Negative Review Of Faith Baptist Bible College And Theological Seminary In Ankeny, Iowa

by David J. Stewart | October 2021

Revelation 3:2, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.” 2nd John 1:11, “For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

       Beware of this horrible institution! Marty Herron was hired in 2018 as Executive Vice President of the college. Herron was the shameful long-time senior pastor of Harvest Baptist Church on the island of Guam, which he turned into a religious cult. I attended Harvest for one year and saw firsthand the incompetence of Mr. Herron. Pastor Herron promotes the Devil's false Bible revisions which corrupt the Gospel, pervert the meaning of repentance for salvation, attack Jesus' deity, obliterate the Godhead and secularize God's Word.

Mr. Herron is a neo-evangelical who adheres to dangerous Calvinist theology, whose mentor is Dr. John MacArthur (a devout 5-point Calvinist). Calvinism is a perversion of God's grace, not the Gospel of free grace . When I befriended Pastor Herron with THE TRUTH, as a true friend does, he wickedly rejected it. The fact that FBBCTS would hire a person like Marty Herron speaks volumes as to their apostasy! Please RUN from this place!!!

I wouldn't send my dog to FBBC&TS and I don't even have a dog! Marty Herron is the dog!!! The Bible warns us to “BEWARE OF DOGS.” Philippians 3:2, “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.” The Apostle Paul is not referring to four-legged animals, but to two legged dangerous false teachers like Marty Herron!!! Herron is cocky, proud and arrogant, living his highbrow snobby life, rubbing shoulders with infidels like himself (e.g., Steve Pettit, Chuck Phelps, John MacArthur, et cetera). These men define evil to the very core! There is nothing as evil as a fake preacher, a sinister minister, someone who deceitfully masquerades as a true minister of righteousness, but in reality is a Satanic minister of unrighteousness (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15).

Marty Herron defines evil, preaching his Calvinist false gospel of “turn away from your sinful lifestyle” if you want to go to Heaven garbage! Mr. Herron is bound for the everlasting Lake of Fire with his damnable heresy of “Lordship” salvation!!! Whereas the inspired King James Bible repeatedly in hundreds of passages teaches to simply BELIEVE to be saved, Herron and his clown company of Bob Jones infidels all corrupt the Word of God and pervert the Gospel, mandating that people turn away from their sinful ways, surrender all to Christ as absolute “Lord”; and faithfully start, run and finish the race of living the Christian life or else go to Hell forever!!! If you think I'm exaggerating, read Dr. Steve Pettit's damnable words for yourself!!!

Listen to Marty Herron wickedly require people to “repent of your sins” to be saved. Not one verse in the King James Bible says to repent “OF YOUR SINS,” ungodly men added that extra requirement to God's simple plan of salvation. Expecting someone to give up lifelong sinful bad habits to be saved is NOT the Gospel, it is a trade, an exchange, theological perversion and a heavy burden grievous to be borne. Dear reader, I cannot warn you enough about Marty Herron, Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa. God's curse is upon these evildoers!!! They are preaching another gospel (Galatians 1:6-9). God's judgment is upon anyone who preaches a false gospel (Romans 3:4). I am preaching THE TRUTH.

Jesus is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6). Simply BELIEVE the Good News of Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross for your sins and mine, was buried, and then three days later He arose triumphantly from the dead (1st Corinthians 15:1-4). That is the Gospel, not turning away from your sinful ways to be saved, which is false religion. I don't hate Marty Herron, I hate his lies. I hate his arrogant attitude. I hate his false gospel and false ways. I hate what he did to ruin my life on Guam. God will punish Marty Herron, for the evil person that he sadly is, and I pray it be so sooner than later!!! (Romans 12:19-21; Romans 14:10-12; Titus 1:10-13; Matthew 12:36; Galatians 6:7). SHAME on Marty Herron, the devil's helper!

The Gift Of Eternal Life Is Wrapped In The Wonderful Package Of Jesus


“Faith is the only righteous thing that I can do!”
—Pastor Jack Hyles, a quote from the MP3 sermon titled: God's Reversal Of Psalm 51

Evangelist Ray Comfort Exposed
(the damnable 'Repent of your Sin' heresy)

Marty Herron was the shameful senior pastor of Harvest Baptist Church on Guam for 19 years and ruined the church! Herron preaches another gospel of "Lordship" salvation, promotes corrupt Devil's Bibles, bids Godspeed to false prophet John MacArthur, misunderstands Bible repentance for salvation, and needs to be exposed as a false teacher! Marty was hired as the Executive Vice President of Faith Baptist Bible College And Theological Cemetery in 2018.

For this reason alone I cannot recommend the school! Any organization that would hire an infidel like Marty Herron cannot be trusted theologically! Herron mistreated me at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, forcing me out of the church because I befriended him with THE TRUTH as a true friend does. And then in 2017 he cruelly threw me under the bus when I pleaded for his compassion and help with my life. Marty has no love for hurting people.

Herron is an opportunist who follows the money and couldn't care less about THE TRUTH or PEOPLE! Marty Herron is a devil who ruined my life and God will punish him someday for it! Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Herron is not a servant of God, but one who selfishly serves his own belly (Romans 16:17-18). The Bob Jones crowd are corrupt on the Gospel! Faith Baptist Bible College is corrupt on the Gospel! Please RUN from anything involving Marty Herron and company!!! ~My Facebook review of FBBC & TS, by David J. Stewart

Exposing The Damnable Bob Jones University Camp

       Dear reader, you have a brain from God. God has given to you a freewill to make your own decisions. Jesus plainly warned in Matthew 7:13-14 that most people are going to Hell, and only very few ever make it to Heaven. The dear Savior tells us why in Matthew 7:15, because of FALSE PROPHETS!!! Fools like Marty Herron are ministers of unrighteousness (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15). They are preaching ANOTHER GOSPEL (Galatians 1:6-7). Pastor Herron errantly preaches that faith is not enough to be saved; but also, he says that you must turn away from a lifestyle of sin. This is official Bob Jones University dogma. BJU president (and close personal buddy with Marty Herron), Dr. Steve Pettit, preaches a hardcore Calvinist false gospel. These evil men are not born-again Christians, they are bastards (illegitimate) of the faith, servants of the Devil.

We see the say undying insane loyalty of 21,000,000 Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) for their corrupt leaders and false religion. We see the same unwavering insane loyalty of 1,200,000 Roman Catholics for the Vatican, Pope and false religion. Why are people do gullible? Remember, Jesus said that most people are going to Hell because of FALSE PROPHETS, who disguise themselves, coming to us as wolves in sheep's clothing. That means they are deceiving the masses with their Satanic lies—false Bibles, misunderstood repentance, demonic Lordship Salvation and praise of infidels like Martin Luther (1483-1546), who taught the Devil's lie of Baptismal Regeneration (i.e., the heresy that you must be water baptized to go to Heaven) his entire life. Mr. Luther is sadly burning in Hell now and forever! Yet Marty Herron argued with me in 2014, insisting that Martin Luther was born-again. It doesn't surprise me that an unsaved fool like Marty Herron would think that another unsaved infidel is also in Heaven, who taught in his catechisms (1929) that you must partake of the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion to enter into Heaven. Biblically, there is no such thing as sacraments!

Bob Jones University is of the Devil. They promote Satan's corruptible seed (i.e., the Devil's corrupt modern Bible revisions). They preach another gospel of Lordship Salvation and misunderstood repentance. They praise infidels like John MacArthur, Ray Comfort and Martin Luther. These wicked false teachers are not going to Heaven, and they are taking millions of misled people with them. Folks, right doctrine matters! Faith alone saves!!! But the corrupt Bob Jones crowd say that faith is not enough. And then there are some who say that faith is enough, but they redefine faith to mean works! This is the grave error of event-Day Adventists!!! This is the SAME exact claptrap, flapdoodle, balderdash and tommyrot that the Bob Jones University camp preaches today.

And sadly, and tragically, Pensacola Christian College (PCC) has gone apostate, sinfully bidding Godspeed to BJU. The shameful incompetent senior pastor of Campus Church at PCC, Jeff Redlin, put down my ministry in July of 2021, falsely accusing me of finding "weakness" in preachers. No, the truth is that Jeff Redlin is a stinking coward, a fake, a fool, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a timid Caspar Milquetoast wimp, who refuses to contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1:3). So in his sinful cowardice and compromise, Redlin must shamefully criticize my ministry to save face; in a lame attempt to justify his idle, do nothing, indifferent, bury your head in the sand, pathetic attitude toward error, Devil's Bibles, counterfeit gospels and damnable heretics!!!

I am faithfully REBUKING THEM SHARPLY as the Bible teaches in Titus 1:10-14, but Redlin foolishly says I am the bad guy, while he spiritually fornicates with the hellbound Calvinist BJU crowd. What is wrong with Pastor Redlin and PCC today? They are enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Galatians 4:16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Jeff Redlin couldn't handle the truth. But it gets much worse friends, Redlin and company are preaching a false gospel at PCC. Benjamin Franklin was so right: “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.” By tolerating and hobnobbing with BJU, PCC are being corrupted by them and they don't even realize it. That is the power of deception!!! False knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. We must expose all error!!!

The greatest threat to Christianity today is complacency, indifference and the love of money. The love (or desire) to make more money compels Bible colleges and churches alike to avoid anything controversial (e.g., contending for the faith, exposing Devil's Bibles, rebuking false prophets sharply, marking and avoiding false teachers, and fighting for the inspiration of the King James Bible, et cetera). The sinful indifferent attitude of BJU, PCC, FBBC&TS, and hundreds more apostate institutions today ALWAYS leads to more apostasy! Somebody's got to care! I care. God cares. Dear reader, faith is the only righteous thing that I can do!!! You don't have to repent and turn away from your sin to be saved. You don't have to continue living a lifestyle of repentance. You don't have to prove that your faith is genuine by doing works. All of these things ADD works to the free grace Gospel. We need to expose these wicked false prophets!!!

Please read this awesome book defending a free grace Gospel by Michael P. Bowen, titled: 'I NEVER KNEW YOU'

“The world will go to Hell unless somebody is authoritative!”
—Pastor Jack Hyles, “I Shall Not Be Moved

ABOVE: For kindly exposing this copyright insanity (false bibles) at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, Marty Herron and company threw me under the bus, kicking me out of their church in 2014. For the next 7 years I didn't attend any church and Marty Herron is to blame. God will punish him for his hatred and false gospel. I was so lonely and hurting in soul in 2017 that I literally pleaded 3 times for Harvest's pastors to let me please come back to church, but they said "No, go elsewhere," leaving me for dead and backed up the bus over me. I had nowhere else to go! As a true friend does, I TOLD THE TRUTH the entire time for 7 years, but Pastor Herron and his stooge assistant pastors killed the prophet!!! Then Harvest's new pastor in 2018, Gary Walton, wickedly backed up the bus over me again, still refusing to speak with me as a man or allow me to return to church. These evil false prophets have much blood on their hands, including mine. In hindsight, I shouldn't have tried to go back, since they are false prophets going to Hell. I have since moved off Guam, to find a church family, and I have. God damn Marty Herron and his family, and God damn Gary Walton and his family, and God damn the ungodly lowlife cult of Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, and God damn cult headquarters at Bob Jones University, and God damn Jeff Redlin and Pensacola Christian College for bidding Godspeed to these evildoers in the BJU camp! Galatians 1:6-9 says that GOD DAMNS them all!!!

1st Corinthians 16:24, “My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

Souls Are Dying!

How Permanent Is Your Salvation?
(an excellent MP3 sermon by Pastor Hank Lindstrom, 1940-2008)

Mark 1:15, “...repent ye, and believe the gospel.”

“The mark of the child of God is that he loves everybody!”
(a quote from Pastor Jack Hyles' classic MP3 sermon, “FORGIVENESS”)

Mark 11:22, And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

Ye Must Be Born Again!

You Need HIS Righteousness!