More Visitors Testify of Being Helped in
Christ by Jesus-is-Savior Ministry

By David J. Stewart | August 2017 | Updated February 2022 | Previous Testimonies

       I have received the following heart encouraging e-mails since August of 2017 from some of my faithful web visitors. As a humble servant of the Lord, I praise the Lord so much for these testimonies. Please note that I have not corrected any typos, I have posted these e-mails exactly as I received them (which are all very precious to me). By the way, I don't post full names anymore, unless someone asks me to, just in case anyone is wondering. I want to respect the privacy of my web visitors. The main reason I post these testimonies is not to boast, God knows my heart, but to remind myself that God is using my ministry to reach others. Even preachers need encouragement. My strength comes from the Lord alone, Nehemiah 8:10b, “for the joy of the LORD is your strength,” but “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Proverbs 25:11). To God alone be ALL the praise, credit and glory!!!

I received the following humbling e-mail in February of 2022 from Zac...

Just wanted to tell you thanks, thanks for doing what very few men do, and having the guts to stand up for God and devote your life to reaching lost souls. Whenever I get on your website I'm reminded just how far off course this world is from God, and your articles always provide motivation to me when I fall.

God bless, take care!

I received the following humbling e-mail in April of 2020...

I'm so delighted to hear from you my friend and I'm glad you enjoyed the article and found it interesting enough to make it into a webpage. You're my go-to for truth and I appreciate so much the way you explain and teach us and how you are simply a sound and loving person. I adore your ministry and thank the Lord I found you. As one who was completely deceived by lordship and failing miserably trying to work my way to heaven before finding you online how can I ever thank you enough for showing me that trusting Jesus (the beautiful True Gospel 1 Cor 1-4) was the only way, I'm forever grateful.


I received this encouraging e-mail in January of 2020...

Hi David. I wanted to say that your website is the meaning of my life. I’ve reached out to a lot of people who supposedly follow Christ, but you’re the only one that showed true compassion, as shown in your email you sent me two years ago. Thank you for the attention and thank you for caring. As I’ve followed you through the years my heart breaks when I hear about your health issues, your conflict with your local church in Guam, and even your problems in your past marriage. I’m praying for you, brother. I really believe you are an incredible person. The sheer amount of work you’ve put into your website is incredible. The sermons, the books, all the information. If you only take one thing away from my email, it’s this: Keep up the good work! I’ve noticed google doesn’t show many of your sites, maybe I’m wrong but a simple search on google for “what the Bible says about homosexuality” turned up a bunch of politically correct garbage. Reading your website everyday is like fuel for my fire and zeal for Christ. Nothing else in my life matters. Jesus is savior dot com forever!

A faithful web visitor said the following encouraging words to me in July of 2019...

Hi David,

Thank you for your help.

...I am sorry to hear that you feel lonely. I have felt that way sometimes, too, believe it or not. But if the Lord is all we have, then we have all we need. I really, really love that quote. I can tell you right now that you have changed my life around since I started reading your articles and you helped me to get saved and have a better understanding of salvation, you are helping SO MANY people who come across your articles! I think that you do more for the Lord than you think! To be honest, if you didn’t have your neck problems and did pastoring, I would so want to be a part of your church! But regardless, keep your head up and know that what you are doing right now and have done - there are many people around the WORLD who appreciate it so much! I mean, if you think about it, God must have wanted you to reach people that way - if you didn’t have this online ministry, so many people around the world wouldn’t have come across them and gotten saved. I will pray for all your problems, though.

I will have to search up some other churches and just focus on growing day by day as well. Thank you for your help, David, as always!

Kind Regards, Anna

I received the following encouraging testimony in June of 2019 from a faithful web visitor...

Thank you so much Bro. Stewart. If it wasn't for God using your website to change my mind about certain things and teaching me solid Bible truths, I would be a castaway by now. I really do appreciate all you've done for the Lord.

Stay a blessing!
Denise :)

Here is a precious January 2019 testimony from a friend of this ministry, Aria (typos hers)...

Me. Stewart, I just wanted to email you to say thank you so much for all
You write and share in your web ministry. I know it is God who works in us to will and do of his good pleasure Philippians 2:13 so I should be thanking our Heavenly Father God so much! I want to complain less. I finally think I more mature now that I visit your sight. It was always in fear and research but tonight I just realized I need to be more bold to share about truths for Christ and souls. Not having a l church t attend these days I just go to the Jesus is Savior website and there’s all the kjv right believing and preaching sermons. So thankful!! I know God is well pleased with you. Just had to email you to say that. I realized it’s a whole lot of writing you’ve done over the years for soul winning for Christ. I would be so lost without the help of the web ministry. I know I’m God’s timing, prayer and The Word of God the Bible I would eventually get there, but in these mixed up times it would have been very very confusing and taken much longer I think. So thanks again!

I NEVER post testimonies to boast of myself, God forbid. I archive them to encourage myself when I feel down, and they remind me that I am doing a good work for Jesus Christ! Preachers need encouragement too! A faithful web visitor says...

Hello David:

This is Charles ******** ***** from Visalia, California, hope all is well. You probably remember me, last time I wrote a rather lengthy E-mail to you, this time I will be more concise.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say once again how that you were the first person to tell me (through your website), the truth of how to get to heaven, get saved and the truth of the King James Bible. Reading your website often on weekend nights until sometimes 4:00 A.M. The very first thing that I read on Jesus -is- SAVIOR, and one of the first items on your website was the tract God's simple plan of Salvation by Pastor Ford Porter along with your numerous information on the King James Bible, sitting alone in my office in the wee hours of the morning I felt the indescribable love of Jesus Christ and the Father via the Holy Spirit, along your hellfire articles, it was like truly fresh water on a very dry and parched ground. Isaiah 35:7. As a result of your ministry my entire life was a type of the millennial land of Israel, turned from a parched and dry land and habitation of dragons into a flourishing land transformed by the LORD Jesus Christ.

So, don't you EVER EVER EVER get discouraged, you are reaching more people in Jesus name and for Jesus sake than you will ever know, you will not realize how momentous your work on the earth has been until the Judgement Seat of Christ.

Amen and Amen (Psalm 72:19)

P.S. I wanted to share with you my favorite A.V. K.J.V. 1611 VERSES. 1. Psalm 72:18, 2. John 1:3 3. Colossians 1:15-20 4. Revelation 4:11

2 Timothy 4:7

Take care:
Charles ******** *****

Here is one of the most encouraging e-mails I have received, in March of 2018, from a faithful web visitor and friend in Scotland...

Hi Brother, I am studying the links you have sent me, yesterday and today. Thank you.

I heard a sermon by Brother Danny Castle this morning, where he mentioned

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

And Brother Castle mentioned that if someone doesn't want to know the truth, then there is something wrong with their heart (it was a sermon on speaking in tongues for today).

(Danny Castle - “Why We Don't Speak In Tongues.”) ...

Which is true in my opinion, and it's something I see in you, that the truth is important to you, that you are sensitive, and that it is because you have a good heart, and that great heart has gave birth to your ministry. Thank you for your ministry as, although there are a lot of false teachings out there, your ministry has helped to keep me on the straight and narrow, and I am sure many others too. I know you are humble, but I wanted to say to you and to say thank you, and, I am growing all the time. Amen to God.

And thank you for being my friend.

Peace to you David,
I hope you have a nice weekend.

God bless and thank you for your advice again, I am lucky to have a friend in you,

Here's a precious e-mail that I received in February of 2018 from a woman in Colorado...

Hey sweet David,

Thank you for emailing me back it made me feel good. I had been wondering if you were doing good. Those kids singing in the choir was beautiful. Every time I experience pain I'm reminded of your constant neck pain. My fibromyalgia has moved to my neck which is horrible. I also developed very sudden and extreme plantar fasciitis from too much dancing lol. Pain unfortunately is my way of life these days. We know constant pain like few people do. I appreciate your prayers for me and my children. I think of you often. Your ministry has changed my life. Keep up the good work!! And praise Jesus forever. Always reading your website praying under the covers.

Your friend in pain

Here's an encouraging letter I received from a man named Phil in January of 2018...


Thank you so very much for your website and for your truthfulness regarding tithing, Lordship Salvation, and many other things. You have positioned yourself to be a very great blessing to the lives of millions by not charging for your services. Also to serve as someone warning against preachers who do is a fantastic blessing. It just can't be found in most other places. You are a tremendous encouragement to me to keep hanging on to the faith (i.e., truth of the gospel as in John 3:36) in a time where I feel preachers have swindled me.

I trust and believe that God will reward you greatly for your service to His body for all that you have done and continue to do.

Gotta run. Have a blessed day.

Phil ********

Here is a wonderful letter that I received recently in August of 2017 from a dear Christian lady named Emelina in the Philippines, who received Jesus Christ at age 70...

Dear David, I want to thank you for your enlightening articles, I learn so much from them & will be forever thankful.

I'm a 74 yr old widow from the Philippines, I became a true born again Christian in 2013. I was a Catholic since birth, studied in Catholic schools up to college, married to a Catholic, had 3 children, thank God 2 of them w their families are now born again Christians. I am praying for my eldest son to be enlighten & accept Christ as his only Savior, please pray for him! I m thankful to God He gave me a long life and opened my mind to my true salvation, if I died young where will I be? What a horrible thought!

In 2013 I had my first Tablet, since I am not happy as a Catholic I begun searching about the history of Catholicism, etc. I feel God is w me all the time of my searching opening the right path! How come the name David J Stewart appeared which lead to other names of other great pastors? From then on up to now i've been reading all your articles, also articles of pastors Jack Hyles, Max D Younce etc. The holy spirit gifted me w discernment to choose the right articles to read & believe
Thank you again David, I will be praying for your good health & protection from any harm. Thank God for giving us person like you who lead us to our true salvation in Jesus name! God bless you.......sincerely yours in Christ, Emelina

Here is an encouraging e-mail from a loyal web visitor named Doug, received in November of 2017...

Douglas F******

First I just want to thank you again for the work you are putting into your outreach. I have not found or come across anyone who has devoted so much time and effort to put out the truth. Thank You soo very much.

Let me introduce myself: I am Douglas Farwell 52 years of age and have 2 older brothers and two older sisters. The brothers Have been converted to the Mormon religion and my sisters hate the Mormons. I had cancer when I was just 3 years old. It was Hodgkin disease. My neck was radiated and I was was treated with chemo. Let me tell you I may want to trade places with you regarding the neck thing because the radiation stunted the bone growth and the muscles. I was shunned in my Jr. and high school years and was bullied very bad because of my condition mostly because of my appearance. I could never find a wife because of this and no longer want one. I some what disparage people who preach against alcohol use but I do use alcohol to some degree. I find that sometimes getting out of the reality of this rotten world helps.

Do not think what I just told you hinders my hope in any way because my hope rests in the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Here's another encouraging e-mail in November, from a man in Nigeria named Ugochi...

Peace Ugochi

I've gained a lot, reading from your website, especially, the simplicity in Christ gospel, easy believism, eye opening articles about corrupt Bible versions, N.W.O. Most importantly, I learned what it really means to be born again by faith alone without works: without the altar calls, confessions and the fear of ever backsliding and my life has s never remain the same since. God used your website to strengthen my faith in him immensely.

There is quite a number of articles on net bashing you and calling you all sorts o names: though I may not agree with everything on your site, but, I still believe that no one who reads with an open mind will call you heretic. This kind push back should be expected anyways, given how vehemently you are preaching against both political and religious Establishment. God bless you.

Gbenga from Nigeria.

I also received this awesome e-mail in August of 2017 from a man in California...

Hi David,

I have been visiting your website for about seven years now. I really appreciate your courage to stand up for the truth regarding many issues in America and the world today that many woefully ignorant christians brush off as "conspiracy". I was able to finally see the NWO through a biblical perspective. I was saved through your ministry close to four years ago! Praise God! Through your websites, I've learned so much and got a lot of encouragement. I appreciate the criticism of modern bible versions and lordship salvation. It is important to expose the devil's work. Unfortunately, many people don't want to listen to it or give it a second thought. I'm not going to make this too long, just thought I'd let you know that your ministry has changed my life and built a solid, biblical foundation for me and my family.

Wade ********
El Cajon, CA

Here's a precious letter from a man named David in Texas...

Dear David,

Hello from El Paso, Texas.

Jesus saved me but had it not been for your wonderful website I would have never known how to be saved the way God intended, and ultimately would have ended up in hell. I was so confused about salvation until I accidentally found you late one night about 2 years ago. All my life I have believed that I must add to the simplicity that is in Christ. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church that was bitten hard by the lordship salvation bug, I was trusting partially in my behavior/good deeds plus Christ and failing miserably. You completely showed me from the bible what I was never able to understand in my 45 year struggle to find peace with God. I simply don't have enough thanks and praise to express my appreciation for what you're doing on your website and I know a treasure chest awaits you at the judgement seat of Christ. I also want to thank you for leading me to Brother Jack Hyles and Yankee Arnold, if not for you i would have missed the most amazing preaching I've ever heard. I know you're a busy man but I'd love to hear from you if you ever have the time.

Many many blessings,

David ****

Here is a wonderful letter that I received in August of 2017, from a dear man who was saved through the influence of

Hello sir,

My name is Gregory Parchment

Thank you for opening your email up. It is a blessing for me to thank you for your website.

I'm not currently attending a church. I know biblically speaking i probably should. But my ex pastor kind of betrayed me with some of his self serving preaching. So i left tried to go to another church and serve and it never felt right again, i can't blame just my old church i had and have my personal issues I'm dealing with.

I am born again though, by the grace of God your website showed me a clear understanding of what being saved it. Your teaching showed me the difference between grace and works. It showed me we all claim to be christians but some people are really working to secure their salvation instead of trusting God for their salvation that Jesus did the work on the cross. This has been so important to me. I don't know what the future holds but i know i have peace of mind about my salvation and i know how great Jesus truly is by saving a wretch like me. And i am a wretch even still.

Also another big thing you did was expose these other bibles. I only use the KJV. I don't understand how people can accept a word where they know they are errors.

You have helped me understand the second coming of Christ and your pre trib argument is biblically sound. I'm assuming we won't go through tribulation now which I'm excited about.

I'm pretty sure you are the reason i started watching Alex Jones. Which has opened a new world for me politically.

I think there are only a few things i disagree with you on. But its really small stuff one thing comes to mind is the age of the earth. I agree with the young earth theory. The bible seems clear that the world was made in 6 days. There is no reason to doubt it. From Adam to Jesus is 4000 years from jesus to now is 2000. I rather believe that then cosign on a theory that helps justify the evolutionary theory which is a lie.

But anyway, my main point in writing this is you are a mentor to me. I consider you my pastor. Your articles have really touched me deeply some have made me cry. You care about people, and you care about Christians who seek answers. I know you will be rewarded greatly for your work. I know you have talked about your pain i will be praying that you will find enough comfort to press on until God calls you home.

I never met you, probably never will, but i love you very much. And i thank God for bringing me to your website. This email is a longtime it should have written years ago.

Thank you sir.

Here is a precious letter that I received in September of 2010 from a dear Christian web visitor in California, named Charles...

 Hello David:

My name is Charles Lawrence Glick and I am 32 years old. I have written to you before (in November of 2012), anyhow I was saved in January 2009 after several years of being interested in Christianity and Jesus Christ in general. I was raised a catholic and always beloved in one God and was what you would call an agnostic monotheist.

In 2004, I hit bottom, not with drugs drinking or any substance, but I hit bottom with God. I remember driving home from college and just knowing that I was going to go to hell, and some how I knew I deserved it.

In 2007, I remember being in a parking lot and just saying; who ever you are God, just reveal yourself to me, and I will follow you. I know I cannot get to heaven but I want you to come in and change my soul and to make me eligible for heaven.

Over the next two years, I got more and more interested in Jesus Christ, I guess I sort of went from being an agnostic monotheist to at least wondering if Jesus was the only way to heaven. I really never doubted that Jesus was the Son of God, but I was an unfortunate product of modernism and actually was damaged and talked out of my faith by many people who said that "there is truth in every religion," and "god is appears in many forms," so any minimal good that the catholic church did me growing up was erased. Also, listing to the music of George Harrison and the Beatles in high school, his song Hallelujah and Kristina, (which you talk about and expose, praise the Lord!) I began to think maybe that is true, how could god only choose one religion to be right? How stupid and spiritually discerned was I?

Anyhow, between 2007 and 2009 I gradually had to rehabilitate myself by studying Christ and the Bible and gradually got used to the idea that Jesus was the only way to Heaven. I believe now looking back that I was probably saved on January 23, 2009. The reason why I say probably is that in my previous Email to you, I was not sure exactly when I was saved. Was I saved prior to that date? I do not know, probably not because that is when I really believed upon Jesus as the only way to Heaven. However, Jesus may have been knocking at my door prior to that date when the father was drawing me to Jesus. not sure. you could answer that better.

I apologize in advance for the length of this letter but I really do credit you personally with changing my life, Jesus used you to change my life I believe.

Between 2009 and 2011 I was obviously a babe in Christ. Throughout 2009, I read the Catholic bible, NAB and put it down after while but still studied the word from various sources online. Throughout 2010, I got interested in the bible version issue after being told that the NASB was the most accurate version. After studying the bible issue for over a year I was told by a guy at work that the KJV was the most accurate. I then decided to investigate.

While Studying the Bible version issue I found your website on October 23, 2010, at about 10;30 p.m. California time. When I first landed on your website the indwelling Holy Ghost in me leapt for Joy. I can remember one of the first articles I read on your website that night in addition to the KJV articles was the tract by pastor Ford Porter. Prior to this date, I did not necessarily believe in or what do face the reality of a literal burning hell. Pastor Porter's tract along with your other articles by Billy Sunday and the other old-time preachers was just one of the warmest feelings I have ever had. When I saw your hell-fire material I actually felt much better and along with being thoroughly convinced that the KJV was the work of God, I spent many weekend nights reading and printing off your articles until 2 or 3 in the morning, it truly was an exercise in fellowship.

On March 3, 2011 I had a seizure which led to my brain surgery and the removal of a small A.V. malformation from my Brain. I was told that it was probably not a brain tumor when I was in the hospital, but there was a possibility. I remember asking the Father in Jesus' name, Should I be worried ? Is it cancer? The feeling I got was and it is hard to describe, just relax go to sleep. Three days later when the surgery was over I was still semi-conscious and my mom asked the surgeon and she said it was just an A.V. malformation and not cancer, I remember praying in Jesus' name : "yes, just like you told me,"

I have spent a lot of this Email talking about myself but I do want you to know that I am praying for you and your ministry. I do worry about your health and am praying in Jesus' name for your health issues. I always remember your article about coming out of surgery at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles, and being so thirsty and not able to have water and thinking about Jesus in the desert.

Finally David: I just want to conclude by saying that I feel like I know you personally and you truly have changed my life for the better.

I again want to say thank you for everything especially for my faith in the A.V. 1611 K.J.V. I feel like I know you personally and if we never get to meet personally, (I am in Visalia, California), I do look forward to talking to you in the New Jerusalem and having fellowship, maybe we can both sit down with Jesus together and fellowship with him!

I love you in Jesus Christ:

Thanks Again:

Charles ******** *****

I was humbled today to receive this letter from a man named Victor in North Carolina who said he is naming his expected son's middle name after me. I am grateful that God is using a redeemed sinner like me to help others in the Lord. To God alone be the glory, great things hath He done! THANK YOU LORD! ...

Thank you my brother earlier I had started to hear the so great salvation and I exited the window I am happy you sent that, I had always overlooked the recent articles section until yesterday even accessing your website repeatedly since October 2011. I am listening to the sermons you sent me. I had my testimony typed out and I will send it to you from my computer in a minute. It's a little out there but it's how God chose to save me. Your impact on my life has been so great I want you to understand, my firstborn child (due Jan 19th) is going to be named Victor David Martinez. After my father (Victor) and you my dear brother. Please keep him in your prayers if you will. Lastly I am fluent in Spanish (dad from El Salvador and mother from Mexico) and through the doctrines I learned from your blessed website that God himself chose to save me through, I have studied the Bibles in Spanish and I have a couple of links for you that I ask you prayerfully review about the correct Word of God in Spanish. I believe it is the Valera 1602 Purificada (I read it side by side with the KJB) and I ask you pray for God to show you His Word in Spanish because it would be a great blessing for you to see for yourself and maybe help the Spanish people starved for the Word of my Lord to find it through your site. Also there is a website that completely slanders the 1602P and it's the 2nd result when searching for that bible online. If you do research this please be careful not to believe what others quote from the Bible because I dutifully looked through every single verse they said was wrong and they were 100% lined up with the King James. It's like they did not even have a 1602P in front of them. And they "quoted" it!! I can send you a copy if you send me a mailing address if you don't have access to a 1602P Spanish Bible. I believe with all my heart that you care about the Word of God and I have even been friends with Will Kinney that has written articles for your website since I think 2012. That man is a true defender of the KJB and I have learned a lot from him too although I disagree with his Calvinism. I cannot put into words how much you have helped me just know that if I ever have any biblical question the first thing I do is go straight to and check if you say anything about it. Before I joined my church I first read your doctrinal requirements and sat down with the preacher and made sure he believed the same thing. I might have typed too much, I am really excited to finally be able to speak with you. I will attach the 1602P links to my testimony email.

Thank you greatly, Your servant, Bro. Victor ****** ********

Here is an encouraging letter that I received from a dear married Lady named Mary in Texas...

Hi! My name is Mary. I'm 27 years old from Texas. I would say I'm a TOP (if not #1) faithful visitor to your site, I can't tell you when the last time I went ONE DAY without reading something from the site. I don't really know what to say or what I want to say. I stumbled across your site earlier this year. I say that because I just got on Google one day, I don't even remember what I typed in the search bar, and your site popped up first. After that, I was HOOKED! The very first article was about the 8 Kings. I've told my husband since day one, God lead me to the site. I don't know why but I FEEL like He definitely lead me to it. 2017 has been MY YEAR! The year I've become a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!! I got told the other day that I got a testimony. I've never thought about it like that before but there has been something that anchored me to your site. I've told my husband, God is wanting me to write. I dont know how, why or what but I'm starting to be afraid of what's going to happen if I don't write. It's just a CRAZY EXPERIENCE!! Just every single thing that has happened so far in this year.

-Honestly, I really don't know why I've wanted to email you. If anything, thanks for all the reading time lol. Keep up the GREAT ARTICLES! I agree with 95% of everything I've read so far. I have so many thoughts and beliefs.

One of the things that I hear the most from web visitors is that they “accidentally” stumbled across my website ministry in a search engine. Amen! To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!! I hope many more people “accidentally” stumble across THE TRUTH of the Gospel on the internet, but it is no accident that I uploaded it and PUT IT THERE by God's grace. The Lord works through His saints to do His good will. Philippians 2:13, “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” It is God's indwelling Holy Spirit working through me as His redeemed and adopted child, and not my own wisdom or abilities, that gets people saved by faith in the Gospel. Thank God for the precious gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I rejoice in the Lord for all these beautiful testimonies, and I don't take credit for any of them. Truly, God hath done great things!!! Folks, “the Gospel” is “the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth” (Romans 1:16). THE TRUTH doesn't need our help, except for us to share it. If you get the truth into people's hands, some will believe it and others won't. That's how truth works. That's why Jesus called His disciples “fishers of men,” because you never know who will or won't bite on the truth. Matthew 4:19, “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We often call this “soulwinning.” As soulwinners, it's our job to bait the hook with the truth of the Gospel, and catch as many souls as we can, but ultimately it is God alone who does the saving. 1st Corinthians 3:6-7, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”

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“Calvinism may get you to temporarily change your life, but it will not nor cannot give you assurance that you will go to Heaven. Christ saved me, holds me, keeps me, and yes, Christ will preserve me until the end.” —Pastor Ralph Yankee Arnold, a great quote from the MP3 sermon titled, “Five Dangers Of Calvinism - Part Two” (Part One).

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