Seventh-Day Adventism is a False Religion!

By David J. Stewart

       Seventh-Day Adventism [SDA] is a challenging false cult to expose for one who is ignorant of the Scriptures and ignorant of SDA's core hidden beliefs. Many Christians find it difficult to expose SDA's because the false religion plainly teaches faith in Jesus Christ. This confuses many people, which is exactly what Satan intended. Satan is a master deceiver and liar (John 8:44), and the highest Satan award goes to the religious group who can appear the most “Christian” while leading their followers into Hell.

SDA teaches that the archangel Michael became Jesus on earth. This is the same demonic doctrine which Jehovah's Witnesses share. SDA's deceitfully claim to believe that Jesus is God, while maintaining that He was also Michael. You can't have it both ways. There is NOTHING in the Word of God that indicates, even remotely, that Jesus was Michael. The teaching clearly denies the deity of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, the most profound figure in SDA, Ellen G. White, openly denied the deity of Jesus Christ, which fact SDA's today attempt to lie about and deny. History can be corrupted, but the truth cannot. Ellen G. White denied Jesus' deity.

"The man Christ Jesus was not the Lord God Almighty."
—Ellen G. White (1903, ms 150, SDA Commentary V, p. 1129)

SDA teach a series of heresies, such as the unscriptural “Investigative Judgment” and “soul sleep” and that there is no Hell. SDA's instead errantly believe that the wicked will be annihilated. The Bible has much more to say about Hell than Heaven, and repeatedly warns of flaming fire (2nd Thessalonians 1:8-9), everlasting fire (Matthew 18:8) and the vengeance of eternal fire (Jude 1:7) for the wicked.

Psalm 9:17 warns that the wicked shall be turned into Hell. Common sense tells us that the wicked and the righteous do not go to the same place; for if they did, Psalm 9:17 would make no sense at all. If the wicked go to Hell, then obviously the implication is that the righteous go somewhere much better. God said that the wicked shall be turned into Hell and all they who forget God. Only a fool would deny the existence of a literal Hell, when we see so much suffering in this present world. If God allows tormentuous suffering in this earthly life, do you foolishly think that He will not do so in eternity? Don't kid yourself! Hell is real. Please don't go to Hell. Just as Jackie Gleason, who didn't think God would send a sinner to Hell, SDA's will find out the hard way and regret their unbelief for all eternity in the flames of Hell.

SDA is a bizarre false religion. When one studies their prophecies of the future, which is highly unbiblical, this becomes more clear. They have many similar teachings to the Jehovah's Witnesses, twisting dates and numbers to indicate years. Ellen G. White was a nutcase.

Many books exposing false religious cults, such as Walter Martin's KINGDOM OF THE CULTS, foolishly identify Seventh-Day Adventism as a Christian cult. May I say, SDA is a demonic cult. There is NOTHING Christian about the SDA religion. They openly deny the existence of Hell.

Ellen G. White was deeply involved with the occult and SDA was founded by Freemasons as part of the New World Order's attempt to deceive the masses into following the Antichrist. There's an occult obelisk on White's grave, showing her allegiance to the New World Order, just as Charles Russell (who founded the Jehovah's Witnesses false cult) has a giant illuminati pyramid on his grave. Russell showed his blatant support for the New World Order by corrupting the Bible and writing his own. He named it the New World Translation. Truth is stranger than fiction.

All mainstream so-called “Christian” religions were started by 33rd degree Freemasons, including Ron Hubbard, Taze Russell, Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormons) and many others. The Christian Scientist false religion and Oral Roberts were also involved with the occult. As shocking as it may be, the Freemasonry demonic occult is largely composed of Southern Baptists, who are also a part of the New World Order and have gone apostate in recent decades. This is why they are 100% supportive of the Ecumenical Movement.

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Seventh-day Adventist Cult Exposed

Seventh Day Adventists
Founder: William Miller

In 1782 William Miller was born on the east coast of the United States.  As a young man he was a farmer and during the war of 1812, he served as a captain in the American armed forces.  In 1833 he was licensed to preach by a Baptist church but was never ordained.  After having studied the Bible for two years, in 1818 Miller announced to the world that in 25 years (March 1844) Jesus Christ would return to the earth.  At the height of his ministry, Miller had gathered some 50,000 followers, who had also become known as "Adventists." When March 1844 came and went with no sign of Jesus Christ having returned, Miller recalculated the new date to October 22, 1844.  When Jesus did not return on October 22, 1844, the entire Millerite movement collapsed as his followers' Christian faith were destroyed.  Miller revamped his doctrine to say that Christ had indeed returned, but that Miller had not understood that Christ first had to come to the "Heavenly Sanctuary," which He is now busy cleaning.  Once Jesus has cleansed things up in heaven, He would be coming back to the earth.

The remnant that bought into this lie formed the Advent Church and in 1845 William Miller became its first president.  The name was later changed to Seventh Day Adventists and after the death of Miller in 1849 a new false prophet came on the scene, this time a woman, Ellen G. White. At the age of 13, Ellen was taken to a meeting where William Miller spoke and was converted to the Adventist faith. During the month of December, 1844, Ellen was holding a prayer meeting in which she had a vision and felt that she was transported to heaven and shown that Christ could not come back to the earth until the Great Commission has been fulfilled.  This revelation was later going to be mixed in with the teaching that Christ had come back in 1844, but that He stopped in the heaven sanctuary to first clean that up.  Thus, like with so many other false movements, the leaders in the Advents movement had to cover up for the false prophecy of William Miller.

On August 30, 1846 Ellen married James White, who had been ordained into the Adventist church in 1843.  Her ascension as a "prophetess" in the Seventh Day Adventist Church had now begun.  During her  years as the "seer" for the SDA church, she prophesied a number of predictions, which did not come true.  One of the most blatant false prophecies she made was when she predicted before the American Civil war, that the Union would not be preserved but that the United States would be divided, slavery would not be abolished but England would intervene and declare war on the United States.  Any student of history knows differently.  But, like so many other false movements, these failed prophecies are swept under the rug and most Seventh Day Adventists today do not even know about them.

Like so many other cults, the doctrine of the SDA church evolved with time.  The doctrine of Saturday as the Sabbath was not preached by William Miller, but came in later.  Neither did Miller preach and believe in vegetarianism.

With the collapse of Miller's prediction that Christ would return in 1844, the movement needed a cause in order to survive.  After the damage control had been completed and the SDA spin doctors had cured the disease, it was time for the SDA leadership to hammer out some kind of "theology" that could be used to attract new converts to their fold.

The teaching of vegetarianism came from the Whites.  In1864 Ellen's husband became ill and Ellen nursed him back to health.  After his recovery James and Ellen began to think about food and eating habits.  Since just a practical experience would not do the job of changing the theology of the SDA church, Ellen had a "convenient" vision from the Lord, and vegetarianism was not introduced tot he church as a "THUS SAYS THE LORD."  In 1866 the Western Health Reform Institute was founded at Battle Creek, Michigan.  Despite the new vegetarian diet, James White died in1881.

Ellen was always writing for the SDA denominational publications, and wrote a string of books.  One well known book and still pushed hard by the SDA members is, "The Great Controversy." It is important to note that Ellen was a proven plagiarist. The explanation of the SDA Church for her plagiarism, that there were no copyright laws back then does not excuse her "borrowing".

SDA's often make every effort to appear "evangelical", joining in with inter-ministry groups and trying to "blend in" with the Christian community. However, make no mistake about it, they believe they are exclusively correct because they recognize and follow Ellen G. White. Among themselves, they mock the Christian's beliefs, calling our concept of salvation, "cheap grace". They privately consider themselves to be spiritually superior to the rest of us.

The SDA Church made this statement in their "Ministry" magazine of October 1981 and has never retracted it:

"We believe the revelation and inspiration of both the Bible and Ellen White’s writings to be of equal quality. The superintendence of the Holy Spirit was just as careful and thorough in one case as in the other."

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