Why Young People Should Not Attend Pensacola Christian College

by David J. Stewart | October 2022

Romans 14:9-12, “For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living. But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.”
Something is very wrong with Pensacola Christian College (PCC). By God's grace, I have decided to write against them for the rest of my life, until they repent of their abusive behavior toward hurting people. I have always disliked big retailers, big churches and big colleges, because they have so much support and money that the little guy doesn't matter. If you have ever complained at Walmart and tried to get justice for being mistreated by their employees, good luck! The management doesn't care! That has been my firsthand experience with several big companies, and sadly Pensacola Christian College and their shameful Campus Church pastors.
In 2021 I attended Campus Church at PCC. Their senior pastor, Jeff Redlin, didn't like me from the time that he met me. My first impression of him was that of a coward, as I saw the back of his head walking away from me, after I had just told him kindly that I was sleeping homeless in Walmart's parking lot in Pensacola on Mobile Highway. Pastor Redlin didn't care. I know he heard me because I saw the startled look on his face, but he decided to just walk away, which is his character. Campus Church is a place of religious abuse!
I downloaded all of the negative reviews on Google to take the time to study them, to see if I am the only one who sees the abusive culture at PCC. I was shocked how many hundreds of negative complaints I found. Here is one complaint against PCC, by one of their former abused students, just one of hundreds...

Gavin Bufford (2017)
Pcc is the worst school ever. It was a complete waste of my time and money. They kicked me out for going to the wrong Sunday school class. And that was a year ago. They still will not release my transcripts which has put me behind in my college career. They schools not be called a Christian college if they cannot even live by what the Bible has to say. If I was able to take it all back and not go there I would in a heartbeat. I am warning you if you are thinking about going DONT DO IT!!!!

SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College
Well said Gavin, they don't give a damn about individual people at PCC. The cult system comes first, individual people don't matter. I learned that firsthand in 2021 and 2022. I don't have a place to go to church on Sunday nights. I can't find any good churches in Pensacola, where I live, that is open on Sunday nights. I had left Campus Church where I attended for a few months in 2021, because Pastor Redlin had mistreated me, and I felt like he just didn't care about me as a human being. I had shared with him my ongoing struggle with neck stenosis and radiculitis (spinal cord damage) and that I have been divorced and lonely since 2006, when my former wife abandoned me.
Pastor Redlin couldn't have cared less. He even scolded me (I was 54 years old at the time) for mentioning that I hoped to find a wife at Campus Church. Where else am I supposed to find a wife, if not at church? PCC thinks once you are divorced, life is over, you must remain single forever. That is NOT what the Bible teaches in 1st Corinthians 7:1-2; it says that to prevent fornication in the churches, everybody should be married. God said that! Pastor Redlin has a wife! What a selfish and uncaring little man! Anyway, don't take my word for it, here is what Danielle has to say negative about the PCC cult...

Danielle Tate (2016)
Neither Christian, nor an accredited college. Only "Pensacola" is correct, and that's only because they haven't decided to secede and form their own fundamentalist country yet. Don't go here if you're a Christian; they don't actually follow the Bible. They just use it as an excuse to treat people like trash. And if you're not a Christian, stay away from PCC and please remember we're not all like that!

SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College 

They sure do TREAT PEOPLE LIKE TRASH at PCC Danielle,  like they cruelly did me in 2021 and 2022. What cold-hearted snobs! PCC are a bunch of academic types, not church builders, who woefully lack God's compassion for people. I am still banned in writing from attending Campus Church at PCC (as of August 2, 2022 by Pastor Jeff Redlin), just because PCC refuses to reconcile with me. I offered (and still offer) to do whatever they require to make the peace, but they won't do it. They have thrown me under the bus, and couldn't care less if I have a place to attend church on Sunday nights. Jeff Redlin gets paid a lucrative 6-digit salary annually! Campus Church took in $3,500,000 in 2020-2021, yet they charged people $10 to attend a meeting in July of 2021 on how to share the Gospel more effectively. What greedy charlatans!!! PCC loves money, not people!!! If you enroll at their college, you will regret it.
I painfully learned firsthand that PCC discriminates against single people, whether divorced or single, it doesn't matter. The following negative review of PCC is very accurate, if you are a normal person, you won't be accepted or like PCC...
Sally Clark (2018)
This school is discriminating against singles!!! I have a brother who attends unfortunately...I am visiting from out of state in a few weeks and wanted to have him hang with me for the weekend. I am 30 yrs old waiting for God's timing to get married...is it my fault I'm not married yet ? Absolutely not. Yet the school rejected the request to have my own brother stay with me over a weekend. I understand safety for those who have messed up family but I 30 years old and am highly involved with ministry. They discriminate ALL singles. Jesus was single. Totally unbiblical, very cultish and I can't imagine how many ppl they have hurt bc of their legalistic rules.
SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College 
Here is what Mara has to say about the culture at PCC...
Mara Ranian (2018)
It is a shame and disgrace that female students wear short pants on Campus while not in connection with Physical Education. It's as though modest apparel was thrown out the window. Fundamental Christians will be disappointed with PCC. Fundamentalism turns liberal at this college. If you are a Fundamental Christian, look somewhere else.
SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College
Here is a negative review from one of PCC's former students, who agrees with me that PCC is cultish...
Nathan Smith (2016)
Be very careful. I went one year and though there are some godly men and women there, the overall culture is very narrow minded and has a philosophy of scripture PLUS man's preference with an emphasis on man's preference. As a result, many of their positions do not jive with scripture but take positions two or three steps further than scripture, much like the Pharisees within Scripture. In some ways, I would say this is close to being a cult. I have advanced seminary degrees from other conservative institutions and the Biblical exegesis and exposition of PCC is very shoddy. Please do not judge Christianity or the God of the Bible by interactions at Pensacola Christian College.
SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College
The old adage is true that: "Tyranny is rarely seen except by those who are oppressed by it." Just ask Benjamin, who tore his ACL and had surgery the next day, but was then threatened to go to church or else. That is the abusive authoritarian culture at PCC. Even the U.S. military shows more compassion for wounded soldiers, than PCC does for their students! PCC is an abusive authoritarian cult. Please, please, please, if you are reading this and are considering attending PCC, please RUN from this place while you still can (or become another victim)...
Benjamin Daggett (2016)
After four years in PCC I cannot in good conscience recommend this school. Although the educational experience was good. The student life department controls and monitors every action of the students on campus. Instead of letting adult college students make their own decisions, the college enforces things like church attendance and bed times. The college zealously enforces its church attendance rules. When I had a torn ACL and had surgery the next day, I was told I had to go to church or be forced go to a video recording of the service on Saturday. Also since my leg was swollen and in a big bolky cast I asked the Student Life department if I could wear shorts to class since pants were painful to put on and wear but I was told I still had to wear pants. Dean Omen said I could wear "athletic" pants but those do not solve my problem. The school is more concerned with enforcing rules than actually caring for its students.
SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College
I haven't edited the typos in these reviews. People use their mobile phones, which is easy to make typos. I didn't want to edit anything, so you can see exactly what they said. Here is  more information that you need to know as a prospective student about the abusive prisonhouse culture at PCC...
A M (2017)
Went to this school for 1 year. After growing up in a conservative Christian environment and going to a Christian school my entire life, this place was overly controlling. I felt that I concentrated on not getting into trouble instead of concentrating on school work. The staff there I found to be very manipulative and controlling at all times. They control where you go to church, when you eat, sleep, how clean you keep your living quarters, what you wear, and where you go to, even away from the college, at all times and the place has more hidden cameras installed to "catch you" that a level 5 prison couldnt even beat (my roomate was on the security staff). The dormitories have a phone in each room but those phones are disconnected at "lights out" which I believe was 9 or 10pm if I remember correctly. As a young adult trying to figure out life and how to live and act on your own, you will not figure it out here. Its an artificial atmosphere. You cannot ride in elevators or walk after dark with any member of the opposite sex, staff or not. Men and women can go to the beach but must go to oposite beaches in Pensacola and cannot meet up for lunch or socialize. If you get sick you have to go to their medical staff and they had a room with other sick students that you had to stay at all day long during school hours; you couldnt just get sick and stay in your own bed in your dorm. I had a job paying off my tuition costs at their campus print shop and I remember working with other students there and we couldnt even communicate with each other there. I went seeking a Christian education and wanted to grow in Christ with likeminded people but left disapointed and disgruntled at their broken system of doing things.

SOURCE: Google reviews of Pensacola Christian College

I have several HUNDRED more negative reviews about PCC!!! One or two people may be wrong, but several hundred people complaining about the abusive cultish authoritarian police state culture at PCC cannot all be wrong. Please RUN from this horrible place!!!
Something that I learned a very long time ago—through the inexplicable pain of going through an unwanted divorce in 2006, rejection from uncaring self-righteous churches over the years, losing my home and retirement to pay for legal expenses, suffering horribly since 2004 with painful stenosis and radiculitis in my neck, and losing everything I owned along the way—is that PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED. There is no love at PCC, only lots of rules. The PCC cult system always comes first, individual people don't matter.
I am now 55 years old. I have four adult children between the ages of 29 and 33. I am a proud grandfather of seven grandchildren. Praise the Lord. I care about people. I am a normal person. I went to a Beach Boys concert last October in Pensacola. PCC would NEVER accept anyone who did that. PCC are NOT normal, not even close, neither are they godly Christians. They are a cult of religious snobs who are out of touch with reality. Yes, I went to see The Beach Boys, and I'd go see them again if they came to town. I love music! Mike Love was 80 years old when I heard and saw him sing last year. Mike still sounds great! He has a great sense of humor. What an awesome event! I am so glad that I went to see and hear them. Carl Wilson's son was also there singing, who sound just like his dad (who died of cancer in 1999). Being a Christian doesn't mean that you have to stop enjoying life.
A religious hypocrite like Pastor Jeff Redlin would no doubt condemn me for going to see The Beach Boys, while he won't even allow me to attend Campus Church anymore (even though I apologized three times in June, July and August of 2022 for offending them by criticizing them, and offered to do whatever they require to reconcile with the PCC family, and my offer is still valid). Sadly, they refused. The pastors of Campus Church and PCC (I mailed apology letters to both) totally ignored me for SIX WEEKS. I got frustrated and criticized them again. Only then did they tell me that I was banned from attending their church. What jerks! That is what they wanted in the first place, to get rid of me. SHAME on PCC. Something is VERY wrong with the spiritual atmosphere at PCC. They don't love individual people. They don't have God's love or compassion for hurting sinners. The system always comes first, people don't matter.
I moved 9,000 miles from the island of Guam to Pensacola in July of 2021. When I attended Campus Church at PCC in 2021 for a few months (where every student is REQUIRED to attend three times each week), there was no feeling of the presence or power of the Holy Spirit. They have nice religious singing, but the preaching is very boring and shallow, lacking substance and fire. You WON'T grow in the Lord as God wants you to young person, you will become a religious snob like PCC leadership, cold-hearted, formal and unforgiving of people who rub you the wrong way. That is what the heathen world does, not a godly saint.
There is no humility at PCC. There are no second chances. PCC has more students, church members, support and money than they know what to do with. I'm not kidding! So YOU as a student will be expendable, just like I was expendable as a church member. They just don't give a damn at PCC. The machine comes first, people fall through the cracks, but no ones cares. Security is everywhere, making you feel like you're in a fascist Nazi camp. Sadly, they don't know how to treat people with love and respect at PCC, and even worse, they don't have any desire to learn. PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BE LOVED; but you won't be loved at PCC, you will be tracked, monitored, watched, followed, controlled and abused.

And much worse, the PCC camp wickedly bid Godspeed to the Calvinist Bob Jones University (BJU) cult. BJU use, sell and promote the Devil's corruptible seed. BJU preaches hardcore Lordship Salvation. PCC is in bed with the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, which is a cesspool of BJU graduates, Devil's Bibles, misunderstood repentance and Lordship Salvation. No one cares at PCC about right doctrine! But God cares, and I care because I walk with God (Romans 3:4). PCC is partaker of BJU's evil deeds!!! Young person, PCC is all about money and secular education, which is why you ought not waste your time or money attending there! You can do so much better. Please RUN from the PCC cult!

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