Confusion and Contradiction: What Really Happened In London?

Prison Planet | July 8 2005
By Steve Watson

Yesterday morning, just as I was preparing breakfast in my North London home, my phone rang and my plans for the day radically altered. The voice on the other end was a very familiar one telling me that she had had to evacuate her train at Kings Cross Station and had heard a very load explosion just seconds earlier. She was confused and wanted me to clarify what was happening by turning on the TV.

Instinctively switching to the BBC, the bold headline read "POWER SURGES ON LONDON UNDERGROUND" and the scene was crawling with police, emergency services and people evacuating the station. I immediately knew what was really going on and told her that there were almost certainly bombs on the tubes and that she should get away from the station.

How did I know this? Because for weeks and months I have watched as the fear-mongering in London has risen. I have analyzed the Stasi-like "anti-terror" campaigns, the fake and sometimes unannounced terror drills, the house arrests where all are subsequently released, the press conferences where The Police Commissioner and the Mayor have explicitly told us we would be attacked soon and there's nothing we could do about it.

I have rode on the tube at the rush hour as people nervously pack onto the trains and try not to reveal their anxiety. I have witnessed the antiwar marches and the NO ID campaigns, the tension that surrounded the general election in London, the Live 8 circus and the Olympics farce. I have spoken to Londoners on a daily basis and I have felt the tension rise in this city to a point where we were prepared to be shown the feature presentation, "ATTACK ON LONDON"

So I put the call in to my brother and we were covering the incident, trawling the news wires, watching the live broadcasts within minutes of the first explosion, because that's what we do. We have watched relentlessly as the official story has been pieced together, and this looks, smells and tastes like another government operation. Already, within hours, there are multiple inconsistencies and contradictions which must be highlighted now before they disappear down the memory hole.


The first inconsistency to emerge, and to date the most compelling, is that of advance warning and prior knowledge. The police and the government have said unequivocally that there was no advance warning or indicative intelligence and that the attacks came "out of the blue". Yet early AP and Israeli radio reports clearly stated that Scotland Yard had given warning to the Israeli Embassy in London that an attack was imminent BEFORE any explosions had taken place.



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