Song Of Fools

       Featuring self-professed 'White Trash' with money, Toby Keith, who in my opinion has no class and is the enemy of God. I mean no unkindness to anyone, but someone needs to speak up for our youth, who don't fully realize that Toby Keith And Jimmy Buffet couldn't care less about them. Their God is money, plain and simple. Psychological studies galore exist which evidence that music and videos which promote drinking alcohol, encourage youth to do what they were already inclined to do. It's like a person who is on the building edge and ready to jump, and the crowd below is shouting, "Do it! Jump! Kill yourself!" Shame on Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffet! Judgment day is coming for all mankind in the court of God.

Here is my Christian video exposing Keith's demonic song titled...

Get Drunk And Be Somebody

Ye Must Be Born Again!

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