Supreme Court ruling foreshadows police state

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Source: Statesman Journal - June 29th, 2004

Welcome to Gulag Amerika, home of the shredded Constitution.

On June 21, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that citizens no longer have the right to remain silent when questioned by the police. That “the state's interest in protecting police and investigating crime” takes priority over the constitutional rights of citizens.

That's a horrifyingly broad umbrella.

Bye-bye Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

What happens:

- When the state decides that it's safer for cops to eliminate that pesky Second Amendment? An unarmed populace is safer for police in a police state.

- When the state feels they can cut the military budget by quartering troops in private homes? What Third Amendment?

- When the First Amendment becomes inconvenient?

Talk about the proverbial slippery slope.

You have the right to remain silent, unless the state wants you to talk. That's what this ruling says, unconstitutionally altering the Bill of Rights in the extreme.

I thought it was conservatives who railed against “legislating from the bench.” That went the way of their respect for states' rights, I guess.

And we thought the PATRIOT Act (it's an acronym having nothing to do with patriotism, you know) was bad!

The iron boot heel of a police state is upon us.


Webmasters note:  I am scared as an American.  I love America, but I am afraid of my own government.  I am afraid for my children.  The blatant injustices and evils of the U.S. government are shocking to me as a Christian.  Though God has not given me the spirit of fear, my government has.  I liken America's present course to that of the Titanic before it met utter destruction in the icy waters of the north Atlantic.  Everybody thought all was well, but it wasn't.  There were only half the necessary lifeboats available if a disaster occurred...and it did!  None of the passengers had looked into such matters of safety before boarding the ship...fools!  You'd think someone would have asked about the number and capacity of the lifeboats. 

America as a nation is headed for disaster!  We are on a crash course with total destruction.  With scientists playing God in transgenics, cloning and such...a biological nightmare has just begun.  The abominable Federal Reserve System has bankrupt this nation, and we allow it to continue.  Murderous abortion continues.  The trillion dollar drug scam continues.  It's called "corporate responsibility" folks!  We are responsible as Americans for everything that our government does in our name with our money.  We are all responsible for abortion unless we have done something to try to stop it and speak out against it.  We are all responsible for the woes of the U.S. government.  Just as the Germans were to blame for Hitler, so are we to blame for tolerating the wickedness of our own government.  The complacent American people will all give account to God.  All those who sat idle and did nothing to stand up against the evil will be tried as accomplices.  If you know something evil is happening and you do nothing, then you are guilty of the crime also.  People have gone to prison because they protected someone who committed a crime. 

The average American knowingly looks to the news media to brainwash them with excuses to do nothing.  Most people don't want to be on the wrong side of the crowd (the herd mentality).  I've met so many people that don't want to think for even a second that their own government could have conspired to carry out the evils of 911.  Unless your a complete idiot, don't care or are just plain cannot deny that something very fishy happened on 911 (and the government's been lying to us).  Why did that third building fall down?  You know, World Trade building number seven a block north (that no plane ever crashed into).  Look for yourself,

We are increasingly losing our freedoms as U.S. citizens, unaware of the deathly iceberg which soon lies ahead.  Our chip will sink, mark my words.  It is inevitable.  The stock market is a big mirage of false value.  Our money is worthless.  Our government is in serious debt.  Sodomy is exploding across the nation and the Sunday, June 27th, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times proudly announced that 9% of all high school students in Chicago now claim to be GAY!  Where will this debauchery lead?  How low can we go as a nation before all integrity is gone?  In case you don't already know, a nation's integrity follows it's morals.  As wickedness increases, so does apathy and the takeover of our government by the devil.  Most people don't care anymore, they are indifferent.  Are you indifferent?  Do you care?  Do you care enough to get MAD (Make A Difference)?  I do.  God cares.  Many people still do care, but not enough are doing anything about it.  Get up off your blessed assurance and do something for God!  Do something to save your nation!  Do something to warn the naive and the simple!  Don't be a fool on the Titanic!!!

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