The Sick Sodomite Minds of Hollywood, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and the Perversion of 'The View'

By David J. Stewart | September 2011

       America has gone to hell already! The feminist rebels and lesbians were all clapping on THE VIEW. The audience were all clapping... HURRAY!!!... Matt Damon (age 40) and Michael Douglas (age 66) are going to take their clothes off and have homosexual sex together in the upcoming (already expected to be of blockbuster status) movie, LIBERACE.

Michael Douglas will star as an oversexed gay man playing the title role in Steven Soderbergh’s film, Liberace. Michael Douglas stars opposite Matt Damon as Liberace’s homo lover, Scott Thorson. Leave it to Hollywood to make a tribute movie honoring a flaming, God-hating, homosexual who plays more than the piano. Sodom and Gomorrah were decent places to live in comparison to the cesspool of iniquity in America today. The average person has been completely DESENSITIZED to sin by the television (or better said, HELL-I-VISION!!!).

Matt Damon has been called “the sexiest man in the world” by PEOPLE magazine, Ellen DeGeneres and hordes of other degenerate media and entertainment sources. Perhaps he's also “the gayest man in the world,” being chosen to star in what will likely be, “the gayest movie ever made... LIBERACE”!

It's being announced all over TV and on the internet that Hollywood superstar actors Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are going to have sex together and embrace in passionate homosexual kissing in an upcoming 2013 movie, LIBERACE. Michael Douglas admitted on THE VIEW (same video as below link) that he and Matt Damon will be doing a lot more than mere Sodomite kissing. The gays at and the homosexual community at large are excited about the upcoming movie. I pray that the Lord will return soon!

Here's a video of THE VIEW praising the upcoming homosexual smooch between Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. This is what is called “conditioning,” that is, getting people's mind ready for something which would otherwise be deemed unacceptable. By the time the sicko movie comes out, tens-of-millions of Americans will be lining up to watch it. No wonder God is giving our nation over to criminals in a forming Police State.

THE VIEW are a group of old feminist hags, tough rebels, bisexuals, dip-wads, and busybodies in other people's business, that have a positive opinion about everything wicked and immoral. THE VIEW made fun of former Minnesota government Jesse Ventura in early 2011 for filing a lawsuit against Homeland Security (for groping and sticking their hands down his pants and fondling him). THE VIEW laughed at him like a bunch of Nazis. American citizen's are having TSA stick their hands down our pants at the airports. THE VIEW laughed in Mr. Ventura's face, trying to discredit and make him look like a fool. It's all about breaking the will of the American people, dehumanizing us. In Nazi and Communist regimes, they always strip people naked before they mass exterminate them. Is this what's coming next in America? The Patriot Acts give the government the power to do anything they want to American citizens without due process. It is high treason!

Those wicked women on THE VIEW get paid MILLIONS-OF-DOLLARS to sway public opinion, demonizing patriots and attacking decent American citizens who still fear God; while honoring, praising and whitewashing homosexuals, the criminal banking cartel, criminal acts by politicians, God-haters, lesbians and every form of filth imaginable. Whoopi Goldberg (married to a Jew) is a bisexual, feminist, God-hater. You'll never heard THE VIEW touch upon real issues, like the Federal Reserve Bank ripping off the American people. Those women on THE VIEW are evil to the core, bought and paid for by the global elite, sold out to Satan. Fox News is also bought and paid for by the criminal establishment.

I don't blame Jesse Ventura for moving to Mexico. He said he did that to escape the American Police State. It's here, now!!! Austin, Texas now has thousands of cameras monitoring its city. Millions of cameras, funded by the federal government, are going up in cities all across America. We are now living in an oppressive society!!!

When patriotic men like Jesse Ventura are laughed to scorn by lesbian feminist rebels; but sick-minded sell-outs like Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are honored for committing homosexuality for Hollywood, our nation is damned. Those immoral men are doing these evil deeds for their homosexual Jewish bosses in HollyWEIRD. Hollywood is creep city. Proverb 14:2, “He that walketh in his uprightness feareth the LORD: but he that is perverse in his ways despiseth him.” Homosexuality is a perverse way, and the Bible says those who walk in perverse ways DESPISE THE LORD. Homosexuals despise God and the Bible which is why they're changing it incrementally (Romans 1:25).

I heard actor Matt Damon say in an interview recently that he “just may be the luckiest man in the world.” Lucky? Matt Damon's going to make-out in a homosexual kissing scene in the upcoming 2013 movie, LIBERACE! That's what Hollywood makes you do for your money! I wouldn't consider that lucky, especially since the Bible condemns the sin of homosexuality and speaks out against those who glorify such sins on television (Romans 1:32). Matt Damon thinks he is the luckiest man in the world, but when reality sets in one day, and he realizes that he spent his life glorying sin and living for the Devil, he won't feel so lucky anymore. What does it profit a man if he gain all the fame and fortune in this world, a beautiful wife and a gorgeous mansion; but then he loses his soul? Ye must be born-again (John 3:5).

Ecclesiastes 8:12, “Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him.”

I am not condemning Matt Damon nor Michael Douglas, for I am a sinner like anyone else. I am simply taking a stand as a Christian against the homosexual agenda that is so prevalent in Hollywood and is being pushed on the American public. It's all part of the deliberate homosexualization of the United States!!! Wladziu Valentino Liberace (1919-1987) is in Hell this moment, having died in his sins without Christ. Although Liberace was diagnosed as being H.I.V. positive in 1985, he died of a heart attack in 1987. To learn just how bizarre Liberace's life was (truth is stranger than fiction), read about his transvestite lover Christine Jorgenson (male turned female through sexual reassignment surgery). You may need to go take a walk after reading this.

'THE VIEW' is Anti-American, Communist, Controlled Opposition

I honestly don't know how anyone can tolerate the cackling women on THE VIEW for more than 5 minutes. I heard Whoopi Goldberg scold President Bush for going into Iraq instead of Afghanistan to get the criminals behind the 911 attacks. Truthfully, our military should have arrested the entire Bush family and Bush Administration for 911. THE VIEW is bought and paid for by the criminal global elite, whose purpose is to dish out disinformation and false propaganda to confuse people even more than they're already confused. THE VIEW ought to be renamed THE LIE. It's a 3-ring circus! Apart from reading books (and watching videos) by authors like Texe Marrs and Mark Dice; and listening to genuine alternative news sources like Alex Jones, you'll never know the truth about what's going on in America.

Glenn Beck is a demonic Mormon, bought and paid for by the criminal global elite as controlled opposition. Don't follow him because he'll lead you astray. The Illuminati puts guys like him out there to appear to care like Alex Jones, but they will lead you away from the truth about the criminal Federal Reserve Banksters and the Bush Administration's involvement in the 911 attacks (real issues). The truth about 911 will eventually be irrefutably deniable (and it already is to those who take time and care enough to examine the concrete evidence); but by then decades from now (if the Lord tarries His return), it will be too late. It is common knowledge today that the White House had advance knowledge of what was going to happen at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. They needed a pretext to involve America into World War 2 and ultimately bomb Japan with nukes.

It has now been declassified that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that involved America into the Vietnam War and cost 58,000 U.S. soldiers their precious lives was staged, a false flag attack. Our top government leaders have a history of lying, blowing things up on purpose, and exploiting American citizens for their own selfish agendas and financial profits. Read the Northwood Documents for yourself (evidencing that our own military considered and suggested shooting down an American commercial jet with passengers aboard, et cetera). The 911 attacks gave the globalist elite more than they ever could have hoped for—a reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to steal their oil and gain strategic military control in the Middle East, a reason to initiate Homeland Security and other fascist evil plots against America, a reason to pass the treasonous Patriot Acts, a reason to do more evil and commit more crimes under the pretense of law and justice. We must get those ever elusive terrorists, AT ALL COST, and it's costing us everything!

Homosexuality is a Sin!

Homosexuality is repulsive and sickening to any decent person. Homosexuality is a sin the Bible teaches (Leviticus 20:13; 1st Corinthians 6:9; Romans 1:24-32; Jude 1:7). No one should ever pretend to commit sin, for they are not pretending when they kiss and make love on camera. They are doing it! One does not have to be a homosexual to commit acts of homosexuality to make a movie. It is sinful.

I do not condemn anyone, for the Law of God condemns all mankind as being GUILTY BEFORE GOD as sinners (Romans 3:19). I am simply proclaiming the truth as a born-again, God-fearing, Bible-believing, caring, Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. If it weren't for God's gift of salvation to those who trust in Christ (John 1:12), we'd all be beyond hope, cast into hellfire forever.

Proverb 28:4, “They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.”

It is not a coincidence that homosexual TV host, Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan of Matt Damon (and vise versa). Increasingly, Bible-believing Christians who hold fast to the Bible's condemnation of the sin of homosexuality (Romans 1:24-32) are being demonized as terrorists, hatemongers, bigots and homophobes. Such public propaganda is an evil plot by the gay community to HOMOSEXUALIZE America (and it is working). Let me tell you something, if you don't fear God something is very wrong in your heart. Psalm 97:10 says those who fear the Lord hate evil. Most people don't fear God, to their own destruction. You cannot fear God without fearing committing sin which brings the judgments of God (Romans 1:32). Romans 3:18 speaks of those who have NO FEAR OF GOD BEFORE THEIR EYES. People who promote and embrace the Homosexual Agenda have no fear of God in them.

The homosexual community have deliberately placed sodomite ministers into many churches to confuse the public. I heard President Bill Clinton once say that if leading theologians can't make up their mind on abortion, then how can he since he's only a layman in a Southern Baptist church? There are false theologians, unsaved liberals, who are deliberately promoted in the eyes of the public to confuse people on moral issues. However, there is no controversy if you believe the Bible. We're not supposed to look to theologians Mr. Clinton, we're supposed to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES as Jesus commanded in John 5:39.

It's on purpose that the devil's crowd have entered the pulpit, to confuse people even more. ANYONE can apply for a 501c3 state-license (a non-profit corporation) and label their organization as “a church.” The Church of Satan is a 501c3 organization. There are ordained and state-licensed Wiccan organizations, providing witches to perform weddings and funerals legally. So you have to be very aware of this fact when you hear about all the crazy so-called “pastors” doing bizarre and nutty stuff; ANYONE can call themselves “a church.” Since most people don't know the Scriptures, they are likely to believe almost anything they are told. Ignorance is a dangerous thing, whether unintentional or deliberate. Proverb 4:7, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

The Wicked Despise the Lord and His Word

Hollywood movies are synonymous with blasphemy against Jesus Christ and taking the Lord's name in vain. It is no surprising in view of what the Bible teaches in John 7:7, “The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.” Hollywood writers and producers HATE Jesus Christ because He testifies against their sexual immorality, substance abuse, Rock music, nudity, greed and vile wicked ways. Jesus said in John 16:8 concerning the Holy Spirit, “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.” The Holy Spirit convicts the world with the Word of God, which is why the Bible was kicked out of all government public schools in 1963. Wicked men and women get angry when they realize that they will be judged and punished for their sins in eternity. It makes them mad at God and the Bible. John 3:20 evidences this truth, John 3:20, “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.”

The Apostle Paul taught in Romans 7:13 that the Bible (the Law of God) does the exact opposite, that is, SENSITIZES us to the awfulness of sin.

Romans 7:12-13, “Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good. Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.”

In view of Romans 7:13 it now becomes clear why Communists and Freemasons started a public school system so they could INDOCTRINATE children to be slaves to the state, banning the Bible and promoting the religion of fornication to destroy families and promote homosexuality amongst youth. The facts are the facts. Abortion, lesbianism, feminism, and divorce are all paid for agendas by Communists, fascist Nazis and Freemasons. Secret societies rule the world. If you don't know that, or cannot comprehend its meaning, then you are very ignorant of Satan's devices. You need 101 basics. There is so much to learn and so little time. I've tried to simplify the truth for others.

Michael Douglas appeared this week on THE VIEW and talked about kissing Matt Damon, stating that he really liked what Matt Damon said, that is, that he's going to pretend he's committing adultery with Douglas' wife instead. What a bunch of sick-minded people. So Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are going to have homosexual sex in an upcoming movie, and they're both going to think about Douglas' wife while French-kissing each other for the world to watch. Isn't Hollywood sick?

Our founding fathers could never have envisioned a time when electronic picture tubes would transfer such despicable programming as “Brokeback Mountain” (a sex term) featuring homosexuals; or horrible shows such as “Desperate Housewives” or “Wife Swap.” This world has always been a wicked place (1st John 5:19), controlled by the god of this sinful world, Satan (2nd Corinthians 4:4). The Devil uses money to buy people off (Matthew 4:9; 1st Timothy 6:10). Liberace was a child of the Devil, as are those who honor his sinful homosexuality, recreating it on the big TV screen for the world to lust upon.

Romans 1:27 and 32, “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet... Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

Notice the last part of Romans 1:32, “but have pleasure in them that do them.” This Bible Verse condemns television which glorifies sin, recreating sexual immorality and violence. The Bible says that God will judge those who commit sin, and pronounces further judgment upon those wicked people who also enjoy WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE COMMIT WICKEDNESS. Not only do people commit sexual sins, but then they invite other people to come into their homes via the TV to commit the same sexual immorality, watching other people commit the same horrible sins.

Matt Damon has expressed his negative views of Sarah Palin, which I agree with wholeheartedly. I don't like the idea of Sarah Palin becoming U.S. President. It is frightening to think that a “hockey mom” might lead our degenerate nation. Then again, Ronald Reagan was only a movie star (known for his homosexuality in Hollywood as “Rainbow Ronnie”). The position of U.S. President is just a puppet position, doing what the elite globalists tell them to do. President Barack Obama has done nothing except what he has been ordered to do by his Jewish crime bosses (watch: Obama Rothschilds Choice - Full Movie (people have no idea what's going on in our nation), including Matt Damon.

ENDGAME (if you've never watched this shocking video documentary, please do so)

The Whole World Lieth in Wickedness

1st John 5:19, “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.”

I mean, it's horrible enough that the daily newspaper is saturated with sin, crime and evil; but then people watch the same sin, crime and evil on TV; and then go rent movies to watch more sin, crime and evil; and then pay to go to the movie-houses to see more sin, crime and evil; and then they watch reality shows of people doing insane things to hurt themselves and each other; watching blood and guts documentaries of famous mass-murderers; watching LAW AND ORDER which makes up fake crimes even more bizarre to satisfy the unquenchable human thirst for sick-minded crimes and debauchery... where will it all end for America? The average American isn't phased by death, abortion, murder and even infanticide anymore. Mark my words, infanticide (partial birth abortions and killing children out of the womb) will eventually become mainstream in our nation. It will be done quietly, killing off the weak and unwanted.

This is what Hollywood makes people do. It's like what Jason Bourne says to his ruthless peer assassin in the movie BOURNE ULTIMATUM... "Look what they make you give!" Yeah, look what Hollywood makes you give! If you want to stay popular, you will commit homosexuality, strip naked and dehumanize yourself for the world to watch on camera. If not, then you're not going anywhere, you're finished.

When Hannah Montana (real name: Miley Cyrus) took her clothes off and was photographed nude (the same as THE WHORE Marilyn Monroe in 1949), she blamed Vanity Fair. No Miley, you are to blame. No one took your clothes off for the camera, but you. Miley even admits she's slutty. Tragically, Cyrus has risen to goddess status amongst teen girls today, all following in the ways of Satan. DO AS THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.

I heard radio host Michael Savage (I agree with most of his points and I love his directness and honesty) say something on the radio that made total sense. Savage said the reason why the world hates the Jews so much is because Israel gave the world a conscience. He's right! God have us the Bible, His Law and Jesus Christ (John 7:7) through Israel; condemning the world of its wickedness. That's why many people hate the Jews, because God gave us guilt through His Law (which came by way of the Jewish nation). Amen and amen! Thank God for His awesome Law and Commandments, for they show us our desperate need for a Savior, Christ Jesus (Romans 3:19-20; Galatians 3:24-25)!

If you stick to the precious King James Bible, then Satan cannot deceive you. it's the younger, newer generation who are the most vulnerable, because they are not familiar with the inspired King James Bible at all. And sad to say, very sad to say, it's almost at the place where you can only obtain a King James Bible by SPECIAL ORDER at religious book stores. You'll find NIV's and TNIV's and NIV 2010's galore.

Here's a short list of famous LGBT Hollywood celebrities: Former California governor Ronald Reagan (Rainbow Ronnie), Robert Reed (Mike, the father on The Brady Bunch), Paul Newman, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster, Sal Mineo, Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Jaeckel, Steve McQueen, Whoopi Goldberg, Brandon De Wilde, Tony Curtis, Montgomery Clift, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Scissor Sisters, Melissa Etheridge, Sean Hayes, Cynthia Nixon, Arnold Schwarzenegger (featured in gay porn magazines), Lance Bass, and MANY MORE!!!

You've got a lot of actors in Hollywood who will tell you they are not gay, but they act gay in movies, committing acts of homosexuality. I'd say that's VERY gay! At a minimum they are glorifying and approving of sin that Christ died for, which bring the judgments of God (Romans 1:32), which causes God to punish the wicked with vengeance in the fires of Hell for all eternity. Jude 1:7, “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” Do you think sin is a trifle matter to God? Do you think God approves of Hollywood actors acting out despicable sins for the world to view and lust upon?

There's a big difference between a person who sins, repents, and is determined not to sin again; verse another person who parades sin, glorifies sin, and acts out sin on camera for the world to see. Is it a sin to pretend to commit a sin? When you are talking about two men making out on camera, yes, absolutely! It is sinful for a man and woman to pretend to have sex on camera. They are naked and touching each other. It is sinful. Cameramen are watching these people lie in bed, fondling each other and kissing each other, recording it all to make a movie. The word “movie” seems to diminish the evil and filthiness, the exceeding sinfulness of it all. Nudity and adultery are sinful.

The Biblical movie “Joseph” (which many Christians have purchased and watched), shows Potiphar's wife's teats on her breasts through a negligee. That's immoral wickedness!!! This is supposed to be a so-called “Christian” film. In real life some woman took her clothes off and allowed her naked body to be filmed, wearing only a thin negligee. The cameramen and producer, and other actors including the man who plays Joseph, all saw her nakedness to make this so-called Christian film. It is evil in the sight of God. The Biblical movie “Matthew” shows a young boy as Herod's henchman kill the children, about 5 years old, standing totally naked from the back. It is wickedness!!! Public nudity is a sin! The Biblical movie “Samson,” shows much more of Delilah than any man should ever see of a woman who is not his wife. It is sensual and of the Devil, labeled as a “Christian” film, promoting pornography. You cannot buy religious films these days because they are all made by pornographers and wicked men and women.

The Passion of Christ is morally decent to watch, but the man who plays Jesus Christ is a bisexual drag-queen in real life. The film promotes the biggest demonic cult in the world, Roman Catholicism, giving emphasis to Mary where the Bible never does. The movie is not made by Christians. Jesus is even presented with a black eye in the film, linking him with the Antichrist.

God will not be mocked; homosexuality brings the judgment of God (Romans 1:24-32; Hebrews 9:27; 10:31). I think Lex Luthor from SUPERMAN had the right idea of nuking the San Andreas fault line and plunging California into the ocean. Goodbye Hollywood and Los Angeles, the porn center of the world!!!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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