New World Orleans: Microcosm for the "New America"
New World Orleans: Microcosm for the

Special report on the elite police state takeover | September 5 2005
By Steve Watson

Imagine an America where everyone is displaced. It's survival of the fittest as all law and order has broken down. Martial law has been declared with 24 hr curfews, Posse Comitatus has been overturned and there are troops on the streets shooting anyone who disobeys their orders. Thousands and thousands of people are starving but the authorities will not allow aid in any significant amounts. Large crowds are quelled with the use of sonic lasers, whilst overhead drone aircraft monitor the area, checking for any anomalous activity.

Any form of Local and State government has been abandoned and officials have been forcibly removed against their wills. The elite infiltrators of the Federal Government watch on from afar, in control of everything, answering to no one and getting fat off the profits of their own corrupt inactivity which brought about the situation in the first instance. They like it that way, it suits them down to the ground, why should they do anything to improve the situation?

This is the nightmare situation of a New World Order takeover in America. It is what we have been warning the world about for years. It is no longer some distant possibility on the horizon that our children may have to endure and fight against, it is here, it is now. New Orleans is a testing ground for this exact scenario, all this is going on there now. We are witnessing in New Orleans, the construction of a microcosm for a "New America" and a New World Order.

The overriding issue that is simply being ignored by the mainstream media is that it was the federal government itself that lowered the guard in cutting off key funding to protect Louisiana from natural disasters.

The New Orleans district of the US Army Corps of Engineers bore the brunt of a record $71.2 million reduction in federal funding for fiscal year 2006.

The Army Corps of Engineers sought $105 million for hurricane and flood programs in New Orleans, while the White House slashed the request to about $40 million. Congress finally approved $42.2 million, less than half of the agency's request

The Bush administration has been cutting funding for federal disaster relief funds since 2001 while doubling funding in other areas to pump up the biggest growth in government for decades, easily outstripping that of Bill Clinton.

A report from the Best of New Orleans news website outlines the details.

"...Among emergency specialists, 'mitigation' -- the measures taken in advance to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters -- is a crucial part of the strategy to save lives and cut recovery costs. But since 2001, key federal disaster mitigation programs, developed over many years, have been slashed and tossed aside. FEMA's Project Impact, a model mitigation program created by the Clinton administration, has been canceled outright. Federal funding of post-disaster mitigation efforts designed to protect people and property from the next disaster has been cut in half. Communities across the country must now compete for pre-disaster mitigation dollars."

The Bush administration's move to merge FEMA with Homeland Security meant that the two had to compete for funding. Straightforward projects that would have massively reduced the devastation we are now seeing, such as raising houses, were cast aside in favor of anti-terrorism measures.

In early 2001, FEMA issued a report stating that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in U.S., including a terrorist attack on New York City!. "The New Orleans hurricane scenario," The Houston Chronicle wrote in December 2001, "may be the deadliest of all." But by 2003 the federal funding for the flood control project essentially dried up as it was drained into the Iraq war.

Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana was quoted on June 8, 2004 in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, as saying "It appears that the money has been moved in the presidentís budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose thatís the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees canít be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us".

Ultimately, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is directed, along with 15 other agencies, by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. "It is FEMA who is really calling the shots and setting priorities here," Lt. Gen. Carl A. Strock, commander of the corps has said.

Much of the Netherlands lies below sea level and after the 1953 flood which killed 1,800 people, the Dutch launched a major flood prevention program called the Delta Plan. Engineers fortified dykes and bolstered other water defenses against a future disaster and there hasn't been one since. Had a similar project been in place for New Orleans and had Bush not cut the funding, the misery and turmoil being visited on that area would have been avoided.

Not only is the Bush Administration directly responsible for the ferocity of this disaster, the blame also lies with Clinton. 10 years ago, the Clinton administration cut 98 flood control projects, including one in New Orleans, saying such efforts should be local projects, not national.

A $120 million hurricane project, approved and financed annually from 1965 was killed by the Clinton administration after being approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. It was designed to protect more than 140,000 West Bank residents east of the Harvey Canal.

The New York Times has reported that there were vivid reasons to push for the greatest level of protection. One was Hurricane Betsy, a midgrade storm that swamped much of New Orleans in 1965. In 1969, Hurricane Camille, the second-most-powerful Atlantic storm recorded, passed within 60 miles and demolished the Mississippi coast.

Bob Sheets, a meteorologist who directed the National Hurricane Center until retiring in 1995, has said that he and other federal forecasters gave hundreds of talks about storm risks, and New Orleans was always the case study for catastrophe since the 1970s. He has said of the city officials: "Essentially they did nothing."

Despite all this, In an interview on Thursday the 1st September, on "Good Morning America," President Bush said, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

Furthermore, the mainstream media, despite several reports emerging to the contrary, republished Bush's comments. The New York Times declared that "The response will be dissected for years. But on Thursday, disaster experts and frustrated officials said a crucial shortcoming may have been the failure to predict that the levees keeping Lake Pontchartrain out of the city would be breached, not just overflow."

This April 2005 article in Popular Science proves that Bush's comments were grossly inaccurate. "At 20 feet below sea level, new Orleans is a prime target. An ambitious new levee system would decrease the risk."

As World Net Daily reported, a year ago, New Orleans reviewed its hurricane disaster plans after Hurricane Ivan gave the city a major scare forcing the evacuation of nearly 1 million people from the area. Governor Kathleen Blanco and Mayor Ray Nagin both acknowledged after the Ivan near miss they needed a better evacuation plan.

Even the AP noted at the time, "New Orleans dodged the knockout punch many feared from the hurricane, but the storm exposed what some say are significant flaws in the Big Easy's civil disaster plans." The big flaws were that there simply were no civil disaster plans and FEMA had no intention of developing any

So it is clear that Officials at the Army Corps of Engineers and emergency managers and hurricane experts knew for years, that the levees surrounding the New Orleans area were built to withstand only a relatively weak Category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Katrina, a Category 4 mega-storm, thus had devastating consequences. Still funding was slashed and the disaster was allowed to happen.

In the aftermath of the disaster it has become obvious that the Government has no interest in alleviating the suffering and helping to restore civility in the region.

In particular FEMA, which has endlessly drilled for such situations, has been a key hindrance. After the authorities in Baton Rouge had prepared a field hospital for victims of the storm, FEMA sent its first batch of supplies, all of which were designed for use against chemical attack, including drugs such as Cipro, which is designed for use against anthrax. The London Guardian reported, "We called them up and asked them: 'Why did you send that, and they said that's what it says in the book'," said a Baton Rouge official.

Yet don't think for one second that FEMA is simply incompetent. FEMA is criminally negligent. FEMA has done nothing to aid the situation, in fact according to Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, Federal bureaucrats have 'Murdered' the Flood Victims in New Orleans. Broussard stated on Meet The Press that " We have been abandoned by our own country." He broke down in tears as he described how FEMA has cut emergency communication lines and has been turning back fuel and water supplies being sent by outside agencies such as Wal Mart. This is because the Federal Government wants complete control over the situation. Broussard, speaking through his tears re-iterated "nobody's coming to get us, nobody's coming...for God's sake shut up and send somebody."

Even American Red Cross officials have said that FEMA authorities would not allow them to deliver aid. "The Homeland Security Department has requested and continues to request that the American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans," said Renita Hosler, spokeswoman for the Red Cross.

Even Jack Cafferty, the CNN anchor known for his straight-talking, has declared: "I remember the riots in Watts. I remember the earthquake in San Francisco. I remember a lot of things. I have never seen anything as badly handled as this situation in New Orleans. Where the hell is the water for these people? Why can't sandwiches be dropped to those people in that Superdome down there? It's a disgrace. And don't think the world isn't watching."

Former FEMA officials have admitted that Government disaster officials had an action plan if a major hurricane hit New Orleans. They simply didn't execute it when Hurricane Katrina struck. Ronald Castleman, the former regional director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and John Copenhaver, a former FEMA regional director during the Clinton administration who led the response to Hurricane Floyd in 1999, said they were bewildered by the slow FEMA response.

We even have blogs from former New Orleans residents who have managed to get to safety. One exclaiming that:

"There are supplies sitting in Baton Rouge for the folks in New Orleans, but the National Guard has the city surrounded and is not letting anyone in or out. They are turning away people with s[QUOTE]upplies, claiming it is too dangerous...Our goverment is KILLING the people of New Orleans. This is the message I am now sending to all major media sources, national and worldwide, as well as posting to email lists, blogs, etc. The story is getting out that the people there are not getting supplies, but the truth of WHY is not. "

The LA Times interviewed a survivor who said, "The only thing the authorities have given us is a bunch of false hope,". she had survived Tuesday through Friday on scavenged scraps of food inside the cavernous hall. "They just left us here to die."

The Federal response was further criticised by New Orleans deputy police commander W.S. Riley who reported to AFP that Guardsmen 'played cards' as the chaos unfolded and many were dying. He stated that for three days there was no assistance. "The guard arrived 48 hours after the hurricane with 40 trucks. They drove their trucks in and went to sleep.

There have also been suggestions that part of the levee around N.O. was dynamited after the first section broke in an attempt to prevent Uptown (the rich part of town) from being flooded. Apparently they used too much dynamite, thus flooding part of the Bywater.

Reports and comments from officials today have indicated that President Bush's visit is nothing more than a staged photo op.

ZDF News reported that the president's visit was a completely staged event. Their crew witnessed how the open air food distribution point Bush visited in front of the cameras was torn down immediately after the president and the herd of 'news people' had left and that others which were allegedly being set up were abandoned at the same time. The people in the area were once again left to fend for themselves, said ZDF. [War And Piece]

"2 minutes ago the President drove past in his convoy. But what has happened in Biloxi all day long is truly unbelievable. Suddenly recovery units appeared, suddenly bulldozers were there, those hadn't been seen here all the days before, and this in an area, in which it really wouldn't be necessary to do a big clean up, because far and wide nobody lives here anymore, the people are more inland in the city...The extent of the natural disaster shocked me, but the extent of the staging is shocking me at least the same way. With that back to Hamburg." [Daily Kos]

White House officials do not deny that they craft elaborate events to showcase Bush, but they maintain that these events are designed to accurately dramatize his policies and to convey qualities about him that are real.

The Times-Picayune of New Orleans has called for the firing of FEMA director Michael Brown and has heavily criticized the government for its awful response.

Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, despite his break down on Meet The Press, also stated that "FEMA needs more congressional funding. It needs more presidential support . . . FEMA needs to be empowered to do the things it was created to do."

FEMA is now simply a federalized front group for the corrupt money hoarding Department of Homeland Security, the Orwellian titled agency that has nothing to do with security and everything to do with limiting the freedoms of people all over the country. Local officials no longer have any authority and have been forcibly evacuated, even despite the fact that they wished to stay and oversee the recovery efforts.

Mayor Nagin has also said that the National Guard's Blackhawk helicopter carrying the sandbags to plug the hole in the levee on 17th St. Canal was intentionally diverted away. Nagin was quoted as demanding to federal officials "Get Off Your Asses And Do Something". Nagin is clearly paranoid about the whole situation, is running around playing the part of the good cop to FEMA's bad cop. This sets the table for FEMA to sweep in and heroically save the day at a later date. Nagin has also warned "If the CIA slips me something and next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened."

Martial law was declared in New Orleans midday Tuesday 30th August. Posse Comitatus has been overturned and the National Guard has authorization to shoot and kill anyone they deem to be "hoodlums". Governor Kathleen Blanco has declared that "These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets,".

This is a microcosm of the New America. The LA Times reported that "their mission simply, is to turn New Orleans into a police State - to "regain the city" as 1st Sgt. John Jewell has said. Police have been ordered to stop saving lives and start saving property by shooting anyone who attempt to get food and water. The police are looting themselves to stay alive whilst the ordinary people are starving. This is the new police state America.



Some of the most sophisticated military equipment used in the Iraq war to quell the insurgency is now being used in New Orleans. We have continually highlighted how such equipment was developed specifically for domestic use and now this has come to pass. Five Silver Fox "unmanned aerial vehicles," or UAVs, equipped with thermal imaging technology to detect the body heat of storm survivors, have been deployed in New Orleans.

Also being deployed are acoustic devices for crowd control and disaster communications, sonic Laser equipment that is currently in use in Iraq. The device uses magnets approximately 6 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide to convert electrical pulses into sound waves, and is capable of aiming sound precisely for thousands of feet. This allows for the ability to blast out orders that can be heard for miles and allows for crowds to be fired upon and dispersed by soundwaves.




Those who fall in line with the curfews and the orders are still treated like criminals in this New America. Footage has shown that men women and even children are being separated and thoroughly frisked and searched before being rescued. It seems that survival comes second to being a civilian subject.

The ground troops have begun "combat operations" ďto take this city backĒ in the aftermath
from those they have termed "insurgents". These are terms also being used in Iraq, but now they fit perfectly here to describe anyone who disobeys or does not fall in line in the New America. The troops have declared their shock at having to shoot at US citizens and being shot back at, yet the majority of these people are deliberately being deprived of food and water by the federal authorities, they are desperate and have been forced into this situation.




Those who were grabbed in the immediate aftermath were shipped into the Superdome and simply left there without any aid. This represents nothing more than a concentration camp as starving and thirsty refugees were not allowed to leave, trapped until the authorities deemed it appropriate to move them.

The media covering the event have been appalled by this activity and the reality of the New America it seems is sinking in in some instances. Fox reporter Geraldo Rivera was filled with tears in his eyes and his voice fluttered with sorrow as he made an on-air plea to authorities to allow the estimated 30,000 storm victims at the center to be allowed to move to a safer, cleaner area. "Let them walk out of here, let them walk the hell out of here!"

Checkpoints have been set up throughout the area to make sure no one leaves and no one gets in without the say so of the federal authorities. It is clear that an emergency response should not be conducted this way. It is also clear that this is no ordinary emergency response. This is a blueprint, a litmus test for the New America, the police state, the New World Order.

Whilst the disaster evolves it has already been decided who will restore order and who will reap the profits of the lucrative cleanup contracts. Dick Cheney affiliated Halliburton have again been rewarded that task as they have so many times. After 9/11, in Afghanistan and in Iraq Halliburton and the elite government infiltrators reap the rewards again and again. Last week Alex Jones joked on his how that Halliburton may get the contract to clean up - the sad reality is that even the things we joke about are now coming to pass every time.

The agenda is clear, they allow the disaster to happen, or they manufacture the disaster in the case of 9/11, and then they reap the financial rewards first and the control mechanism rewards that categorize their New America a little later.

It has also emerged that FEMA Outsourced the disaster plans to political cronies and major donors. They outsourced the hurricane recovery planning to the Baton Rouge-based consulting firm Innovative Emergency Management (IEM), Inc. IEM's team partners for the more than $500,000 contract are Dewberry of Arlington, VA, URS Corporation of San Francisco, and James Lee Witt Associates. Witt was FEMA Director under Bill Clinton. IEM's president is Madhu Beriwal. The company was founded in 1985. Dewberry and URS are engineering firms. IEM is also a Defense Department contractor and has contracts with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) along with team members Booz Allen Hamilton and Lockheed Martin.

These people all have their hands in the honey pot, they benefit from such tragic events, wars and disasters every time

We have seen recently the precedent being set for the eventuality we now see unfolding. The constant ratcheting up of fear based control through the exploitation of terror attacks and terror alerts. The technology that we have monitored through its development stages is now being put into place.

Everything we have covered over the last few years is becoming an actuality in New Orleans at this time. We can only report it further and get the important information out in place of controlled mainstream media that refuse to or are prevented from reporting the real issues.

This is a major event in the agenda for a New America and a New World Order and it may be a make or break one.

This New America is being controlled by corrupt elite criminals who seek to achieve the degradation and enslavement of humanity through war, "revolution," sickness, starvation, depression, and now "natural" disaster. A disaster has been turned into a drill for martial law. This is not an accident. It is part of a relentless process of demoralization designed to make the people accept tyranny and excessive control over their lives.


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