners


Google Developing Eavesdropping Software

The idea is to use the existing PC microphone to listen to whatever is heard in the background, be it music, your phone going off or the TV turned down. The PC then identifies it, using fingerprinting, and then shows you relevant content, whether that's adverts or search results, or a chat room on the subject.


Microsoft Seeks Patent for Office 'Spy' Software

Baggage searches are SOOOOOO early-21st century. Homeland Security is now testing the next generation of security screening — a body scanner that can read your mind.

Most preventive screening looks for explosives or metals that pose a threat. But a new system called MALINTENT turns the old school approach on its head. This Orwellian-sounding machine detects the person — not the device — set to wreak havoc and terror.

MALINTENT, the brainchild of the cutting-edge Human Factors division in Homeland Security's directorate for Science and Technology, searches your body for non-verbal cues that predict whether you mean harm to your fellow passengers.

It has a series of sensors and imagers that read your body temperature, heart rate and respiration for unconscious tells invisible to the naked eye — signals terrorists and criminals may display in advance of an attack.

But this is no polygraph test. Subjects do not get hooked up or strapped down for a careful reading; those sensors do all the work without any actual physical contact. It's like an X-ray for bad intentions.

Currently, all the sensors and equipment are packaged inside a mobile screening laboratory about the size of a trailer or large truck bed, and just last week, Homeland Security put it to a field test in Maryland, scanning 144 mostly unwitting human subjects.

While I'd love to give you the full scoop on the unusual experiment, testing is ongoing and full disclosure would compromise future tests.

Click here for an exclusive look at MALINTENT scan in action

But what I can tell you is that the test subjects were average Joes living in the D.C. area who thought they were attending something like a technology expo; in order for the experiment to work effectively and to get the testing subjects to buy in, the cover story had to be convincing.

While the 144 test subjects thought they were merely passing through an entrance way, they actually passed through a series of sensors that screened them for bad intentions.

Homeland Security also selected a group of 23 attendees to be civilian "accomplices" in their test. They were each given a "disruptive device" to carry through the portal — and, unlike the other attendees, were conscious that they were on a mission.

In order to conduct these tests on human subjects, DHS had to meet rigorous safety standards to ensure the screening would not cause any physical or emotional harm.

So here's how it works. When the sensors identify that something is off, they transmit warning data to analysts, who decide whether to flag passengers for further questioning. The next step involves micro-facial scanning, which involves measuring minute muscle movements in the face for clues to mood and intention.

Homeland Security has developed a system to recognize, define and measure seven primary emotions and emotional cues that are reflected in contractions of facial muscles. MALINTENT identifies these emotions and relays the information back to a security screener almost in real-time.

This whole security array — the scanners and screeners who make up the mobile lab — is called "Future Attribute Screening Technology" — or FAST — because it is designed to get passengers through security in two to four minutes, and often faster...

SOURCE: Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind


CELL PHONE (FBI can listen to you when phone is turned off)

The FBI can turn on the mic on your cell phone and eaves drop even with the phone is turned off. Our rights as AMERICANS are being torn away by this corrupt government. WE MUST ALL PROTEST AGAINST SUCH INFRINGEMENTS ON OUR PRIVACY AND FREEDOM.

The American public is so woefully ignorant of the truth. Every baby born for the past couple decades has had their DNA collected by the global government, by taking a blood sample at birth without the parent's knowledge or consent. They got caught in Texas, having taken 4,000,000 blood samples! That's just the tip of the iceberg. Don't believe the lying propaganda, all of these blood samples have already been processed into a global database. You are being victimized and you don't even know it! This article should be alarming to every American! Why would Texas be collecting every baby's blood? Obviously this is something much bigger. The New World Order gang wants your DNA!

Texas to Destroy Baby Blood Taken Without Consent

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas health authorities will destroy as many as four million blood samples taken from babies without parental consent and stored indefinitely for scientific research.

The Texas Department of State Health Services announced Tuesday it would destroy the samples after settling a federal lawsuit filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project. The project, acting on behalf of five plaintiffs, had sued the Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas A&M University.

The lawsuit alleged that the state's failure to ask parents for permission to store and possibly use the blood — originally collected to screen for birth defects — violated constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure. Under the settlement overseen by a San Antonio federal court, the blood samples collected without parental consent must be destroyed by early next year. It also requires the department to publish a list of all research projects that used the blood specimens.

The plaintiffs, citing fears their children's private health data could be misused, said there are at least four million newborn blood samples being stored at Texas A&M. Calls placed to Texas A&M were not immediately returned. Health officials could not immediately provide a figure for the total number of samples in its possession.

Andrea Beleno, 33, was one of the parents who sued the state. She said she was "stunned" to learn that blood samples taken from her son, born in Austin in November 2008, were being stored indefinitely for unspecified research projects.

"You have to give permission for them to give your kid formula in the hospital," Beleno said. "I don't understand why you don't have to give permission for the state to keep your kid's DNA."

Texas has been collecting blood samples for decades to screen for at least 27 different birth defects and other disorders. By law the blood could be taken without consent by hospitals, birthing centers and midwives.

The Department of State Health Services established a policy in 2002 in which it began setting aside the blood "spots" after the screenings are done and allowing some of it to be used for research. Before that, the blood was discarded after a certain interval.

This year the Texas Legislature tightened up the procedures, providing opt-out policies for parents, extending privacy guarantees and implementing controls over any scientific research that uses the samples. At issue in the lawsuit settlement are the millions of samples collected and stored before the law took effect in May.

"As a result of this settlement, DSHS will destroy all bloodspot cards received by the department before May 27, 2009," the health services agency said in a written statement. "We will continue to be very sensitive to the privacy concerns of parents and the confidentiality of all medical information."

Under current law, the department can still use the blood samples for quality control and disease research as long as parents don't object. The department screens about 800,000 newborn blood specimens each year.

SOURCE: Texas To Destroy Baby Blood Taken Without Consent -


Americans Are Oppressed, Too

By Paul Craig Roberts

       Police in the U.S. now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists, as the greatest threat to the American public. Rogelio Serrato is the latest case to be in the news of an innocent person murdered by the police. Serrato was the wrong man, but the Monterey County, California, SWAT team killed the 31-year old father of four and left the family home a charred ruin.

The fact that SWAT teams often go to the wrong door shows the carelessness with which excessive force is used. In one instance the police even confused the town’s mayor with a drug dealer, broke into his home, shot dead the family’s pet dogs, and held the mayor and his wife and children at gun point. But most cases of police brutality never make the news. 

Most who suffer abuse from the police don’t bother to complain. They know that to make an enemy of the police brings a lifetime of troubles. Those who do file complaints find that police departments tend to be self-protective and that the naive and gullible public tends to side with the police.  

However, you can find plenty of examples of police brutality on YouTube, more than you can watch in a lifetime. I have just searched Google for “youtube police brutality” and the result is: “497,000 results.” There’s everything from police shooting a guy in a wheelchair to body slamming a befuddled 89-year old great grandmother to tasering kids and mothers with small children. The fat goon cops love to beat up on women, kids, and old people.

The 497,000 Google results may contain duplicates as more than one person might have posted a video of the same event, and the incidents occurred over more than one year. However, probably only a small percentage of incidents are captured on video by onlookers, and many incidents of police brutality have no witnesses. What the videos reveal is that a large percentage of police move with alacrity to assault the public. The number of incidences could be very high. One million annually would not be an exaggeration. 

In contrast, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2009 (the most recent year for which data is compiled), there were 806,000 aggravated assaults (not including assaults by police against the public) by criminals against the public, of which 216,814 were committed by hands and feet and not by weapons. (In the U.S. if you merely push a person or grab his arm, you have committed assault. “Freedom and democracy” America uses any excuse to multiply the number of felons.) 

Considering the data, one might conclude that the police are a greater danger to the public than are criminals.

Indeed, the trauma from police assault can be worse than from assault by criminals. The public thinks the police are there to protect them. Thus, the emotional and psychological shock from assault by police is greater than the trauma from being mugged because you stupidly wandered into the wrong part of town. 

Why are the police so aggressive toward the public?

In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths. Even normal cops are proud of their authority and expect deference. Even cops who are not primed to be set off can turn nasty in a heartbeat.

In part because police are not accountable. The effort decades ago to have civilian police review boards was beat back by “law and order” conservatives.

In part because the police have been militarized by the federal government, equipped with military weapons, and trained to view the public as the enemy. 

In part because the Bush/Cheney/Obama regimes have made every American a suspect. The only civil liberty that has any force in the U.S. today is the law against racial discrimination. This law requires that every American citizen be treated as if he were a Muslim terrorist. The Transportation Security Administration rigorously enforces the refusal to discriminate between terrorist and citizen at airports and is now taking its Gestapo violations of privacy into every form of travel and congregation: trucking, bus and train travel, sports events, and, without doubt, shopping centers and automobile traffic. 

This despite the fact that there have been no terrorist incidents that could be used to justify such an expansive intrusion into privacy and freedom of movement.

The TSA has not caught a single terrorist. However, it has abused and inconvenienced several hundred thousand innocent American citizens. 

The abuse happens, because people with authority are dying to use the authority. The absence of terrorists means that the TSA turns innocent Americans into terrorists. There have been so many absurd cases. One woman traveling with her ill and dying mother, who required special food, had contacted the TSA prior to the flight, explained the situation, and was given permission to take the special food onboard. But when she went through “security,” the food was taken away, and when she protested she was arrested and hauled off, leaving the elderly mother in a wheelchair deserted.

Others have been arrested because a member of the household used a suitcase or carry bag to take guns and ammunition to the gun club or on a hunting trip and forgot to remove all the ammo, or the explosives test detected gunpowder residuals. Boy Scouts forgot to remove pocket knives from backpacks that they took on camping trips. Lactating mothers forced to give up breast milk. And so on.

These are the “great dangers” that the TSA protect the American sheeple from, and the sheeple submit, even servilely thanking their oppressors for protecting them. 

Submission is what the government and the police want. Anyone who argues with TSA or the police will be abused. An American who stands up for his rights is likely to be beaten to a pulp. TSA has announced that such Americans are “suspects” and will be held in indefinite detention.  

And “our” government assures us that we have “freedom and democracy.” We have a police state, and everyone who forgets it is in deep trouble. 

The Amerikan police state is closely allied with police states all over the world--Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel in the Middle East and former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire in Central Asia. The U.S. government never lifts a finger in behalf of democracy anywhere. In fact, the U.S. government quickly moves to overthrow democracy wherever it rears its head, as the U.S. recently did in Honduras. Before Honduras it was Palestine where the U.S. overturned the election that brought Hamas to power. Now Washington is targeting Lebanon where Hisbollah has gained. 

Everywhere on earth the U.S. government prefers an autocracy that it can purchase to free elections that bring to power candidates unwilling to serve as American puppets.

The U.S. government is the most determined foe of democracy in the world. Yet, Washington lectures China, which has more civil liberties than Bush/Cheney/Obama permit Americans.

SOURCE: Americans Are Oppressed, Too

The New World Order is upon us . . .

Mass Chipping of Americans Has Begun

All New U.S. Passports Have Embedded RFID Chips!

Where will you draw the line?

America's Oppressive Society

       America has already gone to hell morally, educationally, economically, religiously, et cetera. We've lost our sovereignty as a nation. Our economy is gone, because our manufacturing jobs are gone. The Federal Reserve Bank is evil, rotten and monstrous. America is in serious debt trouble. Karl Marx's COMMUNIST MANIFESTO has been fulfilled in the United States. The ultimate goal of Communism is a global government, aka, a New World Order. Nazism and Communism are simply two different legs headed in the same direction. Whether it be religion, the economy or the government, we're all headed for a New World Order.

Everything that we see happening in America today is the same totalitarian type tyranny and abuse that happened in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. When a government starts spying on it's citizens, tyranny is here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Use StartPage for your web searches, because they DON'T record your IP address. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other mainstream companies are all working with the government. Read this StartPage article. I've seen numerous videos on YouTube banned, videos of U.S. congressman speaking before the house, banned because of the sensitivity of the information. The truth is frightening. YouTube is owned by Google and they are censoring the truth. I can only wonder how much longer it will be before all websites are censored by new laws being passed in America. CIA and Google are Teaming Up for More Spying. Google, Yahoo and other search engines RECORD every IP address, where you search and the results you view. You are being spied on every time you go onto these websites.

While Millions of U.S. Citizens Lose Homes, Obama Gives Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to UN

Americans Oppressed By Thug Police Nationwide

Not only that, Google and Yahoo openly admit that they spy on your e-mails, searching for key words in your e-mails to match up advertisements with your messages. Most people just click on the lengthy agreement without reading through it. You are being suckered. These companies are spying on you. There's no free meals in life. That free e-mail account is all being recorded into a mainframe computer, forever retained for all you know, and the government is collecting information on every American. There are only 300,000,000 people in America. One mainframe computer can handle the information on all those people. So just imagine what the government can do with a network of THOUSANDS of computers all working together to spy on you!!! Oh, and watch out for the eco spy kids!

And now the government wants to computerize all medical records. Everything about you is going to be stored and retained on a series of government computers. Although some of these new technologies do offer many benefits, they are all a double-edged sword that also introduce many risks to our privacy and freedoms as Americans. You know as well as I do that Homeland Security and the greedy corporations are going to exploit these technologies.

How about a forced rectal exam for simply getting injured at work?

Everywhere you go on the internet is recorded. Every cellphone call you make is going to be recorded. Even if your cellphone is off, you may be monitored through it. Every transaction you make is recorded. Every letter you send to any government agency is scanned and recorded into a database. Your baby's blood type is recorded at birth. All U.S. passports now contain RFID's chips, allowing people to be scanned and tracked. Mass-chipping has begun.

Voicemail messages are influencing court custody decisions. Text voice messages are being recorded. Anybody can tape you with a pocket recorded, which records high-quality MP3's up to 100-hours. How about spying Teddy bears?

In Michigan 5 Employees sued over hidden bathroom cameras set up by the owner of a pharmacy. In Illinois a Gas Station owner got probation for videotaping women in the gas station bathroom. In Michigan over $500 million was awarded to videotaped male athletes from some major universities (because the videos were sold to porn websites). American society is becoming a very oppressive place to be! The days of officer friendly are over, now you see militarized thugs with plated-armor and high-tech weaponry in the squad cars. Police have become an occupation force.

While the newsmedia give all their attention for weeks to petty criminals; the massive blatant crimes being committed by Washington politicians is overlooked. The media are owned and controlled by the corporations, who are in bed with the politicians. The newsmedia is working relentlessly to create as much distrust between American citizens as possible; while creating blind loyalty and unquestioning support for criminal bankers and politicians through lying propaganda. It's all lying propaganda from the rotten newsmedia.

TV is saturated with all sorts of reality shows, and crime shows, that have caused Americans to be leery of their neighbors; while trillions-of-dollars have been stolen by the government, millions of people have been murdered by warmongering politicians, our nation's borders have been left wide open, our jobs have been given away to foreign slave labor, our leaders have recklessly put us into massive national debt, and every evil imaginable committed by our government is overlooked by the stinking media. They're all liars, crooks and thieves.

Full body scanners, which film a 360 biometric scan of a person's nude body, are being installed worldwide. According to the London Guardian, the images are so indecent that full body scanners at British airports threaten to breach child protection laws which ban the creation of indecent images of children. The British government wants to change their laws to allow the child porn images at the airport. This is so evil.

You can be assured that forced abortions are coming to America. While most Americans are worried about their bikini line, golf skills and new MP3 player; Americans simply don't see it as their role to be involved. It is this negligent attitude that has caused Americans to become completely robbed.

Government has grown way too big. Our founding fathers warned us about the dangers of big government. What has America turned into? Your wife, your children and you... all filmed naked by airport security? This is all happening because some passenger allegedly had a firecracker in his underwear? Who's kidding who? It's all a bunch of bologna in my opinion.

Passengers are required to place their hands in the air, as if to say,  “I surrender.” It is mind conditioning, isolating us all incrementally... no milk, no baby food, no belts, no shoes, no toothpaste, no shaving cream, no blankets, no bathroom, no talking, nothing in your lap... It's a culture of fear, fear fear and only big brother can save us! It's all mass humiliation. Everyone needs to boycott flying, unless absolutely necessary. It's just too risky to fly these days, which this mother found out too late.

All of the ridiculous security measures being implemented are intended to intimidate the American public. Forcing someone to remove their shoes requires an act of submission. Confiscating your toothpaste and other personal items is mental-conditioning. It's a shame what is happening. I won't fly unless I absolutely have to. I don't like being in airports anymore because of all the paranoia. It's gotten so crazy nowadays. If even one passenger wanders off by accident, they'll shut down the whole airport. Many Americans think this is all necessary and good to protect passengers; but that's just not the case. The government is training the public. They know if you'll go along with full naked body scans, then you'll go along with anything. I agree with Alex Jones, who has called for a nationwide boycott of the airlines. So be it!

The Crotch Bomber is a Big Scam

The so-called “crotch bomber” is a big scam. The bomber supposedly hid the bomb behind his testicles. It's laughable that anyone would even believe this stuff. The guy didn't even have a passport!!! He was there to create a media incident. It wasn't even 24 hours after the alleged incident, that the government was already calling for more naked scanners in America's airports. Many people have already decided not to fly anymore because of the Nazi-style security in airports. A little bit of authority can turn people into monsters. To no surprise, the travel industry is hurting. People are getting tired of being treated like POW's in airports. They're listening to our phone calls. They're reading our e-mails. Now they want to film us naked. Where will this intrusion of our privacy end?

Also, the safety of these scans is being seriously questioned. CBS news has reported that CT scans cause cancer, makes people's hair fall out, et cetera. Radiation is unsafe even in small doses.

From what I've been reading, the naked images being taken by airport security are biometrically stored and turned into an algorithm, which allows them to scan and identify passengers from a distance. It appears that the government is collecting all the information possible, scientifically, to be used against us down the road. Hitler would have loved such control over the masses.

I'm simply sharing all the things I've been reading in the mainstream news with you. None of this is a “conspiracy theory” as some idiots tout. 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True. This is all mainstream news. Tyranny turns law-abiding citizens into criminals. That's what is going on today. The global ruling elite behind the New World Order desire to break us, domesticate us and condition our minds to adapt into an oppressive Police State. It's working like a charm, because Americans are complacent in their love for sin.

One mother was forced to drink her own breast milk by airport security. Another mother's child died because they were locked up in a Honolulu airport. Tyranny is here. People are being mercilessly tasered, beaten up and abused. Pastor Steve Anderson was beaten up, had his face smashed against the pavement and was tasered simply for asserting his Constitutional rights. This is the United States today. Land of the Free? I think not. The threat is not underwear bombers; it is government, who have killed 200,000,000 people over the past century.

The “underwear bomber” was a false flag terror attack (i.e., a staged attack) it would seem. It has been reported that a nicely dressed man escorted the alleged would-be-bomber onto the airplane without a passport. That is extremely highly suspicious. It also makes no sense why the alleged bomber would make his explosive device visible to passengers. It is obvious that the man wanted passengers to see what he was doing. That is very suspicious as well.

It's open season on the American people. We're being turned into slaves. All the rules and government morality are used to control the masses. Hypocritically, top government leaders who oppress us with these infringements of our freedoms, don't have to go through any of this stuff. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama don't go through naked body scanners. They just drive onto the airport in private vehicles and fly away in private planes. The Police State is for us, to enslave us. Oppression is here! Tyranny is here! A Police State is here! World government is here!

This is a system to track and control everything you do, to bankrupt us of our freedoms. This is a hellish situation that we face. The time for denial is over. We've been robbed of our freedoms. Bankruptcies filings are rising fast in America! China's hi-tech 'death van' where criminals are executed and then their organs are sold on black market will eventually come to America. No doubt! Think about what our government is doing to us by filming us naked at the airport? This is an all-out assault on our freedoms. Power corrupts!

The purpose of the naked body scanners is to condition society to accept tyranny. They want to depress and demoralize society. It is a strip search! People are totally humiliated when a thug guard views them butt naked, in a 360 degree scan that reveals EVERYTHING. The spirit of Satan is at work here. Decent Christian families are going to be most affected emotionally.

What is a virtuous woman going to do? It is just plain evil to force a woman who wears nothing but full-length dresses, and obeys the Bible's teaching on modesty, to be scanned completely butt naked for a male guard to view. When she requests for a woman to view her instead of a male, she is going to be yelled at and treated like scum. You know these kind of situations will arise. Some people are going to get very emotional, very angry and very nervous going through these invasive and offensive machines. How do you think a woman is going to feel, after being viewed naked by a male guard, and then the guard looks at her again and smiles, or gawks, after she has been scanned and viewed? Do you actually think that such things won't happen? The ramifications of full naked body scanning are disturbing. It's likely a foot-in-the-door for much more invasive tyranny into our personal lives as Americans.

The American People are at a Crossroad

What is being semi-voluntarily imposed upon us now will eventually become mandatory. It's what we do now that will seal our fate. If we as Americans allow the government to film our naked bodies, then we are doomed. If we allow this infringement of our personal privacy, then we will soon wear taser shock bracelets, be required to receive implantable microchips and allow cameras in our home. If you think this is bizarre, consider that 20,000 cameras have already been installed in the homes of British parents to monitor what goes on in their homes. This was in the mainstream news. The world is becoming a giant prison planet!

The next phase will be laser shock bracelets, implantable microchips, RFID's and forced abortion. Full naked body scanners will eventually begin showing up in train stations, schools, police stations, bus stations, streets, et cetera. It's just plain tyranny. By next year, everyone will be required to walk through these airport scanners. The 360 degree image scanned is much more accurate than a facial scan. It's all an attack against the family. Americans are being conditioned like dogs in training.

The police are now recording speeding drivers with scanners and mailing you a ticket. The ticket comes a month later, which makes it difficult to defend yourself. If you don't pay the ticket, they come to arrest you. It's not just a set amount ticket anymore; but mile-by-mile. So the longer you speed, the bigger the fine. Drivers who speed for longer periods of time, monitored from point-to-point with license plate scanners, will receive fines for thousands of dollars. They want to bankrupt Americans! That is the plan! A fine for this, a fine for that, everything is being criminalized! They are preying on everyone! The New World Order is here.

Our kids are being deliberately dumbed down.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's new book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, is one of the most important publishing events in the annals of American education in the last hundred years.

Iserbyt has done what no one else wanted or could do. She has put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the well-planned "deliberate dumbing down" of American children by their education system. Anyone who has had any lingering hope that what the educators have been doing is a result of error, accident, or stupidity will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.


Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - E Book download is NOW FREE TO ALL!!!
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Children who draw pictures of someone with a gun are being sent to psychiatrists, that's ok; but then videogames are readily available and sold by the millions to children, which contain morbid, shocking, graphic violence and sexually explicit content. TV is shockingly violent, and that's ok; but then two eight-year-olds are charged with “making terroristic threats” for playing with paper guns. It's zero-tolerance madness!

Everything's a lie. Our money has no value. The copper has been taken out. The silver is gone. The gold is gone. It's all worthless paper and cheap metal.

The whole system is about getting you dependent,. They want you on the government doles. They want you to be completely dependent upon the criminal cult ruling our nation with tyranny. In so doing, you forfeit all your rights by being dependent upon them. 37.2 Americans were on welfare at the end of 2009. By forcing us to depend upon the government for our every need, we have become their slaves. It's no coincidence that all of America's jobs have gone overseas. There are no jobs coming back! The average pastor tells you that you're not right with God if you fail to tithe 10%, while your government has sold you out, given away your job, and taxed you to death. Pastors are living in a fantasy bubble. People cannot give tithes if they don't have jobs. God expects you to support your family; not your pastor. Paul sewed tents and worked to support himself, accepting whatever provisions the churches were able to give him. Paul didn't rely upon the churches to support him as a welfare system.

Drugs are the answer for everything. Americans are being pumped full of narcotics and every drug imaginable. The average American is taking a cocktail of medications. Many of the drugs are placebos, which do absolutely nothing to help the patient. Most drugs attack the liver. Doctors are as gods in America, and you dare not question them or lose your kids and disability benefits. It's an oppressive society. And now if you can't afford mandatory health insurance, they'll fine and imprison you and take away your children.

You must put your kids in State schools that teach them how to have fist sex. California has banned home-schooling unless the parent is a certified educator with the State. So that eliminates 99% of all parents. They've stated in court that they own your children, but they're going to let you raise them. And how dare a family homeschool their children. Kids have to thumb-scan to get a lunch. Massive arrests are coming in America!

Your kids are taken away. If you want your kids back, they have to get sterilized. Everything is being made illegal. Yelling at your wife is now a punishable crime in France. It's been a crime in America for years, but is now being enforced everywhere. We are being baptized into slavery, initialized into tyranny.

O'Hare Airport is now getting naked body scanners. Even Communist Russia isn't this bad. Threats, traumatization, breaking everybody down... where will it all lead. Some guy puts a firecracker in his underwear and now everyone has to be filmed naked?

It is no coincidence that all the victims of genocide and holocaust throughout history, were stripped naked before they were executed. The very notion of forcing Americans to be viewed naked in order to fly is alarming!

The War On Terrorism is Bogus! 

War On Terror Scam in America!

Vladimir Lenin is famously reported to have said — upon being informed that thousands of Americans were demonstrating in support of the Russian revolution against the czar — Ah, yes. My useful idiots.

They are getting ready to fully implode the economy, and they're putting a Police State in place to deal with society. This is not a “jobless recovery,” it's a hellish nightmare. The American public hasn't seen anything yet. Tyranny is here and it's only going to get worse... MUCH WORSE!!! Our government has become a criminal enterprise, a cult, and they are getting ready to smash us.

Where will all this end? ... spy images and heat signatures from space, biometric scanners, face scanners, license plate scanners, metal detectors in shopping malls, forcing us to pay for health insurance or be fined and jailed, thumb scans, monitoring cameras in public bathrooms, airport CT brain scanners, spying software, computer eavesdropping, military troops on U.S. streets, a forced carbon tax, spying car computers, RFID chips, drone spy planes ... where will it all lead?

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Ecclesiastes 5:8, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.”

We Couldn't Control the People Without You

Jay Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard to security!

Freedom of speech WON'T last.

George Orwell's 1984

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." —Author George Orwell

“They're setting up a Police State because our standard of living is going to implode.”  Alex Jones

Daniel 12:4, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

Full Naked Body Scanners

TSA Now Putting Hands Down Fliers’ Pants

(TSA now making sure Al Qaeda not hiding in your underwear)


Owen J.J. Stone Exposes the Horror of TSA Reaching into His Pants (Your next!)

America Has Become an Oppressive Society

We are becoming the land of the cowards and the home of the slaves!

Please read the following by Pastor Texe Marrs, How the Illuminati is Destroying America . . .

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Airport Authoritarianism

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Coffee, Tea, or My Pregnant Wife?
Nicholas Monahan on Soviet-style airport 'security.'


(an unconstitutional 4TH branch of government and how it is being used to steal your children).

Individual Ownership of Guns Under Attack in America and Abroad

First the terrorists were Al Qaeda, then it was Tim McVeigh, now it's Ron Paul supporters! First Amber's Law was enacted to save little girls, now it's being used to turn in your neighbor to police for owning guns. This is how tyranny operates!

Criminalize Everything | Ticket for What? | Police State USA | 5-Year Old Handcuffed

The New World Order is upon us . . .

Mass Chipping of Americans Has Begun

All New U.S. Passports Have Embedded RFID Chips!

Where will you draw the line?

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” Thomas Jefferson

Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills

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