Homosexuality is Against Nature’s Order

By Udoma Inyang

That Bill approved by the Federal Executive Council a few weeks ago prohibiting same sex marriages, passed into law should be strictly enforced to the letter. Homosexuality, including lesbianism, is repugnant to normal, decent minds.

Homosexuality means warring against nature’s order, making human beings use their bodies in a way no animal, domestic or wild; no fowl, no bird of any description, no reptile; snakes, lizards and all would ever try. It is repulsive for respectable human beings who know what their reproductive organs were meant for, to indulge in any experiment that is contrary to nature’s order.  Perverts, deviants, psychopaths and all such, will always find excuses to explain away their bizarre relationships.

As when some person with the title Executive Secretary, Nigerian Humanist Movement (NHM), would want people to accept his doctrine that ‘the concept of marriage has been changing, and will continue to change as we gain more knowledge about humans and sexual relationships’. According to the Executive Secretary of NHM ‘Nigeria will remain a better, more progressive, more promising and more democratic nation without this homophobic bill.’

Permissiveness that has permeated our moral fabric has wrought havoc already on the nation’s social, political, educational and even religious thinking and practices. To endorse sodomy and bestiality so as to avoid what perverts call ‘ignorance, prejudice, hatred and religious fanaticism’ will be throwing the doors open for more devastating plagues to join HIV/AIDS now ravishing many homes. 

Thinking soberly and objectively: Has there ever been any occasion anywhere in the world where a cock had been seen chimbing another cock to perform the same act that could make a hen lay eggs? Does any he-goat relate sexually with another he-goat or hen with another hen? Ram with ram? Sheep with sheep? Why then must human beings, said to be higher than ordinary animals; endowed with reasoning faculties, connected with more than a thousand cords to maintain links with the Creator, be determined to continue warring against nature’s order? 

What was the purpose of creation? Was it not so that every created being could procreate and multiply? Can people who call themselves ‘humanists’ say that they did not come to the world through the union of man with woman? Has the Creator not designed reproductive organs of male and female differently? Till today, is it not the male sexual organ that plants the seed, and female womb receives the seed that fertilizes the egg in the womb to cause conception?

These people who call themselves humanists, who plan to ‘storm’ Benin City in June this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary, may not know how deadly their pursuit is.   Those men who marry fellow men and relate sexually with one another, can any of them conceive and bear children? If not, what is the essence of marriage other than procreation? When a man marries another man can either of them conceive, carry the pregnancy for nine months; at full time go into labour and bring forth a living human child, then it will be known and accepted that ‘the concept of marriage has been changing, and will continue to change’. Enacting law banning such sodomitic marriages’ now is in order; it is long overdue.

Those who prefer continuing with their sodomitical amorous escapades should be prepared to bear the consequences. They should in addition to being jailed for as long as five years without any option of fine, be ostracized. They are dangerous to live with normal, orderly, morally-upright human beings.

Homosexuals who would want to be tagged “gay”, should never be allowed to operate freely and comfortably in Nigeria. If they feel uncomfortable in this country, they can migrate to such countries as will offer them refuge to operate freely with those wearing the same badge and steeped in the same pot. That law against sodomy and bestiality must carry the full weight and sternly, strictly enforced everywhere. 

It is easier to copy indiscriminately the negative attitudes, traits and habits of other people, especially those of foreign lands. It is also easier to please base desires. Some weeks ago in East Uganda, news filtered through of human beings experimenting sexually with pigs. Somewhere else, another had to do with a sheep. That sheep died as a result of receiving strange organ and fluid into its body.

There had been stories of women looking for quick, easy money in foreign lands and here in Nigeria, consenting to bend down to male dogs. Whatever happened to such women after may never be known publicly.   Farm settlements located in different parts of the country as colonies for homosexuals and lesbians with their ‘marriage’ partners should be established urgently. Those caught in the act should, after being jailed and released, spend their days away from decent people, ‘living happily ever after’.

If marrying more than one woman is frowned at by foreigners, what is the rationale, the sense, the decency in man marrying fellow man, and woman marrying another woman and cohabiting as registered ‘marriage’ partners?

Moral Instruction was a subject taught in schools. Hygiene was also a subject. Religious Instruction was honestly imparted and strictly adhered to. Such subjects should re-surface in all schools. Less time should be spent watching avoidable programmes on television. Foreign cultures that war against nature’s order should be stoutly eschewed. Homosexuality, same sex marriage must be denied root here in Nigeria, because homosexuality is warring against nature’s order.


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