Psychiatric Therapy Doesn't Work!

Proverbs 19:21, “There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.”

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The problem with therapy is that it doesn't actually work.

This is because psychology and psychiatry barely qualify as sciences at all. They are sciences in their infancy, much like where medical science was 200 years ago. Consider medicine in 1800 or so, before the discovery of DNA, viruses, and bacteria. Surgery was being done, diseases were being treated, there were plenty of theories as to the cause of disease and the ways to stay healthy. Most of these theories were wrong, and most of the treatments for diseases did nothing of value, or were even harmful. Some worked quite well.

This is comparable to where psychology and psychiatry are today. Their practitioners have no true understanding of the human psyche and human personality. What they have is a large amount of data, based on lots of research. They've looked at this data, and figured out that psychological symptoms tend to cluster together in common patterns, which they refer to as disorders. Manic depressive personality disorder, attention deficit disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.

They've also found that certain drugs will mask to some extent the symptoms for some of these "disorders." So, tranquilizers for anxiety disorders, antidepressants for depressive disorders, and so on. They have no real understanding of why these drugs work, and the only theory they've been able to come up with is that these drugs are correcting a chemical imbalance in the brain. This is clearly ridiculous, the idea that somehow 50% of human beings have chemical imbalances in their brains.

None of this gives them any sort of true understanding of the human psyche, and as a result they can't actually cure anyone who has psychological problems. Don't take my word for this, look at the evidence out in the world. If people could be cured, why not cure criminals? Instead of putting them in prison, send them off to be cured and make them happy functioning members of society. Of course this isn't being done, because therapists don't have the ability to do so.

Take pedophiles, for example. Their primary problem, besides the willingness to abuse children, is the fact that their sexual orientation is towards children. Children turn them on sexually. If we could cure them, if we could alter them psychologically so that they were no longer sexually attracted to children, they would never molest a child again. But therapists have zero ability to do this, they have never done this a single time with anyone. At best, they can possibly get the pedophile not to act on his desires, but the desires will still be there.

This is not to say that therapy is totally worthless. If you want a paid friend who will listen to you talk about your troubles, go see a therapist. If you don't understand yourself or your actions very well, it could be helpful to you to have someone intelligent and objective analyze you. If you make stupid decisions in your life and need the assistance of someone with more common sense than yourself, a therapist can certainly be helpful. "Well Sarah, since your husband beats you all the time, and since you don't want to be beaten all the time, have you considered leaving him?"

And if you're tired of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and other such drugs, and want access to some cool prescription drugs, go see a psychiatrist for your mood-altering needs. Maybe Xanax or Valium or Paxil can finally make you feel the way you want to feel. But if you were actually hoping to change yourself psychologically, too bad, therapists don't know enough to help with that. They can help you change what you DO, perhaps, since you yourself can change what you do. But they don't know how to change who you are.

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