Hey Everyone, I'm Writing From Los Angeles

by David J. Stewart | July 2021

       What a crazy trip this has been! My original 23 hour flight time is now up to 43 hours! Wow! I am sitting in the Los Angeles airport in California. It is 10:06 pm. My flight to Houston departs at 12:24 am. I need to head over there soon. Loading begins at 12:05 am.

I just got a shocker! My reservation for 31-days at the Woodspring Suites (extended stay hotel) in Pensacola, reservation #27388611, was canalled without notice. I made these reservations for $1,866 a month ago. I e-mailed them before my arrival date to kindly let them know that I am still coming, but due to maintenance problems with United Airline's plane I will be a day late, due to having to stay overnight in Honolulu. My reservation was for $55 per night. They just e-mailed me and lied, falsely claiming that they've been trying to contact me. I replied by telling them that my e-mail address is printed right on the confirmation page that they gave to me, which I printed. They never sent me anything, except my reservation. They lied.

They said they gave away my hotel room to someone else. Soooo, my find non-feathered friends, it looks like I will be sleeping and living out of my new used Honda 2013 FIT for the next couple weeks, until I can find an affordable place to stay. I cannot afford $200 per night for a hotel. That is insane! Who can afford $6,000 per month for rent? I sure can't. Sooooo, I will take pictures of my new 2013 Honda home and post them online...lol. Pray for me, it has been a wild past few days!

I have my laptop with me during my travel. I just checked online and it appears that hotels legally CAN do whatever they want, even cancel reservations without notice. That is so terrible! I assured them in writing, via e-mail, that they could bill me for the entire 31-days up front, including the day I was late, but they won't do that. You have to be there physically. Since my plane was delayed, I couldn't be there on July 1st. Aarrgghh!

In my heart I am happy in the Lord. I am so HAPPY to be off Guam. You have no idea! Even if I have to sleep and live in my car for awhile, God is so good, and nothing is going to get me down. I have been wanting to move for years, but wasn't up to all that is happening right now, one problem after another. I anticipated all of this for years! Nothing ever goes as expected and planned. Still, I am in good spirits. I am glad that I am moving, finally, to end this long bout with depression and feeling trapped at the end of the rainbow. I am going to find a gal, Lord willing, to be by my side.

I don't understand food businesses, I really don't. In Hawaii everything was closed at the airport and I couldn't buy any food. And now, in Los Angeles, everything is closed, and there is no food. But I did go to Burger King in the morning at the Honolulu airport. Would you believe that a double Whopper with Cheese meal cost $16.49! Yikes! I am nearby gate 71a now in Los Angeles, getting ready for my flight to depart. Then, I have another 4 hour layover in Houston. Onward ever, backward never! The laptop backpack I am hauling around feels like 100 pounds! I have carried this pack for probably 5 miles in the past couple days. I'm guessing it weighs about 30 pounds with all my junk in it. My shoulders are hurting. My body is aching. I need to go find some water, my stomach hurts from dehydration. This place was a mad house when I got here, but it is getting quieter toward midnight.

I am using a computer terminal for passengers, one of a few dozen, which is nice that they provide. I am charging my laptop also. If all goes well, I'll be in Pensacola at 11:20 am tomorrow. I love you all. Thank you for reading my adventures...lol. I need to go find a phone now, and see if I can get some change for it, so I can call Florida and look for housing. One step at a time. I wrote an article on the plane, during my 5:03 hour flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles. Okay, that's all for now. Jesus is precious!

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