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In view of the "non-specific threat" claim relating to the discovery of a computer disk in Iraq that contained floor plans, photos and bus schedules of school districts in the US, I thought our readers might be interested in a compilation of some of the "real" threat alerts issued over the past 3 years.

I found this at and while I haven't double-checked the entire list, it seems to include most of the major "alerts" that have been issued. It hasn't been updated to include the "limo" threat from late August and alert readers will probably spot other missing alerts

False Terrorist Warnings:
Like rumors of the Second Coming, they never happened
Over the last four years, our stalwart leadership, led by President George W Bush and personified by Attorney General John Ashcroft, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and FBI Director Robert Mueller, have been issuing periodical, dreadful warnings to the American people about imminent attacks by Arab terrorists. They manage to get onto all the major networks with their serious messages of impending doom. Always, we are told, very important information has been uncovered by our ever-vigilant protectors that clearly indicates an attack on various targets within days. After terrifying the American public repeatedly, these dimwits have always been proven wrong. There are no attacks because there never were any attacks being planned.

It has now reached the point where no one with an IQ larger than his shoe size believes them. Usually these fabricated warnings come just before a certain bill comes up for a vote in Congress or a Presidential election is looming and either needs to be enhanced or, even worse, cancelled.

Here is a partial list of what we have been saved from:

Oct 11: The FBI warned of imminent terrorist attacks in the US "in the next several days". Of course there was no indication of when or where these attacks would occur. There were no attacks.
Oct 29: The Administration warned of plans to strike the US "in the next week." No specifics such as dates or targets were given. There were no attacks.
Dec 3: Ridge warns that terrorist strikes "could happen within the next few weeks," possibly connected with the Muslim religious festival of Ramadan. There were no attacks.

Jan 17: Ashcroft warns that suicide attacks "might be expected because of confidential information" the US government had received. No dates or places were given. Nothing more was ever heard about the "confidential information." There were no attacks.
Feb 10: The FBI warned there was a threat of "imminent attacks on the US that might happen as early as Feb 12." There were no attacks.
Mar 27: The government issued a warning that American citizens in 4 Italian cities "would be attacked on Easter Sunday." There were no attacks.
May 19: VP Cheney states that he is "certain of new attacks against the US". There were no attacks.
May 21: The FBI warned of imminent threat of? "attacks against the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty". There were no attacks.
Sep 10: The government raised the National Alert Level to orange stating that there would be "strikes against American sites on the anniversary of the Sept 11 attack". Air patrols were instituted and access to government buildings was prohibited. There were no attacks.

Feb 8: Ridge and Ashcroft announced a high National Terror Alert, claiming they had "evidence that terrorists would attack American hotels and apartment buildings." There were no attacks.
Mar 17. National Alert Level raised to orange. No reasons are given. There were no attacks.
Mar 18. The Arizona National Guard was alerted and sent to a nuclear plant because "an attack by al Qaeda agents was imminent". There was no attack.
Dec 21: Ridge raised alert levels and warned that the" threat of imminent attack is now the most serious since 2001". There was no attack

Apr 2: The Administration warns about "pending terrorist attacks on buses & trains". There were no attacks.
May 26. Ashcroft and Mueller warn of a "plane attack inside the US" and that terrorists "were poised for an immediate attack". There was no attack.
Aug 1: Ridge raised the alert level to orange, claiming knowledge of plots against US financial institutions. It was later discovered that his "knowledge" was 4 years old and very unspecific. There was no attack

Comment: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Reported by Nancy on October 9, 2004 | 06:45 PM


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by Ed Henry

No infamous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the liberated Iraqis don't welcome us or democracy; the Taliban is reorganizing in Afghanistan; most of the people in the rest of the world think we are a bunch of empire building war mongers; people are boycotting our products; we’ve got a growing trade deficit; our economy is still in trouble; the Euro is replacing the dollar; unemployment is growing; and our national debt is on its way to the moon.

After a three month hiatus that sent just about every local government in the union to the poor house, Congress has given Bush an open trillion dollar ($984 billion) line of credit to do just about anything he wants. And the Washington Post claims that this new debt will be used up by the summer of 2004 just before elections get under way in earnest.

According to the polls, the man who won the last election through our republic's Electoral College still enjoys high ratings from the people. Campaigning on the platform of compassionate conservatism with the unique ability to bring opposing sides together, this president now acts like a character from OK Coral and wants portable miniature nukes so troops in the field can kill a number equivalent to one-third of the Hiroshima population at a time.

Watch out, because President Bush needs something dramatic to regain the world sympathy we had after 9/11 and to keep the American collective consciousness diverted elsewhere.

The idea that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by a group of suicidal maniacs who envied our freedoms is beginning to wear thin. It wasn't the Al Qaeda that stonewalled any investigation into why this happened and then delivered the ultimate insult to victim families by appointing Henry Kissinger, Dr. Strangelove himself, a man who can't leave the country without fear of arrest for crimes against humanity, to head up an investigation. And finally, when another commission of friends to the administration is selected to investigate, their results are not released to the public because it might endanger national security. Does that sound like freedom to you?

Come on folks, deep in our hearts we all know that having thousands of American troops spread across the globe has engendered a great deal of hate and distrust of Americans. These troops are not diplomats, they're soldiers trained to follow orders and fight. They can engender hatred just by the accidents that happen while keeping in shape or the boys-will-be-boys encounters with the native populations.

It certainly doesn't require a great deal of empathy to understand how we would feel with Russian or Chinese military bases in Kansas, Texas, or anywhere else in our own country. And how would we feel if some hotshot jet pilot killed some of our loved ones by knocking down a ski-lift in Aspen? How do you suppose the relatives of a fishing boat sunk by a nuclear sub showing off feel towards Americans? And how about the passengers on school buses or airliners that we've blown up by accident?

Even if we pulled these troops home and tried to find them jobs, how long would it take to heal the wounds developed over the last decade or five?


If we can't win the war on drugs, how are we ever going to stop terrorism? If tons of white powder can be smuggled into this country to go directly up people's noses or into their veins, what in the world makes people think that we could stop terrorists from bringing in chemical and biological weapons?

And what would happen to this nation's economy if we won the war on drugs? Estimated seven years ago at $500 billion a year, a half trillion in profit, just the cocaine business in this country could ruin our economy if it were stopped tomorrow. You don't really think the kingpins of this industry sock their profits back into product improvement do you?

What's to develop or improve? Are they trying for better weeds and kitchens, vacuum packaging and container shipping, owning their own banks and airlines? Did you know that the Chinese recently opened the world's largest container shipping operation on Grand Bahama Island, about eighty miles off our Florida coast?

Now there's a real fear story that could be developed. Suppose the war channels and loyal news services started leaking rumors that shipments of cocaine were laced or cut with anthrax. How many bankers, judges, hotel and restaurant operators, other business types and people on the street would suddenly develop nervous breakdowns?

The booga-booga fear stories about one or two groups of organized terrorists wanting to kill as many Americans as possible make just about as much sense.

Do you really believe that terrorists are dumb, that they believe it's the American people who have caused the problems and injustices in their homelands? Do you think these people don't understand leadership and that it's the U.S. government and the military planners that foment the deeds that hurt them? And you can include international banking, once headquartered in the World Trade Center, right in there with Washington and the Pentagon as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Banking, also headquartered in Washington. These are the terrorist's primary targets.

Therein lays the dilemma. To bolster his own propaganda, Bush needs an attack on the American heartland to prove real terrorism. He needs an attack that cannot be misinterpreted as anything other than an attack on innocent civilians, people that are guilty of nothing more than electing and permitting the form of leadership now running this country, an attack at a major sporting event like the Olympics we recently had in Salt Lake City or a baseball game, Chicago subway, the hotels of Miami Beach or anything other than Washington, our military, or the media and banking cabals. He can't just run around crying wolf whenever he needs a weapon of mass distraction.

When it happens, will we again believe it originated outside the country?

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Ed Henry is the founder of TUFF, the Taxpayers Union, and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the May 30, 2003 issue of  Ether Zone.
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Comments from webmaster of

I firmly believe that the entire terrorist alert network is a manufactured fraud.  For six months after 911, I sincerely believed that Arab terrorists were responsible for 911.  It wasn't until April of 2002 that my eyes began to open and I decided to start a website to inform the world.  I am glad that I have been given the opportunity by God to wake people up to the many evils lurking in society today.  Though I am only making a small contribution, it is nevertheless a contribution to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Now I realize that leaders within our own government are responsible for the tragedies of 911.  There are no terrorists!  Al Qaeda is the CIA.  They create all types of terrorist propaganda designed to scare the average person's socks off.  There are people who cry for fear of a terrorist attack because of the government's lies.  The American people (including congress) were more than willing to approve of the Patriot Acts because of fear.  Fear is a powerful tool, deadly in the hands of the wrong people.  Hitler used terrorism to frighten his own nation into submission.  I firmly believe that the BIG ATTACK is coming in America.  The Bush Administration can't just keep warning us about the coming attacks...they must convince the public that they are real.  It's just a matter of time!

I just heard on the news last night that the FBI is warning the public about possible Bubonic plague being released in airport bathrooms.  What a joke!  If it happens, it will be our own government trying to scare us even more.  The there was the FBI warnings about exploding model airplanes and exploding pens.  You see, they scare us when they need us to react a certain way.  Bill Clinton couldn't get his anti-gun law's passed in 1994.  After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, they passed without a ripple.  George W. Bush never could have gotten away with the Patriot Acts if it weren't for 911.  Now the Bush Administration wants to create TIPS (so we can snitch on each other).  They want to force our children to be mentally screened (and take more drugs).  They want to force us to carry a National ID card with an RFID chip inside it (so they can monitor our whereabouts continually).  This is the beast system spoken of in Revelation in the Bible.  The stage is being set for the appearance of the antichrist.  The rapture surely cannot be very far away.  Even so, come Lord Jesus!

-David J. Stewart

Beware: Homeless People My be Terrorists