Alcohol: The BIG LIE!

By David J. Stewart

Photo: Alcohol victim, Denise Wagoner.

Barely AliveThere is NO greater hypocrisy and deceit in American society today, than that of drunk driving laws. The beer companies used to tell their customers Don't drink and drive; but now have changed their slogan to: Live Responsibly, or Drink Responsibly.

My question is: If you're getting buzzed and slowly going out of your mind, then how can you maintain enough sense not to get into your car and drive it? 

That is exactly why the beer companies stopped saying Don't drink and drive. Now they're telling beer drinkers to Drink responsibly; BUT, you CAN'T drink responsibly and drive a vehicle, even if you've had just one drink of beer! 

Our very same government leaders who allow alcohol-impaired drivers onto the streets of America, turn around and admit that drinking just one beer degrades a person's ability to drive.

This just PROVES wrong the lying propaganda fed to the public from the liquor industry. There's NO such thing as "drinking responsibly" when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car.

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) position on the relationship between blood alcohol concentration and driving is that driving performance degrades after just one drink."


Now, that information is from the very same government that hypocritically sets the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit at .08, which is ridiculous! Alcohol is called LIQUID DEVIL for a very good reason—because of it's deceitful nature! A BAC of 0.02% at many U.S. companies will require that an employee be relieved of duty for 24 hours, and at 0.04 they will be fired. In an organization with a “zero-tolerance” policy as regards alcohol use, you will be fired if you test at 0.001% (which is less than 0.01%). 

So why do U.S. lawmakers foolishly allow people to drive trucks and automobiles with a BAC up to .08? It's the love of money, the scum-sucking lawyers who work for the booze companies, and the sell-out politicians who ought to be tried and hung publicly for their profit-motivated crimes. Do you realize what a BAC of .05 to .079 does to the human body?  

According to OHS Health and Safety Services Incorporated, a BAC of between .05 and .08 means... walking, speech, and hand movements clumsy. Blurred, split, or tunnel vision may occur. Judgment and equipment operating ability impaired. Chance of accident is greatly increased by up to 300% or more.” Are you getting this? Our legislatures are deliberately allowing alcohol-impaired drivers onto the streets of America!!! Why?

Twisted Metal

  Barely Alive  

  Beginning to heal

Taking shape  Changed forever

Denise Wagoner was involved in a near fatal car crash, the victim of alcohol. Denise survived the crash, later to have extensive surgery fifteen times, seven on her face alone. She is now disfigured with permanent brain damage. She had multiple skull fractures, a crushed vertebrae, broken ribs and a swollen brain. Every facial bone was broken, her arm was broken, and she lost her sight. The Devil is a beautiful liar!

My heart goes out to Denise. We all make unwise decisions in life sometimes. Denise admits that the accident was her fault. She had been drinking booze. I humbly think that the booze producers are to blame, for not warning the public about the dangers of consuming the drug alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a drug! Our leaders are also to blame, for not protecting the public from itself. But we the people are mostly to blame, for consuming booze in the first place. By God's grace, I am thankful that I've never drank any alcohol beverage. Ironically, both of my parents drank alcohol.

Denise Wagoner's Tragic Testimony...

“Just Call Me Crash”

by Ken Testorff

That's the title of a video, available exclusively from Drunk Busters of America, that details the Denise Wagoner story. In the video, this former motel assistant manager and part-time professional model shares a powerful message about drunk driving, drug abuse, alcoholism, and abusive relationships.

Denise's life changed Feb. 19, 1995. Upset about a dissolving relationship in her life, she had visited her family. She still was upset when she started home and, en route, stopped at a tavern. Each time she emptied her glass, the bartender refilled it. To make matters worse, he seemed to be making advances. His actions only upset her more, so she left.

Police said Denise, with a BAC of .19, was going about 40 mph (in a 55-mph zone) when she missed a 90-degree turn in an S-curve and hit a culvert. Her car, a 1989 Ford Escort, went end-over-end three times and barrel-rolled twice before throwing her 70 feet. She landed on her head.

A woman at the scene of the accident described Denise's face as "five pounds of hamburger, and the blood bubbling from her mouth was the only evidence she still was alive. She had no nose or upper lip, and her eyes were dangling from their sockets." The 13 trauma doctors who worked on Denise that first night would learn that every bone in her face was broken, except for her bottom jaw.

Other injuries included multiple skull fractures, a broken back (in five places), two crushed vertebrae (in her neck), crushed ribs, and a swollen brain. She also had broken shoulder blades, a broken collarbone, a broken left arm (in three places), and a broken right knee.

Later, a respirator in the hospital blew out one of her lungs, and the doctors found that her skull was separated from her spine. They didn't think she would live through the next 24 hours, but if she did, they had to find out why she slowly was bleeding to death. She literally had "died" twice from loss of blood. They finally learned she suffered from DIC, a disease that prevents blood from clotting.

To repair Denise's lung and some of her other fractures, the doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma for five and a half weeks. They then put seven plates and 22 screws in her head and face, a process that took nearly 18 hours.

One day, Denise's mother told a nurse that her daughter didn't smell very good. The doctors further explored her injuries and learned her scalp was separated from her skull. Then, she developed pneumonia and had to be fed only by IVs before doctors discovered more breaks in her legs and back.

"No one really thought I was going to live," said Denise. "I was given the last rites, and the doctors told my family I only had hours to live. However, I defied the inevitable and, in time, learned to walk and talk. I also learned to eat, dress and take care of myself." What does she credit for this miracle? "I really think we all have an angel on our shoulder."

The sad thing about this tragedy, according to Denise, "is that it was preventable. I did this to myself; I made the choice to drink and drive. They say that people will drive drunk 300 times before they are caught. I'd probably done it 3,000 times." In the first six months after moving back to her home state (Wisconsin) from California, Denise had been stopped twice for drunk driving. "But then, for three years, I hardly drank," she explained.

Today, Denise doesn't drink or smoke, and she says, "I'm the happiest I've  ever been. I don't take life for granted anymore. I've learned to appreciate my family and friends."

Denise has launched a personal campaign to combat drinking and driving by speaking to driver's-education classes, schools, drug- and alcohol-abuse centers, and the Wisconsin National Guard. "I tell them a drunk driver did this to me," she said. "Then, I tell them the drunk driver was me. I'll be paying for the rest of my life because of my choice, and I want to help others avoid that tragedy."


NO ONE should be allowed to drive ANY vehicle after drinking ANY beer, and until our lawmakers become just and responsible, people will continue to become victims. Booze has proven to be a menace to American society. America's irresponsible culture of wild partying leads teens into the alcohol lifestyle. It doesn't help when celebrities like Toby Keith boast about drunkenness in horrible songs such as: “Let's get drunk and be somebody.”

Jesus Didn't Make Booze!

God hates all forms of beer, whiskey, and booze. Don't allow the Devil to destroy your life by alcohol (Proverb 20:1; Galatians 5:19-21). Please read, GADD (God Against Drunk Drivers). Oh, listen friend, Bud is not weiser, he's a fool. I like what my pastor used to say... “You can't take two drinks of beer if you don't take the first.”

“The man who votes for the saloon is pulling on the same rope with the devil, whether he knows it or not.” —Billy Sunday

If you don't take the first drink, then you can't take the second!

Here's a Christian alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous...

Founded in 1948, Alcoholics Victorious support groups offer a safe environment where recovering people who recognize Jesus Christ as their "Higher Power" gather together and share their experience, strength and hope. AV meetings use both the 12 Steps and the Alcoholics Victorious Creed.

There is Hope!

Evangelist Billy Sunday | The Curse of the Saloon

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Liquid Devil

Genesis 3:1 and Revelation 20:2, “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made... the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan...”

Ye Must Be Born Again!

God is Against Alcohol, Period!

Jacqueline Saburido (pictured above)

“I tell you that the curse of God Almighty is on the saloon.”
—Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday (1862-1935)

Beer is for fools!!!

"Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." ~Proverb 20:1

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Here's a Christian alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous...

Founded in 1948, Alcoholics Victorious support groups offer a safe environment where recovering people who recognize Jesus Christ as their "Higher Power" gather together and share their experience, strength and hope. AV meetings use both the 12 Steps and the Alcoholics Victorious Creed

There is Hope!

Jacqueline Saburido
(pictured above)

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” —Proverb 20:1

Alcohol tastes and feels good, but is rotten to the core!


“Whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in hell.” —Billy Sunday

“The man who votes for the saloon is pulling on the same rope with the devil, whether he knows it or not.” —Billy Sunday

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