Another Pervert Catholic Priest


       Though it is true that perverts do exist throughout the world (and in every profession), the Roman Catholic Church has an over abundance of them.  Just listen to the news on a daily basis and you'll know exactly what I mean.  News release after news release bombards our ears about the corruption, sexual-perversion and Sodomy within the Catholic Church.  It is a sad and wicked thing that the Catholic Church covered up all this abuse and wickedness.  Yet, the saddest thing is that hundreds of millions of people still adhere to the foolishness of the Roman Catholic Church.  Is it any wonder that the Vatican approves of Harry Potter and his Satanic witchcraft?  

       The Catholic religion is in fact, NOT a church.  The Roman Catholic Church is a false religion spawned from hell, damning the untold souls of billions to a Godless eternity in the fires of hell.  The Bible warned us about such sinister ministers who come to us in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.  1 Timothy 4:1-4 warns us of those false priests who would forbid us to marry (celibacy) or eat meat (Catholics cannot eat certain meats on Fridays).  We are commanded not to call any man our "father" in Matthew 23:9, yet all Catholic priests are called "father."  Only God is our Heavenly Father and we should NOT reverence any human being.  I am totally against ANY minister using the term "reverend" in his title, for only God is to be reverend.  I think "sinner" sounds much better.  The word "minister" means "servant."  In 95% of all so-called-churches, the ministers serve themselves the most.  It is time for people to wake-up and stop giving their money and time to false religions such as the Roman Catholic Church.  We must seek God on our own, not through a denomination or religion.  Pick up the King James Bible friend and you can learn about God for yourself.  Tell your priest to go play in his confessional booth.

God bless, Dave

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