My Healthy Meals For Recomposition,
And How I'm Doing Since Everyone Is Asking

by David J. Stewart | May 2021

       I like to share with my web visitors my life. I live alone and get lonely often, so sharing my life online is a way to cope for me. I don't have a local church family, so Jesus is closer to me. Sometimes standing for THE TRUTH makes you vulnerable, costing you friends and loved ones. If I were Steven Tyler of Aerosmith or some other famous rock star, everybody would want to be my friend; but I am just a lowly King James Bible only, free grace Gospel only, washed in the blood of Christ fundamentalist Baptist preacher. Nobody wants me. Literally. The local Harvest Baptist Church on Guam doesn't want me. I can't find a wife. I have no Christian friends. I live alone and my best friends are stray dogs. That is what usually happens when you tell THE TRUTH. Pastor Bob Gray Sr. is so right that the churches today are PATHETIC!

Anyway, I went grocery shopping this morning on Sunday, for some healthy foods. I am proud of myself for the past several weeks, because I haven't bought any processed foods. As my regular web visitors know, I have been taking better care of myself in recent months, and am excited about my new hobby. Some web visitors have emailed me to ask how my diet is going, but I tell them I am not on a “diet.” I don't like any word that the first three letters spell “die.” I am doing what is called, “recomposition.” I am building and preserving lean muscle, while losing fat. Sometimes people actually gain weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. My goal is not to lose weight, but to build muscle and burn fat, wherever that leads my body weight. So far I have gone from 208 to 183 pounds. I feel my muscles growing, especially in my upper body, but it is a slow process. Recomposition takes 6 to 12 month, even 2 years. So I only really consider what the floor scale says once a week. My weight fluctuates up to 10 pounds from day to day. CarboHYDRATES make your body retain a lot of water, which is normal.

In 2017, I lost 70 pounds to impress a snobby nurse from Bob Jones University. She worked at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, but has since fled the island. She missed out on a great guy. But after seeing her hanging all over Kip at a church picnic, a married deacon at Harvest, I really think God was sparing me the pain of her immoral character. No single woman ought to ever hang on a married man like she's his wife. Even worse, she went to his home in Talafofo all the time. It doesn't look good. This is the low moral character of the Neo-evangelical crowd at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, Jared Baldwin, Joe Hanson and Marty Herron (all losers). Anyway, screw them all! Now Pastor Gary Walton is helping to steer the church into an iceberg. I tried to be friends with them, but they turned out to be self-righteous ungodly jerks. I was casting my pearl before swine! Kris can screw Kip, screw Harvest's pastors, screw the whole church for all I care. Great testimony, huh? You have no idea how wicked these Bob Jones alumni are! It is shameful.

Okay, let's move on before I start really preaching. My recomposition is going well. My height is 5' 7". My guess is that I'll end up around 160 pounds when at my destination, but I really don't know. Genetics play a big part also. I am having a lot of fun working out and eating a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. I learned that you can build muscle without lifting heavy weights. The muscles just need resistance. I don't want to be some big muscle guy, I just want to have lean muscle and look good with my shirt off. I need to still lose about 25 pounds of fat, so I have several months to go, at least. The whole idea is to do something that is sustainable. When I woke up this morning, I baked a bundle of some asparagus (80 calories, plus 120 for the olive oil). It was awesome! I'll tell you how I made it in a bit. I also ate 1/2 cup of old fashioned whole oats (150 calories). I ate a handful of blackberries (15 calories).

When I lost 70 pounds in 2017, I essentially starved myself and went walking a lot to lose the weight. That wasn't sustainable. My idiot for a doctor bragged on me for losing weight, and then criticized me when I gained it back, never once telling me about healthy low calorie density foods (Chef AJ, she is awesome). I have since learned ON MY OWN about eating low calorie density foods, instead of starving myself to lose weight, which IS SUSTAINABLE. Nearly everyone starves themselves to lose weight, and then goes back to eating high calorie density foods and gain all their weight back and more! I did that multiple times, failing each time. Now I am eating healthy, nutritiously, losing weight slowly, but this is sustainable. I'm losing weight without starving myself and it feels great. I tried for so long to lose weight, but just couldn't, because I would binge after several hours of starving myself. Now I eat, and that makes losing weight bearable, I just eat the right low calorie density foods.

ABOVE: Fresh asparagus that I bought this morning. I take 1 Tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil (120 calories), and hand rub each stalk of asparagus (4 calories each). I preheat the oven to 425 degrees. I generously season the asparagus with salt and pepper, and I like to add a light coating of brown sugar. Bake for 15 minutes. AWESOME! Just don't go crazy with the oil, or it'll add too many calories. I hand rub eat stalk with oil, instead of just pouring a bunch of oil on top. My baked asparagus stalks are addictive!

ABOVE: I bake the entire bag of chicken thighs at once, at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Before cooking, I season them with my favorite seasoning, which is whatever I have on hand. Grapes are low in calories (330 calories per big bag). You can see all my dozen containers of Greek yogurt. Each container has 11 to 15 grams of protein, and 100 to 130 calories. Greek yogurt has less sugar than regular yogurt, which is healthier. I've read that olives help to build muscle! You can see my quarts of liquid egg yokes and egg whites. I drink it right from the container, or put it into my protein shakes. Just one quart of eggs is 525 calories, but contains 100 grams of protein. I bought some Frank's hot sauce, which I keep hearing about on YouTube, how great it is.

ABOVE: Coconut milk! It is much lower in calories than dairy. I avoid dairy products to lose weight. I still like a little cheese. I actually like unsweetened almond milk better than regular milk.

ABOVE: I haven't tried this yet, but it is calorie-free salad dressing.

ABOVE: Cottage cheese is a great source of protein (15 grams per serving), and each large container has 4 servings (120 calories each serving). The cottage cheese makes a great snack if you mix it with some Greek yogurt.

ABOVE: A whole bag of shrimp only has 240 calories total, providing 52 grams of protein. Muscle building is a long process. I make sure to eat at least 150 grams per day of protein, and try to eat 200 grams a day. Also, I drink LOTS of water.

ABOVE: I like to put Knorr seasoning on my salads and veggies. It is from the Philippines. No matter what I eat per day, I don't go over 1,450 calories. My maintenance calories are about 1,850 right now (what my body requires for day in calories). So if I create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, I'll lose 1 pound per week (4 pounds per month). By eating low calorie density foods, I can pig out and not gain weight. I have to be VERY careful with the olive oil, because it is 120 calories per Tbsp., and you can easily add 500 calories to your daily diet just in oil and butter. Butter is also 120 calories per Tbsp.

I love sweet potatoes (112 calories per 5" potato). I poke fork holes in them, put plenty of salt and pepper, sprinkle some brown sugar, and bake them at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. I put a tsp. of butter on each one and eat 1 to 2 a day. I usually have them with fish. Sweet potatoes make you feel full and are high in nutrients.


ABOVE: Kiwis are great! I just cut them in half and eat the inside with a metal spoon. Each one is 42 calories. I've read that they help you sleep at night. I am going to try that tonight.

ABOVE: Blackberries are only 62 calories per cup and very healthy. Blueberries contain 85 calories per cup.

Thanks for visiting my website and listening to my rants. I need to go eat a banana (90 calories) and make a protein shake (130 calories)! I feel great from eating great. As Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) says, “You is what you eat!” My neck always hurts in chronic pain, but I feel good despite that. My prescription pain medications make having some form of life possible. Here is one of my favorite healthy eating websites, by Will Tennyson.

Many of my web visitors have been asking how I'm doing. I'm doing terrible! I'm just kidding. God is so good! Everything is relative. If I think about my lonely life and no church to attend, I could be sad all the time. But I choose to rejoice that my name is written in Heaven. I have been really happy this week about the new radio broadcast of the Sword Of The Lord by Pastor Shelton Smith. Lord willing, I plan to listen every week day to all their broadcasts. GOOD STUFF!

I have been wanting to move back to the United States, but nothing seems right. I just don't know WHERE to move. There are no state taxes on Guam, which I love not paying. So Tennessee, New Hampshire, Texas, Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming and Florida are my top choices for states (all tax free). Just living in Kentucky hits you for 5% of your annual income. Screw that! I really like Tennessee. Knoxville is at the top of my list. I cannot afford to live in Franklin or Nashville in Tennessee. Chattanooga looks nice too. But to be truthful, my heart is not in moving anywhere, and it's not in staying on Guam either. I am truly a lost soul in life. I've thought of marrying a Filipina girl half my age, and moving to the Philippines to live on a temporary visa for the rest of my life. She would love that, and I can live anywhere, it doesn't matter to me. Home is where there is love. I cannot live without love. Before I figure out what to do, I will be an old man 70 years old, and still end up marrying an Asian girl half my I see old dudes in the stores on Guam all the time with beautiful young Asian wives. I think, what the hell am I doing wrong?

So anyway, like everybody else I am frustrated. I have no complaints. God is more than good! Today's greedy, money-oriented, phony churches, like Harvest Baptist Church craphole on Guam, make me and God vomit (Revelation 3:15-17). If you are utterly disgusted with today's ugly churches, so is God!!! And if you're not disgusted, you're a part of the problem!!! People are leaving the churches in droves to emotionally heal, get away from pulpit abuse, escape cults like Bob Jones University, and find THE TRUTH. I'd be doing a lot better if Harvest's pastors weren't such a bunch of a$$holes (that's Greek for where the sun don't shine). So that's it. I'm doing good in the Lord. But I am frustrated. I don't know where to move, so I might as well just keep fighting THE ENEMY (the trashy Bob Jones crowd) from my foxhole on Guam.

Right now I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I am in constant bodily pain. The pain in my neck is burning. I am just not up to moving. Once I move, my life will be turned upside down, with a hundred things to do. I won't be able to stop and take it easy. I have no one to help me with anything. That is another reason it is tempting to marry a young gal in the Filipinas, so we can share life's burdens. Right now I am overwhelmed with life. If my life depended on the a$$holes at Harvest, I'd be a dead man. I've never known such cowardice, lack of compassion, self-righteous hypocrisy and hatred in all my life. They really are bastards. They are illegitimate pastors, preaching another gospel (Galatians 1:6-9). The oppossite of love is not hate, it is INDIFFERENCE! The Bob Jones crowd don't give a damn, but I DO CARE! One day at a time. Jesus is precious!!!

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