America's Secret Destiny

By David J. Stewart | March 2013

       One of the most startling truths that I have ever discovered is the truth behind the founding of the United States Of America. Most of everything you've ever been taught from kindergarten through college is wrong, distorted and errant misinformation. It's inconceivable to find out that nearly everything you were ever taught, and in many cases paid to be taught, turned out to be false information intended to send students chasing down a wrong path in life. The first step in becoming a truth seeker is to forget everything that you've ever been taught, assuming that it's likely corrupted and wrong. Our entire American way of life is based upon a big lie.

I Make No Predictions, But Evil Takeover Is Imminent!
(I preach the Bible and God is always right!)

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) once said that the bigger the lie the more believable. It's crazy as that sounds, it's absolutely true. Our human brains believe what we see and hear, making us extremely vulnerable to trickery, deception and psychological manipulation. The average person laughs and automatically considers a person a nutcase for the very mention of a term like “New World Order.” Yet, the very money that people earn, save and spend mock their woeful ignorance by displaying hundreds of occult symbols all over a U.S. one-dollar bill. America's secret destiny is a New World Order, aka, the Beast system of the soon coming Antichrist.

"Illuminati Pawn" - America's Secret Destiny

by David Richards (
October 4, 2011

For centuries, Americans have prided themselves on being a secular nation, with a government divorced from the domination of any religious group. In reality, America has always been an expression of the occult beliefs of the Illuminati mystery schools.

In America's Secret Destiny (1944), Manly Hall revealed that America's planners and founders were occult initiates working towards building a satanic New World Order. Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian-born scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult. His works uncovered the secret beliefs of elites throughout history, most famously in his seminal 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' (1928).

The American war of independence was a theatrical sham. The Illuminati had a centuries-old plan to create an independent U.S. to advance their agenda.

“Through carefully appointed representatives, the machinery of democracy was set up at least a hundred years before the period of the Revolutionary War.”

Centuries before 1776, the same mystery schools were in control of Europe.

“All the petty princes of Europe in medieval times had their Merlin's, wise old men who in many instances were the actual rulers of the State. It is obvious that if these counselors were bound together by some common purpose their collective power would be considerable.”

“And they were bound together, in the secret society of unknown philosophers, moving the crowns of Europe as on a mighty chessboard. Men of this caliber bring about the mutations of empire.”

Some revealed America's future centuries in advance. Michel de Nostredamus (1503-1566) predicted the America we know today. He was an 'advisor' guiding events from behind the throne.

“Nostradamus was consulted by three kings. Europe's most powerful Queen, Catherine de Medici, also consulted him on numerous occasions.”

Nostradamus accurately predicted the evolution of the U.S. towards its modern state.

“He saw that a great civilization would rise in the western world. This civilization would free itself from the bonds to its mother country, and then assume a free place among the temporal powers. The new country would flourish and extend its domain across the entire continent. It would grow rich and powerful, he predicted, and live at peace with its sister, (Canada).”

A reference in his prophecies reveals that Nostradamus was part of the same secret society that would eventually rule the US. Nostradamus referred to the US as 'the Land Which Keeps the Thursday.'

“It refers to the unique American holiday, Thanksgiving, which always falls upon a Thursday. And this the only holiday which depends upon the day alone for its observance.”

Hall credits Francis Bacon (1561-1626), a Rosicrucian and court adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, as the chief architect of modern America. Bacon was the head of a “secret society that included the most brilliant intellectuals of his day,” who were “bound together by a common oath to labor in the cause of a world democracy”, i.e. the NWO.

“Bacon's secret society membership was not limited to England; it was most powerful in Germany, in France, and in the Netherlands, and most of the leaders of European thought were involved in the vast pattern of his purpose.” Bacon orchestrated the settlement of a secret society network in America.

“The Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics, and Rosicrucian's were the incisive instruments of Bacon's plan. Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places.”

“The brotherhoods met in their rooms over inns and similar public buildings, practicing their ancient rituals exactly according to the fashion in Europe and England.”

The American War of Independence is a perfect example of a “people's revolution” being nothing of the kind.

“It is the general opinion that revolutions begin with the common people, but this is not true; the benevolently informed always guide and direct public opinion,” Hall wrote.

The founding fathers were Freemasons, and their worldly power arose from their occult rank. Benjamin Franklin is a good example.

“Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial politics. But up to the present day, few indeed have realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies to which he belonged and of which he was the appointed spokesman.”

“When Benjamin Franklin went to France to be honored by the State, he was received too by the Lodge of Perfection, the most famous of all the French secret orders; and his name, written in his own fine hand, is in their record ledger, close to that of the Marquis de Lafayette.”

The information presented in America's Secret Destiny reveals the United States was an Illuminati concoction. The noble words of the U.S. constitution were designed to ensnare the innocent in the totalitarian and occult NWO.

The U.S. was set up to be what it is today: the instrument of Luciferian world government. Hall tells us that the American founders “had sworn an oath to create world democracy.” America's current wars in the Middle East are fought under the banner of “spreading democracy.” This is the Luciferian manner of expression that Orwell later called “doublespeak.”

David Richards, 24, an Englishman teaching in China, is a regular contributor. - See more at:

Rock 'N' Roll artists understand America's secret destiny (which is being built and orchestrated by America's secret societies; namely, Freemasons of the higher degree). Aleister Crowley (the self proclaimed most wicked man in the world) is revered in the Rock music industry, even appearing on The Beatles' Sergeant Peppers Lonely hearts Club album cover. Crowley was infamous for Satan-worship, sexually deviate behavior, child sacrifice, drug abuse, bisexuality, drunkenness, lying and blasphemy against God.

The self-proclaimed “World's Most Wicked Man” ate the feces of women during bizarre sexual acts involving Luciferian worship and Satanism. According to the shocking documentary film titled, “IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST” directed by Robert Garofalo and produced by Lyn Beardsall (2007), Barbara Bush (wife of President George H. Bush) is the daughter of the world's most infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley.

The satanic religious cult of Scientology is really a continuation of Crowley's Luciferian teachings.

America is controlled by the Masonic Scottish Rite, located just 13 blocks north of The White House. The structure of the House Of The Temple is bizarre, having 33 outer columns, each 33 feet tall. The building's address is not actually 1733, but they made it that number anyway to fit their numeric superstitions. Occultists love numbers. Numbers have meaning and symbolic powers associated with them. For example: the number 13 represents rebellion. The September 11, 2001 attacks happened 10-years to the date after President George H. Bush publickly called for a New World Order. And so it is. David Rockefeller practically told the world that the globalists were going to blew up the trade towers.

The top of the House Of The Temple is missing the capstone of The Great Pyramid. It's been correctly stated that Jesus is the capstone of the pyramid of prophecy. Revelation 19:10 teaches that Jesus is the spirit of all prophecy. John 5:39 confirms this truth. Thus, when you study the Bible, look for how it all relates to our wonderful and precious Savior, Jesus Christ. Inversely, the Antichrist is the capstone of the pyramid of the New World Order. To understand the New World Order, look for how it all relates to the coming Antichrist. The Antichrist will promote the Beast's IMAGE, leading the world to worship Satan (Revelation 13:15).

As we approach the End Times, our understanding is becoming more clearer of what is happening in the world. The puzzle pieces are fitting together. Did you know that the Washington Monument in our nation's capitol is 666.6 feet tall and 666.6 inches wide? Yes, it's true! That's the EXACT ratio of king Nebuchadnezzar's golden image in Daniel 3:1. America's secret destiny is further evidenced by the secret layout of Washington D.C. and the abundance of occult symbols.

The Washington Monument is a Masonic symbol, which represents the male phallus. It's origin goes back to ancient Egypt, as does The Great Pyramid. I believe the capstone is missing atop The Great Pyramid because the tower and city of Babel were never completed. God stopped them dead in their tracks by confounding them (Genesis 11:7-9). Now, millenniums later, in accordance with God's plan, the advent of modern technology has allowed mankind to once again build a world government empire with Satan as its god. This is the true nature of Freemasonry, who worship Baphomet (Lucifer) at the 33rd degree of the esoteric inner group. Truth is stranger than fiction. America's secret destiny is to be a launching pad for world government.

The Illuminati enjoy mocking our woeful ignorance. They mock us by placing occult symbols in plain site. They mock us in Hollywood movies. Such movies as “Independence Day” (1995), “Lies For Lambs” (2007) and recently in 2013, “Olympus Has Fallen” (starring Morgan Freeman). In “Independence Day” The White House is destroyed by aliens, but only after Jeff Goldblum's laptop counts down from 911. That's not mere coincidence. Movies contain tons of suggestive material placed there by the Illuminati. All Hollywood movie producers are members of occult groups.

The recent film “Olympus Has Fallen” shows terrorists taking over The White House and destroying it. In the film it is admitted that Wall Street bought The White House for $500,000,000. That's the truth in reality. Wall Street owns and controls Washington D.C. Our nation's leaders are bought and paid for by the globalist banking cartel. President Obama has already appointed 38 former Goldman Sachs' employees directly from Wall Street to government positions. And then they mock us with movies, dangling the truth right in front of us like a ribeye in front of a dog. The question is are you hungry for truth like I am? I look for truth, and so I find it. Everything is saturated these days with the occult, including this Paul McCartney tribute concert.

Secular Music And The New World Order

The Soviet Union And American Socialism

It's very interesting and frightening if you research Joseph Stalin's (1879-1953) free society. There are numerous YouTube videos about the subject. During Stalin's bloody reign of terror between 1920 to 1950, in which 60 million people were murdered, the majority of Russians and Europeans under control of the Soviet Union supported, loved and rallied behind Stalin. The Soviet Union continued until the late 1980's. It's happening all over again in the United States today. The U.S. led coalition is conquering territory, just as did the monstrous Soviet Union, devouring anything in its path. We've taken Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Africa, now Syria and soon Iran. Other nations will follow.

Not surprisingly, there are still many people in this world who praise the Soviet Union and conditions in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall while it existed from 1961 to 1989. Make no mistake, the Bible warns that God will punish any nation that forgets the Lord. Germany today, after the removal of the Berlin wall, is a cesspool of sleaze, filth and sexual immorality. Sexual immorality became epidemic in East Germany under Soviet control. Feminism thrived. Women had careers. There was an abundance of food and materialism. It was worse than Sodom. Erotic films, public nudity and sexual sins were rampant in East Germany. This is where America is headed... total immorality! The Soviet Union was epitomized by atheism, dirty dancing, sensuality and immorality.

Children were taught how evil capitalism was. Hang gliders were outlawed, which could be used to escape East Germany. Many people in the free world (outside the Berlin Wall) paid to buy back their loved ones. Communists made over 1,000,000,000 pounds from selling people.

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