Harry Potter: The Witch's View

BBC News | June 23rd, 2003
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Real-life witch Marysia Kolodziej, from Tooting, south London, was one of the first to pick up the new Harry Potter book at midnight. Here, the 27-year-old introduces herself, before she reviews The Order of the Phoenix.

"I have been involved in the pagan community for seven years. I am a thelemite, a solitary witch - you are not Wiccan unless you have been initiated, which I hope eventually to be - and a ritual magician in practice.

I am also interested in chaos magick, tarot, Kaballah and the Egyptian and Celtic deities. My father introduced me to the Harry Potter books not long after book four came out.

I am a fan for several reasons. Initially it's the universe, the books with the largest pull have this highly detailed, well-thought out universe that almost seems real and, importantly, that you would want to be a part of.

You are not just drawn into the story but into that world. Then through talking about them with fans you fall further and further in love with the characters, you analyse them and worry about them until they feel real to you.

Then you have, in a way, become a part of that shared universe and it is a wonderful place to be."

As you've read for yourself, the witches themselves are praising Harry Potter's witchcraft.  Read what the witches have to say at http://www.witchcraft.org/books/KateWest.htm (below is a short paragraph from their website).

"Harry Potter, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed.  It seems we cant get enough of all things magical or 'witchy' at the moment. The result of all this interest is that Wicca has become the fastest growing religion in the UK. Wicca is a nature-based spiritual path that celebrates the feminine, follows the changing seasons of the year and is rich with magic and enchantment. But is it all spells and hocus pocus?

Kate West's grounded introduction to the Craft separates the Hollywood myth from the everyday reality, with all the practical advice you need to follow the Wiccan way. There are many coffee-table pretenders around, but Kate West is the real thing. Her Witchcraft is about passion, not fashion! She explores the myths that surround Witchcraft, its festivals, beliefs, practices and folklore. She explains the responsibilities of becoming a Witch and provides plenty of magical and herbal spells you can work with - from charms to help you attract your ideal partner to healing potions for natural beauty to affirmations that will help you find empowerment. Witchcraft can help you to become personally fulfilled as it teaches you take control of yourself and your life. Whether you want to join a group or a work alone, this is a great guide to Wicca."

Christianity Today Magazine likes Harry Potter (actually recommends parents read witchcraft books to children!)

But God Says...

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." -Ephesians 5:11

Maybe someone needs to hand a USA Today newspaper to the people over at Christianity Today...

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry PotterWitches have good reason to be excited about Harry Potter. The book series is giving the "craft" a huge boost. No wonder that when interviewed by USA Today, a warlock endorsed Harry Potter and bubbled with excitement at the series’ wide acceptance by the mainstream.

He’s a charmer, that Harry Potter. The adolescent hero of J. K. Rowling’s series rides a broom, owns an invisibility cloak and magic wand, and has cast a spell over young readers the world over. He has modern-day witches enchanted too. "For once, the witches aren’t ugly old hags," said Michael Darnell, 39, a computer programmer from Winnipeg, Canada, who has been a practicing witch for over twenty-five years. "For once they’re the protagonists rather than the villains." —USA Today, May 30, 2000

Harry Potter is of the Devil, and it will go back to perdition where it came from when the Lord returns at the Second Coming.  Something is very wrong with professed Christians today who endorse witchcraft.  To speak positively of Harry Potter's books is to promote and endorse sinful witchcraft (and ALL witchcraft is sinful).  Galatians 5:19,20 lists "witchcraft" as one of the works of the flesh, which keep people out of the Kingdom of God (vs. 21).  The ONLY escape is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ (1st Peter 1:18,19).  Jesus plainly stated in John 3:3, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the the Kingdom of God."  Have you been born again?  Religion won't save you!  Wicca won't save you!  If you don't believe the Bible, then what do you believe?  Upon what is Wicca's beliefs based?  Here's the answer.  Wicca has NO solid roots, and one would be a complete fool to risk spending eternity in Hell by adhering to such uncertainties.  The Word of God is certain, powerful, and is filled with thousands of promises from God.  Why would you want to reject the Word of God, which describes the sinfulness of mankind accurately; when Wicca doesn't even recognize the Biblical concept of sin.  Wiccans believe it's wrong to hurt others; but they don't recognize it as sin against the God of the Bible. 

Official Harry Potter Hogwart's School of Witchcraft Logo

Here's another Hogwart's Witchcraft school where children are taught divination, charms, and potions.  This site is maintained by a 15-year old Canadian girl (just one of millions of young Satanist's being groomed to prepare the stage for the coming antichrist).  Whether you want to take Harry Potter's godless witchcraft as a serious matter or not is up to you; but the witches are overjoyed, and God is angry (Psalm 7:11; John 3:36)!  Is it nothing to you? 

Wicca is a New Age religion which is tolerant of other religions.  That in itself is a warning flag.  Think about it... can everybody by correct?  1 + 1 = 2.  You see, the truth is intolerant!  You can say 1 + 1 = 3 if you want to; but that doesn't make it so.  The Word of God adamantly proclaims that salvation is found ONLY in Jesus Christ (John 6:40,10:9,14:6; Acts 4:10).  Yet Wicca says it doesn't matter what you believe, just as long as you don't condemn anyone else as being wrong.  Now can you honestly tell me that's not the Devil at work?  Common sense should tell a person that every religion cannot be correct.  So that leaves us in a predicament--we MUST study the different manuscripts, research each religion, and decide what we believe to be THE TRUTH.

To me, it couldn't be any simpler.  You see, every false religion can be traced back to a sinful human being (e.g., Charles Russell founded the Jehovah's Witnesses, Joseph Smith founded the Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventism is based upon the writings of Ellen G. White, Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology, Muhammad founded Islam, and so forth.  The Catholic Church is based upon Constantine, the Council of Trent, the Popes, and the fabricated traditions of the Vatican over the centuries.  However, Christianity can be traced back to Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who gave His life that we may live, shedding His blood to pay for our sins.  It all boils down to this--you are either going to trust God or man (Psalm 118:8).  Romans 3:4 declares, "...yea, let God be true, but every man a liar..."  According to 1st John 2:22, Wiccans are LIARS!  It's interesting that the very term "warlock" (used to describe a male witch) means, A LIAR.  Witches are liars when they deny that Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven! 

It is for these reasons, and many more, that Harry Potter ought to be shunned, exposed, and burned with the garbage. 

Harry Potter: The Witch's View

“Harry in an absolute godsend to our cause,” said High Priest “Egan” of the First Church of Satan in Salem, MA. “An organization like ours thrives on new blood - no pun intended - and we've had more applicants than we can handle lately."


Here's the complete movie...

Harry Potter Witchcraft Repackaged
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Harry Potter's witchcraft is Evil to the core! Don't upset God by saying it's not.

"And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible." —Isaiah 13:11


"Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..." —Psalm 97:10