No Such Thing As 'Christian Communism'

By David J. Stewart

       There is NO such thing as "Christian Communism." All Communism is of the Devil. Communism is not an ideology; but rather, a secret weapon of THE ILLUMINATI intended to enslaved the human race. It was Karl Marx himself, unquestionably the father of modern Communism, who said:

"My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism." —Karl Marx

It was Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist and Soviet spy, who said:

"The Communist vision is the vision of man without God. It is the vision of man's mind displacing God as the creative intelligence of the world."

Dethrone God? Man without God? Can a person dethrone God? Absolutely not!!! The very essence of Communist philosophy is the absence of God. 

Didn't The Early Church Practice a Form of Communism?

No! The early Christians in Acts DIDN'T practice Communism in any way, fashion, or form. They weren't Communists. The communalism described in the Bible (Acts 2:44; 4:32) was a voluntary sharing of goods that had absolutely nothing to do with heathen Communism, which is a blueprint for world takeover, outlined in the Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. 

Communism aims to make government bigger; while constricting the freedoms, rights and individuality of it's middle-class citizens. The Communist Manifesto, which is the bible of the Communists, states:

The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property ... This... is called by the bourgeois [i.e., the middle-class], abolition of individuality and freedom! And rightly so. The abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeois independence, and bourgeois freedom is undoubtedly aimed at... In one word, you reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so; that is just what we intend.


Did the early church desire to eliminate privately owned property, so that the government would own everything? No way! Clearly, Communism is against individual freedom, the right to own property, and individuality. Under Communism, police brutality and tyranny thrive. In China today, a woman is forbidden by law to have more than one child. For a young woman to do so in China results in criminal prosecution, forced abortion, sterilization, and a hefty fine. Only a fool would dare claim that God approves of such monstrous laws and Communist oppression. 

The United States Is Becoming Communist

Communism is an antichrist! It is of the Devil. Communism seeks to achieve a Global Totalitarian Godless Police State!!! Today, in 2008, The Council On Foreign Relations [CFR], is leading the way to build a Communist New World Order [NWO]. Tragically, most people today don't recognize that the United States is largely Communist. Communism is the vehicle by which Satan will achieve a one-world political power. We are now witnessing the merger/takeover of the world's religions, economies, and governments under the sinister control of the Illuminati (i.e., the occult inspired leaders of the NWO). Their visible organization is the CFR. It was the CFR who created the United Nations in 1945.

This is Karl Marx's Communist dream come true. Don't be misled to think, even for a moment, that Communism has any place in Christianity. Communism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other. Communism contradicts everything that the Word of God stands for. It was Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin, who said:

"I believe in one thing only, the power of human will."

 "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic."

Joseph Stalin is responsible for the torturous deaths of tens-of-millions of people between 1920 and 1950 during his reign of brutal oppression and terror.  This is where Communism ALWAYS leads!  History has proven it.  Look at the nation of Russia today, and see what Communism has done for it's people...

According to figures published by the World Bank at the end of last year, 20 percent of the Russian population lives below the poverty line, which is defined as a monthly income of 1,000 roubles (less than 30 euros, or $38).

SOURCE: Wealth and poverty in modern Russia

Can you imagine trying to survive on $38 per month. I heard on CNN this week that one-third of all Russians are now living on less than $1 a day. This is where Communism leads. Tragically, America's Central Bank is Communist, and is bankrupting it's citizens, but they're too ignorant and complacent to realize what's happening. Karl's Marx's 5th Plank of his Communist Manifesto called for a central bank. His 10th Plank called for a public school system. Woe unto America!

Communism Always Seeks To Disarm The Public

Gun control is a key element of a fascist police state takeover! A major goal of the Communists is to completely disarm the American public. U.S. President Barack Obama has publicly stated his intentions of total gun confiscation nationwide. The intention of liberals to disarm the American public is nothing new. Then, Secretary of State Janet Reno stated back in the 1990's that she wanted to confiscate all guns in America. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a career gun-grabber, is the woman behind the incoming semi-automatic gun ban in 2013. She has been a gun grabber from the onset who has herself publicly stated that her actual goal is the confiscation of all guns throughout the country, a literal full-scale ban.

Why the hurry to grab everyone's guns? It's because the U.S. economy is on the verge of imploding. Wall Street has been ripping-off U.S. tax-payers for the past century since 1913, funneling off trillions-of-dollars in the form of reckless debt-spending (aka, the national debt). When the collapse of our economy happens, there will be rioting in the streets and bloodshed. The Illuminati have every reason to disarm the American public as soon as possible. Everything that the occult (meaning, hidden) does is evil, which is why they operate under the cover of darkness.

The TV networks and mainstream newsmedia have been instrumental in preventing the anger of the American public, by misleading the public on everything. By the time the truth becomes self-evident, there will effectively be a total ban of guns in the United States. If they can't take the guns, they'll take the ammunition. One way or another, they are going to disarm the public. They're using every shooting amongst 300,000,000 Americans as a pretext to ban guns. With this form of fascist-style scrutiny and newsmedia deception, gun control is inevitable!

The Bible Teaches Capitalism

Every Christian ought to fully support Capitalism, which simply means a man gets to keep what he honestly earns. Socialism is the road to Communism. Here are some dictionary definitions of the two forms of tyranny...

SOCIALISM—An economic system based on state ownership of capital; a political theory advocating state ownership of industry.
COMMUNISM—A form of socialism that abolishes private ownership; a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society.

Democracy is not freedom; but rather, is majority rule (which overrides individual liberty). Karl Marx, considered by many to be the father of modern-day Communism, said that Communism could be summed up in one statement, that is, “the abolition of private property.” For years I didn't understand why he said that. But then I learned after gaining understanding from research that private property means RIGHTS. If you don't own any property, in effect you have no say in what goes on. You have NO RIGHTS! As long as the government owns everything, they have all the rights. In Communism, the government has total control over everything, like China and North Korea today. With ownership of private property comes ownership rights. Liberty and rights are synonymous!

Communism is of the Devil and there's NO such thing as "Christian Communism," just as there's NO such thing as "Christian Rock 'N' Roll," or "Christian adultery." The Word of God stands firm against Communism, because it is synonymous with enslavement. What is happening in America today is evidence of this fact. 

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