Abortion Contest?

by David J. Stewart

“Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” —Proverb 14:9

       We are living in some sick times, perilous times as the Bible calls them in  2nd Timothy 3:1-2... "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  For men shall be lovers of their own selves..." Carefully notice that the times will become perilous because of men, i.e., people! 

Americans love themselves! So much, that 48,000,000 American mothers have aborted (i.e., murdered) their own babies. It is utterly hypocritical for abortionists to call themselves "pro-CHOICE." Choice for whom? The baby certainly has no choice. Abortion is not a choice, it is criminal injustice!

The following article shows further evidence of the apostate condition of America today. The most disturbing thing is that Elliot Segal is still on the airwaves, and people can't seem to get enough of his wickedness. Mr. Segal actually promoted an abortion contest over the radio airwaves to find who had murdered the most children. Read it for yourself...

Radio jock holds abortion “contest”

May 20, 2005

"Earlier this week, shock jock Elliot Segal of Washington, DC's radio station DC101 decided it would be hilarious to hold a contest with a prize for the listener who had the most abortions. While this contest was disgusting by its very nature, the offense was compounded because he held the competition on public airwaves during early morning hours, when people are driving to work and bringing their children to school. The 'contest' featured at least one potential statutory rape, two medical assaults and a number of callers proud of the children they had aborted.

"One caller, identified as K-Dog, proudly asserted that he was responsible for 16 abortions between two different women. K-Dog's second wife called in to proudly verify the 5 abortions she had with him. Graphic descriptions and crude jokes were included. Such depravity has no place on public airwaves.

"DC101's parent company, Clear Channel Communications, won applause last year when it dropped Howard Stern because he was deemed too offensive and controversial. It appears this brief dance with decency was merely a publicity stunt, as Stern alleged at the time.

"Please contact Clear Channel and ask them to send a message by firing this schlock jock. Contact: Omar Thompson, VP, Marketing and Communications, 200 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209, 210-822-2828,
omarvthompson@clearchannel.com ."

Depravity knows no bounds.

SOURCE: www.frc.org

Apostasy!!! What disturbs me the most isn't Elliot Segal; but rather, the fact that so many people idolize him. Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, Ozzy Osbourne, and every other creature of vile filth aren't the problem in America... it's the wickedness of the people who follow and support them. Let's be honest, Americans love sin! They can't get enough of it. We've even got a city in America renamed to SIN CITY! We so often hear people blurting out how devilishly good their cheesecake is; but the greater issue of the day should be that we are now living in a righteously evil nation, i.e., self-righteousness!

In decades past, people were shocked over crimes in the news. Today, we have become so accustomed to seeing murders, and every form of sin imaginable, that it doesn't phase most people. America has gone into code blue, and she's lost her will to survive. Even our churches in eerily silent about the horrors of abortion, the criminal takeover of our government, and the morally reprehensible sin of homosexuality.

A U.S. News and World Report article (December 2003, The New Old-Time Religion, by Jay Tolson, pg. 42) quotes Lon Solomon, pastor of the McLean Bible Church near Tyson's Corner, Virginia (a megachurch that draws up to 10,000 people on Sundays) as stating...

“Abortion and homosexuality are minor concerns in our church. The bell we beat is that we must know Jesus. We are offering people a different and better way to live than secular America offers.”

No wonder heathens like Elliot Segal are promoting abortion contests, when most of America's pastors are silent concerning the evils of abortion. Shame on any pastor who thinks the murdering of children, A Minor Concern