How To Stump Your Evolution Teacher

By David J. Stewart

A teenager heard his high school teacher say that people are actually animals.  The teen thought about the statement for a minute and then embarrassed his teacher by asking her in front of the class... "If people are animals, then is it acceptable for humans and animals to have sex together?"  Unless you believe in bestiality, then you must concede that people are not animals and that evolution is a bunch of nonsense. 

Even the simplest of thinkers can ponder the question: If men allegedly evolved from apes, then why are there still apes?

How do evolutionists know that the 'Missing Link' is missing if they've never found it to begin with? 

There is absolutely NO evidence of a half man/half ape creature that once existed.  Mad scientists today are playing God, by tampering with life, generating chimeras in labs.  This is evil according to the Bible...

"And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so." -Genesis 1:24

God never intended for human DNA to be mingled with rabbits, cows, and mice to generate freak chimeras.  Will scientists generate a half man/half ape mutant creature and claim it is proof of the Neanderthal man's existence? 

Modern science has opened a whole new era of incredible discoveries, proving many blessings as well as opportunities for maniacs to further their evil exploits.  In May of 2007 the British government gave the green light for scientists to create chimeras.  Britain's scientists sought this permission by claiming a shortage of human eggs needed by fertility clinics.  That sounds like a big smokescreen to me.  In a society that murders tens-of-millions of perfectly healthy babies every year, it hard to image a shortage of 'human eggs.'  How crazy is that?  The Catholic Church is defending the 'right to life' of the chimeras.  This is bizarre and one can only speculate as to the evils which such tampering with life will unleash upon future generations.

There are many moral questions here, which you can drive your evolution teacher up the wall with.  Does a chimera have a right to life?  If so, do animals have a right to life?  Under what circumstances?  Does the human portion of the chimera have a right to life?  If evolution is accurate, then chimeras should have equal rights with humans, and so should all animals.  Society has gone insane with this issue.  Animals have more rights today than people in many cases.  PETA does some good through their organization, but they are insane when it comes to animals being equal with people.  I like my New York strip steaks.

Does a chimera have a right to life?  If so, do animals have a right to life?  Do babies scheduled for abortion have a right to life?  Yes, they all have a right to life under normal circumstances?  An animal has a right to life, proving that man does not need it for food, clothing, or other necessities.  Merely killing an animal for sport is a sin.  A human loses his or her right to life when they commit certain crimes, such as murder.  The death penalty is Biblical.  This is a touchy subject and few laws exists today to regulate the industry.  It is cutting edge science, or apostasy, depending how you look at it.  If Chimeras have a right to life, then what of percentage of human genes give it a right to 'human rights?' 

If evolutionists are correct, i.e., that humans are animals, then chimeras are no big deal.  However, IF humans and animals are related, then why can't they reproduce?  Why do chimeras have to be generated in a lab?  I say "generated" because only God can create life.  Man cannot create anything; but rather, merely discovers God's creation, or sinfully tampers with it.  The entire notion of generating chimeras is evil to the core.  God has entrusted mankind with the GIFT of life, but oh how so many wicked people today abuse and disregard that precious gift. 

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