Slaves in America?

The Theft of Our Country
by Mark S. Watson

Divided Loyalties, confused minds.

       The solution to many of today’s ills lies not in more government intervention.  This simple observation is imperative given the tendency of government’s attempts to solve problems.  A thorough review of historical precedents where the government “gave” something to its citizens will show that whenever this occurs, the only real activity transpiring is a covert transfer of wealth.  It is not possible for any government to give anything to anyone without first taking that particular benefit or piece of wealth from someone who has earned it.  Others often describe this transfer of wealth in more stark terms:

Theft: the forceful or covert acquisition of goods or services from another without the owner's consent.

This sort of wealth transfer is best described as when someone takes wealth from someone and gives (redistributes) it to another, is not according to any law of God. But is humanistic in nature. It ostensibly seeks to help those in need by extracting wealth from those who are most able to afford it. Now this all sounds very noble on the surface. However, it is theft, cleverly disguised as brotherly love. It is the foundation of all socialism, communism and 20th century totalitarianism. Now it is important to clarify this point, I am not saying society should abrogate its responsibility to the poor, nor am I saying that government does not have a role to play in it.

The point being made here is that despite the genuine needs of the impoverished, the willingness to plunder the wealth (hard won or not) of others is not an answer which will bring in long-lasting positive results. It will however, give increasing power to the state to continue to find new and “better” programs to help those the state deems to be “worthy” recipients of the taxpayers unwilling largess. This same cornerstone laid in other totalitarian governments has been laid here. Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware that this has happened.  As Americans make their way to their tax lawyers every year to find new and better “investments” to place their money in to avoid the IRS, new laws are written to tax the transference of this wealth, it has been cleverly coined as the capital gains tax. 

This is simply taxing your profits from the sale of a house, the sale of securities, etc.  This is done to redistribute wealth.  If you earned it and the government takes it, you are on the giving end of this wealth redistribution.  There are far more dangerous forms of wealth redistribution transpiring today, the most important of which is through debt.  Contrary to the purveyors of “truth” in the national establishment media regarding the national debt, that “we owe the money to ourselves” the simple fact is increasingly we do not owe it to ourselves.  We now owe a great deal of debt to foreign banks and individuals who expect a return (interest) on their investment. 

No one invests money in a T-bill just to get his money back, he does it to earn money.  This includes everyone weather he is a Japanese banker or a German multinational corporation or even an American pensioner.  All want a return on their investment.  This is because our government has consistently spent beyond its means and passed it’s primary economic policy power over to a private institution (the Federal Reserve System).  For this reason, it is in a precarious position to say the least. Because now, we as a nation, owe our continued prosperity to un-elected investors.

Thomas Jefferson said: "The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution...if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."  Sound Familiar?

To many Christians, who have been caught up in this debt-laden economy, it should become apparent that those who own the debt have a great deal of influence on how our government spends and even earns its revenue. As the scripture says, the borrower is slave to the lender. Because our nation is the biggest debtor nation on earth, we too fall into this axiom as the largest slave nation on earth. What is a slave?

Slave; An Individual who works involuntarily without pay.

Americans now pay approximately 48% of their income in the form of taxes and fees paid to various levels of government.  That means you will work until June to pay taxes.  You will not be paid for your services, you must turn your wealth over to the government, and usually the money will be taken out of your check in the form of a payroll deduction, before you ever see it.  What this means to you, is that for about half of the year, you will be a slave to the government.  These words may sound extreme, but consider, what the government is doing with your hard-earned wealth.  It gives money to individuals who do not work, it spends billions of your tax dollars implementing UN (that’s right it is often UN not U.S.) policy and it spends

horrific amounts of money paying interest on the national debt.  And this 48% of your wealth does not supply the people with health care, it does not (in many municipalities) provide safe streets, nor does it provide for cost free justice.  It takes and gives to increasingly dubious causes and demands more from the taxpayer, who is attempting to make ends meet with increasingly smaller amounts of money.  Unfortunately, the causes for this phenomenon are lost on most Americans because they are too busy or ignorant to look into these matters with any depth. 

As a Christian these trends usually fall into the “interesting to know but what does that have to do with me?” category.  But consider this, with our debt climbing and government spending not under control, it will not be long before it is 60% then 90 % of our income is spent on taxes.  Despite the pronouncement that we will be running budgetary surpluses in the future, the fact that the government has had to raid (rob) the social security trust fund in order to make ends meet, is rarely stated in mainstream media circles.  This has been the route to socialism this nation has taken.  It is not by accident.  There have been powerful forces at work in this country, which propose to end our constitutional republican form of government.  What is amazing is that most Americans today would find such an idea preposterous. 

It is, unknown to many, an old battle that has, in one shape or another, been raging since the founding of our country.  It involves money; who controls the ability to manage the nation’s money and what form money will take (see footnote 2).  But now the question needs to be asked, does America have enemies, and what is the best way to destroy America’s democratic governmental system.  The Answer: Penetration of its sacred institutions.  What has happened here is groups such as the extremely powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR - see footnote 3), have a membership roll that reads like a who’s who of our Establishment have which subverted our democratic systems.

For example: CFR members include: Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Dan Rather, The CEO’s of ABC, NBC, CBS, The Management of Newsweek, The Washington Post, and the New York Times; Dick Cheney, Tom Brokow, Frank Sesno, Tim Russert, Adali Stevenson, Henry Cabot Lodge, Nelson Rockefeller, Walter Mondale, George McGovern, Geraldine Ferraro, Richard Nixon, Colin Powell, Ross Perot, Bruce Babbit, Newt Gingrich, Laura Tyson, Alice Rivlin, Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan, Sandra Day O'Connor, Steven Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Laurence Silberman, Robert Rubin, Anthony Lake, William Perry, Daniel Moynihan, Sam Nunn, John Kerry, Togo West, Gen John Shalikashvili, Dewayne Andreas, The Chairmen of ATT, Atlantic Richfield, and Exxon to name a very, very few.

The CFR is a group of elite Americans (Membership is by invitation only) who’s main function, as determined by many non-establishment researchers, is to create an interdependent America and world in which a world government based on socialist principles is both necessary and desirable (see footnote 4).  This is being done in such a way as to seem a natural progression to most Americans.  NAFTA and the WTO seem like obscure trade agreements to most Americans, but the WTO, at least in theory, now supersedes our constitution.  Many of the specific functions dealing with trade and international commerce in the constitution no longer apply, because as a result of these agreements all trade disputes are now arbitrated in Geneva, where with only a very few exceptions, America will not have a vote or say. 

Many have disputed that the CFR is really anything more than a ‘gentleman’s club’, however the CFR’s membership and statements by it’s members show the truth is something quite different.  However, it must be made clear that I do not believe it is a place where anything illegal takes place.  Its activities are legal and an annual report is published.  The CFR can be written to and information can be received back from them at their address in New York.  I have only taken the CFR’s members at their word when they say that a New World Order, and a new ‘international system of governance’ is needed and then implement policies consistent with those aims.  While the media pundits in the mainstream media may call it ‘conspiracy theory’, I call it common sense. 

No one who says that the NRA is working for maintaining 2nd amendment rights, disputes that this is what they do.  The NRA clearly maintains in press releases that it works towards those aims as an organization.  The same can be said of abortion rights groups, they work towards securing legal abortions for American’s.  These people say they are working towards an end and that end is consistent with what they advocate.  Yet, when one examines the CFR and its actions, a wall of silence is encountered in the mainstream media.  Those that attempt to tell the people that prominent members of the CFR has stated a particular policy and then watch members of the CFR do it are called ‘conspiracy theorists’.  This is no more than disinformation, and effective propaganda, used against ordinary citizens, who posses an almost ‘child like’ faith in the media organizations which consistently mislead them. 

The CFR has consistently been on the forefront of movements in the US Government to submerge national sovereignty in a world government, though they use terms like ‘international system of governance’ with ‘international institutions at the lead’ or some such well crafted phrase (see footnote 5).  It is most tempting to fall in line with the globalist’s party line.  The CFR and its membership go back about 70 years.  It has been a very influential policy making group from which almost every high ranking policy maker has come.  This covert (see footnote 6) grouping of American elitists’ existence is not generally known to most Americans.  And their control of both printed and broadcast mainstream media should be a good example of the nature of their work.  It is to remain hidden from the voting public, lest you discover a group of men (and increasingly women) who seek to enrich themselves through inside information on trade deals, currency fluctuations and steering American foreign policy in a direction favorable to their economic and political ideals. 

It is being accomplished far and away from the bright lights of publicity, ensuring the voting public makes its decisions based on their own carefully crafted “news” (see footnote 7).  There has been a common theme through their writings, using carefully worded phrases and vaguely worded ‘internationalist’ viewpoints, one can see that the idea of Global Socialism is far from dead.  Their own magazine, Foreign Affairs, is a good indication of their policy leanings.  But let me make this point clear, most of the people who are in this organization are not fully aware of its intent, and are by no means to be looked upon in a negative light, as individuals.  They may be used from time to time for various tasks (spiking a story, pushing a bill through the house or senate, staging a protest, etc.) for an agenda, which may or may not be known to them.  They will “play ball” out a sincere belief they are doing good or fear that if they do not, their prized connections with the elite might be weakened or severed. 

Unfortunately, CFR meetings are held in very strict secrecy and members are strictly forbidden from revealing the contents of CFR proceedings to anyone outside the CFR.  We do however, have the words of some “defectors” (see footnote 8) who make it very clear that this organization is seeking to overturn our constitutional Democracy and replace it with a Global oligarchy.  Such a system as this is very similar to the one the scriptures say would come into being in the last days.  To you Christians who have obeyed Christ and have watched the times in which we live and understand God’s prophetic timetable, I want to say that I firmly believe these men are unwittingly setting up a global system the bible calls the BEAST.  Revelation 13 and 17 speak at length about this economic beast and a phony religious system which will deceive many, but will be given a short reign (42 months) on the earth. 

IN Short, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921.  Its existence was a result of activities within the Anglo-American Establishment (see footnote 9) which desired a policy making institute which was outside the purview of the Government. This way it could influence policy, but not be subject to the oversight of any governmental institution. But a look at the council’s membership is very revealing as to its power in our country.  It is unparalleled.  It’s influence reaches into every corridor of power in the American government. It also reaches into the boardrooms of the wealthiest corporations in America.  A book which I highly recommend to students of Bible prophecy and anyone who really wants to know what is going on behind the scenes in the Globalist movement is called “Enroute to Global Occupation” by Mr. Gary Kah.  To fully understand the political roots of Globalism, it must be fully comprehended that the American people are not being fully informed about the activities of its elected and appointed officials. 

Groups like the CFR, made up of these most prominent men are able to work behind the scenes because they have successfully recruited men who are in the news profession capable of making broad editorial decisions at their respective news outlets.  In other words, should it become necessary to embark on a policy which the American people would find loathsome (see footnote 10), the CFR would then solicit the help of member editors and anchormen to ensure decisions that are made do not get reported into the American mainstream.  If they are reported, the public is given phony ‘hot button’ issues or very carefully crafted information (see footnote 11), which do not get to the heart of the issues decided.  They may choose to report them in such a way to keep the real issues obscured and creating phony issues, which get reported in the media.  Controversial bills pending before the house or Senate that may provoke an outcry simply will not be reported to the “masses” in the mainstream media. 

Alert citizens do get hard copy text of pending legislation and may attempt to alert others, but they are drowned out or ridiculed by the CFR propagandists in the mainstream media.  The agenda here is to use the media, academia, political leaders and, of course, other CFR members to further their own agenda.   Unfortunately our country is not being conquered from enemies outside its borders.  Rather, those from the inside are selling it out and have an agenda that is not Christian, nor democratic.   Instead their political leanings are humanistic (see footnote 12), and totalitarian.  Christians are not aware of the dangers of this movement, nor are they aware of the prophetic significance.  World Government (see footnote 13) is a prophetic reality, and any “Christian” who denies this either does not know the Scriptures or is deceived.  This Government will come into being very, very soon and with it a global transformation the likes of which the world has never seen. 

Unfortunately, these changes will not bode well for the true followers of Jesus Christ.  The Scriptures say that we will be persecuted severely.  Many will lose their lives.  Many will face the very real prospect of privation for the first time.  And many, as the Scripture says, will fall away and betray one another.  This Government will make use of available technology to number every human being on earth and will economically exclude those who refuse to be numbered.  Christians will more than likely be persecuted because Jesus claimed to be the Way the truth and the Life and that no man can come to the father except through Him.


  1. It has been widely reported that our budget is 'balanced'.  This is only true using the governments farcical accounting measures which do not take into account problems associated with Social Security and other 'off-budget' expenditures.  It also does not take into consideration the rapid monetary expansion (printing money) which has accelerated between 1995 and 2000.  More importantly this is only a balanced budget, which does not address the debt already accumulated over the past several decades which we are still making interest payments on.

  2. The Federal Reserve System is the nations currency creator.  It is a private corporation run for private profit.  It creates currency at will and no elected official can stop it. Since its inception, the nations currency has been debased by over 95%.  It is the symbol of triumph over honest money by the extremely wealthy in this country who by law, are the only ones allowed to own stock in the Fed.

  3. The CFR's headquarters is located on East 68th street in New York City, it is also known as the Pratt house. An excellent book on the CFR is called ‘The Shadows of Power - The Council of Foreign Relations and the American Decline’

  4. Many have disputed that this is merely a ‘debating club’, but its secrecy, and the unmatched power of the CFR clearly indicates otherwise.  No one rises to a key cabinet post or the Presidency in the US Government without being a member, the exceptions to this rule can be counted on one hand since the 1950’s.

  5. Many globalist’s will vehemently deny that a world government is what the are working for.  Richard Holbrooke, a very key Clinton administration policy maker in statements to the National Press Club made on November 2, 1999, lambasted those people who believe in a conspiracy to create a world government. With great eloquence and silky smooth language he then went on to praise the UN and convey that debate is going on between those who wish to expand the UN powers and those who wish to do away with American participation in that institution.  He then went on to criticize American arrears in paying its UN dues. It is apparent that those who are telling the people about the American Governments policy to so entangle the US in treaties and international institutions so that a world government is the ‘next logical step’ are beginning to have an effect. People are now beginning to wake up, but it is probably too late.

  6. The word covert is not technically correct, while it is generally unknown to most Americans the enormous amount of power in the CFR, it is still a public organization, it files a tax return, just like many other think tank or public policy organization.

  7. The Managing Editors and or CEO’s of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, including some it’s top executives and anchormen are members of the CFR. The same can be said of the LA times, NY Times, Times Mirror Co. The Wall Street Journal, and of course the Washington Post, and a host of other smaller newspapers and magazines.

  8. When discussing the true intentions of the American establishment Secretary of Defense James Forrestal said, “Consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If the diplomats who have mishandled our relations with Russia were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor” When he began to fight this trend, he was dismissed, carted off to a hospital and ‘fell’ out of a window. Admiral Chester Ward, who was the Judge Advocate General of the US Navy and was a member said, “Once the Ruling members of the CFR have decided that the US government should adopt a particular policy, the very substantial research facilities of the CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional to support he new policy and to confound and discredit intellectually and politically, any opposition.”

  9. England and America have excellent relations and far more often that not, their interests converge.  These interests consist of the political and economic elite of England and America. Of note is the fact that the CFR is really an off shoot of the England's Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIAA), having been founded by many of the same financial interests.

  10. A good example of the CFR using is privileged position to destroy the US Constitution is a memorandum for the state Department during the WWII, “Possible further difficulty was cited, namely that arising from the constitutional provision that only Congress may declare war.  This argument was countered with the contention that a treaty would override this barrier, let alone that fact that our participation in such police action as might be recommended by the international security organization need not necessarily be construed as war.”  This was written back in 1944! And today we have troops all over the world in police actions where Congress never declared war.  Yet anyone who points these matters out is automatically labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

  11. The most insidious and effective form of this sort of 'news' reporting is called 'relevant omissions'; that is, information which may lead to an opinion that would not be desirable to the propagandist is omitted from the story. In other words, the story is constructed to elicit a preordained response from the viewer, it is not meant to inform.

  12. Humanism is the idea that all is centered on man. Man's ideas, morality and pleasures are paramount. It places man at the center of all. It is secular (worldly) and invariably sets itself against the interests of God.

  13. The Books of Daniel, Revelation in the Bible speak of this. The prophetic texts are almost universally avoided in today's American tax-exempt 'Churches.'  The Devil, having taken over so many of America's pulpits is working very hard to keep the masses ignorant of God's clear warnings.  Unfortunately, Lucifer is doing quite a number on the mainstream denominations.