ChristianityToday Accuses God of Being a “Divine Drama Queen”

By David J. Stewart | August 2010

Matthew 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

       ChristianityToday is a worldly organization, founded by apostate sinister minister, Billy Graham; which promotes Harry Potter's Witchcraft, Pan's Labyrinth, the Homosexual Agenda, Rock music, and now, they blaspheme God by criticizing Him and making allegations that He's a “Divine Drama Queen.”

Read the blasphemous words of ChristianityToday's senior managing editor, Mark Galli . . .

Divine Drama Queen
But I'd secretly rather have a God who is a non-anxious presence.

This God knows nothing about being a non-anxious presence. This is a very anxious God, indeed.

I'd rather have a God who takes sin in stride. Why can't he relax and recognize that to err is human. I mean, you don't find us flawed humans freaking out about one another's sins. You don't see us wrathful, indignant, and pouting. Why can't God almighty just chill out and realize we're just human? ...

He's like the crazy uncle in the family. At some point, you have to let your friends know about him, but you'd just as soon avoid having to introduce him ...

He's such a drama queen.


Mark Galli wants God to “relax” and “chill” concerning the awfulness of sin. Galli says he's ashamed to introduce God to others and likens Him to a crazy person. Can you believe this is coming from the senior editing manager of ChristianityToday? I wouldn't make him my trash collector. America has gone to Hell. Billy Graham's magazine ought to be properly renamed to “Apostasy Today.”

It is only because Mr. Galli fails to comprehend the holiness of God that he makes such ignorant and accusatory statements against God. Just because Galli is relaxed and indifferent about the awfulness of sin doesn't mean that God must conform to Mark Galli's wayward life. The Apostle Paul teaches that by the Law of God sin becomes EXCEEDINGLY SINFUL. Romans 7:13, “Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become EXCEEDING SINFUL.” Galli's problem is that he fails to properly view the Law of God as Paul did, for if Galli did he would never make such critical statements against God's wrath against sin. Mark Galli needs to get saved.

Galli disrespects the God of the Bible by calling Him a “Drama Queen.” That is blasphemy against a holy God.

It is true that the God of the Bible gets VERY angry over sin (Psalm 6:1); but God doesn't lose His temper in an uncontrollable fashion as Galli teaches . . .

So what we have, for better or worse, is a melodramatic God. He yells and throws dishes, and walks off in a huff, slamming the door behind him—and then he turns around and gives his life for us.

God is SLOW to anger the Bible teaches. Psalm 145:8, “The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.” What a beautiful Scripture! God is full of compassion and slow to get angry. This is quite different than Mark Galli's assertion that God loses His temper, throws dishes around and storms out of the kitchen. When God gets angry, it is in His long-suffering and patience.

By the time God was ready to destroy the Jews in the Wilderness, they had complained every step of the way. They complained in Egypt while in bondage. They complained when they got to the Red Sea, thinking they were going to be killed. They complained after God opened the Red Sea and delivered them safely, saying they had no food. Then they complained that they had no meat. Then they complained that Moses had been gone too long, and they wanted a golden calf god to worship. Then they complained that they had no water. Then they complained that there were giants in the land of Canaan and too dangerous to enter. So God finally got fed up and cursed them to die in the Wilderness.

The problem is with humanity and not God. Galli insults God by calling Him an “anxious presence.” The truth is that Mark Galli is an ignorant ingrate who thinks he knows more than the God of the universe. What arrogance!

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