Scientists Say Alcohol Abuse Kills

by Fatima A.

       Although many people who drink can not be labeled as having a drinking problem, there are many teenage alcoholics. A lot of alcoholics either deny having a drinking problem or claim that their constant drinking would not be the cause of their death. But they are in denial, because a lot of them do not realize or do not want to acknowledge the fact that their lives are at risk. Just drinking alcohol on a regular basis drastically reduces the chances of living a long, healthy life.

"I am against drinking, but many people think that drinking is a way to fit in with other peeps," says Balkis Nasery, sophomore. "I mean I know it sounds a little trite, but to me, in a sense, they think that."

If people who drink think that it is a good outlet to express their "coolness" or increase their popularity, or just a way to have fun, they should reasearch their addiction. What they find out will make them think twice before taking another drink.

A long period of heavy drinking can cause scarring of the liver, which can keep it from performing its many vital functions. A damaged liver can no longer clear the blood of bodily poisons, which usually injures other organs.

Heavy drinking can cause the lining of the pancreas to swell, causing chemicals to digest the pancreas itself. This brings on abdominal pain, vomiting, and even death.

Alcohol messes up the chemical messages that brain cells send to each other, which enable sober people to act and think sensibly. Once these messages are distorted, thoughts become jumbled, judgment becomes impaired, and the brain centers that control vision, balance, and speech stop functioning properly. This loss of control allows people to become involved in numerous unfortunate situations. Alcoholics may act violently, lose control of their cars and possibly kill people, wake up in strange places and not know how they got there, and even have unprotected sex with anybody, risking pregnancies and the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases (such as AIDS).

Heavy use of alcohol over the years can cause high blood pressure, damage the heart muscles and pressure the heart to grow bigger, causing it to work harder. Unable to pump enough blood for the needs of the body, the heart also begins to beat irregularly.

Alcohol can do major damage to other muscles (besides the heart). Severe alcohol use can cause weakness by not allowing muscle cells to absorb calcium, which is needed by muscle cells to contract.

Alcohol also irritates the lining of the stomach, which can cause vomiting. Long-term use of alcohol can cause stomach cancer and cancer of the esophagus. Call (619) 295-2666 or the Teen Recovery Center at (619) 521-2250.


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Alcohol Kills!

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