People Are Sick And Tired Of Authoritarian
Cult Abuse In Independent Baptist Churches

by David J. Stewart | May 2021

       All across America Baptist churches often become safe havens for abusive authoritarian pastors, who play God with people's lives, cover up sexual abuse, blame victims and ostracize hurting people.

My eyes were opened in 2019 to the frightening cult power of church leaders, when a young woman from Harvest Baptist Church on Guam started waving at me all of a sudden. I had handed her a long love letter, with a care bear in 2017. She lived in my neighborhood for a couple years, but then moved. Her name is Abby. She has since visited almost every day to her friends (I call them her family) across the street from me. I still love her so much, but her pastors have cult control over her, so that is that. Without the blessing of her pastors, Abby won't even wave at me, let alone get to know me in a proper courtship. Rejection hurts. But I know to lose something in the will of God is to find something better. Dr. Jack Hyles taught me that. I certainly don't feel like I could ever find anyone better than Abby, but I can't see the future, and I am lonely and sad right now, rejected by the local Baptist church because I did what a true friend does, I TOLD THE TRUTH. It is Harvest's ungodly pastors who have blood on their hands, not me. They spread corruptible seed, a Devil's lie of Lordship Salvation, bidding Godspeed to false teachers like John MacArthur and Steve Pettit. I can't wait until Judgment Day! I long for it. Harvest's days are numbered!

Anyway, Abby's cult leaders told her in 2019 to wave at me, so she did, like I was her best friend. I thought perhaps we could make peace, and I could come back to church. But no one came to talk to me, and I got frustrated quickly. So then they gave up on me two weeks later, again. The next thing I know, Abby stops waving like I didn't exist. My Harvest neighbours (on staff at the church) had also been waving at me during that two week period. It was weird, and I still don't know what they were doing. But for Abby to wave like she liked me, and then not wave at me at all since 2019, clearly showed me the frightening cult power that her leaders have over her. My heart has been broken since. They play with my heart like it is a toy, and then wonder why I write harsh articles like I do? You shouldn't play with people's feelings.

Ladies and gentleman, if your pastor has that kind of power over your life, you are in a cult. I have seen pastors break apart marriages, because the wife of a church member idolized her pastor as a rock star. When there was a marriage dispute, the wife favored her pastor over her own husband, which ended in a divorce. That is of the Devil. A wife is commanded by God to submit only to her husband, never to her pastor! Pastors by nature win the hearts of their people. When someone teaches you how to be saved, and how to be Christlike, that can easily lead to worship of that pastor by women in the church (and men also). Harvest's pastors on Guam have total control over Abby. I'm not kidding, these people are abusive jerks! Abby hasn't waved at me for years, simply because her cult leaders told her not to. I am so happy when Abby is nearby. It hurts my soul to see her, but not be able to be a part of her life. That is what cults do to people, ostracize them. No one should be denied permission to attend a local church. Any reasonable person can understand why that would hurt and grieve my heart, and compel me to expose Harvest as an abusive authoritarian cult. If you read the reviews of Harvest Baptist Academy on Google, a few dozen former students and parents complain about mean teachers, authoritarianism, and the abusive atmosphere in the schools.

I have since researched the Bob Jones University camp, horrified to learn that there is a culture of abuse, rape, blaming victims, authoritarian pastors, thuggery and ostracizing hurting people like me. I befriended Harvest Baptist Church on Guam in 2014 with THE TRUTH, for which I was forced out of their church cult. I lost my church family. Their selfish and cruel pastors gave up on me. In 2017 I was so lonely without a church family, and in love with their school Nurse Kris, that I begged Harvest's pastors for a second chance. They told me to go away. I started writing against them harshly, who wouldn't? I fell in love afterwards with Abby, and I thought perhaps me and her could get married. But in 2019, again, Harvest's cruel leadership mistreated me, driving me further away with their hatred. They just don't care! It is now 2021 and I still have no church family. Harvest's stupid pastors and staff think they are being persecuted, but THE TRUTH is that THEY ARE PERSECUTING ME!

I am being denied a church family, and Abby's love, simply because I told THE TRUTH that the Westcott and Hort translations are corrupt. I told THE TRUTH that repentance means change of mind in the Bible, and not turning away from sins, to be saved. I told THE TRUTH that Martin Luther was NOT a born-again Christian, because he preached the false gospel of baptismal regeneration all his life. I told THE TRUTH that Lordship Salvation is a perversion of God's saving grace, and not the Gospel. I told THE TRUTH, for which I have been horribly persecuted by Harvest's wicked pastors, staff and congregation for the past 7 years. THEY HAVE MY BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Abby least of all, but she has my blood on her hands too, because she mistreats me to please her cult leaders.

I am a victim of cruel abuse at the hands of the Harvest Baptist Church on Guam. I will expose them for the rest of my life. Sadly, Harvest's pastors couldn't care less, because when they get all the money they need, they'll just ride off into the sunset, like the serpent in Genesis who deceived Eve. That is what snakes do. Jesus called them vipers! The pastors of Harvest are vipers, deadly serpents who deceive the people. They are not being persecuted, they are being exposed. In fact, they are the ones persecuting me, turning the whole congregation against me. Everywhere I go on Guam, I am hated and mistreated by members of the Harvest Baptist Church. That is the frightening cult power of BJU pastors. I think for myself. No human being controls how I treat others. I would NEVER ignore someone's kindness, hand waves and love, just because some thug pastor or staff member told me to shun someone. Shame on Abby! Shame on Harvest! Shame on all of them for abusing me. I have only written hundreds of articles against them, in pain, because they still continue to ostracize me.

Isn't it something how Harvest rejects THE TRUTH I hand them, which was an act of God's mercy toward them. And then they drive me out of their church and shun me away. Then I preach against them, because a hurting dog barks. And then they turn around and in classic cult abuse fashion, blame me, accusing me of persecuting them. No, Harvest's pastors are abusive thugs, gaslighting me, and trying to make me the villain instead of them. Hell will be hot! It is my daily prayer that God will avenge me of Harvest's God damned pastors, who have knowingly and continually rejected THE TRUTH. If the modern Bibles are corrupt, Harvest's pastors and people have my blood on their hands. If Lordship Salvation is a perversion of Gods grace, Harvest's pastors and people have my blood on their hands.

If Martin Luther is not born-again, Harvest's pastors and people have my blood on their hands. If repentance does not mean turning away from your sins to be saved, Harvest's pastors and people have my blood on their hands. If Abby stopped waving at me because someone on church staff told her to avoid me, Harvest's pastors and people have my blood on their hands. It is called corporate responsibility. Harvest Baptist Church on Guam as a whole is accountable for what their church does to hurt people, like they have horribly hurt, wounded, shunned, blamed, mocked and ostracized me since 2014. It is wickedness!!! I speak as a hurting man who doesn't have a church family.

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