Evolution vs. Creation

"For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old..." -2nd Peter 3:5

Evolutionists say that YOU used to be a fish. Do you really believe that? Sounds like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale to me. It takes more faith to believe an amoeba is my daddy than God created me. Where are all those elusive transitional forms like a lizard with feathers? There should be MILLIONS of them but NOT ONE IS FOUND. Evolution is a faith—EVOLUTION IS RELIGION!

Evolution is NOT observable,
Evolution is NOT testable; and,
Evolution is NOT repeatable.

Evolution is not science! Here's a helpful chart showing the major differences between Creation verses Evolution. You are welcome to copy and redistribute any information on this entire website...

Creation Evolution
God No God
Creator Chance
God's Word formed Universe Big Bang
Intelligent Design Random Order
Bible is Final Authority Man is Final Authority
6-day creation Evolution over billions of years
Species not related Species related
Humans are unique and special Origin Of The Species
Abortion is murder Abortion is acceptable
Universe is fixed size Universe is expanding
Explains sin nature Cannot explain sin nature
God began time Cannot explain when time began
Something came from nothing Cannot explain origin of Big Bang
Science agrees Science doesn't agree

Evolution: The Big Hoax!

God's Simple Plan