I Plan To Keep Preaching Against Bob Jones And
Harvest Baptist Church For The Rest Of My Life

by David J. Stewart | March 2021

       Pastor Jack Hyles at about my age said he was dedicating the last years of his life to preaching the Book, the Blood and the Body. That is, the inspired and infallible King James Bible, the literal liquid blood of Jesus sprinkled on the heavenly Mercy Seat, and the importance of local New Testament churches. I agree and share his goal.

However, in addition, I have dedicated the remaining years of my life to preaching against the ungodly Bob Jones University crowd, and the shameful Harvest Baptist Church of Guam, who are the enemies of the three aforementioned important things! The Bob Jones crowd promote corruptible seed, what Pastor David A. Waite has rightly called: “Bob Jones University is the Fundamentalist fountainhead and source of the exaltation of the heretical Greek Text founded by Westcott and Hort.” These wicked institutions at Bob Jones University and the Harvest Baptist Church of Guam don't care about THE TRUTH. They need to be exposed, until they repent! They are sending people to Hell with another gospel.

A web visitor, one I've had trouble with in the past, criticized me today, saying he wishes I'd stop mentioning Harvest Baptist Church of Guam. Hey, get lost pal! Don't read my website. As Pastor Steven Anderson, who I love and support despite his rough edges says: “Get the hell out of my church!” Get the hell out of my website! Go elsewhere and play church, compromise, sellout, dip your sails, adjust your pantywaist, but I'm going to PREACH THE TRUTH. I didn't start this fight, but I am going to fight it until Jesus comes back, or I am unable to preach anymore, or God takes me home! Someone horribly said: “You should free yourself from the birdcage.” I choose to stay in this damned birdcage, because there is a cause, as David said. 1st Samuel 17:29, “And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?When little ole David came out to fight against Goliath, his older brothers criticized him. David rightly replied: “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?” Folks, I have a cause! Bob Jones University is wrong on the Gospel!!!

Billy Sunday (1862-1935) was hated for his strong stand against alcohol, gambling and dancing. Evangelist Billy Sunday was hated from coast to coast, just as I am hated by the Bob Jones University crowd, Harvest Baptist Church of Guam, and the Lordship Salvation and Wrong Repentance gang of thugs today...

“I've stood for more sneers and scoffs and insults and had my life threatened from one end of the land to the other by this God-forsaken gang of thugs and cutthroats because I have come out uncompromisingly against them.” —Billy Sunday

I love everything about Billy Sunday. He reached millions of people for Christ in his lifetime. Billy Sunday didn't pass out menus at his revival meetings, he told it like it was! You heard the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Well I'm preaching THE TRUTH! Hey, check this out. I go to a Seventh-Day Adventist medical clinic. I love them and they are sweet people (much nicer than Harvest Baptist Church is to me, that's for sure). I often read their SDA literature. I picked up a little booklet yesterday while I was waiting for my doctor's appointment. This is what I read on page 10:

“At this point we must be very careful to designate also what the law cannot so. Even though it points out sin, it has no power to save from sin. There is no justifying, cleansing grace in it. All the works of the laws would not be sufficient to save a single soul. Why? For the simple reason that we are saved by grace through faith, as a free gift.”

SOURCE: Does God's Grace Blot Out The Law?, by Lu Ann Crews, p. 10; Library of Sermons #3

Wowza Woo Woo! You would have thought I wrote that myself! That is 100% accurate. Bravo SDA!!! Wow, I am impressed. But wait a minute, now read what the booklet's author says on pages 27-28. This is damnable heresy and proves that SDA perverts God's grace, doesn't preach the Gospel and is a false religion:

“Those who stand in the judgment will have to meet the acid test of the Ten Commandments. If a practicing thief should seek entrance into the kingdom he would be rejected. This is why Paul says thieves will not inherit the heavenly city. Furthermore, the Bible specifically declares that liars, adulterers, idolaters, and covetous men will not be in the kingdom. Why? Because the Ten Commandments forbid those things, and men will be judged finally by the law. Not one person will be admitted into heaven that is wilfully violating any one of the Ten Commandments, because breaking one is breaking all.

Someone might object that this is making works the basis of entering the kingdom. No. It is really making love the qualifying factor, Jesus said that the greatest commandment of all is to love God supremely. He also said, 'If ye love me, keep my commandments' (John 14:15). Those who practice any known sin are really confessing that they do not love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. So it is the lack of love that shuts them out—not the lack of obedience that exposes that lack. Only when love is motivating the obedience does it become acceptable to God. Any other work is man's vain attempt to earn salvation and to deny the efficacy of Christ's atoning sacrifice.” [emphasis added]

SOURCE: Does God's Grace Blot Out The Law?, by Lu Ann Crews, pp. 27-28; Library of Sermons #3

DAMNABLE HERESY!!! Ladies and gentlemen, this writer is NOT saved, not even close. Where does the Bible teach that a lack of love keeps us out of God's kingdom? Hebrews 4:2 says the Jews couldn't enter in to God's rest BECAUSE OF UNBELIEF!!! Only unbelief can send a person to Hell. Where does the Bible teach that if you intentionally live in sin you won't be allowed into Heaven? Kindly said, whoever wrote this religious booklet is a theological ignoramus!

Sadly, this is the same garbage theology preached by Evangelist Ray Comfort today. This is the same damnable heresy preached by Dr. Steve Pettit at Bob Jones University. Steve Pettit says you cannot merely say you accepted Christ and got saved, and that's it. In addition, he says that you MUST live a sanctified life of obedience to God. Is that not exactly what the SDA booklet I just quoted to you says? Yes, it sure is! Folks, I am not the bad guy for exposing Harvest Baptist Church of Guam and Bob Jones University as religious cults. They are in the same boat as Seventh-Day Adventists. Why would some web visitors want me to stop preaching about this? You're wrong fella, way wrong! I already blocked his email. I am not going to let anyone discourage me any further than Harvest has already discouraged me. THERE IS A CAUSE! Harvest Baptist Church of Guam is the uncircumcised Philistine, my Goliath, and I am slinging stones! I am up against the largest independent Baptist church on the island of Guam. I am going up against the great Bob Jones University, famed for generations as the mighty citadel of fundamentalism and Christian faith in America. Well today BJU is a cesspool of iniquity, a spiritual garbage dump, a stopped-up toilet full of doctrines of devils. Don't you tell me you little namby-pamby that you're tired of hearing about it, because YOU'RE GOING TO HEAR A LOT MORE!!!

I love the folks at Harvest, but they are sucked into a cult at Bob Jones University. In his popular 1988 book titled, “The Gospel According to Jesus,” Pastor John MacArthur even heretically uses the word “exchange” concerning being saved:

“Thus in a sense we pay the ultimate price for salvation when our sinful self is nailed to a cross. . . . It is an exchange of all that we are for all that Christ is. And it denotes implicit obedience, full surrender to the lordship of Christ. Nothing less can qualify as saving faith.” [emphasis added] —Pastor John MacArthur; The Gospel According to Jesus, p. 140

Salvation is not an exchange! Receiving the free gift of eternal life is not a trade. John MacArthur is preaching another gospel of partial faith in Christ plus works! Salvation is not doing your best, it is having Christ's best put to your account through receiving Him by faith. The idea that saving-faith is not valid unless it is accompanied by one's full surrender to follow Christ as “Lord,” exchanging ALL THAT YOU ARE in return for salvation, is a blatantly FALSE GOSPEL.

Hey, what if you woke up early in the wee hours of the morning, and smelled smoke? You poke your head out the door and see your neighbour's house on fire. Would you go back to sleep like Harvest? No. You would do what any normal person would do. You'd grab your phone and call 911 while running to your neighbour's house yelling, “Fire! Fire! Get out! Fire!” And what if some selfish neighbour scolded you for making all that racket at 3 am in the morning? What would you think about such a horrible person, who didn't care about their neighbour's safety and well being? What would you think about someone so selfish that they only wanted what was best for them personally? Likewise, Bob Jones University's house is set on fire of Hell, preaching another gospel of repentance from bad works (sin) to be saved. I am lovingly crying out, “Fire! Fire! Get out! Fire!” And friends, I plan to keep yelling! People are dying and going to Hell.

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