Welcome to Pottersville USA!

“Families all over the country continue to lose homes in record numbers...”
Michael J Calhoun of the Center for Responsible Lending

David Rockefeller

In the classic Christmas movie, “IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE,” we find the humble small town of Bedford Falls, about to lose their homes to a sinister greedy banker, Henry F. Potter. The star character of the movie is George Bailey (played by famous actor James Stewart). In the early part of the movie, George Bailey attempts suicide, but is saved by his watchful guardian angel, Clarence. George states that he wishes he had never been born. So Clarence grants his wish, and then shows George Bailey what Bedford Falls would have actually been like, had he never been born. As a consequence, Bedford Falls is renamed to “Pottersville,” named after the evil banker who stole it.

Long story short, George decides to live after all and is returned to his earthly life. We find George Bailey at the bank, trying to ward off a run on the banks. The townspeople want their money, but George doesn't have it. He says something like... "Joe, your money is invested in Fred's home. And Charlie, your money went to build Stan's home. And so forth." I can't think of a better example of the dangers of the Fractional-Reserve Banking System (aka, the Federal Reserve Bank), than the movie It's A Wonderful Life. What we see happening in America today is Pottersville. Where is George Bailey when we need him? Millions of people are losing their homes because of the greedy evil bankers. Today's housing market is a fulfillment of Bedford Fall's worst nightmare. They have all lost their homes and town to the bankers. 

It is actually a dark, bittersweet post-war tale of a savings-and-loan manager who struggles against a greedy banker and his own self-doubting nature in a small town. Earnest do-gooder George Bailey (James Stewart) recognizes his life as wonderful and truly rich, even in its humdrum and bleak nature, only after suffering many hardships, mishaps and fateful trials (including compromised dreams of youth to leave the town and seek fame and fortune, other sacrifices, dismay, losses and the threat of financial ruin, and suicide). He is given encouragement by a whimsical, endearing, trainee-angel named Clarence (Henry Travers).

The story turns Dickensian (similar to A Christmas Carol, although told from Bob Cratchit's point-of-view rather than from Scrooge's) when the hysterical, despairing, and melancholy family man is shown what the small town (Bedford Falls, now renamed Pottersville after the town's evil tycoon) would be like without him. It's a frightening, nightmarish, noirish view of the world (at Christmas-time) that brings him back from self-destruction. He returns to the idyllic, small-town world that he left, with renewed faith and confidence in life itself. Hence, the film's title: It's a Wonderful Life.

SOURCE: It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

In reality, it's a wonderful life for the greedy bankers, at the expense of your home and property. 

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, many people thought God was judging America. I think not. If God were going to destroy America with nature, He'd start in Las Vegas, Hollywood and The White House. The truth is that we as a nation have brought judgment upon ourselves in many ways, through our complacency and ignorance, and now it is being seen in the housing market. God will not be mocked... "sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverb 14:34). Sin causes people not to care. As a result, Communists in the U.S. have been able to kick God out of the public school system, make abortion legal, legitimatize homosexuality, and continue bankrupting America through the Federal Reserve scam. The average American is woeful ignorant of the truth, and even worse, doesn't care.

Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" The Bible speaks about the fool who built his house upon the sand... Luke 6:49, "But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great." Today's homebuyers have been duped by the demonic Federal Reserve Scam. America's money, stock market, and economy are all built upon a foundation of SAND. There is little if any intrinsic value. This is why the U.S. dollar has lost 37% of it's value since 2001. America's economy is a house of cards, ready to crumble. 

Over 40,000,000 Americans are now receiving government Food Stamps... welfare (as of 2010). The more money the Federal Reserve prints, the less it's worth. Don't be fooled for a second, George W. Bush was no friend to the American people, and neither is President Barack Obama. Our government is in bed fornicating with the criminal banking cartel. This evil all began on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1913. To learn the truth, listen to G. Edward Griffin's THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, and prepare to get angry. This is why you're losing your home. —by David J. Stewart

Property taxes means that you're a tenant in your own home.

While Millions of U.S. Citizens Lose Homes, U.S. President Obama Gives Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to UN

This is treason of the highest criminal offence! Tens-of-millions of hard-working U.S. citizens have been stripped away of their U.S. jobs, which have been relocated to foreign soil to exploit slave labor in order to make the corporations wealthier (these corporate crooks have actually become wealthier than many of the gang/thug/controlled nations that they exploit).

To add insult to injury, our government leaders have deliberately left the Mexican-American border wide-open for decades to encourage illegal immigration; forcing American citizens to compete in the job-market for the remaining minimum-wage jobs (It is so rotten, evil and pathetic that our government is getting away with this! They are selling us out big time!); thus by flooding the states will illegals, they are bringing down real ages for all American workers, providing cheap illegal-immigrant labor for all the gutter jobs that Americans can't survive on who have mortgages to pay, and now; consequently; we Americans can't afford to pay our mortgages, and so the banks are foreclosing on out homes.

If all this evil isn't rotten and corrupt enough, the greedy sinister Banksters went and hired thousands of lawyers to expedite and hurry through the foreclosure paperwork, completely ignoring mistakes and problems in the paperwork, just to get them all processed and done a.s.a.p., TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOSE YOUR HOME AS QUICKLY AND IRREVOCABLY AS POSSIBLE!

Listen to me carefully! ANYONE who votes either Democrat or Republican is supporting illegal immigration, abortion, open-borders, more wars and reckless war spending, more foreign-aid to the United nations, because there's NOT a DIME'S DIFFERENCE between the two evil political parties. A house divided cannot stand Jesus said. Our nation, our once Republic, fell in 1913 to the International Banking Cartel and other power lords over the money control in America.

They are the children of the Devil, born out of an evil and Godless system of insane psychotics who think baby-killing is ok, that Adam and Steve should get married and commit abominations in the sight of God, and on we could go! A band of greedy, cutthroat, murderers. They killed U.S. President Kennedy as a message to anyone thereafter who would dare stand against them. The message was simple: If we can kill Kennedy in broad daylight in the midst of thousands of people, then we can kill you a thousand other ways in your home or walking anywhere.)

~By David J. Stewart

Weep And Howl Ye Rich Men, For The Miseries That Shall Come Upon You!

What Saith the inspired Scripture?...

James 5:1-5, “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.”

Foreclosure Wave Sweeps America!

By Steve Schifferes | BBC economics reporter, Cleveland, Ohio | 11-05-07

A wave of foreclosures and evictions is about to sweep the United States in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis.

Growth of sub-prime lending

Families all over the country continue to lose homes in record numbers, stripping families of their wealth and destroying entire neighborhoods
Michael J Calhoun
Center for Responsible Lending

This could destabilize the US housing market and may also lead to further turmoil in financial institutions, who collectively own $1 trillion (£480.6bn) worth of sub-prime debt.

Cleveland, Ohio, is an industrial city on the banks of Lake Erie in the US "rust belt".

It is the sub-prime capital of the United States. One in ten homes in the city is now vacant, and whole neighbourhoods have been blighted by foreclosed, vandalized and boarded-up homes.

Many of these homes are now owned by the banks and investment pools owning the mortgages, and the company making the most foreclosures in Cleveland is Deutsche Bank Trust, which acts on behalf of such investment pools.

Cleveland is facing a rising crime wave, and the cost of demolishing the vacant houses alone will cost the city $100m of its tax base.

Sub-prime lending Black areas
Foreclosures (repossessions) Deutsche Bank properties

According to Jim Rokakis, the County Treasurer for Cleveland's Cuyahoga County, "Wall Street strategies that made the cycle of no-money-down, no-questions-asked lending possible have sucked the life out of my city."


Sub-prime crisis growing Sub-prime lending is spreading across the United States, especially in the booming housing markets of Southern California, Florida, Washington, DC, and New York City. One in five US mortgages now falls in this category. As the credit crunch continues to bite "families all over the country continue to lose homes in record numbers, stripping families of their wealth and destroying entire neighbourhoods," says Michael Calhoun of the Center for Responsible Lending, which tracks these issues.

Sub-prime mortgages carry a much higher risk of default by the borrower than other kinds of mortgage lending.

That is because most of them are "balloon" mortgages (technically known as hybrid-adjustable rate mortgages, or ARMs), which offer the borrower a fixed-rate loan for two or three years, and then switch to a much higher adjustable rate after that.

Many of them are set to switch in the next two years, leaving borrowers unable to afford the higher payments.

Everyone is going to feel this credit crunch to some extent .
Turned Worm

There have already been 1.7 million foreclosure proceedings in the US in the first eight months of 2007, and up to 2 million families are expected to lose their homes over the next two years, according to estimates by the US Congress's Joint Economic Committee.

Crisis origins

But why have so many people in the US taken out sub-prime mortgages?

Foreclosures in the US

The sub-prime lending market started as a way of lending to people with poor credit history - as long as they had collateral like a house that could be used to guarantee the loan.

It was particularly prevalent in inner-city areas, especially among black and Hispanic borrowers.

Many of these mortgages were sold by unscrupulous and little regulated mortgage brokers, who received handsome commissions for selling expensive and unsuitable products.

Some customers were not told that their interest rates would go up sharply after two years; others were promised they could refinance their home before higher rates took effect.

Others found that when they had difficulties paying, huge unexplained fees were added to their bills, putting them further in debt.

Marion's story

One person hard hit is Marion Gardner, who lives in one of the worst affected sub-prime lending areas of Cleveland, known as Slavic Village.

Marion in her home in Cleveland that she is about to lose
Marion has spent 30 years raising a family in her home.

A single parent, she had worked hard to buy a house where she could raise her two children and escape from the misery of the inner-city housing projects.

Two years ago Marion fell ill, and found she could not manage the stairs in her house.

She decided to refinance her home, using some of the money to buy an apartment where she could more easily manage.

She gave her old house to her two sons, expecting they would contribute to paying for the property she had struggled so hard to obtain. But the sons fell behind in their payments.

Marion went to her lender - Countrywide, the biggest sub-prime lender in the US - and offered to pay off all the arrears.

She said they accepted her offer, and began sending them $1,000 every month, using up her retirement savings.

But after six months she discovered that instead of clearing her arrears, her home was going to be foreclosed by Countrywide.

She still visits the house every day, trying to protect if from drug dealers and burglars, and leaves her dog in the backyard.

But she can see all along her street dozens of foreclosed properties that have been vandalised, boarded up, or gutted.

Now she has learned that a date has been set for the sheriff to come and evict her.

Deceptive practices?

home sales in Illinois
Special reports on why bad US home loans are affecting us all
Friday: US housing crash
Monday: Financial meltdown


Mark Seifert, the director of the East Side Organising Project (ESOP) in Cleveland, which has played a leading role in helping people affected by the sub-prime crisis, says Marion's story is typical.

He says lenders engaged in deceptive practices and clients found it difficult to get any information at all when they got into arrears.

Mr. Seifert says that ESOP - using protest tactics - has managed to get a few mortgage companies to sign a deal agreeing a uniform set of criteria to decide whether someone's mortgage qualifies for renegotiation rather than foreclosure.

But he says they have been unable to reach such an agreement with Countrywide, the nation's largest sub-prime lender - although its boss has promised to meet them.

Spreading to the suburbs

The crisis has spread beyond the inner city to the suburbs of Cleveland.

Last month over 200 people turned up at a church meeting to seek ESOP's help in avoiding foreclosure.

Some, such as Ron Todd, who lives in a suburb just south of the city, are in danger of losing their home after being made redundant by Northwest Airlines, a big local employer.

Others are worried that their neighborhoods - and the property values of their own houses - will be ruined by the foreclosures all around them.

According to Claudia Coulton, co-director of the Center for Urban Poverty at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, over 10,000 families - one in eight of all owner occupiers in Cleveland - will face eviction this year - and the number is expected to rise.

She says the crisis is threatening to "overwhelm the government agencies and community organisations that address the problem.

Nationwide problem

Cleveland's situation is not unique.

All around the country, aid agencies report a "tidal wave" of foreclosure cases, says Sarah Gerecke, director of New York City's Neighborhood Housing Services.

Ninja Loans: no income, no job, no assets
2/28: Mortgages that change from a fixed to a much higher adjustable rate after first two years
Prepayment penalties: High fees for trying to change terms of mortgage

She now employs six people full-time to provide mortgage debt counselling, up from one just two years ago, and could use another 12.

Her concern is that many recently regenerated neighbourhoods in New York will soon be blighted by crisis again.

Some people argue that the sub-prime lending crisis has been caused by irresponsible borrowers who lied about their income to cash in on the housing boom. Ms Gerecke disagrees. She says few of her clients would knowingly put their home at risk.

Many sub-prime borrowers report that mortgage brokers misrepresented the kind of mortgage they

Working together?

President George W. Bush's administration wants to solve the foreclosure crisis by getting lenders and borrowers to renegotiate the terms of loans.

There is a natural level of foreclosures that goes on in an economy in good times and bad... it's part of the nature of how our economy works
Robert Steel
US Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance


It is pledging more money for advice services, and has been urging key lenders to take a more sympathetic approach.

Robert Steel, the US Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance, told the BBC that the government's role was "to ensure that lenders and servicers are being flexible with regard to working with borrowers".

He added that no policy could eliminate foreclosures altogether because there was "a natural level of foreclosures that goes on in an economy in good times and bad... it's part of the nature of how our economy works."

But according to Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody's, only 1% of sub-prime mortgages have been renegotiated rather than foreclosed so far.

Ms Gerecke says a piecemeal approach involving millions of individual renegotiations will not work. Each case takes hours of negotiations, and the mortgage companies' loan loss departments are overwhelmed by the crisis.

A way out?

ESOP meeting in Cleveland, Ohio
Worried homeowners meet to "Save the American Dream"

The only way out, says Ms Gerecke, would be national loan terms agreed for the whole industry.

One such plan has been proposed by Sheila Bair, head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), one of the key banking regulators.

She told the BBC that sub-prime interest rates should not be reset if the borrower has kept up all payments and is not in arrears.

But such a deal is proving extremely difficult to reach, given that thousands of investors around the world own a share of these sub-prime mortgages.

Meanwhile Marion still sits in her Cleveland home every day, trying to stop it being vandalized even though she knows it is merely a matter of time before she will be evicted.

"I am just really working for the banks now, protecting their property from damage," she says.


SOURCE: BBC NEWS | Business | Foreclosure wave sweeps America

These Are Perilous Times in the United States

By your humble webservant, David J. Stewart

       As Americans continue to rebel against God's Word—embracing homosexuality, the lies of evolution, Harry Potter's witchcraft, feminism, divorce, booze, dirty dancing, Hollywood movies, Rock 'N' Roll, fornication, abortion, covetousness, indifference, greed, pornography, adultery, casino gambling, prostitution, covetousness, and sinful pride—we are bringing judgment upon ourselves! Our nation is falling apart! The truth is that most Americans have lost their moral integrity, and thus their desire for truth and justice. I have never seen so much dishonesty in business as I do today, and greedy company policies intended to gouge the consumer at every opportunity! The Word of God teaches to “Love thy neighbour as thyself,” not take advantage of others. Americans are among the worst offenders!

Sin makes a society indifferent toward evil. This is why the political thieves who lead in Washington, and their criminal accomplices who own and run the banking industry, are getting away with what they're doing. Do you realize that the banks make more money in the sale of a home on interest, than do all the material suppliers, architects, contractors and laborers combined? It is true, and the banksters (gangsters) never lift a finger to do any honest labor. They are thieves, taking what does not belong to them! A new home selling for $225,000 will cost you over $400,000! The banks on average make 2 1/2 times what the architects, material suppliers and home builders make. Do the math. And here's the kicker—the money that you're paying interest on (to the banks) was created out of NOTHING! It's called "fiat money" (Or as Congressman Ron Paul rightly calls it, "Funny Money!") It is counterfeit currency approved by the U.S. government, literally not worth the paper it is printed on! That was never the original intention of paper money.

The Fractional-Reserve Banking System is blatant fraud, which allows its perpetrators to lend out ten times more money than gold in reserve, leveraging their evil invention! In fact, President Franklin D. Roosevelt completely removed the U.S. from the gold standard in 1933.[1] That means our money since 1933 isn't backed by anything, except the word of the government. Yikes! Since there are no tangible assets backing our currency, this allows the criminal, privately owned, fraudulent, Federal Reserve banks to totally control the value of money, simply by printing more or less of it. Effectively, this allows them to raise taxes merely by printing more money, which lowers the value of money, and raises prices nationwide. It is the basic principle of supply and demand. Such a rigged and corrupt system eliminates free trade, which is the foundation of any economically healthy society.

Why is this happening in America? It's because WE THE PEOPLE have forgotten God. The average American today is complacent, indifferent, and couldn't care less about what the government does. This is the result of sinful living, which has desensitized and broken down the integrity of the American people. The Luciferians who rule this world fully know that the best way to overthrow a nation is to destroy its individual homes. Every healthy family is a sovereign unit of resistance against evil. Dysfunctional families are not a threat to the Devil. Would to God that Americans would have responded to Hugh Hefner's pornographic filth in 1953, as did the citizens of Indonesia in 2006. They took sledge hammers and destroyed the new Playboy office building in Indonesia! Would to God that there were NO public schools. It's not the government duty to educate children. The Government's sole purpose is to protect our person, property, and freedom. That's it! Instead they confiscate our property through shady and unconstitutional means, force us to pay ridiculously high unlawful taxes, give our money to lesbians and communists and abortionists, steal our wealth through a fraudulent Federal Reserve scam, and choose the corrupt leaders that we allegedly “vote into office.” They are a bunch of evil criminals! Luciferian-worshipping Freemasons rule over the United States! We are their slaves!

Free Market Is The Cure For Homelessness In America (the criminal Federal Reserve must go)

How Central Banks Cause Income Inequality (robbing the middle-class to fatten the wealthy)

Inflation is a Tax Ladies and Gentleman

The government is spending recklessly with money borrowed in OUR name from the Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserve). As more money is borrowed (i.e., printed out of thin air), it dilutes the value of the money already circulating in the economy. Just as adding water to soup dilutes it, so does printing more money dilute the economy and raise inflation (i.e., the cost of living). Think about this—the government gets to spend the money it prints when it is initially still at its top dollar value, BUT by the time the money hits the economy (thus diluting it), it has been reduced in value. In other words, the American people are the big losers every time the government borrows more money. The more money they borrow (print), the less our currency is worth in purchasing power. Ultimately, America will go completely bankrupt! This fraudulent system is designed to keep you working all your life, as a hamster running on a wheel, never able to save an inheritance to leave your children, and then you die broke! THEY DECIDE what you will own (or not own), and no amount of honest labor will make a difference, they will take it all!

When one considers the total debt owed in America, publickly and privately, the amount surely must exceed $175,000,000,000,000! ($175 TRILLION). This includes car loans, mortgages, home-equity loans, federal and state debt, city debt, school loans, credit card debt, et cetera. No bankers worked for the money they're lending out. They didn't toil and sweat. No, they just started the printing press and made more money. What fraud! If you or I did what these evil people are doing, we'd go to prison for multiple life terms. The American people are being defrauded by their own government, as well as by the international banking cartel. We're getting it from both ends financially. Most of the money that Americans earn go for taxes and interest payments. We're taxed before we even get our paycheck. Then we're taxed again at every store we go to. We pay taxes on the gasoline we buy. We pay property taxes (which is nothing less than pure Communism). The state levies a property tax on your land and home, and if you don't pay, orders a tax sale to get its money from you one way or the other. If you don't pay, you lose the home and the land. This is the First Plank of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto

If we make a penny, it is taxed. If we die and leave an inheritance to our children, the crooked government comes in and confiscates HALF of the wealth in the form of a "gift tax." To add insult to injury, every penny we need to borrow to live is hit with hefty interest charges. Do the math, add it all up, and you'll be shocked how much of your income is going to the ungodly government, greedy corporations and to the crooked banks. Truly, the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:8-11). Check online and you will find, that 50% of all the wealth in the United States is owned by just 1% of the population! When we all stand before God on judgment day, money won't mean a thing!

The American people are being cheated by the banking cartel. Every loan that Americans secure is funded by fiat money, i.e., it's printed from nothing. Literally, you're paying interest to the banking cartel on money they printed out of thin air. We are being cheated. Why should Americans have to pay outrageous amounts of interest on loans funded from nothing? It is woefully evil. People are losing their homes, many who faithfully made mortgage payments for decades. The bank merely swoops in and steals your home through foreclosure. And the money they lent you for your home came from nothing. It's sickening! God will punish them for every penny they stole! Sadly, this type of blatant stealing and fraud is so prevalent in today's world that people don't even question it anymore. And truthfully, 99% of the people don't understand its complexities enough to do anything about it. The crooks deliberately make it complicated, so you won't discern that they are cheating you. And then they sinfully hide behind fortresses of legal contracts that only an attorney can understand, which they do intentionally to take advantage of you!

Welcome to Pottersville America! END

1.3 million American citizens lost their home in 2007!

533,000 American citizens lost their job in November of 2008!

1.9 Million American citizens lost their job in 2008!

Betrayed By Our Government Leaders

U.S. Department of Liars!

Economists Brace for Worsening Sub-prime Crisis (Millions of people will lose their homes.)

To be shocked why you're losing your home, please listen to G. Edward Griffin's...


The Root of All Evil