The Sicko Mormon Religion

By David J. Stewart | November 2014

Photo to right: All Seeing Eye found on an apron in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mormonism is steeped in Masonic rituals, symbols and Kabbalistic beliefs.

God loves Mormons for whom Christ died on the cross for their sins, and so do I with God's unconditional love; however, in my opinion Mormons are a very spiritually sick group of people. You have to understand that from the earliest time of Mormon youth, little precious girls are taught that it is God's will for them (one day as a teenager) to marry a man multiple times her age, and join his dozen other wives. In many cases, there is Wife Swapping, making a mockery of marriage. Mormonism is synonymous with sexual perversion. As American culture morally deteriorates, Mormonism will continue to become less offensive to society.

Mormon boys (known as the Lost Boys of Mormonism) are intentionally driven out of the Mormon community to eliminate the imbalance of young females to males. Since older sex-pigs in the cult are marrying all the young girls, there simply aren't enough wives to go around for the young men. THAT'S MORMONISM!!! Young Mormon men are not allowed to date during their two year missionary training. Mormon teen boys and girls are in many cases prohibited from dating, to keep the brides for their dirty old admirers within the cult. Every caring Christian, church pastor and evangelist with a mouth, pen, computer and internet connection ought to be exposing this unjust, immoral, satanic, evil, Masonic, filthy cult!!!

No doubt some sympathizers would say that I shouldn't call anyone “sickos,” but what would you call someone who prepares a little girl throughout childhood to marry a 60-year-old man down the street who has five wives living with him? I'd definitely call that real sicko! Meanwhile, young boys who are the girl's age are excommunicated and driven from town, as dogs fighting viciously with each other over one plate of food. Only a sick-minded person would fail to see the harm and awful consequences upon children from such sexual perversion in the name of religion. Mormons pioneers, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (or “Bring 'Em Young!”), were ungodly men, who are now sadly burning in the fires of Hell!!!

And then there's the “Magic Underwear” of Mormonism. I believe the purpose of the underwear is psychological training, focusing a child's attention to their private parts. As the child becomes older, the Mormon temple sex rituals all focus on sex, sex, sex! It's not too hard to use one's imagination. The Mormon religion is a pervert's paradise. The “magic” is making the underwear disappear when it comes time for the pervert elders to defile their young prey. Don't believe anything I say, go research former Mormon testimonies, historical Mormon writings by Joseph Smith and search the internet for the truth. It's all out there! But don't make the mistake of only selecting the top search engine results, run by mainstream media outlets, who hide the truth. What I want people to see most of all is that Mormonism's core beliefs are rooted in sex, sex, sex! Mormonism is a corrupted tree, from which Jesus said no good fruit can come!!!!!!! Mormonism is closely related to Kaballah, Judaism, the Talmud and Freemasonry, using all the same rituals. The Talmud permits Jewish Rabbis to have sex with 3-year-old girls.

During a recent televised documentary about a Mormon group in Arizona, they interviewed Mormon families. It's sad to hear an 8-year-old girl expressing her delight that when she grows up she's going to marry a married man. That's what the girls are taught from childhood. You cannot believe the propaganda coming from the Mormon religion, nor can you trust what you receive from the Masonic-controlled mainstream newsmedia. Just like homosexuals, the Godless newsmedia has lately been portraying Mormons in a positive light, making them look like the all-American wholesome family. Just the fact that thousands of Mormons boys are being driven out of the group speaks volumes of the satanic and unnatural lack of concern for others in the religious group. Are females better than males? They are to dirty old sex perverts! The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee any religious group the legal right to harm children. Mormonism hurts children, male and female alike. Don't ever forget that Mormonism is a RELIGIOUS SEX CULT!

Please understand that my intent is not to be mean or unkind; but rather, to warn people that Mormonism is as far away from a New Testament Church as one can possibly imagine. Mormonism is a satanic cult, an organization within an organization. Their entire religion is a sex-perverted religion, founded by the sexual degenerate Joseph Smith in 1830. The Mormon religion is plagued with child molestation and child abuse. As bad as the Catholic Church is concerning child abuse, at least they don't try to justify it with their doctrines. 

If you consider the simple math, the only way that one Mormon male can marry several females is to eliminate some of the younger males. Please read, 1,000 “Lost Boys” Are Thrown Out Of Mormon Sex Cult So Older Men Can Marry Many Wives. It is my opinion that this is the reason why younger Mormon men are prohibited from dating and must embark on a multi-year missionary pilgrimage. This is why younger Mormons in privately gated Mormon towns in Arizona and elsewhere are prohibited from dating. The older Mormon men get first pick of the female herd of humans, for their sexual delight and reckless procreation. It is common for Mormon children not to know who their real fathers are to confound local authorities when police are called in.

Mormon judges in Utah are fighting to legalize polygamy. U.S. Federal Judge Clark Waddoups Overturns Utah’s Law Making Polygamy A Crime. They're are using the legalization of same-sex marriage as the pretext. As America legalizes marijuana, immoral sex and every form of vile sinful filth under the sun, anything goes these days. Woe unto America!

Most people can't even begin to comprehend the depths of Satan, nor the incredible level of wickedness, that has taken over America's government. President Barack Obama has appointed at least 37 former Goldman Sachs employees to government...

Child pornography and trafficking is epidemic in government. Nancy Schafer was murdered by the Zionists for exposing the depth of this pedophilia wickedness in the government. They killed her!!! Senator Nancy Schafer Murdered by the New World Order for Exposing CPS Pedophile Ring. Children are taken by corrupt judges and put into the system for the sole purpose of being sexually molested. Wall Street is involved with this. Don't believe it? Goldman Sachs Caught Investing In Sex-Trafficking Ring (Mitt Romney's wife invested too).

“No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps-on-a-comin'!” —motto of The Texas Rangers

Mormonism is a sicko false religion. Here a law firm wholly dedicated to the preponderance of Mormon, Catholic, and other religious sexual abuse:

Stop Mormon Sex Abuse By Reporting It!

Mormon Church’s Policies and Practices Make it a Haven for Child Molesters

God is not in Mormonism, Unless God is a depraved sex pervert!

Mormon doctrines promote sex-abuse, period! Mormonism's entire core philosophy is that Mormons are expected to provide more earthly bodies for waiting spirits in a lower celestial state, to enable them to earn a higher celestial state. By living as a “faithful” Mormon, the cult believes they earn a higher celestial state in eternity. Of course, to be a “faithful” Mormon means lots of sex, or being kicked out of the Mormon camp if you're a young men, so the old perverts can marry 5-6 wives. Sex, sex, sex! This heresy is as bizarre as it is unbiblical. So if a little girl is taught from the time she's born that heaven is counting on her to be sexual active... well, you get the picture. Little girls are taught from the earliest ages in grade-school that God's will for their life is to marry another married man with multiple wives. In Mormonism, women are passed around like cattle to be seduced and mated in Jesus' name!!!

One of the dirty little secrets that the newsmedia doesn't tell the public in Mormon sex abuse cases, is that the molested children are often happy to be victimized, because they've been brainwashed to think they are serving the Mormon god. Literally, many Mormon children have been brainwashed by their Mormon parents to look forward to being sexually molested, which is why public photos have been released of Mormon leader, Warren Jeffs, kissing and fondling his 12-year old WIVES!

Elite Occult Sex Abuse of Children is Epidemic Worldwide

Mormons masquerade as true Christians, but they are of the Devil. Few people ever come to recognize the true occult nature and satanic depth of the Mormon cult. If you do some research, you will learn quickly that the common denominator between all false so-called Christian religions in America is Freemasonry. These demonic fake religions include: Jehovah's Witnesses, Charismatics (Oral Roberts), Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, Judaism, Kaballah, Christian Science, Churches of Christ, Scientology and Wicca). Mormonism is steeped in Jewish Kabbalah. Freemasonry, Judaism, Kaballa and Mormonism are ALL SEX-BASED CULTS!!! The very emblem of Freemasonry—the compass and the carpenter's square—symbolizes sexual intercourse.

Opium Brides (heroine & 7-year old girls taken in Afghanistan for pedophile global elite)

Why is it that Americans are being policed with trained guard dogs, bag searches, strip searches, naked body scans, TSA pat downs and groping, Darth Vader looking thug cops, and an increasingly intolerant attitude toward innocent citizens? Yet, meanwhile, families in Afghanistan are totally helpless against the thug drug lords that are stealing their 7-year old daughters to be raped by the global elite. NATO actually protects the criminals. Afghan farmers are forced to grow opium because other forms of honest living are not allowed nor practical in a corrupt system.

Through cleverly designed newsmedia propaganda, white-washing and deliberate disinformation (lying and deceiving), the globalist owned and controlled newsmedia has been able to suppress the blatant horrendous crimes of the global elite themselves [which includes the 911 attacks, the Iraqi war, and the ongoing farming of opium (heroine) crops in Afghanistan and thug stealing of Afghan's little girls to supply the insatiable pedophile appetite of the globalists.]

Goldman Sachs Caught Investing In Sex-Trafficking Ring (Mitt Romney's wife invested too)

Homosexual Prostitution, Child Molesting, the CIA and Washington D.C. Officials

Why is Goldman Sachs running a sex-slave fund? Oh, did I mention the List Of 37 Names of GOLDMAN SACHS People in the Obama Government?

The White (Goldman Sachs) House (Goldman Sachs in the White House)

It's such a con job. It's all a big scam, intended to harvest the daughters of the Afghani people. Where are the authorities? Where is the government? Where are the U.S. troops that are supposed to be liberating their country? Our troops are being exploited as paid mercenaries and opium farmers! The popular excuse is that it's “THE CULTURE.” Watch the preceding video all the way through. A culture of child rape by drug lords? Who's kidding who?

The global elite are behind all of this, making every lame excuse that the indifferent American people are willing to accept. Most people just don't care anymore. Most people have thin skin and a hot temper if you offend them in any way. Christianity is becoming a rare and extinct breed these days. I still care. I love Jesus Christ! I care about others! The hallmark quality of being a Christian is CARING!

Homosexual Mormons

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Sex Abuse Claims

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Mormon psychologist's recanting about church flaw puzzles some

Mormons often try to downplay the sexual nature of their religion by making comparisons with other religions; however, even the most naive of people KNOW that Mormons believe and practice polygamy. Those Mormons who deny the polygamous nature of their religion are effectively denying Mormonism altogether. This sets Mormonism apart from other religions. In fact, there are presently over 30,000 Mormon families in Utah practicing polygamy—and local law enforcement ILLEGALLY ALLOWS IT! It's one of those hush-hush type deals. Mormonism needs to be exposed for what it is... a false religion of perversion and occultism. Mormonism is a sex cult.

Mormon Temple Beds

My Christian opinion is that Mormons are anti-family. Mormons are a bunch of rich perverts who want your daughters. Inside their elaborate temples they have beds. It is more than weird, it is revealing of their activities. What church has a bed in it? ...

Bed Found In Temple For Sex With Underage Girls Right After Marriage, Authorities Say

Huffington Post | April 18, 2008

Authorities searching a remote polygamist compound for a 16-year-old girl who had claimed she was sexually abused discovered a bed inside a towering limestone temple and were told by a "confidential informant" that men used it to have sex with underage girls, according to a court document unsealed Wednesday.

The discovery of the bed, which was ruffled and contained what appeared to be a long strand of a female's hair, was disclosed in an affidavit that Texas Rangers used to obtain a second search warrant to expand their investigation of the YFZ Ranch, a 1,700-acre guarded complex outside the tiny West Texas town of Eldorado.

SOURCE: Bed Found In Temple For Sex With Underage Girls Right After Marriage, Authorities Say

The Mormon church is a satanic sex-cult and always will be. You can't change a carnivorous wolf into a vegetarian. Mormonism is Joe Smith. The religion was founded in 1830. It has a history that rivals the bloodthirsty Roman Catholic church, raping and murdering entire towns. I believe Mormons are secretive because of sexual and occult imagery in their temples. Secret handshakes are 100% the occult. Mormons are sneaky, posting some basic teachings similar to the Christian faith; but then they fail to tell people the rest of the story. Mormon beliefs could easily pass for a Stephen King science-fiction novel.

The following information is presented as it appears on

Mormon LDS Temple Bishop Recommends

The LDS Temple in Mormonism serves a special purpose in the lives of Mormons as it is utilized by church leaders who hold the keys to the Temple as a way to ensure standard ten percent tithing and increased loyalty from members. As outlined in the following paragraphs, members who receive a LDS temple recommend must agree to pay ten percent of their income to the Mormon Church, and agree to follow certain requirements such as being loyal to church leaders.

Having a temple recommend also serves as a status symbol, as those without it cannot marry or attend marriage ceremonies in the temple, nor can they be sealed for eternity with their father so that they may eternally be together with their family in Mormon Heaven. While the exact percentage of Mormons who receive Temple recommends are not published by Church authorities, a large number do not have them are involved only in local Mormon Ward Church activities.

The LDS Mormon Temple is written about in further detail at the website the Mormon Conspiracy to Rule America.

Temple recommends, which worthy Mormons may receive from their bishops, and are also signed by their stake presidents are mandatory for admittance into the Mormon temple. Endowment ceremonies, marriages, baptism for the dead, and other sealing ceremonies are performed. “The ‘temple recommend’ is a cherished slip of paper that gives its holder the right to enter the LDS temple and participate in its ceremonies. Mormons ‘pass stringent demands of dietary laws, tithing, sexual orthodoxy and others requirements for a ‘temple recommend’.

These recommends are printed forms which, when filled out by the bishop, provides a copy for the Mormon church headquarters files, one copy for the ward’s records, and a third for the holder to present at entrance of a temple for admission.”

“Since the church believes that one must be ‘temple worthy’ in order to attain the Celestial Kingdom, having the power to grant or withhold recommends gives the local bishops immense power. Furthermore, in predominantly Mormon areas the lack of a recommend can often mean the loss of a job or being shunned by one’s neighbors. These slips of paper are most valuable.”

It is possible to “borrow” someone else’s LDS temple recommend and gain entry into the Mormon temple, as well as to forge one. However, only a very daring individual would attempt to enter the temple without his own official temple recommend. Laake, for example indicates that she knew of only one person who entered the Mormon temple without his own temple recommend.

In applying for the temple recommend a Mormon must be interviewed by his/her bishop (or the bishop’s first or second counselor) and is asked such questions as:

(1) Do you attend meetings?
(2) Are you a full tithe payer?
(3) Do you support your church leaders?
(4) Do you avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and tea?
(5) Are you morally clean?
(6) Do you wear the sacred garments?
(7) Do you keep the Word of Wisdom?
(8) Have you ever been divorced?
(9) Will you regularly attend church including sacrament, Priesthood and other meetings?
(10) Will you follow the church rules and doctrines?
(11) Are you involved with, or have sympathy for any apostate groups?

Temple Ceremonies

The LDS temple ceremonies were largely copied from the Masonic Lodge by Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. Scott writes that “Any Mason who reads even such an abbreviated account of the temple ceremony as I have outlined will be amazed at the similarities between temple ordinances and Masonic Lodge ordinances. Joseph Smith claimed that he got much of the substance of the temple ceremony from the Book of Abraham papyri.

The truth is that Joseph Smith was himself a Mason of the sublimest degree.” The Masonic lodge resents the use of Masonic symbols in Mormon temple ceremonies, so much so that the Grand Lodge of Utah (1979) has refused initiation to known Mormons and denied admission to any Mormon Mason who was initiated in any other state.

SOURCE: Mormon LDS Temple Bishop Recommends

Joseph Smith was a 33rd degree Freemason, as was Jehovah Witnesses' founder, Charles Russell. It is interesting that the preceding article mentions Mormonism overtaking America. NSA Is Building The County's Biggest Spy Center (beast computer will record EVERYTHING!) A massive database is now being built in 2012 in Utah, which will spy on every American. The center will record phone calls, e-mails, Google searches, Twitter entries, blog posts, things you buy over the internet, financial data, medical information... everything about your life. Dissent is now considered terrorism!

In Mormon temples they have “Ordinance Rooms,” where members are “given the keys that will allow them to enter Heaven, including secret handshakes” (6:03 in the video below by NBC News). Folks, this is demonic as can be! There are NO SECRETS in Christianity! Jesus said He spoke openly to the world (John 18:20). 

Freemasonry created Mormonism. Joseph Smith was a 33rd degree Freemason. Every demonic cult uses handshakes and secret signs. The Bible does not teach private country clubs, secret organizations, nor weird secret handshakes. God is totally honest and upfront with mankind. Whether you're rich or completely poor in this world, the same Bible is written to you. No one can copyright the truth. Mormonism is a lie of the Devil, so they have to hide their works of darkness.

Mormonism is of the Devil

Not only did Joseph Smith marry himself to single women, but he also married himself to women who already had living husbands! Of the over 30 wives that Joseph Smith had, 11 of them were already married to other men! I think that’s usually called adultery. Joseph Smith even married women as young as 14, to which at least one of the girls was promised that “If you will take this step, it will ensure your eternal salvation & exaltation and that of your father’s household & all of your kindred.” This could be quite some coercion for a 14 year old girl.

The Truth About Mormon Polygamy

The current LDS church is not following following true Mormonism, and is (according to their doctrines/leaders) in a temporary state where they are not following polygamy, which they say is a “eternal” principle. If you look at all the doctrines of the current LDS

Church, polygamy is just temporarily not being practiced right now, but their doctrines still teach it is a true principal.

Joseph Smith (the founder of Mormonism was married to over 30 women, including women who were still married to living husbands (by the way, it is called polyandry, when a women is married to multiple men):’s_wives

In this chart, you can see the age of the women at the time they were married (and some of them were just 14 years old).

Brigham Young the second Mormon prophet taught:

“Now if any of you will deny the plurality of wives, and continue to do so, I promise that you will be damned,” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 3, p. 266).

He also said:

“The only men who become Gods, even the Sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy,” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 11, p. 269).

In 1869 Wilford Woodruff, Mormonism’s future fourth president, taught:

“If we were to do away with polygamy, it would only be one feather in the bird, one ordinance in the Church and kingdom. Do away with that, then we must do away with prophets and Apostles, with revelation and the gifts and graces of the Gospel, and finally give up our religion altogether and turn sectarians and do as the world does, then all would be right. We just can’t do that, for God has commanded us to build up His kingdom and to bear our testimony to the nations of the earth, and we are going to do it, come life or come death. He has told us to do thus, and we shall obey Him in days to come as we have in days past” (Journal of Discourses 13:165 – p.166).

Even as late as 1879, Joseph F. Smith was insisting that plural marriage was essential for LDS exaltation. Speaking at the funeral of William Clayton, Mormonism’s future sixth president, stated:

“This doctrine of eternal union of husband and wife, and of plural marriage, is one of the most important doctrines ever revealed to man in any age of the world. Without it man would come to a full stop; without it we never could be exalted to associate with and become god…” (Journal of Discourses 21:9).

If you don’t think these quotes are accurate, you can look them up for your self on the BYU website (BYU is the Mormon church’s officially sponsored institution), where they cite the Journal of Discourses as scripture:

By their own declaration, the only reason that the LDS church stopped polygamy, was because it was against the law, and the USA government finally enforced that law, which you can see in the Mormon official declaration:

“Inasmuch as laws have been enacted by Congress forbidding plural marriages, which laws have been pronounced constitutional by the court of last resort, I hereby declare my intention to submit to those laws, and to use my influence with the members of the Church over which I preside to have them do likewise.“

Wilford Woodruff, Official Declaration (

Because the Official Declaration only cited the laws of the land as the reason, and not because of God’s commandment, there were many people who simply put them selves outside of the laws of the land (moved to Mexico, etc.), and continued to practice polygamy. This is why the Fundamentalist LDS Church (FLDS) exists, as they continue to practice true Mormonism as preached by the Mormon prophets. It seems that the FLDS can still call them selves Mormons, since they practice all that is preached by the Mormon prophets.

Even in more modern times, LDS church leaders point out that it they are only temporarily without polygamy:

“Obviously the holy practice [of polygamy] will commence again after the Second Coming of the Son of Man and the ushering in of the millennium.”

Bruce R. McConkie, in the book “Mormon Doctrine” states:

If you consider the FLDS under the word “Mormon,” then some Mormon’s do practice polygamy even today, as they follow the words of early Mormon prophets, and even LDS Mormons accept doctrine that teaches the principle of polygamy, even if they try not to talk about it in public.

Joseph Smith is also recorded in Mormon Church history lying about his adulterous polygamy. Don't believe what lying Mormons tell you today about what “a good man” Joseph Smith was; Joseph Smith was an adulterous, lying, conniving, tyrant, ungodly, dishonest, plagiarizing, sex perverted, hellbound devil! The Satanic Mormon religion is of the Devil!!!

I plead with you dear reader not to follow the inklings of any reprobate man. Joseph Smith was an adulterous fool, who mocked the Words of God and exploited Christianity for his own lustful passions, blaspheming the Word of God. Some Mormons have been so bold as to foolishly attempt to compare Joseph Smith to the Old Testament patriarchs, who often had multiple wives. There are two distinct major differences that must be noted.

FIRST, Joseph Smith took at least eleven married women for his own, who weren't his to have sexually, committing adultery with them. Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” The local community had finally had enough of Mr. Smith's promiscuous ways, and justly lynched him before he could rape their daughters and wives! Joseph Smith wasn't martyred, he was brought to justice!

SECOND, the Old Testament patriarchs did not fabricate a new counterfeit religion centered around sexual immorality, in order to facilitate their deviate perverse habits, as did Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (Bring 'Em Young). The entire Mormon religion is rooted in sexual immorality. The very core of the Mormon religion system is for men to impregnate as many women as possible, to provide physical bodies for spirits waiting in the lower celestial heaven, to work their way into a higher celestial plane. Don't naively think for one second that Mormonism has changed. The wealthy inner core of Mormonism is as Satanic as can be, closely associated with Freemasonry and its occult rituals. Both Mormonism and Freemasonry operate as an organization within an organization, using the outer 99% of its members as a front for the Luciferian inner group.

You cannot win by being a Mormon. If you want to spend eternity burning in Hell with Joseph Smith, then Mormonism might be for you. Mormonism has ANOTHER GOSPEL, ANOTHER JESUS and ANOTHER SPIRIT...


Mormonism is the Wrong Way!

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”Matthew 7:15-17