In 1900...

Quite amazing isn't it? My how things have drastically changed. You'd think with all the blessings which God has bestowed upon us that Americans would honor God. Sadly, America has spit in God's face! We dare sing "God Bless America" while tens-of-millions of babies continue to be slaughtered in abortuaries nationwide. We dare pledge "one nation under God" while millions of Americans continue the urgent rush to SIN CITY to fornicate, gamble, et cetera. 

We dare claim on our money "In God We Trust" while tens-of-millions of Americans continue to worship idols (Mary), praise witchcraft (Harry Potter), and tolerate homosexual teachings in our public schools. How much of this wickedness will God tolerate before He judges us as a nation? Even as I type, our nation is in critical condition, and is going into "code blue" (i.e., death). The average American has no idea what evils lurk in the near future for our nation. Here's just a few articles that should scare you:

Federal laws are quietly being changed almost on a daily basis nationwide, which will one day be enforced to the horror of the American people (but by then it will be too late). Freedom is never maintained by ignorance and complacency, but by fighting to keep it! The American people are more illiterate today than they were 50 years ago...

A newspaper reported in 1997 that the standards of education are so low in the U.S. that black Americans are returning to Africa, specifically Kenya, to get better schooling.  (SOURCE: "Illiterates swop slums for sums,” Sunday Times, 27 July 1997.)

And if the article, published in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution in October 1999, part of which appears below, is only partially representative of conditions in the United States, it should cause great alarm:

In the aftermath of the Atlanta Public School's announcement that more than half the city's third-graders may flunk come spring, administrators, teachers and parents are grappling with questions about why the scores were so low and what can be done to improve them. Superintendent Beverly Hall last week revealed the stunning results of the Scholastic Reading Inventory, a criterion-referenced test that gauges a child's reading skills against what is expected for a child in that grade. Seventy-three percent of second-graders, 55 percent of third-graders, 57 percent of fourth graders and 49 percent of fifth-graders are not reading on grade level, according to the test. (SOURCE: Carter, R., “Schools struggle to find solutions. Dismal showing by lower grades on reading tests prompts some to ask why system has failed,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 14 October 1999, J1.)


Americans are deliberately being dumbed down to enslave us.  Laugh if you want, the facts are incontrovertible. If you sincerely believe that America is under attack by Al Qaeda terrorists, you're ignorant of the truth. If you want to find the real criminals, look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC (i.e., The White House)! The mounting solid evidence against the Bush Administration's involvement in the 911 attacks is disturbing.

Yes, America has changed quite a bit in 100 years. The world is VERY different today. The world's religions are UNITING gradually into a one-world apostate religious system, which will be headed up by the False Prophet. Read here about Bill Gaither and dyke lesbian Gospel singer Marsha Stevens. The "new" universal religion is acceptant of homosexuality, idolatry, and apostasy. Here's a shocker--18% of the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church claim to be ATHEIST! Do you see where all this is headed? 

Famous singer, Beyonce, who professes to be a devout Christian, says that God approves of her public stripping and lewd clothing. This is where Christianity is at folks. Christianity Today recently stated, "Some same-sex activity or experimentation does not automatically mean that you are gay." Yeah, right... and Michael Jackson's mother is right when she says Michael doesn't grab his crouch in concert for any sexual reason. Who are they trying to kid? ChristianityToday (CT) that was founded by Billy Graham (Balaam) has also endorsed Harry Potter's witchcraft. CT has blasphemed God as being a “Drama Queen.” A Baptist Church in Tennessee recently called an ordained lesbian to be their pastor. What is the Christian world coming to?  This is drastically different from the old time religion 100 years ago. Billy Sunday is throwing a fit in Heaven! ~by David J. Stewart