Christian Broadcasting Network EXPOSED!

By David J. Stewart

Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

       Pat Robertson operates THE 700 CLUB and the CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK (CBN) ministries. Please avoid these spiritually dangerous organizations!!! I don't hate anyone, and I have nothing personal against these people; but the Devil is a beautiful liar and comes to us in the form of an angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:15) and his ministers as ministers of righteousness (2nd Corinthians 11:13-14). Beware of false prophets in sheep's clothing.

Pat Robertson is a Charismatic, caught up into the demonic fake healing, New Age, and Lordship Salvation mess. A book could be written exposing the evils of Pat Robertson's works of darkness, visible and not so visible. These charlatans are out to make a buck, plain and simple. Birds of a feather stick together. False prophets, Charismatics and televangelists in particular, stick together like glue, spreading the filthy lucre amongst themselves.

They never criticize each other, nor do any of them expose the demonic falsehood of Roman Catholicism. They know that to expose any false prophet would mean to expose themselves! It would result in being blackballed immediately by the group.

CBN Sells Books Written By Charismatics and Friends of Benny Hinn

You can quickly learn a lot about a ministry or person by examining the authors and books they promote. CBN promotes and sells several books written by apostates and tongues-speaking Charismatics. One such apostate is Bill Hamon of the Christian International Ministries in Florida (a big-time Charismatic religious group that speaks in demonic tongues and shares platforms with Benny Hinn). CBN promotes Bill Hamon's book, Prophets and Personal Prophecy. Pat Robertson is a wolf in sheep's clothing. To no surprise, Benny Hinn's ministry also sells Bill Hamon's books.

Are you getting this? Kirk Cameron is promoted and featured on CBN; and CBN sells books written by Bill Hamon, who supports and shares platforms with Benny Hinn; and Benny Hinn sells Bill Hamon's books. It's a big merry-go-round of religious clowns! All these imposters work together to MAKE MONEY!

They're all riding an apostate vehicle of ecumenical compromise and heresy, to the New World Order's Luciferian religion of experiences and feelings instead of resting upon God's absolute and unchanging promises in His Word. CBN refers people to New Age psychologists for marriage counseling and personal help. Clients are taught to perform spiritual chants and meditate with recited prayers. Prayer is used merely as a therapy, instead of coming before God's throne of grace.

Here's a link to CBN's book selling page:, where you'll find all sorts of Charismatic garbage.

CBN sells The Story of Toronto: Through the Lives of John and Carol Arnott, which promotes the demonic Toronto Blessing. This is where people often roll on the floor, bursting out in uncontrollable laughter, barking like dogs, behaving like heathens in an orgy of religious ecstasy and insanity. The Toronto Blessing is really Canada's Curse.

Another dangerous book sold by CBN is Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them to Speak to You Today by Jane Hamon. Don't they read the Bible? Hebrews 1:1-2 plainly teach, “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, HATH IN THESE LAST DAYS SPOKEN UNTO US BY HIS SON, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.” God speaks to us today through the Word of God (John 1:1-13,14). God does NOT speak to anybody today through dreams and visions as He oftentimes did in the Old Testament.

Anyone who believes in dreams and visions for today is opening themselves up to demonic influence and doctrines of devils, because anybody can claim that God is speaking through them by such dreams and visions. This is why we have nutcases like Bill Wiese claiming that God gave him a vision of being in Hell for 23-miniutes, seeing giant demons with razor-sharp teeth and claws, et cetera. Wiese has made literally millions-of-dollars off this scam. It is sad and tragic that people won't believe the Bible by itself; instead, they'll by books written by every fruitcake who claims to have seen a vision or had a dream. Anyone who claims to have received a dream or vision didn't get it from God, because God clearly states that He only speaks through HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, in these Last Days.

Tom and Jane Hamon are senior pastors at the Christian International Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. These are false prophets of the Devil's Charismatic Movement. Jane Hamon is a false prophet. Her book, Dreams and Visions: Understanding Your Dreams and How God Can Use Them to Speak to You Today, is totally unscriptural in lieu of Hebrews 1:1-2.

This is not surprising coming from a female pastor, for the Bible forbids such rebellion against His Word. The Bible forbids women pastors. Jane Hamon is a false prophet who ought not usurp authority over men. The Charismatic Movement has more women pastors than any other religious group, which explains why there is so much heresy and doctrines of devils within the Charismatic Movement. Biblically, women are more susceptible to false doctrine than men, for Eve was deceived the Bible teaches, and not Adam (1st Timothy 2:12-14). That is not to say that women cannot become doctrinally sound; but when a woman stands behind a church pulpit in authority, she is showing her disobedience of the Scriptures, and that she is NOT doctrinally sound in the faith. Godly women don't pastor churches; carnal women do!

To no surprise, Benny Hinn's webpage looks like a mirror of Pat Robertson's CBN webpage, promoting the heresies of Zionism, Charismatic healing, and a false health, wealth, and prosperity gospel of giving to get (i.e., you give and they get). Many people are lured into these websites by interesting articles on health, family, or religious news; but unfortunately end up being suckered into supporting unbiblical Zionism, New Age spirituality, and scams to help the poor (I say scams because most of the money never gets to the poor and needy as led to believe). This is why such groups often refuse to disclose where the money goes to the Better Business Bureau. Such is the case with The 700 CLUB. The bulk of all donations goes into their pockets, evidenced by a quick check with the Better Business Bureau on these so-called ministries. The very word ministry means to serve, but who are they really serving?

The Scandal of Christian Ghostwriting

Here is shocking information from Pastor Texe Marrs, titled: THE SCANDAL OF CHRISTIAN GHOSTWRITING...

The Reverend Mel White is a homosexual activist who lives with his male lover, Gary Nixon, in Dallas, Texas. "I am gay, I am proud, and God loves me without reservation," White recently told David Calker, a Los Angeles Times reporter. White, who "pastors" a militantly gay church, is also a writer of many Christian books. But though he's the author, his name doesn't appear on the front covers. Instead, a Christian celebrity's name appears on each of Mel White's books. White is what the book industry fondly calls a "ghostwriter."

The scandalous practice of an unnamed and concealed person ghostwriting a book for a celebrity is rampant in Christian publishing. Virtually all the larger book publishing firms do it. The question is, is this practice immoral, dishonest, and deceitful?

After all, the buyer of these books thinks he or she is getting inspired information direct from the hearts and pens of men like Billy Graham and Pat Robertson, each of whom has used ghostwriters. The reader pays good money for a beautifully packaged book with the hero celebrity's picture and name on the jacket. Never would the buyer suspect that the book is actually written by a homosexual, an atheist, or a New Ager. Thinking that he or she is taking in digestible spiritual food, the book buyer has no idea the ghostwritten book may contain poisonous and insidious views hostile to Christianity imbedded in its text.

Homosexual activist Mel White has been an influential, behind-the-scenes ghostwriter for many big name personalities. He's written speeches for Lt. Col. Oliver North. White has also authored at least two of evangelist Jerry Falwell's books, including, unbelievable as it may seem, Falwell's autobiography, Strength for the Journey. Falwell could well afford White's fee to ghostwrite his books. The Moral Majority preacher was given a one million dollar advance by the publisher! The Reverend Mr. White has also been the secret force behind some of Billy Graham's best known books, including Graham's prophetic bestseller, The Approaching Hoofbeats. Indeed, White once even closeted himself in a luxurious condo for weeks with the famed evangelist down in Acapulco, Mexico, writing a book.

However, you'll search in vain to find author Mel White's name on either the cover or the title page of the books he wrote for Billy Graham. Nor is Mel White's name openly connected with Jerry Falwell's books. "It was important," White now reveals, "that Jerry Falwell not be scandalized because his biographer was a queer."

Ghostwriter White also wrote Pat Robertson's book, America's Dates With Destiny but the gay reverend is not the only "ghost" whom the veteran host of TV's The 700 Club has used for his chart topping books. Reportedly, Robertson's recent #l Christian bestseller, The New World Order, was also ghostwritten by a CBN staffer.

In The New World Order, "Pat Robertson" correctly warns readers that Freemasonry is an evil, Luciferian conspiracy. Yet, incredibly, Robertson's Christian Coalition subsequently held a "Road to Victory '93" conference in Washington, D.C., at which high-level Freemasons gave the keynote addresses! Pat Robertson's guest speakers at the conference included Senator Bob Dole, 33rd Scottish Rite Mason, and Senator Jesse Helms, yet another 33rd Mason.

Pat Robertson's book, The New World Order, also fingered the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as a Satan led, conspiratorial project. But at his "Road to Victory '93" gala, Robertson's keynote speaker was none other than Congressman Newt Gingrich. One worlder Gingrich just happens to be a loyal member of the same group which Pat's book exposes as a devilish front the CFR! The title of Gingrich's speech for the Christian Coalition conference was "Renewing American Civilization."

We are thus faced with these two alternatives: (l) either Pat Robertson did not even bother to read the best-selling book, The New World Order, that sports his celebrity name as author on its glossy cover; or (2) he allowed his name to be placed on a book, the contents of which he does not even believe in.

My investigation of the Christian book world has uncovered the disgusting fact that the majority of books supposedly authored by famous Christian personalities are, in fact, the product of ghostwriters. Both novels and non-fiction books are involved. Sometimes, the real writer is recognized in the acknowledgments section or elsewhere in the book; but most often, he or she is not. Some celebrities, such as Chuck Colson, write their books "with" an unknown collaborator. In such cases, the ghostwriter's name is occasionally shown on the front cover in small, unassuming type. But shouldn't the cover jacket of these books have a warning label or notice revealing what percentage of the book is written by Colson and what percentage is the product of his lesser-known co-writer?
Who really writes Colson's books - him or his collaborator? Whose ideas do his books reflect? The book buyer also deserves to be told some facts about the ghostwriter or co-writer, so that Mel White-type incidents are minimized. For example, a woman named Ellen Santilli Vaughn is listed as the co-writer of many of Chuck Colson's best-selling books, including his ecumenical-oriented book, The Body. But just who is "Ellen Santilli Vaughn?" What is her background? Is she a Christian...a Catholic...a Protestant...a New Ager? How much of the contents and philosophy of Chuck Colson's books is Ms. Vaughn responsible for?

Another prime example is prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey. Very few people know that Lindsey's mammoth bestseller, “The Late, Great Planet Earth,” was actually written by a woman, Carla Carlson. To his credit, Lindsey has publicly admitted this. The question remains, however: Who is Carla Carlson? Why was she involved in writing Lindsey's book? Why is her name not highlighted on the cover, in bold letters equally as large as those of Hal Lindsey? And finally: Are all of Hal Lindsey's books similarly written by unknown ghostwriters?

It is shameful that such vital and basic information is withheld from the book buyer. Shouldn't truth-in-packaging rules apply to publishing the way they do to other consumer product industries? Anything less would be a scam on my readers.

Now please understand: I do realize that in a few cases, it is perfectly acceptable for a talented professional writer to work with an expert or authority on a technical subject. An engineer, a medical doctor, a dietitian or a scientist researcher may find it expedient to work with a writer. But in such cases, it is the expert who has the original concept for the book. He dictates most of the text, and the book is based solely on his knowledge, ideas, work, and research.

This is rarely the case with celebrity Christian authors. Publishers are continually searching for "hot," new topics for books that can make them a lot of money. Usually, they, not the celebrity, choose a title for the book and only then contact and recruit the chosen celebrity. Publishers have been known to hire entire teams of writers and researchers to produce books.

Often, the greedy celebrity author merely gives the finished product a cursory look-over and adds his verbal blessing to the project. The celebrity is pleased because he knows he will make a bundle, with only minimal effort on his part. His name goes on the cover, and millions of Christian buyers are deceived into believing the celebrity, inspired by God, personally wrote every word in the book.

It thus becomes crystal clear why publishers and celebrity authors conspire to produce ghostwritten books. The reason is simple: money, money, money! A best-selling, hardcover book with the glittery name of a Graham, Robertson, Colson, or Lindsey on the cover can bring in five to ten million dollars or more in income.
The celebrity "author" also profits - he can rake in as much as two million dollars per book. No wonder the rush is on by publishers to constantly create new, mostly fluff titles and to line up their ghostwriters with name celebrities known to be guaranteed money-makers in the Christian marketplace.
So what's to be done about the lucrative, yet unethical and dishonest, practice of the ghostwriting of Christian books? I believe it is time for some truth telling. Thomas Nelson, Word, and all the other wealthy conglomerates who disguise themselves as "Christian" publishers should step up to the plate and give us a list of which books have been written by "ghosts" and which were really penned by the authors listed on their covers. That's the least they should do to come clean. Better yet, these greedy publishing houses and their celebrity stable mates should quit trying to fatten their coffers and make bucks off gullible Christian readers. They should cease their publishing of ghostwritten books entirely.

SOURCE: The Scandal of Christian Ghostwriting

Isn't that something... Billy Graham and Pat Robertson using a homosexual activist ghostwriter to write their books? Truth is surely stranger than fiction. You can't believe everything you read these days. Yet, you're a fool if you don't believe some of things you read. The truth is available to those who want it. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth (John 16:13).

CBN is obviously a big deception intended to make money and sway public opinion toward the New World Order. Pat Robertson promotes satanic Roman Catholicism, sinful Zionism, New Age spirituality, the Global Warming hoax... all agendas of the criminal global elite.

Satan Promotes Those Who Can Deceive the Best

It must be remembered that Satan's best ministers are those who can deceive the best (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15). Robertson condemns Freemasonry as being evil; while simultaneously promoting high-level Freemasons as his meetings. Pat Robertson condemns the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) as being of the Devil; while simultaneously promoting top level CFR members at his meetings. Who's kidding who? We see what Robertson is, and is not! Robertson is a fraud, and he's certainly no man of God. Pat Robertson exploits Christianity for his own personal gain, hobnobbing with the sinful world and demonic Freemasons, serving his lord and master, Satan.

This is what I meant earlier by some of Robertson's evils being visible and some not so visible. Most people wouldn't know about Robertson's love affair with Freemasonry, for he certainly is a 33rd degree Freemason in my opinion. One thing is clear, he invited top-level Freemasons to speak at his public events, which shows Robertson's true colors. The name of the game today is stealth!!! Those on Satan's team who can be the most creative, most subtle, most undetected, most hidden from plain view, are catapulted to the top of Satan's pyramid of power, for you are truly like Satan himself... who deceitfully appears as an angel of light to blind, recruit, and overcome his victims.

Is it surprising that The Jonas Brothers are marketed by Walt Disney as being a wholesome and moral boy band from New Jersey; but then you find out that their music contains backward masking praising Satan, Satan, I love Satan! It's all about deceiving the masses! Whether it be your lying U.S. President, or the lying music you're listening to, or the lying New York Times Best-Seller in your hands, or the lying televangelist fraudulently raising money for poor children... WE'RE BEING DECEIVED ON EVERY FRONT BY SATAN!!!

You'll never hear Kirk Cameron promoting a true Bible scholar like Dr. John R. Rice. Instead we see Kirk Cameron being promoted on CBN by Pat Robertson, and Robertson promotes Bill Hamon and his children, who promote Benny Hinn's demonic fraudulent healing ministry. Anyone who promotes Benny Hinn, or someone who promotes Benny Hinn, is working for the Devil. CBN is of the Devil. What I'm saying is that all these false prophets are worldly CHARISMATICS!!! They all pull together and support each other, because they all have one common denominator... THE LOVE OF MONEY.

Look at the Time magazine photo of Pat Robertson at the top of this article. Notice the occult hand sign that he is making. He's certainly not placing his hand over his heart to pledge to the U.S. flag. Robertson is a known occult insider, further evidenced by his scores of ghostwritten books and works of darkness containing occult symbols; and his infamous Satanic hand sign that he flashes during an episode of The 700 Club (pictured to the right). That's no coincidence or casual movement of the hand; but rather, a clear manifestation of who Pat Robertson really serves.

You have to understand that you're going to like Pat Robertson if you sit in front of your TV and listen to him. Robertson is enjoyable to listen to, and he certainly sounds like a Christian when he's teaching; but it is all a big deception that you won't see nor understand until you start to do your own research beyond what you were only intended to see and hear. Pat and Gordon Robertson subtly supportsthe hellish Catholic Church and the demonic Pope.

Have you noticed that all of today's mainstream televangelists are clamoring support for Israel? It's called Zionism and it's of the Devil. John Hagee is so corrupt that he claims Jews don't even have to get born-again to enter Heaven. That's is how the love of money corrupts evil men! Hagee will say anything to get more money. Jerry Falwell fell into the same love of money trap. Today, Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson are leading the Zionist way, deceiving the masses. The Bible plainly teaches in Romans 10:12, “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.” Zionism is of the Devil, just another deception of the prince of darkness.

Pat and Gordon Robertson are deceiver! CBN is a deception! Behind all these help-the-starving-children world outreach programs is a much more sinister evil at work... POPULATION REDUCTION. Max Lucado, TobyMac, Third Day, and Michael W. Smith promote World Vision, a known Population Reduction front organization. Pat Robertson's world humanitarian relief program is no better I assure you.

Global Warming is a Fraud Intended to Control People

To no surprise, Pat Robertson has jumped on the fraudulent Global Warming bandwagon. The truth is that top scientists around the world have exposed Global Warming as a fraud, including the founder of the weather channel. Whacko environmentalist groups were created in heathen universities, owned by heathens, and indoctrinated by heathen teachers. As with many other evil conspiracies designed to destroy the sovereignty of nations and enslave humanity, Global Warming was concocted as an excuse to raise taxes, sterilize women, form a Police State, control every facet of our lives, and impose every conceivable evil upon mankind. Global Warming has literally become a religion in these Last Days, which will no doubt be instrumental in the globalist elite's plan to kill off 90% of the population.

False prophet and televangelist, Pat Robertson, supports the lying Global Warming scam. Other apostates, including The Salvation Army, Rick Warren and Billy Graham's ChristianityToday (which should be called Apostasy Today), also support the whacko Global Warming scam! The Great Global Warming Swindle. The founder of the weather channel knows what he's talking about when he says that Global Warming is a massive scam.

Tragically, 85 apostate Christian leaders met and signed on to join the Global Warming bandwagon. They're all a bunch of cowardly compromisers, who have chosen to go along to get along, selling their souls in exchange for worldly fame and prosperity. They all support of the Global Warming scam. The architects of the New World Order have turned Global Warming into a bizarre religious cult, publishing their own The Green Bible, and recruiting bought-off and compromised ministers and Christian leaders...

As WorldNetDaily reported, 85 Christian leaders signed an Evangelical Climate Initiative, unveiled Feb. 8, that called for government action to deal with global warming.

Signers of the Evangelical Climate Initiative included, among others, Rick Warren, pastor and author of "The Purpose Driven Life," Rich Stearns, president of World Vision, Commissioner Todd Bassett, national commander of The Salvation Army, and David Neff, executive editor of Christianity Today.


In the following video clip of multi-billionaire Bill Gates giving a speech, he openly admits that vaccines are being used to sterilize women (10-15%). 

Global Warming is a big fraud...

In this video clip, God-hater Ted Turner blames overpopulation (alleged overpopulation) for Global Warming.

The founder of the weather channel has publicly stated that 'Global Warming is the Greatest Scam in History.'

Powerful Documentary Trounces Man-Made Warming Hoax
The Great Global Warming Swindle

More Global Warming Scam Videos

Climate Chaos? Don't Believe It!

“According to Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “We are shifting away from science and into the realm of religious fanaticism, where the followers of the creed, brimming with self-righteous fury, believe that they are in possession of a higher truth.”

God has given the earth enough food for everyone. God does not allow people to starve to death, people allow other people to starve to death by their greed and selfishness. Proverb 30:14, “There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.” This is exactly what the evil Population Control agenda is all about—devouring the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men. The global elite are playing God—deciding who lives and who dies, who has a future and who doesn't, who has children and who does not. They have no right to play God.

“Climate control is about controlling people, it always has been and always will be.”

It's bad enough that greedy evil people horde wealth and natural resources for themselves; but to add insult to injury now they want to kill the poor and prevent them from having any children. And those poor people have no clue what is being done to them. They have been forced into a starvation situation by oppression, taxation and government regulation; and now they are being left with no choice but to comply or starve to death. Yet the world's corporations and banks are owned by the wealthiest and most elite people of all, and they are causing this to happen. The United Nations is evil to the core, killing the very people that they claim to be helping. God calls them evil murderers, and promises to punish them in Hell, fire and eternal damnation (Isaiah 13:11).


The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is just as corrupt as FoxNews. These are unreliable sources of news and information. Pat Robertson is just another puppet of the New World Order, filling a key role in building an ecumenical bridge of apostasy between Roman Catholicism and evangelicalism today. If Robertson were a genuine man of God, then he wouldn't be associating with high-level Freemasons, and he would expose the biggest demonic cult in the world—Roman Catholicism. John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Pat and Gordon Robertson, Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and hundreds of ecumenical ministers won't dare come right out and expose Roman Catholicism for the woeful evil that it is. In an attempt not to offend, all they do is sinfully compromise and dip their sails in apostasy.

The truth is that they are afraid of losing the praises of men; when they ought only be concerned about receiving the praises of God (John 12:43). Pat Robertson is making money, and his job is to sway public opinion in favor of the agendas of the New World Order. He may seem to be against the New World Order, but when it comes down to it, he's 100% on the Devil's side.

Pat Robertson is very subtle. In one breath he condemns Freemasonry; but then he wines and dines with them. In one breath he condemns the New World Order; but then he promotes their agendas intended to enslave humanity. Who's kidding who? Robertson makes occult hand signs, uses occult symbols in his books, and features occult Masonic speakers at public events. Clearly, Pat Robertson is a part of the occult.

The Green Bible” for Global Warming Whackos!

Pat and Gordon Robertson Support the Evil Pope

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