Tongue Splitting?

    This article appeared in the May 2003 edition of Time Magazine. Things such as this were unheard of when I was a teenager. It appears that young people are in a race to see who can become the most bizarre. The Devil is working overtime to destroy people, especially our young people (1st Peter 5:7). My how Satan is gaining control of people's minds! 

I recently read about a young woman from Brazil who paid a surgeon to cut eight holes into her throat to form a "flute." Has the world gone crazy? Evidently so. Did you hear about the man who recently received 50 years in prison for shoplifting a few video tapes in California? So much for the 8th Amendment! How about the orangutan with a dream house? How about a contest eating horse rectums? An abortion contest?

In just one generation, America has witnessed the total loss of decency and morals. Our nation is a big Sodom. I was sickened to learn of the “Pink Pages” available in major cities across the United States. It's a Yellow Pages phone book just for Sodomites (the proper Bible term). 

In recent years, cities such as San Francisco and Chicago have extended city employee health benefits to gay live-in partners. This means a man working for the city of Chicago can claim his Sodomite male lover on his health insurance; however, a man living with a woman CANNOT! This is disgraceful and unfair! Movies and books which idolize witchcraft (such as Harry Potter) are raking in billions of dollars?

Children's video games have been infiltrated with Sodomite characters and New Age teachings. Gambling casinos are popping up everywhere. Tens-of-thousands of innocent people are still being killed every year by drunken murderers! Millions of children are still being murdered every year by Godless abortionists and parents who hate their children. Feminism has grossly replaced femininity. 

Apathy is everywhere we turn. Young people everywhere are piercing their bodies in every area with earrings, et cetera. Sexual perversion is commonplace on TV and in every avenue of advertising today. Corporations like Enron are cheating their employees out of their life-savings, and nothing is being done about it. Our nation is in serious debt! Our dollar is worth less and WORTHless. Our economy produces very little anymore. The stock market is a big sham, controlled from within, and a false form of wealth. If it's printed on paper, it's worth the paper it's printed on! Horribly bad times are coming!

In light of all this, why should God bless America? Give me one good reason! We are an arrogant nation, and “pride goeth before destruction” the Bible says. It doesn't surprise me anymore to hear of people splitting their tongues, implanting spikes into their head, having sex changes, et cetera. Without Jesus Christ, people are capable of anything. In this Godless generation in which we live (where people despise those who are good, 2nd Timothy 3:3), nothing surprises me anymore. I'm learning more and more to just keep my eyes upon the Savior, keep soul-winning and think about my home in Heaven.

Satan is alive and out to get you!

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