Negative Reviews Of Pensacola Christian College

by David J. Stewart
October 2022 | Updated April 2024

John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

       Following are HUNDREDS of negative reviews of Pensacola Christian College (PCC). These reviews are public information on Google. First, here is my negative review of PCC. I have not edited their comments in any way. As you read these negative comments about PCC, please keep in mind that PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, something that PCC has not learned in the 48 years of their colleges existence since 1974. I'll start with my negative review of PCC first, and then share with you innumerable more from their hurting victim students...

David J. Stewart (October 2022)

Shame on Pensacola Christian College and other lifeless institutions today who are A.W.O.L. from the battle over the Word of God and the free grace Gospel. PCC are cowards! Instead of exposing the damned Bob Jones University cult (Galatians 1:6-9), they are spiritually fornicating in bed with them, sinfully bidding Godspeed to them (2nd John 1:11). PCC plays intercollegiate sports with BJU, hires each others graduates, financially parasiting off one another. SHAME!!!

PCC are pulling on the same rope as the Devil. But according to their ungodly Campus Church (CC) senior pastor, Jeff Redlin, I am the bad guy for contending for the faith (Jude 1:3). No, Jeff Redlin is a carnal little man, a phony, a coward, a wolf in sheep's clothing!!! John MacArthur is preaching the SAME Calvinist false gospel as does the Bob Jones crowd today, and we must "REBUKE THEM SHARPLY" (Titus 1:10-14). Where is PCC in the battle?

PCC shamefully deny the inspiration of the King James Bible. They demand loyalty in the PCC camp from their members, but offer none in return. Pastor Redlin shamefully criticized my website ministry in 2021, because I faithfully contend for the Christian faith. Redlin said he and the pastors of CC think I am "finding weaknesses in pastors." BJU is sending people to Hell with their accursed Lordship Salvation! How is that finding weakness because I REBUKE THEM SHARPLY as the Bible commands in Titus 1:9-14? SHAME on Jeff Redlin!

PCC leaders are unforgiving and hostile toward anyone that dares to critique their cult. A cult selectively cares about human beings. In a cult, men elevate themselves as God, deciding who matters and who doesn't. At PCC SOME LIVES MATTER, but to God ALL LIVES MATTER! I did criticize CC and PCC in 2021, because Pastor Jeff Redlin was rude and insensitive toward me, and he condemned me for hoping to remarry after 15 years of divorce. There is no love in the PCC camp!!! Go read about Samantha Field online, one of PCC's former abused students!

I had attended CC in 2021, but left in frustration, after Redlin made it clear that he didn't give a damn about me as a human being. But I missed the friends I had made at PCC, so in June, July and August of 2022 I tried 3 times, mailing 3 separate letters to both CC and PCC, which they totally ignored for 6 weeks. So I reasonably criticized them again on social media, which they deserve. On August 2nd, 2022 Pastor Redlin told me that I am forbidden to attend CC anymore. Only a hateful cult does that. Pastor Jack Hyles is so right, who said:

"The pastors have destroyed the churches, and they've been trained by people that have never built churches, and they have no compassion.” —Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001), “Many Pastors Have Destroyed My Vineyard”

The PCC camp have no compassion! They are a bunch of academics who always put the cult system first, but INDIVIDUAL people like me do not matter. I am still willing to reconcile and remove my criticisms from social media, but PCC hate my guts. They wouldn't admit that, but their refusal to even communicate with me proves what I say. PCC are in denial. God knows that I am humble in this matter. PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!!!

They have my contact information at CC and PCC, anytime they want to become friends. My name is David J. Stewart. People don't care what you know, until they know that you care. That is why Samantha Field is so upset with PCC, because they clearly don't give a damn about INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE.

It hurts my heart that I care so much, but PCC couldn't care less. That is so WRONG! They have the 99 sheep at PCC, so they couldn't care less about the 1 lamb in need. But Jesus thought the exact opposite—He left the 99 sheep to go help the 1 lamb in need. I wish & pray that PCC cared! I have suffered in chronic neck pain, tension and nerve burning for the past 29 years from stenosis and radiculitis. All I want is to come back to church. But they refuse to even talk with me. That is a religious cult!


Thank you for reading. = -)

The following criticism of PCC is from one of their present students, so it is obvious why she cannot reveal her real name because they will crucify and expel her immediately. If you don't dot your i's and cross your t's at PCC, walking a very fine line, you will be on the outside looking in before you realized what happened. PCC is a cold-hearted cult of strict rules without compassion or understanding for human beings...

Beauty Burst (April 2024)

I had many bad experiences at this school but the most recent one was when I woke up late for chapel and my RA [Resident Assistant] came in the room and woke me up, urging me to hurry and she said just throw [on] my clothes and and leave. I ended being written up and getting 10 demerits for being “disrespectful” because the RA's told Student Life on me. (Mind you these girls are my peers and they can easily get me kicked out of school if they wanted to.) I went to Student Life to resolve this, but all the woman did was keep on making excuses for the girls and blaming me saying: “maybe you were feeling a little upset that day?” “Do you think you had the attitude first and that’s why they responded the way they did?” She told me to talk to my RA and ask her about the situation and email her when I did. I ended up emailing her and was ignored after. Nothing was resolved. This is the email I sent:

“I did ask my RA Gracie why I was written up for being disrespectful, and she said it was because I took so long getting ready when they kept asking me to hurry up (even though I took about 15 Minutes or less.) After she told me this false statement, I told her I went to Student Life, and that Student Life explained that she and the other RA wrote me up due to disrespect. She then changed her statement and said it was due to my tone of voice. And when I asked her about the other RA's tone of voice towards me she said, “that’s just how she is.” I don’t think it’s right that I get disrespected by other young women who are supposed to be my examples and leaders, when all I did is confront them concerning their behavior and it leads to a situation seemingly untruthful and unnecessary. I was also told during my Student Life appointment that they said I was taking long to get ready and that’s why another RA came to my room but I don’t believe that’s the case, as she came about 5 minutes after I started
getting ready to converse with her friend.

The situation that occurred this day was that I slept through my alarm (a few minutes past 10 am) and I was late to chapel. My RA Gracie came and woke me up and I rushed to get ready. She told me to get ready as soon as possible. She came in another time a few minutes later telling me to try and be ready in a few minutes. Shortly after the other RA came and they began chatting in my doorway for a few minutes. I was putting my shoes on and was ready to go, when the RA was very rude in her tone of voice and overall demeanor and as well what she said. She said “let’s get going, we’ve been waiting for you let’s go!” She was waving her hands to motion for me to come and seemed very fed up and had an attitude.

So I responded in a normal way, not escalating anything, saying, “I don’t appreciate the way you’re talking to me. I'm an adult too. That is very rude.” She didn’t say a word to me after that but my RA Gracie just replied as we started to head downstairs that she wasn’t being rude. I responded that “it just seems like it.” And neither of them would look me in my eye or explain why that wasn’t the case if it was. This was the situation that occurred that morning. I was very confused to be called to the Student Life concerning this situation because I thought it wasn’t a huge ordeal.”

That was the email and this was just one minor incident that happened last semester. It’s so awful that students have no control or say in these situations. END

Yes, dear student, PCC leadership has some serious issues with their attitude. Clearly they have a double standard at PCC, one for students and another for staff. I am sorry for the horrible conditions at PCC and that you were clearly mistreated. You trusted them with the best years of your life, and they treat you like crap while taking your money, like they did me as a 54-year-old grandfather in 2021. PCC have religious punks for leaders. The letter of the law comes before all else, but there is no spirit of the law, which is love. At PCC it's their way or the highway. When your time of the month as a female comes at PCC, you must obtain a doctor's note to miss class or chapel each and every month. That sounds like North Korea to me! What the hell is wrong with PCC leadership? I'll tell you what is wrong, they don't know and walk with God. PCC is a carnal institution with a religious label slapped across the building. RUN FROM THIS PLACE!!!

Leah (March 2024)

I would have to make an 8 hour long YouTube video explaining everything wrong with this school and all of the awful experiences I’ve had here. I thought I was going to experience tremendous growth in God and meet christian people but most people here including the staff are not Christlike people. I did meet a few great friends and an amazing fiancé though!! But this place is so disgusting and I wouldn’t consider it a real place to go to school unless you’re used to people micromanaging your life and if you’re from a cultish background.

Noah Shaw (February 2024)

They deleted my review twice but that’s not going to stop me from reposting.

This year at teen extreme, I was called a racial slur twice in a row by the same kid. I proceeded to tell the counselors about what happened and they stated they do not tolerate racism at the camp, but apparently they do sense the kid was not punished and was able to stay. Me and the other camper ended up getting into and altercation over the slur and Taylor Allen who is the camps director had the security guard call the police on me over a petty wrestling match. Again, the kid was able to stay but I wasn’t. Just goes to show you that the staff at PCC are fake. I’m glad this was my last year. The previous years were a lot better. I am still traumatized to this day about what happened and I feel as though the camp only cares about the money and controlling people with their beliefs rather than uplifting others and showing proper care regardless of what they look like and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these thoughts about PCC. I was able to get into contact with the pastor at the camp about what happened when I returned home and it turns out, that he wasn’t even told about the event that took place. It really disturbs me how the staff kept the situation to themselves and did not notify the pastor about what had happened because he said that Taylor should’ve came to him first before going straight to the police over something that could’ve been easily resolved. I hope I can heal from the wounds I was left with and encourage others to stay away from this cult.

PCC also loves to delete comments to try and hide the truth that needs to be told.

Jon Ehnis (December 2023)

I know posting a Google review is a long shot to reach someone but in the interest of helping someone avoid the great mistake I made, please consider all other options before considering this one. I truly makes me sad that this place has the word "Christian" in it's name as most (I will admit I can think of two people that teach their I truly admire) of the staff and faculty are the furthest thing from Christ as you can get. Having now attended two other universities for graduate studies and a state university for specialized training I can say from experience that the education does very little to prepare you for your life. Leadership is not concerned for your spiritual growth but rather they are focused on control both sociologically and emotionally. I truly do want to help someone avoid making a great mistake but I know many will not consider the negative words in the comments here both from me and others. But please consider this if you do attend, for the majority of the chapels/church services etc. when you walk away can you honestly say that you have learned something about God and can now explain something from his word or did you hear an emotionally charged speech geared to causing people to "feel" the need to do something regardless of what a full passage of Scripture teaches?

Luke Miller (November 2023)

I’m attending the school now. It is not a good place to grow as an adult human being, and although I understood the rules coming in, I don’t think the average person is ready for what those rules actually do to your spirit as a free person.

Sydnay D (September 2023)

The food quality in these dining halls is horrible. They used to have such healthy and delicious options but now they just serve junk and cheap food.

Erich Baacke (July 2023)

This collage has the worst set of rules I have ever seen for a college. this college needs to be checked by an ethics committee and someone to change rules to be less of a cult. I would never consider sending my child to this school.

Hannah Andrews (March 2023)

I went here for several years. I loved the nursing program but sad to say the school is not edifying for your christian walk. I was off campus student and they wouldn't allow me to go to church off campus with my husband and his grandparents. Instead they forced me to go to their church. It is NOT a friendly environment. All they care about is rules instead of encouraging and building you up in your Christian walk. Yeah it's cheap but is it worth it if you can't grow in your spiritual life?

Angela (January 2023)

I had a temporary assignment at the college. I was really excited about it. I walked out at my lunch hour. I did this because I had never been so belittled before in my life. My trainer acted as if I'd never saw a computer before and as if I didn't know how to spell. And the lack of masks was unnerving to say the least. They call themselves Christians, but Christians are supposed to show compassion and patience. That's my rant and I never want anything to do with that faux college.

Another Mistreated Female PCC Student

Richard Deuto (January 2023)

This is more or less me on the outside looking in (at this point in my life), but nonetheless feel it is important to shed some light.

I grew up in an Independent, Fundamental Baptist househould and as such attended "Christian" schools accordingly. From the time I was in eighth grade, college recruiters from PCC were visiting my schools and hellbent on my friends and I to enroll. For those who were never apart of the Independent Fundamental Baptist cult (let's just call it for what it is), the only plausible options for us following High School was one of three colleges (PCC being one of them) or the military. I chose the latter, and even as such have received negative reactions to my life choice. The immediate reaction to telling these college recruiters that "I'm considering multiple options for life after High School" was them becoming flustered and visually frustrated. I can see that PCC does not have their stats posted (i.e. graduation/acceptance rate) but judging off of that I'd wager it's not that good.

Anyhow, I'm reaching the end of my undergrad tenure and am looking for grad school options. My curiosity got the better of me, which led me here. Based off of what I'm seeing, it doesn't really look like much has changed. Having lived in Saudi Arabia, I can tell you that their school rules almost mirror that of the gulf state. But honestly that's an insult to the Saudis. The Saudis are much more hospitable, friendly, and believe it or not more open to discourse than the likes of PCC.

In retrospect, I thank God for not having the opportunity to attend here and myself for not making the decision to enroll.

For any prospective students, there are much more fruitful opportunities than enduring a draconian system which you will not find very forgiving.

Hannah Elizabeth Kirchhoff (December 2022)

I went here for several years. I loved the nursing program but sad to say the school is not edifying for your Christian walk. I was off campus student and they wouldn't allow me to go to church off campus with my husband and his grandparents. Instead they forced me to go to their church. It is NOT a friendly environment. All they care about is rules instead of encouraging and building you up in your Christian walk. Yeah it's cheap but is it worth it if you can't grow in your spiritual life?

Meryl Montgomery (November 2022)

Crackpot unaccredited school. It's awesome if you want to sing hymns, be a pastor, or obtain a worthless degree. Other than that don't bother and use your money on a REAL degree.

JORN ANDERSON (September 2022)

17 years later and I'm still shaking off the trauma. So many extra-biblical rules it'll make your head spin. Great place for Pharisaical training if your into that. The rule book has more rules than the Bible.

Trey Topper (May 2022)

Fundamentalism is a cancer to Christianity. You're better off going literally anywhere else for school and being an adult and maintaining your faith through your own church, not relying on the pre-k way this school rules their students. Up there with BYU in control freak levels.

Meghan Sturm (April 2022)

Happy to see that their student policy was changed; but still, to tell a student he can not graduate because of a natural hair style is such a slap in the face to Christian beliefs.

The Old Testament speaks of Samson, who’s strength & connection to the lord was his hair! His own wife betrayed him, and severed his hair while he slept. The bible teaches us to love our neighbor no matter their looks, or how they keep their hair.

This situation should NOT have even happened. Very disappointed.

Bobby Bandz (April 2022)

If u are a person of color don’t go to this school. From my personal experience from going here I learned the school specifically targets people of color and strips them of EVERYTHING that’s makes them them. These is no God here. They use Gods name to create their own rules and make it seem like if you are not following their rules you are disobeying God. Lol can’t believe these people

Andrew McDonald (2020)

I cannot warn you enough. DO NOT GO HERE FOR COLLEGE!

I attended and got my double major in management and marketing at this school. Academically, there was much to be desired. While most teachers care for their students, the curriculum and requirements are not nearly as involved as other institutions.

Outside of the academics, your time at PCC will be a literal hell of Student Life watching your every move. This includes them sending scouts into town during church services and required events to ensure students are not skipping these things. They will send a student life person to scan parking lots of other churches to make sure your vehicle isn’t there, and that you’re not visiting any other church but Campus Church. They will get out, and walk into area restaurants and coffee shops to check if there are students there during church services and required activities.

Your salvation will be questioned if you don’t comply with the various rules, and if you make a mistake, there is no mercy.

Not to mention, there are so many unwritten rules. Student Life representatives have a pompous attitude, and have absolutely no care for the individual student.

The theology of the Campus Church is completely contrary to the Gospel. They’ll preach that God will not bless you unless you comply, and God cannot be glorified unless your will is broken at the foot of the colleges rules and requirements. You’ll constantly feel like you’ll never be able to glorify God unless you follow the rules.

This place is designed to brainwash you into their bizarre way of thinking. You’ll meet some great people along the way possibly, but you’ll all share in your horrible experience later on and that will be your connection to each other.

Amanda Shimel (January 2022)

This place is the epitome of evil and extremism. I cannot begin to explain the trauma this place caused me to experience. Stay far far away if you can. This place is EVIL. It is not based on Gods will. It’s a cult in its own right! Ten years later and I still have nightmares from this place and that is no lie. I wish I could give zero stars.

Ashley Howard (February 2022)

They discriminate against people with disabilities here. They do not provide the legally required accommodations for dyslexia as stated by the ADA. They’re only advice for dyslexic students is to take a time management course, which is NOT helpful to the disability! Do not go here if you are disabled!!!

Bradley (2021)

If you want to continue traumatizing your son or daughter, this is an amazing place!

Not sure if you believe in eternal conscious torment based on the supposed goodness of God? Why not start with a 2 or 4 year version of hell and go from there?

Pensacola Christiantrumpworshipping College—for a rigid, indoctrination-based education and toxic community, whereby parents with undiagnosed trauma and a lack of emotional well-being can extend their children’s psychological beat down well into early adulthood.

Support Mental Health professionals income for the rest of their lives! Dig deep into emotional and spiritual abuse!

Kaleb Curl (2019)

I was raised in a church that went here for summer camps for the youth group. The camps were fun, don't get me wrong, but the rules here are so extreme. I now know seven people that have attended this school, including one that even got kicked out for disobeying dress code. At this college, they are so blindly caught up in "religion," as opposed to teaching people how to have a genuine relationship with God, and even with other people. This college literally penalizes couples for holding hands or even resting a head on the other's shoulder. That absolutely does not in any way teach love, compassion, kindness, or caring, which are in themselves fruits of the spirit. That being said, along with all of the other rules in place, this school lacks spiritual fruit. And they brainwash their students to believe that if anyone says anything or does anything against their rules, that they are weak Christians. Seriously, what person has the divine right to judge on whether or not someone is a "weak" Christian? It is more or less a cult built upon very hypocritical "Christian values" that don't actually exist in the eyes of God. They want nothing more than for you to follow their oppressive rules and shun those who don't instead of trying to show the love of God. The only good thing about this school is the groups of friends that are made sporadically throughout the college over time. Amongst themselves, these people are the true Christian leaders and examples of our time that are able to recognize false teachings and hypocritical behavior and respond by pouring out the true love of God to all of those who are in need.

Nini Shi (October 2022)

You can literally get kicked out for not tucking in your shirt…

L M (2018)

I would not recommend that anyone go to this school. I have watched friends of mine go to this school and they have only gotten more liberal or rebellious since they've been saddens me. A lot of their rules are just plain ridiculous. The way that they try to manipulate their students is nothing short of insane. It's a cult in every aspect of the word. If people still decide to go here, that's their business. But to all prospective students, please research this place and make sure you know what you're walking into!

Nick Harrison (2019)

I'm a 2018 graduate of PCC and I went here for all 4 years. It's really sad that this place calls itself Christian, its legalistic places like pcc that give Christians a bad name. They do have a lot of rules regulating most areas of life. I was treated very poorly and rude by several "Christians" on staff and faculty and I saw many of my friends treated the same way. I've personally seen people who were once people I would hang out with, when given positions of leadership become legalistic monsters taking joy in getting as many students in trouble as possible, and this is done in the name of Christ! As a student you are guilty until proven innocent and can be kicked out just because someone accuses you of something. I'm also not sure the academics are the greatest either. There was almost no classroom discussion and students are not encouraged to formulate their own opinions but just repeat back what they're told. We even used high school textbooks for several classes. Needless to say, when I entered the real work world I found out that employers want you to think for yourself instead of just repeating back to them what they want to hear, this was a skill I had to develop on my own because I was never challenged or taught that way at PCC. I've heard people say stuff like "if you don't like it just leave", or "you signed saying you agreed to follow the rules so don't complain". Well leaving is not always possible for everyone, some parents force their kids to go here, I had to go because it was cheap and I knew about the rules but I'm a Christian so I thought I'd be ok for 4 years. I really wanted to leave but my credits wouldn't transfer because PCC doesn't have the best accreditation, so every year I had to sign saying I'd follow the rules because I was stuck, I couldn't leave without losing the time and money I had already put in so while I technically could have left, realistically I had no other choice but to stay and finish. If I wasn't a real Christian and I went here I probably would have left Christianity. Christ died for our sins so we could live free, not so we would have to live under the burden of man-made rules. Now I think I can call PCC a cult, there's brainwashing, they trap you there, and they misunderstand the point of Christianity. Don't go here cause its cheap, its not worth the headache and you'll get the quality of education you pay for. Parents, don't force your kids to go here unless you want to risk them resenting you and possibly being pushed away from Christianity altogether when they see the fakeness of it at PCC. I did not write this to be a hateful comment or to slander the school but I felt I needed to say something because I'm somebody who experienced this place for real and was hurt by it.

Robert Lindblad (2020)

my sister in law went to this ridiculous college. I feel so bad for her being duped by these charlatans. They charged get all the graduating fees, she walked with pomp and circumstance, blah blah blah. Fast forward a year, someone calls to verify her graduation and the school tells them she never graduated. When she looked into it they claimed they had mailed her a letter telling her she didn't graduate, which she never received. The reason given was that her typing speed was not up to requirements, even though she had a passing grade in the class (??). Now it's costing her even more money, AND they never mailed her diploma. Come to find out, there are tons of similar cases of them extorting people for extra money in ways like this. this place should be shut down. it's a disgrace to the Christian faith.

Sarah Mitchell (2017)

I was a student from 2013 to 2016 and had grown up on a farm. I chose PCC so I could have a quality, Christian education, but was disappointed to find a lookism culture on a "Christian" campus - if you do not look, act, and think the way they want you to, you will feel ostracized and may receive demerits. Monitors are placed both on and off campus (some of whom hide behind trees and bushes outside and potted plants inside buildings in order to 'catch' students doing something contrary to the rules). They even say, God gave them authority over the students and to disobey them is to disobey Him (even if you can't find most of their rules in the Bible). I understand and appreciate some of their rules, but others are in place simply so that they can manipulate and control the students. Some were just confusing - for example, you can have blue-tooth earpieces, but you cannot have earbuds. They do not accept federal financial aid (no FAFSA or grants) and their education cannot be written off as a tax deduction (1098-T form). The campus was beautiful and the sports center (when it wasn't full) was fun, but I can't recommend the food - it is good for the first week or so. Many of the staff were sincerely friendly, but most were not. I am so glad that I began again at another college! (Not transfer - none of my credits would, but other students have been able to transfer some). I would not recommend this college to anyone.

Jillena Rose (2016)

I would never recommend this school to anyone unless you'd prefer to be in jail cell for four years. Whether it was being judge by what you wear every single day as you walk out of your residents hall or not being able to show common courtesy by shaking hands from the opposite sex. I thought it was going to be a great school but it actually was one huge nightmare. Plus, their accreditation system is very messed up and 90% of the time if you decide to go to a different college, more than likely your credits will not transfer. I guess its their way of trying to keep you there. Best of luck to anyone that goes here.

Sharon Frost (2015)

This is not about a review. It is about speaking to other young people trying to make a decision in their life. Unfortunately I had a horrendous experience at this school. I wish I had chosen a different school. If you are not from a fundamentalist background, you simply will not fit in here. Please visit their rules on their website, these rules are 24/7, not just during classes. Do internet searches and seriously consider if this is the school for you. I wish I had gone elsewhere. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Melissa La Rance (2017)

If I could I would give this school zero stars. The faculty cares very little about the students and is only interested in pushing their own agenda. I completed almost 3 years as a nursing major; had excellent grades, outstanding attendance, and overall followed the rules accordingly. However, I had to leave mid-semester because my mother was dying of cancer. The faculty didn't care and I was told that if I left this school I would not be successful in my life. Fast forward to almost 5 years later; none of my credits transferred. I ended up having to retake 3 years of college all over again. Wasted thousands of dollars on this scam of a school. At any chance I get, I discourage any young high school grad from attending PCC. Literally the worst decision for a college education.

Slacker Bots (2019)

Was a student for for 1 year, and it was absolutely horrible. "Student Life" doesn't benefit anyone in the student body.. they're just there to catch people doing "unchristian" like behavior, and kick them out. The place forces the gospel down your throat. Not worth the tuition cost.

Sarabeth Queale (2017)

Please, do not consider giving this establishment your money, your time, and your energy. Pensacola Christian College falsely advertises itself to many young adults. They portray themselves as a beneficial, successful school with a caring environment. It is a cult.

I would like to take back everything that I spent at PCC. As a high school graduate, I refused to believe the many people who spoke against this place, because they sounded emotional and angry. Please, do not waste any year or your life finding out what PCC really is. Unless you are very fundamental or have left a cult-like church, it is hard to comprehend what this place is like.

Parents, please do not urge your child to go to this place because of the cheap price. $10,000 a year is allot of money to waste. Young person, please look elsewhere. Ask one of PCC's representatives to tell you what the enrollment attrition rate is, specifically from freshman year to senior year. The fact that PCC cannot maintain the majority of each class should be an indicator that something is wrong.

This establishment's credits are still not recognized by most schools outside of the local area, which means the credits are not transferable. This school prohibits men and women from using the same elevator, transgression can lead to demerits. Each semester a student can have up to 99 demerits before they are automatically expelled, and 180 demerits in total for the school year. However, the board can and regularly chooses to expel people who have not met these standards. You cannot leave the campus during the day without submitting a pass, and cannot stay the night somewhere else without a request form approved. Rooms are checked multiple times a day. Men and women cannot touch. Married couples can only conservatively hold hands. Men and women cannot talk to each other or spend time together, unless they are on the campus. You are not allowed to leave at the end of the semester unless you fill out paperwork with all of your travel information, leaving without filling out the form results in demerits. This is not even a fraction of the many extreme rules.

Please, believe the many people who have experienced this place.

Amanda N (2018)

My experience from 2005-2008 is that this college is very legalistic. If you do not listen to certain music, dress a certain way, and use a specific version of the Bible; then either you are a backslidden Christian or you are not a Christian at all. The Bible Conference at PCC is just a week off from classes to get brain-washed into believing what the school believes. One semester, I had a stalker (a pastoral major) and I was told by the Student Life office to “stay away from him” (duh!). During finals and midterms, this place made you go to Fine Arts and do White Glove cleaning even though the faculty claimed to “care about your academic success”. This school also gave the guilt trip for not going on “Christian service” even though your grades were important too and each “Christian service” group had certain criteria (such as classification) you had to meet before you could participate in that group. I could go on. It’s a legalistic school with a lot of broken promises (such as “major” drops). But that was my experience during 2005-2008. I hope this place had changed for the better since then.

Anon Omus (2017)

Two of my Christian cousins went here. Basically, it's like a fundamentalist version of 1984 where administration dictates your every move-- "don't wear headphones," "don't order pizza at the dorm," "don't wear jeans," "don't cut your hair like that," "don't chew gum here" and many more ridiculous rules that are more interested in how students appear than how sincere their relationship with God is. Students are encouraged to snitch on each other. Monitors are hidden to try to catch students breaking rules (nope, not creepy at all).


A M (2017)

Went to this school for 1 year. After growing up in a conservative Christian environment and going to a Christian school my entire life, this place was overly controlling. I felt that I concentrated on not getting into trouble instead of concentrating on school work. The staff there I found to be very manipulative and controlling at all times. They control where you go to church, when you eat, sleep, how clean you keep your living quarters, what you wear, and where you go to, even away from the college, at all times and the place has more hidden cameras installed to "catch you" that a level 5 prison couldnt even beat (my roomate was on the security staff). The dormitories have a phone in each room but those phones are disconnected at "lights out" which I believe was 9 or 10pm if I remember correctly. As a young adult trying to figure out life and how to live and act on your own, you will not figure it out here. Its an artificial atmosphere. You cannot ride in elevators or walk after dark with any member of the opposite sex, staff or not. Men and women can go to the beach but must go to oposite beaches in Pensacola and cannot meet up for lunch or socialize. If you get sick you have to go to their medical staff and they had a room with other sick students that you had to stay at all day long during school hours; you couldnt just get sick and stay in your own bed in your dorm. I had a job paying off my tuition costs at their campus print shop and I remember working with other students there and we couldnt even communicate with each other there. I went seeking a Christian education and wanted to grow in Christ with likeminded people but left disapointed and disgruntled at their broken system of doing things.

Benjamin Daggett (2016)

After four years in PCC I cannot in good conscience recommend this school. Although the educational experience was good. The student life department controls and monitors every action of the students on campus. Instead of letting adult college students make their own decisions, the college enforces things like church attendance and bed times. The college zealously enforces its church attendance rules. When I had a torn ACL and had surgery the next day, I was told I had to go to church or be forced go to a video recording of the service on Saturday. Also since my leg was swollen and in a big bolky cast I asked the Student Life department if I could wear shorts to class since pants were painful to put on and wear but I was told I still had to wear pants. Dean Omen said I could wear "athletic" pants but those do not solve my problem. The school is more concerned with enforcing rules than actually caring for its students.

Ashley Vollnogle (2019)

This is a review on Abeka, that Pensacola Christian publishes and sells. I would not recommend them based on customer service. Due to our school changing the edition of books my daughter needed (mid summer), after I bought the previous edition, they refused to offer any sort of refund, even though I would be buying a book back from them. This was bc it was 9 days past the deadline. 9 days! I bought the book in May trying to get ahead of my curriculum buying (I also homeschool 2 children) and didn't realize the school changed editions they were needing until today when I was packing up my daughter's books. I find it hard to believe that there is something magical about 9 days on a return, on a brand new book you still sell!! Way to support the Christian schooling community.

Philip Vanwingerden (2017)

This school is unbelievable. Rules are good, I believe in rules, but to make the students go to bed and not finish watching the presidential election because it was "curfew" is ridiculous! They let the students finish watching the World Series (how kind) but they made them go to bed and not finishing watching history be made. Beware of this college.

Nathan Smith (2016)

Be very careful. I went one year and though there are some godly men and women there, the overall culture is very narrow minded and has a philosophy of scripture PLUS man's preference with an emphasis on man's preference. As a result, many of their positions do not jive with scripture but take positions two or three steps further than scripture, much like the Pharisees within Scripture. In some ways, I would say this is close to being a cult. I have advanced seminary degrees from other conservative institutions and the Biblical exegesis and exposition of PCC is very shoddy. Please do not judge Christianity or the God of the Bible by interactions at Pensacola Christian College.

Billy Dorn (2017)

This college turned on one of its students for taking a stand on American history and American LAW that protects historical Veterans monuments and memorials. How do you think God with think of this college for kicking a student out of school on his last year and rendering him from an education for something he did on his private time. It wasn't moral of this college. WE DEMAND FULL REINSTATEMENT IMMEDIATELY. Do the right thing and the Christian thing.

William Watson (2017)

Let me explain why this is one of the worst places you will ever go to if you love God or want an education.

I've been to many churches of various sects of Christianity (though mostly baptist). This one is by far the creepiest and most dictatorial. They preach politics directly from the pulpit (which is illegal mind you). They will publicly mock you if you believe differently (and believing differently is a valid reason for being kicked out). Their rules at the college are RIDICULOUS. You can get in trouble for singing Christmas music outside of the Christmas season (I am not joking). You cannot go into certain stores while you are there or you will be kicked out. They have a list. Speaking of lists, better hope you don't do any business online because they block almost every website (including all mail servers, skype, etc). If you get caught using your own internet (they DO check your phones at any time btw) you will be kicked out. If you are gay...may God's mercy be upon you if they find out.

Also, should you get kicked out (regardless of the offense) you have 24 hours maximum to vacate the premises (no matter if you have someplace to go or not) and you are escorted AT ALL TIMES everywhere they will allow you to go. And if you talk to someone that is not your appointed escort, they will boot you out IMMEDIATELY and give you your stuff outside of the gates and walk away. There is always a large percentage of Freshman that are expelled within the first semester, not year...semester.

Calling this place Christian is like calling a McDonald's burger healthy because it has lettuce on it.

Blake G. (2014)

I won't say it's awful, but there are several problems, to say the least... Where to start:
The school sends out students to do what they call 'evangelism'. The students that go out may be given a set of pitches and lines about God and the Bible, but it truly lacks depth of any real knowledge about either of the two. They may be able to quote many verses faster than you can say Jack Rabbit, but those same students can't answer why they believe that the Bible is God's Word, where the Bible comes from or who gets to decide what's scripture. All they can repeat is 2 Timothy 3:16, but that commits the fallacy of circular reasoning. They simply lack the philosophical understanding of the Bible, and are not trained in an authentic technique in using the Bible as an aid in salvation. The majority of the time, students get stuck in controversy, and when under pressure, they begin patronizing people by telling them they're going to Hell. That's rather peculiar to represent a "Christian" school in that manner when there are no Biblical accounts of Christ personally telling anyone that they were going to Hell.

They may have many good principles and well-intentioned rules, but it goes overboard by sending out other students to watch and catch you doing something wrong. Where I come from, we call that stalking. I recommend researching a place named Qumran and the ethics of their community to compare the two.

Lastly, I find it rather misleading to call it a college when it lacks accreditation, which is necessary if you plan on pursuing a career outside of an actual church organization. No job outside of a church would ever hire someone from a school without accreditation.

Sorry, but the Truth hurts and the Truth is offensive, and there was no one more full of Truth than Jesus Christ, Himself. Just see how lovingly offensive Jesus was to His contemporaries.

Sally Clark (2018)

This school is discriminating against singles!!! I have a brother who attends unfortunately...I am visiting from out of state in a few weeks and wanted to have him hang with me for the weekend. I am 30 yrs old waiting for God's timing to get it my fault I'm not married yet ? Absolutely not. Yet the school rejected the request to have my own brother stay with me over a weekend. I understand safety for those who have messed up family but I 30 years old and am highly involved with ministry. They discriminate ALL singles. Jesus was single. Totally unbiblical, very cultish and I can't imagine how many ppl they have hurt bc of their legalistic rules

Anon (2016)

This is an unaccredited, low-cost school, for good reason. This school actually blamed a woman for her's sicking. Most modern things are banned, such as Internet, music, jeans, dancing, and movies. (Dancing is actually praised in the bible). Women & men can't even walk on the same sidewalks.

It amazes me that this "Christian" cult school remains open.

Remember, diplomas from unaccredited schools are worthless in many states!

Aaron Neptune (2016)

Acedemics are OK, but good luck transferring credits to accredited colleges. Some nice staff, but a most are judgmental and all around awful people. If you grew up homeschooled and in a really strict church or home you might like here. If you are a normal person please go anywhere else. This place will literally drain you of all hapiness.

Ninja Artist (2019)

Great Professors. But that's about it for this sad excuse of a college.
I think they should change the school motto to "Big Brother is Always Watching."
They hover over the students as if they are on parole. This school is not about getting an education but about trying to not step out of line. I literally heard one of the speakers say "if you received demerits for something you didn't do, you probably did something that deserved them anyway."

Danielle Tate (2016)

Neither Christian, nor an accredited college. Only "Pensacola" is correct, and that's only because they haven't decided to secede and form their own fundamentalist country yet. Don't go here if you're a Christian; they don't actually follow the Bible. They just use it as an excuse to treat people like trash. And if you're not a Christian, stay away from PCC and please remember we're not all like that!

Gavin Bufford (2017)

Pcc is the worst school ever. It was a complete waste of my time and money. They kicked me out for going to the wrong Sunday school class. And that was a year ago. They still will not release my transcripts which has put me behind in my college career. They schools not be called a Christian college if they cannot even live by what the Bible has to say. If I was able to take it all back and not go there I would in a heartbeat. I am warning you if you are thinking about going DONT DO IT!!!!

Mara Ranian (2018)

It is a shame and disgrace that female students wear short pants on Campus while not in connection with Physical Education. It's as though modest apparel was thrown out the window. Fundamental Christians will be disappointed with PCC. Fundamentalism turns liberal at this college. If you are a Fundamental Christian, look somewhere else.

GrassRoots Photo Boards (2018)

I am appalled at the lack of Christian concern on the behalf of PCC for our teen daughter. She works to support herself at college, and locked herself out of her car at the WalMart parking lot at night, after dark. We are in Wisconsin and could not help her. She remembered that she was advised in a meeting at the beginning of each semester to call security if anything happened to her vehicle off campus, "especially young ladies". When she called security, they reminded her that she might have triple A insurance (she doesn't), and gave her the name of a locksmith, which she could not afford. They could offer no other help because "we don't have the resources". With 5000+ students, and a campus church that includes families, it seems there would be some resource that could be brought into play. She found a complete stranger and asked him to break into her car, and he was kind and gracious to her. She never received any follow up call, or the slightest token of concern for her welfare. The world takes care of its own better than that.

Jay Jeong Y (2017)

Let me just start by saying that some of the people here have worst judgmental mindset than the 21 century social media. What I just said is enough to keep 99 percent of you away! I am saying this as a student here PLEASE DO NOT COME OR SEND YOUR KIDS HERE!

Note: Look at the one star ratings. Those are not trolls or bad students. They are all truthful and reliable resources to keep people away from this school. BE AWARE!

Jesus Wept (2019)

This college is NOT accredited. You will waste your time and hard work and money. Please choose another college. More importantly, they have a history of abuse and mishandling the abuse of students. Please avoid this college. #ChurchToo #StopTheAbuse #ProtectTheSheep

Jairus Mcconnell (2016)

The worst place possible you could go. Nothing but their ideology and pharisee ways shoved down your throat constantly. When you are not even allowed to go home and spend time with your family because of a stupid bible conference you know that they do not care about anything else but their own pride and stupid religion. Nevery ever come here.

Greg S (2015)

This institution did more to harm my personal development than any other. As a 38 year old professional, I still bear the scars of how I was treated by this harsh, unloving, uncaring college. My years there have provided zero value and I resent that I made the terrible choice to attend here. I hope that I can keep others from making the same mistake.

I was not perfect - but instead of seeing grace and love - I saw evil. I saw judgment.

Dean Ohman, Springs, and the other troll - if I saw you in public - I would split on you. You are terrible men and I hope that you will reap the seeds of your anger and bitterness. You are NOTHING like Christ and you are everything that is wrong with fundamentalism.

Zach Wilson (2015)

God does not discriminate. God does not blame people for their circumstances. God does not carry hatred in his heart. This school does. please give your money to another school. Fundamentalism is not what god wants. Fundamentalism is the road to terrorism and war.

Donna Carpentieri (2-17)

I was disappointed to learn you kicked out the gentleman who went to protect the history of our country. He did not scream, shout, cuss, or act in any way inappropriately. The only reason he was escorted by the police was because of the unruly crowd harassing him. Does this mean you support the unlawful destruction of property? Shame on you.

Vincent Speranza (2019)

I'm an Uber Driver and I took a student to the airport that was flying out to the Dominican Republic at 7 a.m THE NEXT MORNING! So my curiosity being peaked I asked my client why she didn't just order an Uber the next morning a couple of hours prior to her flights departure? She replies "I'm not allowed to stay overnight because I have to be out of my dorm room the night before Christmas break unless I pay a 30 dollar fee! So because of that she had to spend the night at the Pensacola Airport! All I got to say is I myself as a Christian man will tell you that you're petty little self serving rules aren't helping the cause of christ they're hindering it because if I were a lost man and I heard what I heard from my customer last night you would've sealed my eternal destiny on a first class ticket to HELL!

Scott Redner (2017)

Private property beware pokemon go players. Not friendly at all, no signage telling you it's private, they just will follow you around and then kick you out. Some of the rudest "Christians" you'll ever meet.

Bryan G (2016)

Based on what I read, you have a lot more freedom in North Korea then in this concentration camp. If I ever had to enroll at Pensacola Christian College against my will, then I will apply to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most demerits accumulated in the shortest amount of time by breaking all their stupid Mickey Mouse rules by smuggling in rock and roll music, playing rock music on the piano, going to the movies, watching tv on my phone using the AT&T 4g network as some examples. If they tell me that they need to search my phone, and ask for the passcode, I tell them "I refuse to give it to you and you may not search it without a warrant and if you confiscate it, I will call the police and have you arrested for theft." PCC in my book stands for Pensacola Concentration Camp.

cheri hudson (2017)

A young man who exercised his beliefs off campus in a non-violent way and you expelled him???? That's not part of the Christian or Scholar standard. Shameful! Reinstate this young man and and let him finish his senior year.

A Clarke (August 2022)

Staff were unkind to campers.

Javier Benez (2016)

On the positive side, this nightmare straight out of an Orwell novel was an important step in my path to atheism.

Hope you like prying judgmental puritans...

BURNEM 99 (2017)

School ran by weak minds who openly discriminate against people. Doesn't speak much for the education they provide when they themselves cannot understand what they teach.

Scott Brake (2017)

This school is legalistic, has horrible accreditation, and treats their students like children. I would never recommend this school to anyone.

Fritz Kondjela Naunyango (2018)

I thought god created people with the purpose have having them be free.... I'd compare this school and it's rules to that of a cults .

Juan Wesley Abbott (2021)

Public Collages in Third World Countries are way better than this so called "Christian" Collage.

timmay (2017)

Pensacola "Christian" College has no values. They only care about power over students and controlling them

Daniil Oxyuk (July 2022)


AMan InLunacy (2017)

I find this institution to be bereft of both Christian values, and the values associated with education.

Avery Gibson (2019)

This place is a cult. If I could give it less than one star, I would.

Swisp (2017)

Awful, awful school. Those who seek a higher education should do so ELSEWHERE!

Tunnel Rat (2-17)

A christian college with no character no value in expression.....This college will fold to any whim ..

mohamed khald (2017)

I can't meet my girlfriend because of the rules for this college :(

Yiran Gao (2-17)

Fundamentalist nutjobs should go live back in the dark ages.

Ungabunga Oogabooga (2-18)

Probably the worst college you could find in America.

Cole B (2021)

The bell didn't ring at 3

Wyatt Peeples (2019)

It’s basically a cult to be honest

michael engeseth (2021)

Run, while you still can...

Dahlia George (2022)

This place is terrible from a personal point of view

Stav (2018)

It’s a bad place

Tyler Kihm (2018)

Absolutely disgusting.

Rhand323 (2019)

Bad just bad

Camden Rusch (2017)

Zero freedom

Eric Lux (2017)

scam school

Dear friend, if you would like for me to remove your comment, or you want to edit your comments, you can contact me at kingjamesbible77 AT gmail DOT com. God bless you all, and I apologize on behalf of the jerks at PCC who still haven't learned that PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!!!

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