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May 28, 2002

Sentencing of 

Brian and Ruth Christine 
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KATU Reporter Anna Song in front of Douglas County Courthouse in Roseburg, Oregon.

The sign hanging on the courthouse to the left side says "UNITED WE STAND".

We wonder...stand against WHAT?


Anna Song-

Brian and Ruth Christine will each serve 7 1/2 years for their robbery convictions. Brian Christine will serve an extra five years for using a gun.

All of this for a couple who maintains their only desire was to reunite their family.

It was their last chance to state their case- and probably one of the last times Brian and Ruth Christine will see each other for the next several years. 

Ruth Christine asked the court for mercy...

All I wanted was to be with my children. Today, that's all I want: to be with my husband and my children. Those are my only desires in this whole world

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I love my family and all the things I've ever done- I've just done for my wife, who I'd give my life for- and my children, who I have given my life for.

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It ain't about truth, justice, honesty, or decency-
It's about winning AT ANY COST

The issue was not whether they were rescuing their family or not, the issue was: Did they commit robbery and custodial interference in Douglas County, and that's why they went to prison

It is terribly unclear to Oregon Family Rights if the "robbery" was taking the state van a couple miles down the road, or the Social Destroyer's UNTOUCHED purse left on the seat of the van.  As for "custodial interference", it is exceedingly clear that the STATE was the offending party.

Edgar Steele-

These two good folks, guilty of loving their children- driven by desperation -are now in prison for seven to twelve years: THAT'S SHOCKING.

One of Oregon's UNSWORN judges of the INFERIOR, STATUTORY administrative court system of NO CONSTITUTIONAL DUE PROCESS created by the SUPPLANTMENT of Oregon's REAL Constitution Article VII.

See Measure 1


Anna Song-

In the end, the Christines' emotional statements did little to reduce their prison time.  They were the couple that wanted it all. And now they have so little.  They will spend the next several years apart from each other, and apart from the children they risked it all to get back. 
Thank You Anna. Your reporting was compassionate and fair.

What else can we say?  This just makes us sick.
(and we battle it EVERY DAY- Same Soap Opera- Same Script- Different Actors)


Oregonized Crime

Pioneer Police State


If the FBI is REALLY going to "Combat public corruption at all levels" and "Protect civil rights" as part of their New "Strategic Focus", Oregon would be a dandy place to start.


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