Charlie Sheen is Right About 911!

by David J. Stewart | March 2006

Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts'I'm thankful that actor, Charlie Sheen, has come forward to speak out against the obvious 911 cover-ups.  It couldn't be more obvious that the American people have been greatly deceived and lied to by The White House Administration, and many of their supporters.  There are many unanswered questions surrounding the malicious attacks on 911; but, the most disturbing thing is the UNQUESTIONED ANSWERS which our government has tried to sell us.

The fact that Henry Kissinger was initially chosen by the United Nations to head up the 911 commission is enough damnable evidence in itself to suspect foul play.  Due to public outcry against the decision, Kissinger removed himself.  Since 911, the 911 commission has done nothing but try to whitewash and hide the truth from the public.  There are hundreds of pieces of circumstantial and solid evidence against the George W. Bush Administration, and many others, that they not only had PRIOR knowledge to 911, but they helped orchestrate 911.

The Murder of John O' Neill to Cover-up 911

The news media has been completely silent about the unbelievably strange death of former FBI Deputy Director John O' Neill.  It was O'Neill who made the following statement...

"Most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian. The Saudi ruling family has been a major source of funding for terrorists. Both the Clinton and Bush administration impeded FBI investigations into Saudi Arabia. No President has ever had such a close relation with a foreign government as the Bushes have with Saudi Arabia. More than $1.4 billion in investments and contracts went from the House of Saud over the past two decades to companies associated with the Bush family.

As John O'Neill, the FBI's former top bin Laden investigator, said shortly before his death in the World Trade Center, "all the answers, everything needed to dismantle Osama bin Laden's organization can be found in Saudi Arabia." O'Neill also said that America's failure to stop bin Laden could be traced to one word - oil." -SOURCE

Photo to left: The Honorable former FBI Deputy Director John O' Neill

It was because of treasonous acts by officials in Washington that the Honorable John O' Neill resigned his position as FBI Deputy Director.  He refused to be a part of what he saw coming to fruition; but, he didn't know exactly what it was.  When George W. Bush signed Presidential Directive Order w199i blocking the FBI from investigating the suspect terrorists, Mr. O'Neill wanted to wash his hands of the matter.   His "buddies" in Washington pulled some strings and got him a sweet job (so he thought) as Security Director of the Trade Towers in New York.  Guess the date of Mr. O'Neill's first day on the new job?  It was September 09, 2001 ... 911!!!  As planned, John O'Neill was killed (murdered) in the 911 attacks John O'Neill was murdered because he was an honest man, a threat to the thugs who had him assassinated.  Yet, you'll never hear about this on FOX News!  The news media purposely slaps Bush's hand on smaller issues, such as open borders, while the big crimes are never mentioned.  Open borders are the least of our problems in America compared to the crimes being committed by Washington officials.  I speak as a concerned U.S. citizen, as a tax-payer, and as a true Christian.

John O'Neill was MURDERED on 911 because the conspirators behind 911 were afraid he WOULD talk, and I know that he would have.  You can't keep an upright man quiet, he will speak the truth.  Don't be deceived by all the propaganda lies about Bin Laden, he's just a show piece (someone to blame).  If you want to identify the culprits behind 911, then look no further than The White House.  Mr. Bush signed presidential directive W199i blocking every investigation into the terrorist's activities.  George W. Bush unbelievably just sat there in Florida on the morning of 911 after being informed that America was under attack. 

"...For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple." -Romans 16:18

This is what John O' Neill Feared was Coming!  And they killed him to make sure he didn't talk!

People are in Denial

ANY legitimate president would have stormed out of that room!  George Bush just sat there, aimlessly staring like nothing had happened.  Some morons actually believe that Bush sat there to emphasize the importance of education.  No my friend, president Bush KNEW exactly what was going to happen.  FEMA was already in place in New York on the night before 911, setting up camp.  U.S. troops were already sitting on the Afghanistan border before 911.  Several top government officials were warned not to fly on the morning of 911.  The FBI was even performing "mock" terrorist attack drills on the morning of 911.  CNN reported that NO plane ever hit the pentagon.  World Trade Center building # 7 was imploded to the ground on the afternoon of 911...just one block north of buildings 1 and 2 that were detonated.  No plane ever hit building # 7.  Read more.

The American people are afraid to know the truth.  Worse, they fear being rejected and labeled by their friends and family as a "conspiracy nut" if they dare ask questions about 911.  Oh how foolish we are as Americans to be silent and allow these injustices and atrocities to continue.  Wake up thou sluggard...

"How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?" -Proverb 6:9

I heard this on Fox News the other day...

"How could any sane person believe that our government would attack it's own people?" -Fox News, quoting a viewer.

What is so hard about believing that our own government would betray us?  Read about the Northwood Documents, where members of our own government suggested shooting an American commercial jetliner out of the sky, blowing up a ship, etc.  Read about our government deliberately feeding radioactive cereal to kids for experimentation.  How about the CIA and drugs.  How about poor black people being injected with deadly radiation in the 1970's.  How about the Communism of Martin Luther King Jr., and how the government continually praises him as a great American; when in reality, King was part of a conspiracy to subvert America.  No Communist should ever be recognized as a great American!  I'm all for civil rights, but not when immoral things such as abortion and homosexuality are falsely labeled as civil rights.  Being a citizen of the United States does not give anyone the right to sin.  In fact, the respectable Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney said in February of 2006 that a "Criminal Syndicate" is running the U.S.  She is so right!  And so is Charlie Sheen!  Where are America's churches?  I'm not endorsing Charlie Sheen, and I deplore Hollywood; BUT, the man is taking a stand against one of the most crucial issues to America's freedom--what really happened on 911?  Just as when Anita Bryant stood against homosexuality, America's churches are no where to be found.  People in in denial. 

History has often proven that government's do betray their own citizens.  When the Berlin wall came down, historians rushed in and learned that Hitler burned the Reichstag to the ground to create a pretext for war.  Titus did the same thing by setting fire to buildings all over Rome to justify his persecution of the Christians.  In Acts 6:11, some evil people bribed certain men to speak falsely against Stephen, and he was stoned to death as a result.  Why would some idiot ask Fox News how any SANE person could believe that out government would actually attack it's own people?  The answer is obvious ... our government isn't OUR government anymore! 

Here are several shocking articles which you need to carefully read, and then investigate further...

There is so much SOLID evidence indicting the Bush Administration's prior knowledge and key role in orchestrating 911.  This stuff gets even crazier.  Remember the London bombings in July of 2005?  Well, they were exercising the same mock wargames in London at the time of the attacks.  And guess who was in London near the attacks ... Rudolph Giuliani!!!  Here's more on the London attacksWhat was behind the London attacks?  A chilling coincidence?  The truth is surely stranger than fiction.