God's Judgment On America

By David J. Stewart

       The fall of America and the western world is upon us. I believe it is important for us as Christians to know what is going on in the world. Unfortunately, many believers live “in a bubble” that alienates them from reality. It is sad that many believers don't even know their Bill of Rights. We are living in the Last Days. God's judgment is already upon our nation. When the Supreme Court banned the Bible and prayer from the school system in 1963, it was the nails-in-our-coffin as a nation and as a people. All across America sin is out of control in 2012.

We have brought judgment upon ourselves—Teen runaways, massive homelessness,

Judgment is now upon America for our sins. Christians are already being arrested for passing out Bibles. Our freedom of speech is being eliminated. Police are increasingly persecuting Christians. The evil is just beginning!

Judgment is upon America! The U.S. economy is faltering. Communist agendas have overtaken our nation. Wickedness has destroyed our society. Our dollar is plunging in value. Our jobs are gone. There are going to be riots. Crime will soon skyrocket. 40,000,000 Americans are now receiving government food stamps, which is nothing more than a high-tech soup-line. The sins of the American people have undermined our nation's greatness, and now we are going into bondage under a Communist regime.

World War III is very near. The end of the U.S. dollar has been openly announced. Evil offshore bankers want to devalue our currency and go to the SDR. We are headed for a cashless society control grid. America will become a third world nation. The New World Order gang of criminals who are hollowing out the U.S. economy cannot hide their evils any longer. The good times are coming to an end. The coffers are empty. The Debt Time Bomb has exploded! Bread lines are coming. Holiday splurging at the store will be a thing of the past in America. Crime will skyrocket. Scammers, thieves and fraudsters will come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Lawsuits will soar. The hell on earth is just beginning.

Thumb-scanning is already required in many places to buy alcohol or tobacco. Eventually it will be required to buy anything, aka, the Mark of the Beast. Children are now being thumb-scanned in some places to get their lunch at school. Every child's DNA is now collected by the State at birth. Home baby-deliveries are now illegal in New York and other places. The government wants that blood sample! Police are now forcing drivers in many States to undergo mandatory blood tests. They take your blood right there on the street when they pull you over! Where will all this intrusion of our rights and privacy lead? It will lead to enslavement, a Police State!

Big government has ALWAYS been a bad thing historically. As the government grows bigger and bigger, it parasites off its citizens until it becomes an obese monstrosity. The U.S. government became lethargic, dysfunctional and corrupt many decade ago (which is a direct reflection of what the American people have become as a whole). Today, there are a few buildings in Washington D.C. that give the impression that we still have a working government, but we don't. The Banksters ruling over the United States don't even live on American soil.

They are going to raise our taxes and make us pay global taxes. Toll-roads are being built everywhere, and the money going to offshore corporations. Criminals politicians are out of control because the American people are obsessed with petty issues, celebrities and things that don't matter. Forty-six States are on the verge of bankruptcy. The newsmedia sets the agenda in America. Most of what we hear about from the newsmedia are major distractions from the real issues threatening America.

If your Christian leader doesn't think the Church has a place fighting against the Devil's crowd in government, then what does your pastor believe? Should we board the trains going to the Auschwitz death camps in Germany? I'm tired of hearing apostate pastors praise a Communist President like Obama and criticize those of us Christians who are speaking out against evil. Those sorry rascals need to get right with God!!!

There are many mockers today, who don't believe that the Bible is God's Word. The atheists, humanists and evolutionists will be sorry when sudden destruction comes upon them, just as it did in the days of Noah. The Bible foretold of blasphemers and scoffers in the Last Days...

"How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts." —Jude 1:18

Severe judgment is soon coming, whether people choose to believe it or not. There will be rioting in the streets of America, food shortages and paper money will be blowing in the streets, worthless. I believe that the Rapture of the saints is very near, when the Lord Jesus Christ shall return in the clouds and gather His own together. The wickedness upon the earth will be unprecedented, and God will pour out His wrath upon the inhabitants of the world. Half of the earth's population will perish.

To those who believe not, the Apostle Paul said “Let them be Anathema Maranatha,” i.e., “Let them be cursed, the Lord is coming.” All the hordes of Hell and earth will not come between God and His children, who have come to the Father by way of the blood of His dear Son, Jesus Christ, to have their sins forgiven.


Speaking Out Against Evils in Government

Titus 3:1-2,  “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.”

       I recently heard a pastor of a very large church foolishly state that it's wrong to criticize President Obama for any reason. The pastor used the Biblical text, “speak evil of no man” from Titus 3:2. Unfortunately he took the verse out of context. The Bible does not prohibit Christians from speaking out against evil; but rather, not speaking evil.

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