Links Exposing Ecumenism
1. Biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism are far apart.
From 'Smokescreens' by Jack T. Chick - Today, the Whore of Revelation has seduced and flattered Christian leaders into believing she is part of the true body of Christ.
2. The push for ecumenism continues to grow
BC Article - You will be shocked to read these recent news reports
3. Gibson's "Passion" Masterful Ecumenism
BC Article - Roman Catholic viewers were gratified to see many of their rituals reflected in the script. Should it be equally embraced by the protestant community?
4. Baptists included in list of 'Dangerous Sects' in Europe
BC Article - Freedom of worship may be an endangered species when the 'New Europe' takes final form.
5. Pro-Life movement blunts soulwinning between participants
BC Article - Ecumenical leaders have learned how to use the pro-life movement to promote religious unity.
6. Answer to critics of former Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera
Letter written to Christianity Today after their article claimed Alberto Rivera was a fraud.

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