Alqaeda & ISIS: The Forever Elusive Enemy

By David J. Stewart | April 2012 | updated February 2015

Alqaeda (or Al Qaeda) is a fabricated boogieman (enemy) created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to frighten Americans into submission, and to justify implementing a Police State in the United States. Now they've fabricated the boogieman of ISIL (Islamic State Of Iraq and Levant) and ISIS (Islamic State of Syria). It was the Nazi-founded CIA that started the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS). It's not difficult to see right through their works of darkness. The Illuminati are dictating world events in a relentless attempt to achieve World Government, setting the stage of World War III. ISIS and ISIL are massive CIA deceptions!!! How Many More Piles Of Corpses? (by Dr. Ron Paul; the fraud of ISIS has replaced the fraud of Al-CIA-da).

Top Secret America
(how the CIA used the 911 attacks to create a Police State)

There is a preponderance of solid evidence against various departments and officials within the U.S. government, blatantly exposing them as evildoers, traitors and treasonous criminals. Here's some information about the 911 attacks. The only reason why the Bush administration isn't in prison is because of the criminal globalist elite who own and control the newsmedia. Their buddies own and control Hollywood, which is why Homeland Security employs a liaison in Hollywood to brainwash the public through movies. LIES FOR LAMBS is one example.

Alqaeda is the ultimate enemy because they have no headquarters, no face and no way of hunting down. Anyone can fabricate a false boogieman that doesn't exist to terrorize the public into submission to tyranny. It's the perfect enemy. How do you defeat an enemy that only exists in theory? Alqaeda doesn't exist. It's a psyops stunt. Human nature is so predictable (unbelievably so) that it has been easy to turn it into a science and manipulate society. People are inherently prone to support the majority, because they don't want to be in the minority. This is commonly referred to as the “herd mentality.”

Most people want to be told what to think by the newsmedia, because they are afraid to think for themselves and go against mainstream society. The newsmedia deliberately promotes this type of fearful environment by belittling people who dare to question the government, and by demonizing patriots like Congressman Ron Paul. The newsmedia are paid professional liars and deceivers. For years after the 911 attacks, FOX News' Bill O'Reilly labeled anyone who dared question the Bush administration as “unpatriotic.” Such fear-mongering frightens people who might dare search for the truth.

The Alqaeda monster was created by the CIA, protected and popularized by the newsmedia, given credence by the White House and Congress, and ultimately legitimized only by the naivety of the foolish America people. There is NO war on terror! Alqaeda is a gargantuan lie of the Devil. Don't be fooled my friend. Criminals have taken over America.

Warning To The World

If you are an honest researcher, then you will find that the Freemasonry cult started a bunch of false religions in the 19th century in an attempt to lead the world's masses one day into World Religion. To understand the New World Order, you must first realize that it has been in the works for centuries recognizably, and even millenniums as a satanic plot since the city and tower of Babel in Genesis 11:7-9.

Truth is truly stranger than fiction. The biggest conspiracy is that there are no conspiracies. A “conspiracy” is defined as two or more people plotting to do evil; yet most people's brains cannot process the very word conspiracy, because they've been taught by the lying and mocking newsmedia that there are no conspiracies.

Well, Alqaeda is a big conspiracy which has been used to conquer America. Jesus said that a house divided cannot stand (Matthew 12:25). America is divided right down the middle. create a depression to make you sell. All tyrants seek after ther

While the wicked newsmedia spent one year talking about the O.J. Simpson court trial, and one year talking about a missing U.S. teenage girl on the island of Aruba, and several months talking about indecent pictures online of Congressman Anthony Weiner; the media doesn't spend even 5-minutes exposing the criminal Federal Reserve banksters who have stolen trillions-of-taxpayer dollars and tens-of-millions of American's homes. The stench of the rotten wickedness has not been overlooked by God (Ecclesiastes 12:14).

Oh, that righteous judgment would flow as a cleansing river through America!!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!



ISIS is a Massive Scam!
What is ISIL and ISIS?
U.S. war against ISIL is ‘total fraud’ to create a CIA base: Journalist

January 18, 2015 | by Dean Henderson

A Pentagon plan to arm and train the so-called moderate militants in Syria to fight against the ISIL terrorist group is a “total fraud” and “bogus” claim to carve out a CIA base in the region, an American journalist in Missouri says.

The United States is fighting a “multi-front war” against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he operates independently from the West, said Dean Henderson, an author and columnist at Veterans Today.

“This whole ISIS thing is just an attempt to carve out this base where CIA, Mossad, British intelligence … can operate freely and attack Syria for now but maybe later Iran,” Henderson told Press TV on Sunday.

Henderson said Congress is wasting “precious US tax dollars” to fund the false fight against ISIL, which the CIA helped create in the beginning.

“We’re not against ISIS, we are ISIS, we created ISIS, we trained ISIS, we are ISIS,” he acknowledged.

On Saturday, a delegation of US senators led by John McCain, began a tour of the Middle East, which will take them to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to discuss a Pentagon plan to arm and train “moderate” militants in Syria.

The US Defense Department has announced it is deploying about 1,000 troops to train the Syrian militants to fight against the ISIL terrorist group.

Some analysts reject the notion that “moderate” militants exist in Syria. “Nobody in any position of expertise here thinks that there really is any significant moderate Syrian rebel force. It does not exist,” Dr. Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.


SOURCE: PRESSTV - 'We’re not against ISIL, we are ISIL'

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