Hitler—1938 Man of the Year?

by David J. Stewart

"There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men." —Proverb 30:14

I was sickened the first time that I learned that Adolf Hitler was chosen "Man of the Year" by TIME magazine in 1938. The TIME issue was published in January of 1939. Why in the world would anyone honor such a despicable human being like Hitler... an occult inspired... mass murdering... tyrannical... genocidal monster! 

In 2000, NBC honored Margaret Sanger, another mass-murdering genocidal monster, as a great humanitarian. Who was Margaret Sanger? She's the founder of Planned Parenthood (or better, Planned Herodhood). She's the pioneer of abortion, sterilization, and population reduction. Maybe she should have received person of the year as well.

Why do people hold villains in high esteem? Why is the public so gullible, so easily controlled by the lying corporate-controlled news media? Very few people realize that it is corporations that rule the world today, not nations.

In 1942, TIME Magazine chose mass-murdering Communist monster Stalin as Man of the Year. What is going on here? Why does TIME magazine continue to honor such horrible people? 

Tens-of-millions of innocent people lost their lives in their atrocious work camps of the gulags. Many people dehydrated and starved to death. The hygienic conditions were deplorable. Conditions in the camps were extremely harsh. Prisoners received inadequate food rations and insufficient clothing, which made it difficult to endure the severe weather and the long working hours; sometimes the inmates were physically abused by camp guards. 

Women were brutally raped, others told they'd never see their families again if they refused to submit to the sexual advances of prison guards. Prisoners were denied communication with the outside world and even from each other. Many prisoners were forced to work in the frozen Siberian arctic without adequate insulated clothing. Many lost their limbs from frost bite, millions froze to death. 

As a result, the death rate from exhaustion and disease in the camps was high. After Stalin died in 1953, the Gulag population was reduced significantly, and conditions for inmates somewhat improved.

Forced labor camps continued to exist, although on a small scale, into the Gorbachev period, and the government even opened some camps to scrutiny by journalists and human rights activists. With the advance of democratization, political prisoners and prisoners of conscience all but disappeared from the camps.

The news media basically controls the masses. In the year 2001, TIME wanted to feature suspect terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, as Man of the Year for 2001. 

Public outcry was so harsh that TIME had little choice but to abandon the idea. This was to no surprise because the Bush Administration had already demonized Bin Laden. Even to this day, a simple mention of "Bin Laden" makes people snarl and foam at the mouth.

But Osama is not the real terrorist behind 911, just the scapegoat (someone to blame). Tragically, Iraq (who had no involvement in 911) was also blamed and America destroyed their country. Mr. Bush knows who is responsible for 911, which is why he signed executive order W199i to block all FBI and justice department investigations into the suspect terrorists activities before 911. 

FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill resigned in protest and was murdered for it on 911. And why did Bush just sit there while America was under attack on 911? Read the 911 FACTS! Read about the Smoking Guns of 911. Read about the ignored victims of 911.  And why did WTC building 7 crumble to the ground, even though no plane hit it?

I was sickened when I learned that President George W. Bush was chosen as Person of the Year by TIME Magazine for 2004 (also in the year 2000). Why? How could anyone be so heartless? To date, an estimated 100,000 Iraqi's are dead because of Bush's needless war for oil.  How do you think the families of those dead people in Iraq feel?  This war was never about terrorism, nor has America EVER been threatened by "terrorists" from without. The War on terror is a scam!

George W. Bush is an imposter! Bush wears that goofball smirk on his face all the time, all the while selling out the American people. I am so disgusted every time I hear and see professed "Christians" endorsing such an evil man as George W. Bush. Bush has opened the borders, done everything in his power to legalize the illegals. It's just a betrayal of every American citizen, especially for all those who voted for him (which I certainly am glad I didn't). Please read, The Theft of the 2000 Presidential Election.

One of the diabolical psychological deceptions used by tyrants is to whitewash evil doers in the minds of the very public they abuse and exploit. It is insane, yet very effective. While Hitler was murdering millions of innocent people, TIME magazine uplifted Hitler in the minds of the American people as a great man (in a 1938 edition of TIME). It was no secret what was happening in Germany, for IBM manufactured and sold the human stamping equipment to Hitler. It was I.G. Farben, a German conglomerate of over 200 companies (including many of America's top corporations) that manufactured the Zyklon B gas to kill holocaust victims. It was Wall Street Banksters who financed Hitler's war machine!

President Bush Jr. Jokes About Missing Alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

Those poor people in Iraq have suffered greatly at the hands of American troops, bombs, munitions, and even deadly DU (Depleted Uranium). The DU death toll has topped 11,000! What did Iraq ever do to the United States? Did they ever attack us?  No!  Did they ever even threaten to attack us? No! 

Was there ever any evidence of those WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) which The White House repeatedly claimed they had PROOF of? No! No weapons of destruction were ever found. Of course, the Bush Administration conveniently blamed their alleged mistake on faulty intelligence from one German spy. Oh well, we've just killed 1,421,933 people, hey...mistakes happen. But they got their oil didn't they!

Take a look at what we did to those Iraqi people... The Evils of the Iraqi Invasion (WARNING: Gruesome photos). Little children with their limbs blown off. Mothers and fathers weeping over their dead children. Children weeping over their dead parents. And George W. Bush smiling from ear-to-ear every time he appears on camera. It's sickening. 

The American people are so stupid that they have become accustomed to feeling secure when we see our leader smiling. It's as if Bush is saying, "Go back to sleep America, everything is ok." But it's NOT ok, things are a mess and our children are going to pay dearly because of our complacency. Things are NOT as they appear my friend!

Some Christians are starting to wake up. Please visit www.BushRevealed.com to learn more about who your beloved President is. How can professed Christian people vote for someone who is a well-known member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove (both occult organizations). So many Christians vote for Bush because they think he is more "moral" than Democrats like Clinton. It's all a lie folks! There's not a dimes difference between the Democrat or the Republican parties when it comes to New World Order agendas. 

Every four years we are provided with the opportunity to vote for a one-world Democrat or a one-world Republican.  Haven't you figured it out yet?  No matter who has been in The White House over the past thirty years, nothing changes for the better. Abortion is still legal

Homosexuals are still gaining more control of everything. American manufacturing jobs are still leaving the U.S. for foreign countries. Today, nearly everything we buy is made in CHINA. And China is getting very rich, while we are getting poorer and poorer (in debt). The American people don't see just how poor America is becoming because of the godless Federal Reserve Bank and a corrupt government. Read, America's Nightmare

Abolish the Federal Reserve. TOGETHER, they work to pull the wool over the eyes of America's citizens (they are deceiving us, telling us that everything is ok, but it's far from ok). The American citizen is fast losing their country, but they're too blind, ignorant, and complacent to realize what is happening. What Communism couldn't so by FORCE, it is accomplishing through our lackadaisical attitudes, indifference, and complacency towards evil. The wolf is in the hen house, but we're are too busy watching TV and living-it-up to care. 

President George W. Bush gave $288,000,000 to Planned Murderhood in 2003. Do you think he's really against abortion?  Even if he is personally, it doesn't make a hill-of-beans difference because he won't dare change our laws. If Bush seriously tried to stop abortion, he would be removed from office almost overnight. Bush has endorsed homosexual candidates, as well as candidates who are pro-abortion. 

My goal is not to bash President Bush, far from it. My goal is to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the truth about Bush (especially Christian people)... Bush is NO Christian! Listen to an MP3 of Mr. Bush bragging about using propaganda to brainwash people. If you've never watched the 2 1/2 hour video by Alex Jones... 911-The Road to Tyranny... please do so! Also, please watch ENDGAME.

It wasn't surprising to MOST folks back in 1938 when TIME chose Adolf Hitler as Man of the Year. It wasn't until years later that people realized just how treacherous and horrible Hitler was and all the evil he perpetrated. George W. Bush is a deceiver and does NOT have the best interest of the American citizen at heart. Even now, the CFR is planning to integrate the U.S. with Mexico and Canada. Bush is trying to Legalize the Illegals

It's amazing (and sad) just how many people have BLIND LOYALTY for President Bush. Blind loyalty is ok if you know the character and integrity of the individual. From everything I have learned about Mr. Bush, his character is extremely flawed and he has no integrity. How could anyone have just sat there on the morning of 911?

The Bible warns of those who foolishly speak evil of dignitaries and things they don't understand (Jude 1:10). The surrounding verses in Jude speak of Sodom and Gomorrah and their destruction. Please note that there is a vast difference between an unsaved person who is rebellious against authority, and a God-fearing Christian who loves his country and wants to take a stand against the evils of his day (which are destroying his country and threatens the future and happiness of his children and their children). I speak of things I DO understand. 

God has commanded us as believers to hate evil (Psalm 97:10) and to speak out against the evils of our day (Psalm 94:16). God never intended for us to sit idle, expecting Him to preserve our freedoms without us lifting a finger. Freedom isn't free and we will surely lose it if we don't fight to keep it. Also read, Democracy is NOT Freedom by Congressman Ron Paul.

I ask you to search your heart, search the internet, read some books, ask God to open your eyes to the truth, and then do what you can do to change things for the better. God WILL work when we get up off our blessed assurance and obey 2nd Chronicles 7:14,15...

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place."

Part of turning from our wicked ways is taking a firm stand against the evils and corruption of our day. Turn off the TV and do something to make a difference. There's no secret behind this website, I just work day and night to make it better for God. When I'm not working on it, I'm thinking about articles I need to write and things that you need to know. When I'm not counseling people through e-mails, I'm praying for my web visitors because I know that ONLY God's Holy Spirit can change lives. I'm just a voice, like John the Baptist crying in the wilderness. I'm simply trying to point people to Jesus Christ, for He is the only One Who can give you peace, forgiveness, and life anew. 

I surely do NOT hate President Bush, but I do hate what he has done to the Iraqi people and is doing to America. I hate being lied to. I hate when someone weakens America and takes away my freedoms. I hate when I see people crying, body bags coming back to America with the remains of our children, soldiers coming back sterile from the Depleted Uranium... all for what? BIG OIL! I hate the Patriot ActRepeal the Patriot Act! I hate the National ID card. I hate the terror alert scam. I hate when people's homes are wrongfully confiscated. I hate the TIPS program.

We are losing our country. Let's fight to keep her and go down fighting if we must! I realize that Mr. Bush is only a puppet of the richest of the rich, an accomplice who has sold his soul to Satan for wealth, power, pleasure, and prestige. Nevertheless, He makes his own decisions as a man, and he will give account to God as an individual. Just keep in mind the next time you see that smiling face of George W. Bush, Mr. Person of the year, that Hitler was also chosen as man of the Year in 1938, and Stalin in 1942. History surely is bound to repeat itself because mankind continually fails to learn from history. Everything is not as it appears to be!

If America's military were used properly to uphold liberty and defend freedom, then I would recommend that young men join the military. However, as long as our military is controlled by corporate criminals to do their dirty work, killing innocent foreigners and stealing their oil, being used as heroine farmers in Afghanistan, and policing patriots on American soil... I am 100% against partaking of such wickedness and so should you!!!

As long as Christian pastors and leaders support the troops unquestionably—the tyranny, oppression, and injustice will continue; until the tyranny is one day turned against the American people and we reap what we have sown as a nation.

Freedom Isn't Free!

Herod's Henchman

Here's something repulsive and sickening to any decent and honest person...

'TIME' magazine is a Zionist, Communist, globalist, Anti-American publication which has honored trash like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Bush Jr. and Bernanke! They even tried to honor Osama Bin Laden as 'person of the year' in 2001. TIME magazine is of the Devil. Bernanke is a lying thief, no hero!

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