Pensacola Christian College's Destructive Cult Behavior

by David J. Stewart | August 2023

Ephesians 4:32, “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.”

       Sadly, Pensacola Christian College (PCC) in Pensacola, Florida, epitomizes the definition and model of a religious cult. When I moved from Guam to Pensacola in July of 2021, I decided to attend Campus Church at PCC. The very first day I attended their 4th of July church picnic, I learned that Pastor Jeff Redlin is a contemptible person. I kindly explained to Pastor Redlin that I was homeless, sleeping in Walmart's parking lot. He just cold-heartedly walked away, which spoke volumes as to his lack of character, love or compassion for individual people.

In the months to follow at Campus Church, I was shunned by the pastors and made to feel like human garbage. I respectfully asked Pastor Redlin if I was welcome at in the PCC camp, to which he shamefully ignored me for weeks. When I pressed him kindly for an answer, he patronized me as a divorced person, again making me feel like human trash, which seems to be the cultish PCC way of mistreating people.

The inspired Holy Bible commands believers in Ephesians 4:32, “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.” Not everybody finds that tenderhearted forgiveness at PCC. I sure didn't. I went to Campus Church with a spirit of love, cooperation and a sincere desire to serve the Lord and be a blessing any way that I could. I certainly didn't expect to be patronized, mistreated and eventually banned from attending Campus Church by their religious thug pastors.

The Ku Klux Klan is infamous for bigotry against blacks for their race. PCC is no better, guilty of bigotry against divorced persons. PCC have huge egos. They look down their long Pharisaical noses upon anybody whom they dislike. I didn't do anything to PCC to deserve the harsh treatment, disrespect and being ostracized. PCC is sadly a religious cult!

I am sad to say that my experience at PCC and their Campus Church for several months was unfortunately and a regrettable time. Instead of the Christlike love, maturity and opportunity to serve God at PCC, I found that not only wasn't there any opportunities to serve the Lord at Campus Church, but I learned how bigoted, hateful, prejudiced, cultish and unforgiving the PCC camp really is. As of August 2, 2022 I have been permanently banned by Pastor Jeff Redlin from attending Campus Church. It didn't matter that I apologized for criticizing them on social media, and that I offered to do whatever Campus Church and PCC leaders required to reconcile and make the peace with them, so I can just return to attend Campus Church, they cold-heartedly refused to forgive me or give me a second chance. What religious bastards!

Read what one of their own disgruntled former students has to negatively say about the oppressive cult system at PCC...

A bit on my time at Pensacola Christian College (PCC) - And a warning not to attend

By diabolicflame93 |

A bit on my time at Pensacola Christian College. PCC is a small Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) college. Though for an IFB college they are rather large. They advertise often as being non-denominational, but their history and beliefs line up with the IFB.

Why did I attend, and how in the world had I even heard about it? I had seen a number of promotional materials for the college. Most of my homeschool materials came from Abeka. Their promotional singers (Proclaim Ministry Team) had come to visit my church at one point. And my junior year of high school I even went to tour the college.

When I visited the college I found a welcoming student body. And I had many good experiences during the week were students took time to talk often with me. So I applied during my visit there, thinking I could always withdrawal if I found a different college my senior year. I will given PCC one thing. Their “college days” format works well and allows a student to live in the dorms for two days creates a connection to the college.

One of the things that I never experienced as a visitor became apparent the moment I received the moment I got the pre-college materials from the college. The college had a lot of rules. The ones that stood out to me at the time were the rules no video games and clothes.

I was going to Florida the “sunshine state.” So I would be mostly packing shorts and tees, right? Well I was dead wrong. Men were to wear what I would have considered dress clothes at all times. All the jokes I got about “getting all that Florida sun” when I came back on breaks fell on deaf ears.

Day to day attire was:

Church Attire was:

Women had it worse. Dresses or skirts with a length that came to the knee at all times. Pants or shorts were never an option. And “no hint” of cleavage on any shirt or dress.

Video games, movies, and music were also restricted. As for music pretty much anything that wasn’t classical or instrumental only (no guitars or drums though) wasn’t allowed. Movies were expressly forbidden. Video games were limited to E-10 and under. Video games were my life at the time so this came as a bit of a blow to me.

I pushed my worries aside, packed up, and started my life at PCC. I initially had a bit of a rocky adjustment. But eventually I was able to settle into a routine. After I learned all the rules of course.

What wasn’t clear to me on my first read of the “Pathway” was how segregated by sex the college was. I was expecting separate dorm rooms. But I didn’t realize that there were a lot of rules regarding interaction with the opposite sex.

You could only “hang out” with a member of the opposite sex in an area that was considered to be chaperoned. Initially this only included one area of campus – the commons area. With an ever vigilant chaperone patrolling the area. But they did expand this area to be a bit larger towards 2013-2014.

Women and men had their own elevators and stairwells in every building, and as I discovered embarrassingly as a freshman it was not accepted to use the “women’s” stairwell. Men and women could attend classes together, but you couldn’t linger together after class in an academic building. We also had separate parking lots, gyms, and sports fields. And of course separate swimming facilities. Tisk, tisk don’t you ever dream of seeing a woman in a one piece swim suit (they weren’t allowed two piece suits).

Touch with a member of the opposite sex was expressly forbidden. Even normal casual contact like a high five or handshake could get you in trouble. And any “sexual” contact such as a hug or kiss could result in expulsion.

In every way the college treated you as if you were a child and PCC the authoritative parent. Every teacher and person in authority was to be referred to as Mr., Mrs., Dr. Lastname and so forth. No first names were to be used, and reverence and respect were expected.

Students were required to attend classes under heavy penalty. If happened to miss more classes than the allotted number (one skip per credit hour if I recall correctly) you would automatically drop a letter grade (regardless of your actual in-class grade). Attendance was also required for any student activities such as class meetings, student body gatherings, and collegian events (PCC’s version of sorority groups).

Religious events were also mandatory. And yes there were a lot of them. Sunday there would be at least three services you were required to attend. I should note that when I say attend; attendance was often counted. By use of slips or cards that you had to hand in at the beginning of the event.

The first service on Sunday would be Sunday school which I believe started around 09:50. Sunday school was segregated, and most college students were not allowed to choose which on campus Sunday school to attend. After that, Sunday morning service would start some time just after 10 am in the Crown Center. You were not allowed to attend any other church service other than the service offered at “The campus Church.” After that there would occasionally (normally once a month) be a vespers service around 2-3 pm. PCC’s version of vespers was a biblical play or allegory centered around song. Then at 7pm the evening service would begin. Once again this was not an optional service.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all had mandatory chapel services. 95% of these would just be a 30-40 minute sermon. The other 5% would be various announcements and political speeches. At the end of the day we would also have prayer time 10:30pm for about 15-20min. With most “prayer groups” sharing things to pray for then going around in prayer. This was a required event and attendance was taken each night.

Oh look you missed two days – Wednesday and Saturday! Nope, we also had church on Wednesday night. But we did get a day off of prayer group on Wed. Wednesday night service would have been from 7-8pm. Saturday was our only truly “free” day; with no required services, chapel, or prayer group on Saturday.

Another way students were treated like children were the mandatory in dorm times and then “lights out” times. You were mandated to be in the dorms by 10:25 pm. With prayer group from 10:30 pm – 10:45 pm. Then after that you had to be back to your own room by 11:00 pm. With a residence assistant (RA) checking in your room to see if you were in bed with the lights off at 11:15 pm. After that time you were not allowed out of bed. You would be given demerits if you were not in any of those places at the assigned times.

The Demerit system was the way the college would discipline their students. Minor rules that were broken were allotted a single warning. After that point you had to attend “student court” and receive your demerits. Yes, you had to walk up to a group of old men and apologize and receive your punishment. You couldn’t skip out or “student life” would increase the number of demerits received. If you reached a set number of demerits you would be expelled from the college.

“Student life” or a “RA” had the ability to enter your dorm room at any time. And they also had the “right” to look through your belongings, computers, or phones if they suspected you had something that violated the “code of conduct.”

“Students are prohibited from electronic content rated teen, mature, or adult, and any content regardless of rating containing graphic violence, sensual or demonic themes, suggestive dress, foul language, or gambling. PCC reserves the right to check any electronic device if it is reported or suspected that e-mail messages, file or media may be in violation of the policies and standards of the College. Devices may not be used to watch movies or TV.” - PCC Pathway 2013-14

The college also regulated your off-campus life as well. You were required to check in and out as you left campus. And women were only allowed to go off campus in groups of two or more “for their safety.” Men and women were never allowed to be off together in “mixed groups.” And in fact many college students would intentionally ignore the other sex off campus as to not get in trouble with the college. Any interaction with the opposite sex off campus would result in immediate expulsion.

I would honestly advise anyone looking at PCC to consider another college. They look opening and friendly, but in order to receive that open friendship there are a lot of rules and standards you have to keep. I would even go as far as to call it cult-like. If you think I’m being drastic look at the BITE model. PCC fits all aspects of the model.

I know some of the rules have changed but as of 2015 these were accurate. Full disclosure I attended from 2011-2015 and graduate with a Batchelor's Degree in Nursing.

Pensacola Christian College is extremely strict. Please avoid it at all costs.


Strictness without God's love is a cult! There is no genuine love of God at PCC, only rules and more rules. At PCC, the cult system always comes first, individual people do not matter. God knows that I do not hate anybody, but I do loathe the cold-hearted self-righteous attitudes that they have at Campus Church and PCC. They treat people like garbage at PCC. Sadly, PCC leaders are in sinful denial and couldn't care less. The reason why is because they are blinded by their worldly success. PCC has several thousand members and tens of millions of dollars, so they can be picky, selectively only caring about whom they choose, which is very wicked and wrong of them. The Bible teaches that everybody matters.

The Apostle Paul made it very clear to the church at Corinth in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 that there are no insignificant members in the Body of Christ. Paul warned against creating schisms in the Body of Christ by being repeaters of person, like at PCC. The fact that I am not welcomed to attend Campus Church, officially banned in writing since August 2, 2022 by Pastor Jeff Redlin from attending Campus Church, proves what I say, and how carnally-minded PCC leadership really is. I also wrote to PCC leaders, to make sure that they were aware of the issue with Pastor Redlin, but they chose to ignore me.

Tragically, hateful PCC leaders and their self-righteous incompetent pastors fail to realize the destructive consequences of their shameful behavior. You can verify online that Mormonism has shunned and ostracized thousands of young men, to make way for multiple brides for Mormonism's sex-perverted older males. These kicked out young men are commonly known as “Mormonism's Lost Boys.” PCC is infamous for excommunicating unwanted students, divorced persons and anybody whom they despise (sincere hurting humans beings like me). I literally begged PCC leaders in 2022 if I could please come back to Campus Church. I begged the pastors of Campus Church. Jeff Redlin disgustingly gets paid a 6-digit salary annually. That's well over $100,000 each year, since 2018 when they stupidly hired him. Redlin doesn't love anybody except himself and his own friends and family. If you're not in the in crowd at PCC, they shun you. That is what they are doing to me, because I am a Hyles-Anderson College alumni, whom PCC despises.

I humbly think that God is protecting me from being corrupted by the ecumenical compromising going on at PCC. To their utter shame, the PCC camp wickedly bid Godspeed to the Calvinist Bob Jones University (BJU) cult. BJU invited and honored die hard Calvinist Paul Washer in December of 2022 at BJU chapel. BJU honors and wickedly bids Godspeed to Lordship Salvation false prophet, Dr. John MacArthur ( a BJU alumni). BJU honors and wickedly bids Godspeed to Calvinists like Steve Pettit (who was the incompetent president of BJU from 2014 to 2023, when thankfully they got rid of him). Unfortunately, BJU hasn't repented of their damnable wrong repentance, demonic Lordship Salvation or umpteen corrupt Devil's bibles. Bob Jones University is a deadly religious cult, and PCC is a damned partaker the Bible says of BJU's evil deeds, because PCC wickedly bids them Godspeed (2nd John 1:11).

I lived on the island of Guam for 17 years from 2004 to 2021. I attended the shameful Harvest Baptist Church on Guam for the years of 2013 to 2014. They became my church family. I was happy being part of a church community. But they had the wrong doctrine. Pastor Marty Herron was promoting John MacArthur's deadly Lordship Salvation. Harvest's wicked pastors were promoting Martin Luther (1883-1546) as a born-again Christian, even after I plainly showed them that Mr. Luther preached the Devil's damnable heresy of Baptismal Regeneration his entire life. That is, Martin Luther errantly taught Sacramental Salvation, that you cannot go to Heaven without being water baptism and taking part in what he called, “Holy Communion.” Martin Luther is either sadly burning in Hell today, or else there are two Gospels.

Pastor Herron wickedly refused to take heed to the stern warnings that I gave him, through the truthful doctrinal books that I purchased with my own money and handed him. Pastor Herron is a coward, who rejected all the truths that I gave him. My blood is on Herron's hands, because he forced me out of church, and then banned and shunned me from my church family. For the next several years I had no church family, and I lost out on a woman who wanted to marry me, all because of Marty Herron's loyalty to damnable heresy, false prophets and the Satanic cult at Bob Jones University. I pray, hope and look forward to God punishing Marty Herron for destroying the only life that I had at the time, and leaving me for dead. Harvest's wicked pastors threw me under the bus, and their church elders sat idle and did nothing to remedy the situation, for which they all share the guilt. I want to be avenged by God. Marty Herron ruined my life, and now PCC is being loyal to the cult on Guam. That is the real reason why PCC won't allow me to attend Campus Church.

The man who presently runs the local radio station at PCC in Pensacola, used to work on Guam, operating the KHMG 88.1 FM radio station for Harvest Baptist Church. I met him back in 2014 and we prayed together. When I moved to Pensacola in 2021 and attended Campus Church, I met that man and we were glad to reunite. Today, that man's adult son operates the radio station at the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. My point is that these people at PCC and Harvest Baptist Church on Guam are all spiritually fornicating in bed together. They are wickedly committing spiritual adultery. Harvest stills supports the accursed cult at BJU. Harvest is an extension of BJU headquarters, polluting the Micronesian islands with their damnable poison Lordship Salvation heresy.

I have been driven out and banned from Harvest Baptist Church and Pensacola Christian College's Campus Church, all because I faithfully rebuked them sharply as the Bible commands in Titus 1:13-14. PCC only cares about money. Everything they do is geared toward securing future revenues. They don't care about individual people. If they did care, I wouldn't be shunned and banned from attending their Campus Church. I live in Pensacola. SHAME and to Hell with PCC! Anytime that they want to reconcile and make the peace, I am still wanting to do so. They know how to contact me. Pastor Jeff Redlin has my email. Here is Redlin's email if you'd like to ask him why they still refuse to reconcile with me, so I can simply attend their Campus Church like everyone else does. What do they hate me so much at PCC? ...


Why won't their pastors and leaders forgive me, as the Bible commands in Ephesians 4:32, “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you”? People just want to be loved, and that is all I need, ask and want from PCC. They are sadly behaving as cults do, selectively choosing who is welcome and who is not, who they care about and who they don't, who matters and who doesn't. To God ALL LIVES MATTER, but to Pensacola Christian College only SOME LIVES MATTER. Ask former PCC student Samantha Field how she feels about the oppressive college.

Ask former student Allen Armentrout how he feels about the PCC prisonhouse of religion. Whereas 'Men Of The West' magazine praised Armentrout as a HERO, PCC demonized him as a nutcase and expelled him in 2017. PCC have their own strange unbiblical agendas, which are highly in line with the BITE model of authoritarian cult control.

Someone needs to expel PCC leadership and their stupid arrogant pastors. Ask hundreds of former student PCC victims how they feel. You already know how I feel as a victim of PCC's hatred, bigotry and cruelty. They sure don't forgive people at PCC. I think cults are more apt to forgive and give someone a second chance than PCC. I am still trying to no avail to reconcile with them, but am ruthlessly hated by PCC leadership. They drew first blood, just like Sylvester Stallone said in the popular 1982 movie, “First Blood.” PCC drew first blood, not me. All I wanted was a spiritual meal at Campus Church. That is, I just wanted to attend their church again, as I did for several months in 2021. PCC are the jerks, not me. I am still willing to make peace, but they are not. That proves who is not right with God.

God heard the cry of Abel's blood from the ground (Genesis 4:10). God heard the cry coming out of the city of Sodom from its victims. Genesis 18:20-21, “And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous;  I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.” Likewise, God hears my earnest cry, as I sit home watching Tv because I have no church to attend. The rotten pastors of Campus Church at PCC couldn't care less, hording their 6-digit paychecks. No wonder America is going straight to Hell in a wheelbarrow!!! Church attendance is at an all-time low. The only reason that Campus Church fills up is because of their students, squandering their parent's hard earned dollars at an inferior dumbing-down institution that indoctrinates students with hatred, prejudice, bigotry, arrogance and misplaced egos.

God knows that I don't enjoy writing articles like this, but PCC chose this, by refusing to allow me to attend Campus Church. So I will continue to expose them for the hateful cult that they are. SHAME on PCC! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!!

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