Occult Theocracy!

by Mark S. Watson

       Christianity can and has been cruelly distorted in the past by many madmen and tyrants in order get a foothold on power.  Many times leaders have used Christian sounding terms to undermine the very Christianity they claimed to profess.  As the world continues to undergo remarkable change, and political/economic upheaval, it may be difficult for many to see any pattern or order in our time.  I believe what we are seeing can be explained in a prophetic sense and in an historical one, provided one is willing to make the requisite investigations and accept the facts of history without prejudice or intellectual pride. 

The utopianism, which permeates modern textbooks and mainstream media must be abandoned, or at least reconsidered, if one wishes to see behind the curtain of history.  We must understand American history and the effects of the American establishment and government, which has helped, create and sustain communism, over the past several decades. This same American establishment also had a hand in the rise of Adolph Hitler, through financing his movement during the rise of the Nazi party.  We will study this from a different perspective.

Adolph Hitler, Frankenstein’s Monster

American support for Hitler’s rise in his very early years can be clearly established.  This was largely accomplished through the German Conglomerate, I.G. Farben.  This large German conglomerate was formed in 1924 when a man named Charles Dawes sought to consolidate the chemical and steel industries in Germany following the First World War.  It is believed by some that the motivator behind this was J.P. Morgan. In any event, 800 million dollars was loaned for this purpose and the three Wall Street financial houses which provided 75% of the money for this endeavor were Dillon, Read & Company; National City Bank and Harris. Eventually, even Henry Ford merged his German interests with I.G. Farben in 1928. The role of H.H.G. Schacht17, who was the president of the German Reichbank (the German equivalent of our Federal Reserve), in forming a link between the American Establishment and The Nazi Government also, can not be underestimated.

I.G. Farben produced Zyklon B, the chemical used in the Gas Chambers of Nazi Germany. They also helped supply money to the Nazi‘s, some of it through its Swiss subsidiary during the Nazi rise to power.  Another interesting fact is that the Germans had developed a way to produce gasoline from coal and in 1927, Standard Oil worked together with I.G. Farben and agreed, essentially not to compete against one another. The success of this technology can be shown by the fact that Germany was producing most of its fuel synthetically at the end of the war.  These production plants were largely avoided during allied bombing raids during the war.  In America, I.G. Farben’s assets were controlled by the following individuals: Edsel Ford President, Ford Motors Charles Mitchell President of Nat’l City Bank, NY Walter Teagle President of Standard Oil, NY Paul Warburg Federal Reserve Chairman Max Warburg Financier Of Germany’s War effort.

Herman Metz Director of The Bank of Manhattan.  Keep this in mind, three other members of the American I. G. Farben board were tried and convicted of “Crimes against Humanity” after the war.  The men listed above who sat on the same board of directors, where the same decisions were made, were never brought to trial.  One of those men held the same office Alan Greenspan holds today.  Perhaps it can become clearer as to why American Oil companies were supplying the Nazis with fuel during the war This was accomplished by the Standard Oil Company which had tankers sailing under Panamanian registry, full of oil and unloading as much as 20% of their cargo on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands. These tankers were manned primarily, with Nazi officers. This was confirmed by military investigators conducting inquiries just after the war.

They recommended that some companies, including Standard Oil, be more thoroughly investigated.  Not surprisingly, this didn’t happen (see footnote 18).  Interestingly, Henry Ford, Father of Edsel Ford, wrote a book called the “International Jew“ a rabidly anti-Semitic work which Hitler read, it inspired him in is his own infamous work “Mein Kampf”. Hitler bestowed Germany’s highest honor for a non-German on Henry Ford, the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order.  This fact has been “overlooked” by establishment “histories” of this era.  It appears however, that there was another agenda in starting WWII. While the evidence seems clear, the subject is universally avoided in Tax Free Foundation financed educational institutions (often funded by those corporations which served the Nazi’s well) and in mainstream media and even in most book publishing houses. 

That is, as much noise is made about the hatred of Hitler and his policies, his rise to power was not an accident and it was not without purpose.  Indeed, the treaty of Versailles which stripped Germany of any real means to defend itself and essentially made it a vassal of the victors and International Bankers, who demanded repayment of Germanys WWI war debt through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), made Germany a powder keg of discontent.  Of course one cannot forget the global depression, which by and large was brought about by international banks’ manipulation of the American stock market through the use of “call loans" (see footnote 19).  In Addition to all this, the manipulation of the supply of precious metals, on which the major currencies of the day were backed, created the perfect circumstances for Hitler to rise to power. 

It shook the very foundations of European stability, thrust Germany into a terrible depression and the world, into a Second World War.  But why?  The answers given by many in the past to that question are many.  Some valid, many not. But the benefit to a small clique of internationalists cannot be underestimated.  The end of WWII created a huge gain for Communism, and Globalism. Russia, before WWII, was a struggling socialist country.  After the war it controlled all of Eastern Europe, thanks to the Anglo-American establishment whose efforts divided Europe into two opposing camps.  Nevertheless, WWII corrected a major policy failure for the internationalists at the conclusion of WWI, that being the failure of the League of Nations to be adopted by America.  The Internationalists wanted very much to have a Global body which was capable of dealing with Global problems to the benefit of the elite but with the implied (if not real) consent of the general population.

This gave rise to several studies, financed once again, by tax-free foundations, which called for such an organization. But the Failure of the League of Nations to win support in America was a major set back for the globalist’s (known affectionately at the time as “internationalists”, and not so affectionately as “oneworlders”).  Another demonstration of the horrors of war was needed in order to get the attention of the Americans to secure a “Lasting Peace”. Thus, on the ashes of a second world war, the United Nations was born. David Rockefeller, the head of an extremely influential Tax-free Foundation, donated the land on which the UN headquarters sits today.  It has been lambasted, ridiculed, mocked but the organization, has survived, and increased its Global clout with increasing military might. 

The simple fact is, though largely ignored, is that the policy of much of the American foreign policy establishment has always been Global Security through Global institutions. This has gone completely unmarked by the populace at large. NATO, WTO, IMF, GATT, NAC, World Economic Forum, European Bank for Reconstruction and development, World Wild Life Fund, are a very few of the international institutions public and private, who’s scope is Global, or at least regional.  These institutions, through the surreptitious use of treaties and agreements, which are not reported to the public at large, are having a large say in how governments and people conduct day to day activities, but lets get back to Hitler. 

Hitler, it is considered by an increasing number of non-establishment historians, was a product of an international elite, whose agenda is only now coming into view. Hitler also had Global ambitions but was bent on using military might to accomplish his ends. The Anglo-American Establishment had other plans. However, Hitler’s own repulsive racial viewpoints were not universally rejected in the American establishment, and weather you wish to attribute the America’s role in bankrolling Hitler to a blunder (a favorite Establishment word when they embark on lucrative enterprises which involve atrocities) or a deliberate decision to finance a racist madman, you the reader must decide however, the preponderance of difficult to find information will lead you to conclude the inescapable truth (see footnote 20).

So here we see a clear connection between the American Establishment and Adolph Hitler and his racist viewpoints.  But these roots also have spiritual side that must be determined.  What has been very selectively taught in the schools is that Soviets were for many years were our enemy.  People are shocked when they discover that is was British and American financial interests that funded Lenin when communism first started out.  They are appalled to discover that Trotsky and Lenin were guests of some of the most powerful financial interests in America just prior to the Bolshevik revolution, that they received large amounts of money from these interests. 

Once again it appears that tax-free foundation financed educational institutions, selectively ‘teach’ the part of history least revealing to the nefarious behavior of their richest donors.  Lenin received money from German and American interests, pretty much the same interests that funded the Nazi’s thirty years later, that is through big New York financial interests (see footnote 21).  This seems as a contradiction to what people have been taught in school and fed on the television.  Nevertheless, the Bolsheviks were funded by these entities.  The strategy for funding the communists will become clearer as we progress. 

The entrance to Birkenau Concentration camp…Lest we forget.


It’s a Secret…

The Idea that American elite and corporations helped bring Hitler to power is a far cry from the ‘fairy tales’ we are taught in school.  Most Americans will have a great deal of trouble digesting this information and some will reject it outright and make no further inquiries, out of fear of discovering the depth of their own deception.  Nevertheless, I will however, seek to enumerate information found in hard to find government documents and how this information is relevant to us today.  I shall attempt to do this by explaining the results of Occult influenced government in history and shed some light on many of the trends we see today. 

The role of Secret Societies in 20th century politics is an interesting one which‘ I will discuss to some degree later.  First, I would like to discuss the Anti-Christian viewpoints of Adolph Hitler and their Occult origins.  Borrman, one of Hitler’s henchman had an assistant who used to record many of Hitler’s mentally unbalanced diatribe’s.  May I give you an example? ...

“Christianity is the greatest setback in the history of mankind, The most sever blow that mankind has ever endured is Christianity; bolshevism is the 'bastard' son of Christianity.”

Hitler saw Bolshevism as a “Jewish Conspiracy” (see footnote 22) which had to be thwarted.  But we must look deeper, into the spiritual realm to get at the roots of Nazism. Hitler had many members of secret societies working in his inner circle during the WWII.  His fascination with the occult appears to go back fairly early in his life and molded his worldview at an early age. This fascination with the occult and his preoccupation with the origin of the Aryan race is at the heart of the Nazi philosophy.  The “racial occult history”, while far from rational, is the reason Hitler killed so many Jews. 

He saw Jews as a lesser race, as he did Africans and Slav’s and any other non-Aryan people. He felt, from his understanding of the ‘occult history’ of the races, that he was justified in his actions.  But this racist viewpoint is not unique to Adolph Hitler or even just to today’s social Darwinist’s.  The root of the ‘Hitler’ worldview has its roots in the Thule society, which was modeled after Freemasonry.  Some of the elite in Germany at that time were very much involved in this sect.  In fact on, April 29, 1929, 10 members of the Thule Society were taken hostage and murdered.

These included Prince Maria von Thurn und Taxis, Countess Westarp, Baron Teikert and Baron Seydlitz. From the above list, we can see a picture of a group individuals who were members of the ruling class in Germany involved in this sect, which also was involved in various acts of political terrorism. The Thurn und Taxis family was and still is one of the wealthiest families in Germany.  What was the doctrine of the Thule society of which so many of Hitler’s butchers came?

Essentially, it believed that the Aryan peoples of long ago were a special race of people who possessed special powers.  These men, the Thulist's believed, were sort of a divine race. This mythical race of men were the forbears of the German people or the Aryans. It was this sort of racial Darwinism which Hitler subscribed.  Hitler’s fascination with the occult is well documented unfortunately it is outside the purpose of this book to go into any great depth on the subject, other than to say that it was this occult connection which led to the slaughter of so many Jews.  Hitler believed that in order for the world to be purified of the lesser races, which were impeding Aryan progress, these races needed to be either subjugated or exterminated. 

This was the essence and heart of the Nazi racial doctrine.  It should therefore come as no surprise that this sort of racial Darwinism poses a great danger of a repeat of history if we are unable to identify the roots of any future movement, or perhaps more relevantly, any present movement.  It is for this reason I will make you aware of an extremely dangerous trend in America which you will not hear on any mainstream media source.  These truths will be lambasted in the Media and in the Halls of Congress and in the White House.  But what I am about to reveal to you is documented and true.

Lucifer’s Religion

“The King was descended from a divine race, that is he belonged to the Order of the Illumined; for those who come to a state of wisdom, then belong to a family of heroes-perfected human beings.” -Albert Pike

It was Albert Pike (see footnote 23) who stated to the twenty three Masonic Supreme Councils of the world that; “Yes Lucifer is God and unfortunately Adonay is also God” and “If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (the God of the Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man...” (see footnote 24).  It is this Masonic religion which is universalistic in scope which teaches, “Masonry is a religion in which all good men may unite that each may share the faith of all”. Anyone who has the authority to address the Supreme Council certainly has reached a high degree of influence within the Masonic order. It was Pike who called Christianity and the writings of the apostles ‘articles of a vulgar faith’. He believed that Lucifer was the ‘light bearer’ (see footnote 25). 

The essence of the higher Masonic Doctrine (see footnote 26) is that it deifies certain men and worships another God, a God that goes by the name of ‘jah bul lon’ in the Masonic ritual. This doctrine has fully subverted our nations political establishment.  In fairness to the lower level masons, I must explain that they are completely unaware of any higher purpose for Freemasonry than the fellowship of brothers and good works in the community.  It is only when members get to the 30th degree and above, that many can begin to understand the true nature of Masonic associations.  While Some Masons try to say that Albert Pike was not really that important a Masonic figure.  However he is the one of the most special masons as his work ‘Morals and Dogma’ serve a cornerstone to Scottish Rite beliefs.  He was a Luciferian and an extremely high level Freemason. 

Any High level mason who disputes Pike’s influence is either unaware of or is concealing the truth. Here I will give a list of just a few high level masons in our government to show the influence this secret society’s members have on the American Political scene.  Please note I am not accusing any particular mason of being consciously ‘in league with the devil’.  But by publishing this list I hope to give Bible believing Christians an Idea of how a deeply rooted the Masonic religion is in our government today:

Let me give you a list of high level Masons in our government:

Robert Dole

Jack Kemp

Albert Gore

Newt Gingrich

Jesse Helms

Colin Powell

Lamar Alexander

Ronald Reagan

George Bush (see footnote 27)

Gerald Ford

Ross Perot

David Rockefeller Jr/Sr

Ted Turner

(to name a few)

These individuals are high level Masons and have been indoctrinated in the secret doctrine (see footnote 28) of the Masonic order.  While Many Christian groups are feverishly working to get these so called conservative leaders elected, these men put on abominable robes and conduct secret ceremonies and rituals in the darkness.  American Christians are so caught up in the idea that somehow this nation is specially chosen by God because we have been so richly blessed, that it just is inconceivable to these poor souls that men who despise the God of all things, could so successfully subvert our constitutional order.  It comes equally as a shock that their help has been enlisted in doing so! 

Some of America’s best-known evangelists are Freemasons!

 I am sad to say this is what has happened and why we as a nation have slaughtered millions of infants (see footnote 29).  It is why our government just can’t seem to find effective ways of stopping (extremely profitable) illegal drugs from entering the country and don’t understand why our Government gives away Billions of dollars and covertly supports some of the most vile governments on earth.  While to a worldly mind this may seem fantastic but to man with spiritual discernment I say, we as a nation have been seduced by the enemy, through slick media campaigns and leaders who will say and do anything to get elected.  Now we are truly beginning to see the results of this deception. I adjure all Christians to wake up seek righteousness and obey the living Christ. 

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of what is transpiring here is the simple fact that this has been going on for a while.  This is not a new phenomenon. This deception is a long standing activity which will, as the scripture indicates, eventually envelope the entire world.  While the church has slept, Satan has indeed been busy.

One of the great evangelist’s of the 19th century sounded the alarm bell in his time that is even more relevant today.

“And let the Church of God also awake to the fact that many of her ministers and members are uniting with a society so selfish and wicked as this, and are defending it, and are ready to persecute all who will not unite with them in this thing.” - Finney

War for America’s Soul

Evil spiritual forces are attempting to gain an even stronger foothold in our nation.  These forces have used the dabbling in the Occult to gain control over many of our leaders today.  Many of our most renowned politicians are very much involved in “channeling” and Astrology.  Some are involved in necromancy (speaking to spirits who claim to be spirits of the deceased people).  These spirits then “guide” the deceived into activities that are in agreement with the plans of God’s enemies. This is how wickedness establishes itself in high places. This is how Hitler became deceived. 

He often consulted astrologers and various occultists in order to help him make critical decisions.  I submit to you that this is what is happening right now here in America.  We are being “dumbed down” (see footnote 30), as the saying goes, and it is for a purpose, if you want to know where we are heading, look at what happened in the Third Reich, and you will find your answer.  While so many leaders are touting their “New World Order” and a “new age”, Our leaders are finding new and better people control methods in order to truly have an all powerful state.  Just like the Nazi’s.

While the Nazi’s were some cruel and truly evil people, If one really wishes to measure evil just on a human scale, the panorama of World Communism is far and away the worst. Countless millions have perished in Russia’s Gulags, Chinese Labor Camps, Cambodia’s Killing Fields, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and lets not forget Poland and East Germany.  These are examples of what awaits Americans who fritter their freedoms away for a song and a 401K retirement plan.

All Roads Lead to the New Rome

The United Nations organization has all the necessary prerequisites to eventually become this One-world Government.  Many of its leaders have strong New Age leanings.  Meditation at the UN is lead by Sri Chinmoy an ardent New Ager and metaphysician.  Mr. Chinmoy has stated, “The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God’s inner vision and outer manifestation.”  The United Nations is a place where a strange universalistic world religion is now coming into being.  It is a mixture of pantheism, mysticism, communism, Luciferian occultism and apostate Christianity. What kinds of people are involved in this strange religion? Every one from crystal worshippers to astrologers, environmentalists, human potentialist’s and pop psychologists.  All of these “faiths” are converging in a scheme, which increasingly has its focus on and in the United Nations. 

Lucius Trust is an organization which was formerly know as Lucifer Publishing.  It was established in 1922 by Alice Bailey.  This woman and her spiritual predecessor, Madame Blavlatsky founded what essentially is the basis of today’s New Age religious explosion.  These two women believed that Lucifer was really the true God.  This is the same to Mdme. Blavlatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society:

     Some of the Occult and New Age religions of which Lucius trust is the umbrella organization for include; the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Lucius Publishing, Lucius Productions, Lucius Trust Libraries and the New Group of World Servers.  According to Lucius Trust, World Goodwill is recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization, and is the trustee of the UN meditation room.  It is this New Age religion, which interlocks with just about every new age group, which will in one form or another eventually become the New World religion and give its full support to the coming world government.  It will include most every occult New Age teaching and system of thought, it will encompass secular humanists as well as pantheists.  Each will give its allegiance to this system.

Maurice Strong is a Canadian billionaire who has constructed a new age retreat in southern Colorado called the Baca.  Many of the world’s elite’s visit this religious retreat, including many adherents to eastern religions.  One well known actress has built a ‘channeling’ center there and even the Vatican has a representative present.  For those of you who do not know, Mr. Strong also is the United Nations Undersecretary for the UNCED (UN Conference on Environment and Development).  This Man is a radical New- Ager and environmentalist and travels extensively in Globalist circles. 

In 1991 he teamed up with David Rockefeller to write the forward to the Trilateral Commissions book, “Beyond Interdependence: Meshing the World’s Economy and Earth’s Ecology.”  This combination of Economic /Environmental /Monetary power and influence is the spearhead for the trend toward Globalism.  Perhaps this should at least partially explain Vice President Gore’s fascination with environmental matters and his book “Earth in the Balance”, Mr. Gore's environmental viewpoints have been labels as extreme even by some moderates.  Mr. Gore’s placement so close to the White House seems to be no coincidence, he is also an ardent Globalist and environmentalist.  Some of the more radical environmentalists embrace a form of pantheism that some see as root of the environmental movement.  It is also called Paganism.  This radical environmentalism is serving as an important cornerstone to the emerging “Global Village”. 

Speaking from a Biblical perspective, this agenda is nothing more than a revival of the Babylonian mystery religion.  Where various forms of divination and occult practices and earth worship are mixed and only certain initiates are given a glimpse of the inner ‘secret doctrine.’  This system is an abomination to God and is spoken of at length in the Book of Revelation (read Revelation 17).  Make no mistake these things are beginning to happen now.  The problem here is that while Jesus told his followers to “watch and pray” the church and been asleep, naked and prostrate before this religious harlot, in the hopes of indulging in her wares.

  1. Trading With The Enemy : An Expose of the Nazi-American Money Plot,1933-1949 by Charles Higham, Dell, NY, 1983

  2. Call loans are loans that the bank reserves the right to call due at the banks convenience.  Many loans in America today have such clauses in the fine print.  The banks during the depression exercised this right and called the loans due on short notice.  Many borrowers simply could not pay.

  3. In all fairness, it is unlikely that many in America's Establishment knew that Hitler would actually begin a program of extermination of the Jews.  Rather, they were more than willing to fund a man whom they knew was a racist as well as mentally unbalanced in order to bring about the necessary military hostilities to accomplish their plans.

  4.  Indeed many of the actual individuals are the same.

  5. This “Jewish Conspiracy” is still a favorite of many in America’s far right and white supremacist movements.  This is a ‘red herring’ that perverts the lessons of history.

  6. Pike held several distinguished titles in Freemasonry, Grandmaster of the Central Directory of Washington DC; Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Charleston and Sovereign Pontiff of the Universal Freemasonry.

  7. The Authenticity of this quote has been vehemently challenged recently.  Taxil's quote, which comes from a French publication was reportedly retracted by Taxil, however this quote is still found in Albert Pike's file in the Headquarters of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Washington DC.  Pike was also one of the most prominent founders of the Ku Klux Klan, with Scottish rite freemasonry at the center of it.  The racist, evil and murderous nature of the KKK is well known. Even today Black's are herded in to Black Lodges (Prince Hall) of Freemasonry, like so many unsuspecting sheep, of which many prominent Black 'leaders' are involved in to this very day. Until the African American Community can jettison these individuals from their leadership positions in the Black community I fear second class citizenship will continue to be the lot of Black Americans.

  8. Albert Pike; Morals and Dogma.

  9. The preponderance of evidence points to Pike as being a direct and virulent opponent of Christianity as it is contained in the Bible.

  10. Through the Yale “Skull and Bones” Society

  11. The Secret Doctrine of Freemasonry cannot be covered in the scope of this work. Many books have been written about freemasonry that clearly show that Freemasonry is not a Christian Religion.  Since the 16th Century it has acted as a counter church, that has operated in secret.  It’s basic ideas can be summarized as the Universal brotherhood of Man, Humanistic,

  12.  It is unfair to freemasons to say all High level masons are involved in or even support these activities, Nevertheless From a Biblical viewpoint, these men are working for the Spiritual enemy of Christ.

  13. One look at modern prime time television will show the depth's of moral and intellectual levels the American people have gone. Every one is filled with course language, sexual innuendo, and the glorification of ignorance and stupidity. If these are the role models of our young people, it is no wonder, such tragedies as the shooting at Columbine school took place. Indeed at this time there are more and more prime time television cartoons aimed at adults. Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder.

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