John Hagee . . .

“I'm not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith.”

       John Hagee is a false prophet, working for the New World Order gang. Hagee teaches a heresy known as "Zionism." Religious Zionism teaches that God has a separate covenant with Israel and another for the Gentile Church. This is unbiblical and is sometimes called a "Dual Covenant." Hagee stated to the Houston Chronicle that he believes Jews have a special covenant with God and do not need to come to the cross for salvation. According to Hagee Jews don't need to be born-again. Mr. Hagee told the Texas newspaper:

"I believe that every Jewish person who lives in the light of the Torah, which is the word of God, has a relationship with God and will come to redemption" (Houston Chronicle, April 30, 1988).

The Houston Chronicle newspaper then quoted Hagee's own shocking words...

"I'm not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith... In fact, trying to convert Jews is a waste of time. Jews already have a covenant with God and that has never been replaced by Christianity." (Houston Chronicle, April 30, 1988, sec, 6, pg. 1).

Trying to convert Jews is a waste of time? Hagee is of the Devil. Jesus told Nicodemus, a Jewish leader, that he could NOT enter into the Kingdom of God if he didn't get born again. "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3b). Every follower of Judaism, a false religion which rejects Jesus as the Messiah, will go straight to Hell in their sins to be tormented in flames. I love Jewish people, but they will burn in Hell as quick as any Gentile who rejects Jesus as their Christ. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven!

Jewish Talmud Permits Sexual Intercourse with 3-Year Old Girls

“the righteousness of grown men violating baby girls under three is a favorite topic for discussion in book after book of the Talmud.”

SOURCE: from The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today, by Elizabeth Dilling

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