Sodomite Sex Now Taught in Public Schools

'FISTGATE' Coming to a Public School Near You!

Issue Date: March/April 2002

       If it is not already there, instructions in sodomy will be coming soon to elementary schools in your neighborhood, if the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has their way. WorldNetDaily reports that, “Instructions on homosexual sodomy and a glorified account of lesbian pedophilia are among the instructional materials approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in “diversity” and “safety” programs being presented to elementary through high school students.”

The instruction materials came to light as California Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy presented a bill to the state legislature banning instructions in homosexuality in the public schools. He presented as evidence, curriculum materials which encouraged homosexual experimentation and stories of teens who “discovered” their lesbian “orientation” after being seduced by a teacher.

Mountjoy’s bill died in committee. He could only conclude that the committee’s vote against his bill meant their approval of the continued use of the material in public schools.

Included in the instruction materials was a recommended reading list to “help parents understand and accept their gay and lesbian children.”

Young, Gay & Proud, One Teenager In 10: Writings by Gay & Lesbian Youth and Homophobia as Child Abuse are three of the 27 recommended titles. Parents who wished to review the books were told to look for them at local bookstores that cater to the homosexual market.

The strength of the juggernaut against decency and marriage in our culture is illustrated by the fact that 39 organizations registered objections to Mountjoy’s bill with only 3 in favor.

Several recent legislative acts have been passed addressing violence and safety in the public school. These are being used as a mandate by the school districts to provide sensitivity training about various hate-violence issues including homosexuality.

Organizations such as GLSEN are providing guidance to the schools on how to teach all students that the deviant sex practiced by homosexuals is really a normal and healthy expression of love. Their theory is that the more detailed the descriptions, the easier it will be for the students to decide their own sexual “orientation.” All this is done in the name of eliminating violence caused by intolerance.

This ruse is being used to introduce our children to gross and destructive sex that is an abomination to God. Studies show that those who practice sodomite sex are many times more likely to contract AIDS and other diseases which shorten their average life span by a couple of decades.

Christian parents whose children attend the government schools must be alerted to this danger. Make sure you know what each course contains and be especially alert to special assemblies or seminars geared to “sensitivity,” to “diversity” or countering “intolerance.”

SOURCE: Sodomite sex now taught in public schools


Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids.
Issue Date: May/June 2004

The homosexual drive for acceptance and approval is increasingly focused on recruiting in the public schools. California recently passed a law mandating that K-12 students be taught to "appreciate various sexual orientations."

Christian members of the Westminster (California) school board are refusing to use this "diversity" curriculum and are being threatened with the loss of $40 million in state funding. Other states are also capitulating to the intense lobbying by sodomite activists.

Schools are being sued or threatened for any attempt to stop this drive to alert grammar school kids to the "possibility" that they might be "Gay." One school district in New York agreed to pay $30,000 dollars to a middle school student who was sent home for the day because she refused to change her T-shirt that declared "Barbie is a Lesbian."

Schools are facing lawsuits if they try to stop the establishment of a "Gay-Lesbian" club on campus.

The Los Angeles school district is instituting the state-mandated curriculum under the banner of safety. Homoactivists are screaming that "homophobia" in the schools is creating a hostile atmosphere toward students who are trying to decide if they are "Gay" or not. Then, they are demanding that even kindergarten and grade schools teach that some students are born homosexual and need a safe and affirming school environment to help them recognize it.

Often, the curriculum and classroom teaching is done without alerting the parents. Special assemblies are held where homosexuals can present the sodomite lifestyle in a positive, appealing light. Some have even presented detailed descriptions of the perverted techniques used in homosexual intercourse. And all of this to youngsters who are growing up in a highly confusing, sex-charged culture.

What then can the Bible believer do in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to the gospel and biblical truth? We must become active in our schools. If it is a public (government) school, get a look at all the materials in your child's curriculum. Talk to the teachers to find out where they are on this issue. Talk to the officials who administer your school and if they are being pressured, find ways to stand with them against this evil.

We need to make our elected officials feel our revulsion and outrage. One Christian legislator in New Mexico was trying to stand against this kind of legislation but only one Christian showed up to testify at a critical committee hearing. She wrote an open letter in The Baptist New Mexican, pleading for help from the pastors and Christian parents.

Polls have indicated that the generation that is being fed these lies are buying them. One study found that over two-thirds of high school students polled saw nothing wrong with the sodomite life style. 

Jack Chick's newest Li'l Suzy tract, Birds and the Bees, hits this evil head on. It is written for the early grade school student who is being recruited by the homosexuals. It is tragic that their young innocence is being destroyed by the schools and culture. But Bible believers must wake up to the threat and strike back with prayer, voting, exposure, political pressure at local, state and federal level, and strong biblical teaching at home and church. We have allowed this evil to become so pervasive it will take a lot to stop it. It may even be too late but we must try.

SOURCE: School children being taught gay is okay


'This was his vision from the very beginning'
Published: 12/14/2009 at 10:35 PM


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following includes descriptions of adult themes and objectionable subject material.

A teacher who attended a 2000 sex seminar in Massachusetts at which public-school students were taught deviant techniques such as “fisting” says the project was the idea and product of the man who now serves President Obama as chief of the Department of Education’s Office of Safe Schools.

The testimony comes in a recorded interview with Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit blog.

The teacher insisted on anonymity in her interview with Hoft out of concern for her own safety and that of her family. She addressed the focus of seminars at the conference that, according to reports, provided children as young as 12 instructions on how to engage in homosexual acts.

The teacher, identified only as MT, said, “This whole conference was his [Kevin Jennings’] dream and his mindset. This was his vision from the very beginning.”

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WND reported a pro-family organization was accusing Jennings of knowing in advance the “gross and disgusting” subjects that would be covered at the seminar.

There have been multiple reports about the Massachusetts school seminar 10 years ago sponsored by the group Jennings founded, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, that included instructors providing explicit direction on homosexual activities, such as “fisting.”

The subject has been raised as a direct challenge to Jennings’ fitness to hold office, and as WND has reported, several dozen members of Congress have signed a letter to President Obama demanding his dismissal.

Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada at Mass Resistance in Massachusetts posted online audio recordings from the seminar, documenting discussions such as whether to “spit or swallow” during oral sex and how to accomplish “fisting.”

The group also linked Jennings to the seminar.

“Of course Jennings and the Massachusetts Department of Education knew beforehand what the ‘sexuality educators’ would discuss with children at the ‘fisting’ workshop,” the organization said in a new report. “The instructor Margot Abels said so herself.”

Now the teacher has told Hoft she was in the conference where Jennings was the keynote speaker. She further confirmed it was GLSEN that put on the conference and the subjects would have been approved, if not actually promoted, by Jennings.

“Obviously, this is material that he advocates,” she said. “He knows about everything all along. Remember, the buck stops with him. He was the head of all of this.”

She said, “He brought in all of the people that would agree with him as any administrator would do. You bring in people who agree with you who you can work with.”

The Mass Resistance report included recorded statements from the seminars. And significant, the report said, was the reaction at the time the tapes were made.

“GLSEN (and Kevin Jennings) did not dispute that the recordings were genuine or that the events [took] place as we described them. Instead, they tried to get a court to ban the tape and sue us. In fact, Jennings defended the event,” the report said.

The state instruction program, labeled “Safe Schools for Gay and Lesbian Students,” was held April 18, 2000.

The seminar was attended by Scott Whiteman, who made the recordings posted by Mass Resistance. He was, at the time, executive director of the Parents Rights Coalition, now Mass Resistance.

An article was published in the May 2000 edition of Massachusetts News, whose publisher, Ed Pawlick, dubbed the incident “Fistgate.” The tapes also appeared on WTKK radio in Boston, sparking a media firestorm at the time.

Mass Resistance reported the homosexual movement responded by obtaining a judicial ban on the playing of the tapes and taking Camenker, Whiteman and others to court over an alleged wiretapping violation.

The lawsuit later essentially was abandoned by the homosexual activists, and a separate claim by Abels was settled in 2006 with permission for Camenker to distribute the tape and its information without restriction, the report said.

Multiple WND messages left with the U.S. Department of Education as well as Jennings’ office were not returned.

The tapes of various segments of the seminar remain available online:

Please note Mass Resistance describes the subject matter of these tapes as “gross and disgusting.”

Part 1 includes discussion of “spit versus swallowing” during oral sex. There’s also the explanation to students as young as 12 about “fisting.”

The instructor at the seminar explained, “A little known fact is that you don’t make a fist like this (holding hand up). When they do it, it’s like this (holding hand up again).”

There’s also advice for a “young lesbian” on how to make the first moves toward someone she’s never had sex with.

Tape 2 includes a promotion for homosexuality. “Homosexuality – they said don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” said an instructor. “Just like you haven’t tried a vegetable, how do you know you don’t like it?”

The congressional campaign to remove Jennings is available online under the website The site tells why signers believe Jennings is unfit for the office.

“We respectfully request that you remove Kevin Jennings, the Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, from your administration. It is clear that Mr. Jennings lacks the appropriate qualifications and ethical standards to serve in this capacity.”

Fifty-three members of Congress have joined the effort to remove Jennings, who has described how he developed the strategy to use the word “safe” to promote homosexuality in Massachusetts schools.

In May, WND broke the news of Jennings’ federal appointment to oversee
“safety” in the nation’s public schools.

WND also has reported Jennings’ background and agenda, including when it was revealed a publisher of “gay erotica” sought him out to write a book aimed at encouraging homosexuality in high schools and colleges.

The result was “Becoming Visible,” which opens with, “Why teach gay and lesbian history? … Indeed, as lesbian and gay studies has emerged as a discipline over the last two decades, its dramatic discoveries have shown it to be one of the most exciting fields in contemporary historical scholarship.”

Researchers at Mass Resistance reported Sasha Alyson of Alyson Publications asked Jennings to do the book.

In Jennings’ acknowledgments for the book, he writes, “Writing this part of the book has caused me more anxiety than any other. It simply is not possible to express my gratitude to the many people who have helped make this book possible. … With apologies to anyone omitted, here we go! The obvious place to begin is with Alyson Publications. First, Sasha Alyson had the vision to conceive of this project, and I had the good luck to be the person he sought out to complete it. I am deeply appreciative of being afforded this opportunity.”

WND also has reported concerns by Mission America over subject material in books recommended by GLSEN for school children.

The group’s Linda Harvey warned, “GLSEN believes the early sexualization of children can be beneficial. This means that virtually any sexual activity as well as exposure to graphic sexual images and material is not just permissible but good for children, as part of the process of discovering their sexuality.”

Her report cited one passage from a book recommended for students in grades 7-12: “I released his arms. They glided around my neck, pulling my head down to his. I stretched full length on top of him, our heads touching. Our heavy breathing from the struggle gradually subsided. I felt …”

What follows in “Growing Up Gay–Growing Up Lesbian” by Malcolm Boyd is a “graphic description” of a homosexual encounter.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, wrote, “On September 23, I wrote a news release on the curious moral credentials of Kevin Jennings to be President Obama’s Safe Schools Czar: a former drug user and irresponsible teen counselor, he is also a Christian basher.

“What was not known at the time is that he is also a proud member of Act Up, the homosexual urban terrorist group that broke into St. Patrick’s Cathedral (in New York City) in 1989 and disrupted Mass; the Eucharist was desecrated and obscene depictions of Cardinal O’Connor were posted,” he continued.

“Now a group called Mass Resistance, and the website WorldNetDaily, have exposed Jennings as a member of Act Up. And he is no mere member: Jennings is listed as a donor to a sick display, ‘Act Up New York: Activism, Art, and the AIDS Crisis, 1987-1993,’ currently featured at the Harvard Art Museum. Harvard, of course, would never feature a display of Klan paraphernalia and say it was being done for the purpose of ‘dialogue,'” he said.

“The real story here is not the corruption of Harvard – that’s old hat – the real story is the president of the United States choosing a morally challenged anti-Catholic homosexual to join his team. That Jennings belongs to, and sponsors, an urban terrorist organization, should alone disqualify him from public service at a municipal level. And remember, Obama did not choose him to monitor global cooling – he was chosen to instruct youth on moral matters,” Donohue said.

“Catholics deserve to know why Obama likes Jennings.”

A YouTube video revealed Jeff Davis, Jennings’ “partner,” addressing a banquet and saying of Jennings, “He was a member of Act Up. Act Up! So it’s like – you know – here’s a big gay activist. BIG gay activist!”

The video was removed shortly after the WND report appeared, but Mass Resistance makes it available on the Internet.

According to “The Marketing of Evil,” by WND’s David Kupelian, Act Up was extreme from its outset:

The defiant, storm-trooper tactics of in-your-face groups like Act Up (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) may or may not have been successful in pressuring the federal government to increase its commitment to combating AIDS. But such tactics definitely were successful in giving activist homosexuals a very bad name.

One infamous incident was the assault on New York’s famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral on December 10, 1989. While Cardinal John O’Connor presided over the 10:15 Sunday morning Mass, a multitude of “pro-choice” and “gay rights” activists protested angrily outside. Some, wearing gold-colored robes similar to clerical vestments, hoisted a large portrait of a pornographically altered frontal nude portrait of Jesus.

“You bigot, O’Connor, you’re killing us!” screamed one protester, while signs called the archbishop “Murderer!”

Then it got really ugly. Scores of protesters entered the church, resulting in what many in the packed house of parishioners described as a “nightmare.”

“The radical homosexuals turned a celebration of the Holy Eucharist into a screaming babble of sacrilege by standing in the pews, shouting and waving their fists, tossing condoms into the air,” recounted the New York Post. One of the invaders grabbed a consecrated wafer and threw it to the ground.

Outside, demonstrators, many of them members of Act Up, carried placards that summed up their sentiments toward the Catholic Church: “Keep your church out of my crotch.” “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” “Eternal life to Cardinal John O’Connor NOW!”

“Curb your dogma.”

Clearly, the young movement was flirting with oblivion if it persisted in such ugly, indefensible tactics. It needed a new, more civilized direction if it ever hoped to convince Americans that homosexuality was a perfectly normal alternative lifestyle.

According to Mass Resistance research by Amy Contrada, the Act Up effort also:

Staged a “die-in” at Massachusetts General Hospital to protest the unavailability of pneumocystic-pneumonia drug aerosolized pentamidine.

Protested Astra Pharmaceutical Products’ refusal to release the experimental antiviral drug Foscarnet.

Disrupted opening night at the San Francisco Opera.

Protested design of clinical trials planned by Harvard School of Medicine.

Jammed phone lines of health-insurance database company protesting their use of “sexual deviation” classification.

Halted Boston’s trolley service and traffic in front of Harvard School of Public Health to press the federal government into approving two new AIDS drugs.


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