Planned Parenthood Reports Record Abortions!

By David J. Stewart | September 2011

This is so tragic! Where does the word "planned" come into play for a parent who murders their beloved child? What plan? What a lying crock of bologna! There is no plan except to kill children. Planned Parenthood (Herodhood) has done it again, setting a new record in the race to holocaust precious little children. Abortion has become America's worst nightmare, devaluing life to complete worthlessness. Those savage monsters even sell the aborted baby's body parts! They're a bunch of rotten thugs, with no regard for God nor a child's right to life. Every child has a right to live. 

Tens-of-millions of parents with unwanted pregnancies are the natural consequence of a nation of fornicators who have been demoralized by the Rock 'n' Roll phenomena. There is no filth as vile as Rock 'n' Roll, the Devil's music. Would to God that every Rock 'n' Roll recording ever made were burned!  Thank God, some day they will be (2nd Peter 3:10).

Tragically, the New York Daily News reported on January 15th, 2006 the following recent statistics from the city's Department of Health to illustrate why the Big Apple deserves the designation of The Abortion capital of America:

On the same day, New York Magazine gave more insight into why the city is the country's abortion capital:

"New York City has fashioned itself as being the philosophical center of 'abortion on demand,' and it has a thriving industry to show for it," Christina Fadden Fitch told the Daily News. Fitch is legislative director of the New York State Right to Life Committee. There is not a more hideous, vile, and sinister group than Planned ParenthoodEND


Another Abortion Record at Planned Parenthood: PPFA Tries to
Mask Crucial Role of Abortion to Its Mission and Bottom Line

By Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D. Today's News & Views | July 19, 2007

Recent public comments by Planned Parenthood (PPFA) that abortion constitutes "only 3%" of its services radically downplay the centrality of abortion to the group's mission and mask abortion's enormous impact on the organization's bottom line. This reported percentage, touted relentlessly by PPFA (Planned Parenthood Federation of America) president Cecile Richards, fails to include ancillary services that may be sold along with the abortion and ignores the fact that abortion provides PPFA with a huge--and steady--stream of revenue.

PPFA's most recent service report is a perfect example. We learn that the nation's largest abortion chain has again performed a record number of abortions at its clinics, in the process raking in millions of dollars.

According to the 2005 service report, available at, Planned Parenthood performed 264,943 abortions in 2005, about 10,000 more than it did in 2004 (255,015) and nearly double the number it did just 10 years ago (139,899 in 1995). During that time, Planned Parenthood "market share" has almost exactly doubled--from 10.3% of all abortions done in the U.S. in 2005 to about 20.6% today. [1]

On its web site and in public statements, Planned Parenthood is increasingly attempting to minimize the significance of this trend, claiming that abortions constitute "only" 3% of services it performs for clients. Planned Parenthood apparently obtains such a figure by counting each pregnancy test, each packet of pills it passes out, every test it does for sexually transmitted diseases, etc., as a uniquely rendered "service."

By this strained bookkeeping procedure, PPFA obtains an overall figure of 10,112,642 "total services." The 264,943 abortions reported by Planned Parenthood comprise about 2.6% of that total, but this is extremely misleading, as we shall demonstrate.

First, this counting obscures how several of these non-abortion "services" may in fact be bundled together and sold with the abortion. For example, if every woman having an abortion first receives a pregnancy test at the clinic to confirm her pregnancy, the percentage of services directly associated with abortion jumps to more than 5%.

If every aborting woman was also tested for an STD, the figure becomes 7% to 8%. If she received contraceptives as part of her "going home" package, "services" obtained by the abortion-patient would comprise perhaps 10% to 11%. Any other services sold to the mother in the process of performing her abortion--a breast exam, treatment for an STD, etc.--would push the percentage even higher.

Planned Parenthood doesn't identify the services that are part of its abortion package, but it does admit in the service report that the 10 million plus receiving services actually represent only 3,051,144 "unduplicated clients." In other words, though there were 10 million services, there were only about three million individual customers.

Considered against this backdrop, if we make the commonsensical assumption that there weren't substantial numbers of women obtaining multiple abortions in a given calendar year, the 264,943 abortions Planned Parenthood reports represents not 3%, but about 8.7% of the unduplicated clients that Planned Parenthood saw in 2005.

There is one other dimension here that, in the absence of further evidence, we cannot quantify. According to the service report, 1,040,803 women came to Planned Parenthood in 2005 to obtain a pregnancy test.

Assuming the availability of abortion induces some women who thought they might be pregnant to come to PPFA to purchase a pregnancy test and other services. Even if they turned out not to be pregnant and therefore didn't have an abortion, this means PPFA's marketing of abortion generates more services (and income) than simply that coming from the women who do abort.

Second, even if one does not consider the other services that often go along with the abortion, the relative impact of abortion alone compared to the rest of Planned Parenthood's "services" on the corporation's overall revenue stream is quite different.

While a pregnancy test or a pill packet may cost a client $10 or $15, a standard suction curettage abortion runs about $372. Even if, for purposes of discussion, you count every abortion as a first-trimester suction curettage abortion--and count only the abortion and none of the rest of the bundled services--this puts Planned Parenthood's abortion income at least $98.5 million.

In truth, the real figure is certainly much higher. This is so, not just because of the additional related services, but also because we know from their own advertisements that some Planned Parenthood clinics also perform considerably more expensive abortions performed later in pregnancy.

(According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood's think-tank, the average cost of a surgical abortion at 16 weeks in 2001 was $774. At 20 weeks, the price was $1,179.)

Income figures for 2005–06, normally found in the group's annual report, were not available by press time. However, reported figures for the 2004–05 fiscal year make clear how substantial a part abortion is of Planned Parenthood's clinic business.

Even using the lowest estimate from above, the minimum of $98.5 million from 264,943 abortions in 2005 would represent, not 3%, but 28.4% of Planned Parenthood's $346.8 million clinic income for 2004–05. Hardly an inconsequential part of the business.

The dedication of Planned Parenthood to abortion is, however, apparent in other ways. Against 264,943 abortions, Planned Parenthood saw just 12,548 prenatal clients. This means that it was 21 times more likely that a pregnant woman coming into a Planned Parenthood clinic would receive an abortion than receive prenatal care.

In 2005, in its entire nationwide network of over 860 clinics, Planned Parenthood saw just 248 infertility clients. Put another way, this means that PPFA treated just one infertility patient for every 1,068 abortions it performed. Adoption services or referrals aren't even mentioned.

Planned Parenthood talks about giving women choices, but what is apparent from its latest service report is how rarely Planned Parenthood's plans involve parenthood, and just how often they involve abortion.


1. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, there were 1,359,400 abortions performed in the U.S. in 1995. Guttmacher's latest annual estimate was 1,287,000 abortions for 2003.

SOURCE: Another Abortion Record at Planned Parenthood

**Thank God for those folks today who do care about a child's right to life, and are speaking out publicly against the evils of abortion.  Instead of using the misnomer of 'Planned Parenthood,' they ought to be honest and call their diabolical organization, 'Calculated Murderhood.'  As much as abortionists try to label Bible-believing, God-fearing Christians as 'hatemongers,' we do not hate anyone.  We are simply upholding God's Law which forbids the killing of the innocent (Exodus 20:13).  Every abortionist is a cold-blooded murderer, no better than Adolf Hitler! END

“Thou shalt not kill.” ―Exodus 20:13

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Quote from eugenicist and atheist Margaret Sanger:
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“Thou shalt not kill.” ―Exodus 20:13

Please notice that the Holy Bible says “THE BABE LEAPED,” not the fetus...
Luke 1:44, “For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation
sounded in mine ears,
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“Thou shalt not kill.” ―Exodus 20:13



(In the womb, a 20-30 week baby's ability to experience pain is heightened)

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The sad truth is that women who have had abortions are GUILTY of murder. Such women have crossed the line, just as Eve did when she challenged God's Word. God says... Thou shalt not kill; BUT, many women today kill anyway, having no regard for God or His Word. Women who think they are exercising their "rights" by having an abortion are in reality foolishly killing their own baby. Do you realize that a baby is aborted by being sucked into pieces while alive, by a vacuum that is 29 times more powerful than a standard vacuum? For more information, please read Abortion Torture Methods. When a women permits a doctor to kill her baby, she is literally handing her beloved child over to an executioner to be tortured to death in a grotesque, painful, and brutal procedure that rivals the Japanese Unit 731 Labs of WWII. 

On the individual level, there is forgiveness for involvement in the sin of abortion. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God will justly forgive those who repent and believe the Gospel (1st Corinthians 6:11, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God”). God loves you!

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” —Jeremiah 1:5

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