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By David J. Stewart | March 2005 | Updated August 2019

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“I don't believe a thing the press says except the date at the top of the paper.”
—Pastor Jack Hyles (a quote from the awesome biography of Dr. Hyles titled, “The Fundamental Man,” by Cindy Hyles Schaap)

Fake Media Brainwashing: News That Keeps Repeating Like A Broken Record (MP4 video)

       Please see: OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism! (1 hr. 17 min. free video). FOX LIARS” is more appropriate than FOX NEWS! Here's an eye-opening statement by Adolf Hitler concerning the effectiveness of telling BIG LIES...

"The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."
—Adolf Hitler,
Nazi Quotes (H. Goering, “Education is dangerous - Every educated person is a future enemy!”

"The great masses of the people... will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." —Adolf Hitler

Media Lies And The Onset Of War (YouTube video)
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Fox News are a bunch of deceivers. They have pounded the open borders to make it look like they're against the government; but that's just a smokescreen. It's called  “controlled opposition.” That is, they choose what things they'll criticize the present White House administration for; while totally ignoring the major issues. Certainly the open border is a big issue; but not as much as the Federal Reserve Banksters ripping off 23.7 TRILLION taxpayer dollars over the past 2-years (2009-1010).

They won't dare talk about the evils of the ongoing Iraqi war, nor about 911 being a proven inside job, nor about the deliberate selling out of America by the corporations (thus taking all our jobs, homes and pensions away). The newsmedia are hiding the crimes of the global elite; and to no surprise, because they OWN and CONTROL the media.

The thumb-sucking baby public wants Big Daddy to take care of them. Most people are not independent thinkers, and the criminal elite pulling the strings from behind the scenes know it. We are a society of sheeple. This is why government has killed over 200,000,000 innocent people over the past two centuries. Wake up and start listening to alternative newsmedia!

Don't trust the mainstream media, they work for the international banks destroying America and the rest of the world. There is a reason why the Nazis burned books in the street. As Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said:

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Minister

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

SOURCE: Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

The Truth is the enemy of the propaganda machine! A public that is aware of everything that goes on can't be manipulated into a Nazi regime. that is impossible. The solution is simple. Turn off the mainstream propaganda machine that fill you with lies and start investigate this yourself and spread the truth!

The truth will set you free!


Written during the George W. Bush presidency...

I normally don't watch much news on TV because I don't like having my intelligence insulted. It is offensive to me when I hear the news media feeding me propaganda that is obviously bogus. I usually get my news from the internet, by far the best source of the truth. 

Howbeit, I decided to watch some news on TV the other day.  I was disturbed by some of the misinformation I was hearing on CNN. Then I turned on Fox News and almost fell out of my chair in disbelief of what I was hearing and seeing. Talk about lying. Fox News is a waste of time folks, I would not recommend Fox News to anyone. The news is supposed to give us HONEST journalism, not half-baked lies. To be fair, Fox is only one of many mainstream news media sources which are unreliable in my opinion. I still have a right to my opinion don't I? Sometimes I wonder for how long.

I was sickened as I listened to News reports demonizing the U.S. held "terrorists" at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Fox reported several (alleged) hateful statements made by terrorists to their interrogators. Of course, the U.S. interrogators would never lie would they? Of course they would! There has been much public outcry in America, condemning any torture of any prisoners. 

Besides, U.S. law forbids the torturing of anyone. The manure-spreading news media is trying to demonize the "terrorists" (as they keep calling them), to desensitize us into accepting torture as a legitimate means of protecting us from "terrorists." Folks, THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS!!! Wake up! 

There has not been one terrorist attack on America soil since 911 (and if there is, it will be from within our own government). 911 was an INSIDE JOB, that is a fact. The smoking gun of 911 is presidential directive W199-eye which made it illegal for anyone in the FBI or the Defence Department to investigate the terrorists any further. George Bush gave the Bin Ladens and their accomplices a "get out of jail free" card. Why isn't the news media focusing on this license within our own government?

Then I heard Fox reporting that the Iraqis were very happy to have the Americans in their country, that they were glad to see electrical power stations being built, and were glad to finally be receiving fresh water. Folks, they were doing just fine before America destroyed their country. They had fresh water before. They had electricity before. Fox is only showing you what they want you to see. 

The truth is that most of the Iraqi people are enraged of what America has done to their nation. Most Iraqis are without fresh water, work or adequate food. My advice to anyone who believes everything you hear on Fox is to go on the internet and read the news from several different sources. Don't just read the mainstream news. For a reliable alternative source of news, is my favorite. Alex Jones is a friend of the American people, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution.

The truth is that America committed a horrible atrocity against a sovereign nation on the basis of lies. Where are those weapons of mass destruction? Neither Saddam, nor the Iraqi people, have ever threatened America in any way. They surely didn't attack us. The propaganda that Saddam was about to develop a nuclear bomber is absurd. Other communist nations (such as North Korea) are much more of a threat to the U.S. than Iraq ever was. Lies... Fox is telling a bunch of lies. 

Then I heard Fox demonize patriotic Americans by reporting that "antiwar groups" were trying to indoctrinate the children in our schools with their antiwar agenda. Excuse me? Why is it that you can teach the lie of evolution, the sin of homosexuality, and even feature Harry Potter's witchcraft in public schools, but you wouldn't dare teach the Bible, prayer, or the ten commandments (Thou shalt not kill)? Children should be taught that war is evil and wrong.  Killing is a wicked sin. 

What the Bush Administration has done with the blessing of congress is nothing less than mass murder. Our military wasn't defending America because America was never under attack (nor were we threatened).  

America has murdered tens-of-thousands of Iraqis for evil reasons. Iraq was NO threat to the U.S. Even sadder... America's churches are rallying behind George W. Bush like he's some type of American hero. President Bush is a despicable criminal in sheep's clothing. You're an idiot if you voted for him. I'm not trying to be unkind, just honest.

I even heard Fox News report that Hillary Clinton was having second thoughts about abortion. What??? Excuse me... I have to go vomit! Hillary Clinton is Miss Abortion herself. The ultimate Feminazi. Fox speculated that by Bill Clinton hanging around with George H. Bush, it would be beneficial to Hillary's run for president if she decides to run in 2008. Of course she's going to run, they've got to keep the dirty laundry (their evil deeds) in the family. 

The Bushs and Clintons are the most evil families in America's history. Thanks to organizations like Fox News, these criminals have continued to remain American heroes. Bill Clinton was involved over his head with illegal drugs in Mena Arkansas when he was governor. Both the Clintons and the Bushs have a death list of HUNDREDS of opponents and acquaintances. Read Bush's Death List here. Four authors who attempted to write a biography of Bush Jr. have all committed suicide. Right!

Fox News is definitely controlled by the New World Order gang. They are trying to desensitize and brainwash us in every way to go along with the New World Order. 

If I was the average brainwashed American, after watching Fox News...

1. I would think that the Bush Administration was justified in invading Iraqi. After all, I'm seeing HAPPY Iraqi people on TV, praising the U.S. The FACT that the weapons of destruction were never found doesn't matter because I'm seeing smiling happy faces on TV. The murder of tens-of-millions of innocent Iraqi people doesn't matter because I just heard a woman praise George Bush and thank America for invading their country, and taking away that bad boy... Saddam.

The truth is that we destroyed a sovereign nation. What right does America have to bully the rest of the world when we are guilty of the most horrendous atrocities? What if a powerful nation threatened the U.S. with an ultimatum... stop aborting your children immediately or else we will invade America! Who do we think we are? Truthfully, we are a bunch of suckers... and the New World Order is exploiting the stupid American people for their own agenda... to take over the world.

If I was the average brainwashed American, after watching Fox News...

2. I would think that torture was acceptable because it was the only way to deal with the monstrous TERRORISTS from hell that only think evil day and night, that were just within seconds of nuking America, that the whole world would have detonated if the Americans on their white horses didn't charge in to save humanity. 

If I was the average American, I would make terrorist dart boards too. It's pretty sickening when you see Saddam Hussein stickers in the urinal when you go to use the bathroom. This is just how brainwashed the average American has become. George Bush may belong there, but not Saddam. I'm not a Saddam fan, but who are we to police the world? 

We sure didn't care about Rwanda or the starving North Koreans. We sure didn't care about bringing to justice those Japanese monsters who ran the Unit 731 labs during WWII. Some of the Unit 731 criminals are still alive today, but were never prosecuted. We surely didn't care about the Cambodians, right Mr. Kissinger and Mr. Nixon?

How about in the year 2000 when Argentina tried to send free AIDS drugs to Africa and Bill Clinton threatened them with trade sanctions if they did. Why would Clinton do such a thing?  Simply because the Pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar money-making machine for the New World Order gang. There's plenty of filthy lucre to spread around. You see friend, these occult inspired world-controllers need all the money they can possibly lay their hands on. It takes a lot of money to take over the world. Every time Russia acts up, we pay them to shut up. The same is true with China. It's all about money. Follow the money. 

Think about this. Satan is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). The love of money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10). So if Satan is the ultimate power within this heathen world, and money is the most coveted thing in the world... that means that the devil and money are an inseparable diabolical duo. 

If you want to understand the New World Order, then just keep focused that their entire agenda centers around Satan and money. This explains the theft of trillions of unaccounted for dollars from the American people. It also explains the close association with the occult by all the recent presidents.

If I was the average brainwashed American, after watching Fox News...

3. I would think that the Bush administration are a bunch of good people. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Fox News (as well as other mainstream networks) paint the Bush Administration in a cheery light. It's repulsive! Fox is guilty of one-sided journalism in my opinion.  When they do allow people from the other side to speak, they deliberately discredit them by only showing you what they want you to see. 

Propaganda is an ART. You can use movies, TV, radio, books, and magazines to brainwash people. If you've ever studied the psychology of the human mind, then you know that if someone hears something long enough...they begin to believe it. 

People all across America have heard about how great George Bush is from the News media that they hail him as an America  hero. George W. Bush is NO hero, rather... he makes Benedict Arnold look like an America hero. 

The Devil is running his course, and it's up to us Christians to expose and fight it.  I'm appalled at the deadbeat attitudes of some Christians who believe that there's nothing we can do...or should do. The issue is not over what we can or cannot accomplish, it's the fact that God has commanded us to hate, reprove, and abstain from all appearances of evil. 

Likewise, it's not our job to win people to Christ, it's our job to witness to them and lead them to Christ. Only Jesus can forgive and save anyone. We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make him drink the water. It's not our job to decide whether or not we should witness to someone based upon our own perceptions. Rather, we are supposed to witness to everyone, even if we firmly believe that they will never get saved.

I do NOT hate George W. Bush, but I hate the evils being inflicted upon America and others by his actions. I respect the Office of the President, but Mr. Bush is a knife in America's back. The CIA is not to blame for the alleged faulty intelligence behind Iraq's invasion, there NEVER were any links between Iraq and 911 to begin with. 

It was George W. Bush who signed Presidential order W199-eye to BLOCK all investigations into the suspect terrorists, will O'Reilly blame that on the CIA also? What about W199i Mr. Bush? Why did you block the FBI from stopping the terrorists?  What about FBI Deputy Director John O'Neil who was murdered on 911?  It's not the answered questions that concern us Americans, it's the unquestioned answers! ~by David J. Stewart

343 NYC Firefighters Murdered by Illuminati On 9/11

Thank God for good men like 32 year NYC veteran Firefighter, Rudy Dent, who still have the courage to tell the truth...

“The public is mesmerized by the mainstream media. And let me give you my opinion of the mainstream media. The mainstream media, their mission, is to act as the most effective weapon of mass deception and public manipulation the world has ever seen. And if you don't think that's so, ask anyone any taboo question that the mainstream media frowns upon with its army of trusted celebrity presstitutes. Alright, and you will see a sadly predictable knee-jerk reactionary response from the public, because that's what they've been trained to believe and trust in.”

SOURCE: Retired firefighter Rudy Dent, a 32 veteran of the NYC fire department and the NYPD)

Islam didn't cause 911 in ANY WAY! If your pastor is continually praising the Jews, and criticizing the Arabs, then find another church where at least the pastor knows what he's talking about. If you'd like to know the truth, here's an awesome MP3 explanation (56 minutes) of Israel's dark history and how they became 'THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS' in Revelation 17 and 18. Nearly all Jews, like Arabs, have rejected Jesus Christ. God told Jeremiah not to pray anything good concerning Israel, because of their wickedness (Jeremiah 14:11). The same is true today. This includes America as well.

9/11 Firefighter Blows World Trade Center 7 Cover-Up Wide Open
(says 9/11 a “false flag operation.”
Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Rudy Dent, a 32 year veteran of NYC
fire department and the NYPD, about his incredible first hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7.

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The Truth is That the mainstream Newsmedia are Not Telling The Truth!

All of the articles on this website, including the one you have just read, are merely my own opinions. I do my best to verify the accuracy of the information but no guarantees are made of the validity of any information on this website. I am just a voice, trying to wake people up to the alarming realities that the average American and Christian are woefully ignorant of (as I was for so many years). 

Ten years ago, I would have labeled someone such as myself as a nut. I wouldn't have cared enough to even listen to you if you did try to warn me. Well, when the government FORCED my little girl to take a drug that made her hair fall out... I got red-hot mad... and I've never turned back since. 

The average American today is where I was years ago... complacent and indifferent. Well, I know what's going on now and I'm going to do everything I can to expose the evils prevalent in our government and nation. I'm not a blame-America educator, I'm a concerned citizen of the United States. This is my home, I will defend it. It's unthinkable that patriotic Americans are actually being viscously labeled by their fellow citizens as "unpatriotic" because they're against this unnecessary and illegal war against the innocent Iraqi people. This is injustice. 

I resent the many lies and misrepresentations of the truth by Fox News. They are accomplices to the evils in government that they keep sugarcoating. The entire matter is divided between those who believe in terrorists, and those who believe that the government is the terrorists (CIA controlled Al-Qaeda). I have to believe the latter based upon George W. Bush's signing of presidential directive W199-eye and the Bush administration's continued efforts to hinder the investigation into what really happened on 911. Wake up America!

Nothing has changed since Barack Obama became U.S. president, except that he has continued to sellout his country that he sworn an oath to protect. There needs to be many public court trials and hangings in Washington D.C. and around the nation. Our politicians are criminals and must be brought to justice. They think they're getting away with their evils, but God says they won't. God will put them into Hell for all eternity. ~by David J. Stewart

Ecclesiastes 12:14, "For God shall bring every work into judgment,
with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

News Hounds

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I Love America, But Loathe Our Criminal Government!

I love America! I believe God wants us as Christians to obey the laws of our land (Romans 13:1-7). I am not anti-American. I simply believe that a nation will crumble if it spits in God's face by disobeying the Word of God.  America has become much worse (wicked) than Sodom in the Bible. American's need to repent and turn back to God Almighty. 

Likewise, I am NOT anti-government. However, I am unalterably opposed to the government's corruption and the stealing of American taxpayer's money. Most people are woefully ignorant of what Romans 13 really teaches! Our government does what they do in our name, with our money and with the power that we give them. We have every right to ask questions and expect justice. It is our Bill of Rights.

I do NOT hate anyone, I simply hate what God hates...evil. If the shoe fits, wear it. If something on this website offends you, then so be it. I do not say this to be unkind, but because you need to know the truth! America is going to hell because of sin. We are losing our nation! We are losing our freedoms! We are losing our manufacturing jobs in America!  We are losing our rights to privacy! Do you think this is a coincidence? To the same degree that the American people continue to walk into the dark depths of wickedness, to that same degree America is headed for imminent destruction!  God help us! ~by David J. Stewart

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism (Free 1 hr. 17 min. video)